Sarajevoh! – Celtic Podcast watching the game

Hector, Monty and Desi get together to watch the second half of the Sarajevo v Celtic Europa league qualifier and its all recorded ( not the best audio but listenable).
Who knew Celtic TV had so many different timed streams?

The guys watch the game unfold and discuss all the activity or lack of it where relative before finally getting to cheer ( in instalments) as Eddie scores and the side progress into the Group Stages.

We look back on the last month, since the last Podcast and the results that have followed and look forward to this months big games and also ask do we feel the same about football without fans being in the stadiums.

Notable other references to David Turnbull, Barkas Moustache, Bradley Walsh and Johnny Firebird!

Its a very small download this time so even easier to access!


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