Sarajevoh! – Celtic Podcast watching the game

Hector, Monty and Desi get together to watch the second half of the Sarajevo v Celtic Europa league qualifier and its all recorded ( not the best audio but listenable).
Who knew Celtic TV had so many different timed streams?

The guys watch the game unfold and discuss all the activity or lack of it where relative before finally getting to cheer ( in instalments) as Eddie scores and the side progress into the Group Stages.

We look back on the last month, since the last Podcast and the results that have followed and look forward to this months big games and also ask do we feel the same about football without fans being in the stadiums.

Notable other references to David Turnbull, Barkas Moustache, Bradley Walsh and Johnny Firebird!

Its a very small download this time so even easier to access!


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18 days ago

Édouard has not started this Season as well as we know he can.
His form has definitely dipped though I also think teams have realised if you crowd him out his threat is nullified in the box,though this does create a situation for the other attackers to capitalise on as there is more space for them.
It just needs him to get his head up and release a pass before they clamp him with the ball.
Thats where experience as a striker comes into it.
Elyounoussi is operating at a level above most in our side,that’s why he cost as much as he did.
I hope we sign him on a permanent at the end of this deal.
Christie has evidently been given license to roam or come out of position in order to create issues for defences who are set up to sit deep and keep in shape.
Same goes for either Ajer or Elhamed coming out of defence with the ball and joining the attack this is designed to pull someone out of their position to create space or holes for us to capitalise on.
Otherwise you end up with the situation where it’s more or less like trying to break through a brick wall running at it with your head rather than using your head to work out how to get round it or climb over it?
This has been an issue this Season as teams have opted to sit in and defend a clean sheet hoping to hit us on the counter.
As Ferencváros did successfully in the Champions League.
We’ve managed to win all the other games bar one though without having our preferred front line available.
I believe once we have Griffiths,AjetI and Édouard fit mad at it we will be breaking these sides down quicker and with greater ease.

18 days ago
Reply to  Duncan

fit and at it’

18 days ago

I think as a Support we are for the most part guilty of being over critical.
I think success plays a large part In this,as it did at Liverpool,Man United in England and of course with the deluded bams at Ayebrokes in the 90’s.
The criticism levelled at Lenny this Season – please bear in mind that most Seasons it takes a good 10 games for most sides to get into a rhythm or get going as they shake of the off Season rust?
Throw in the unprecedented past 4 months,the empty Stadiums- Traditionally a punishment from UEFA for wrong doing-AND the loss of Forster,Gordon,Simunovic and Hayes,the slow replacements in Duffy and Ajeti,the loss of Griffiths,Johnston,Édouard,Jullien and now Ajeti- who arrived unfit- then its hardly a great foundation for free flowing ,attacking football is it?

18 days ago
Reply to  Duncan

Then chuck in teams packing defences and defending their goal 40 yards from their own goal line.
This does not make for quick football as there is little or no room or space to run into so therefore the quick pas is seldom on hence why it makes sense to have one or two players given license to roam.
it forces them to pick them up.

16 days ago

I hope we bring in the left back we were linked from Aarhus Casper Hojer.
From what footage is available I’d say he would slot into our side nicely and bring a threat on the left side.
He’s technically sound,quick,strong,good delivery,has a great finish on him and can hit a free kick.

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