Celtic Diary Monday September 14: Settle Down

Vassilis Barkas has spoken to the newspapers about his early days at Celtic, and how he is coping with having played behind dozens of different defenders even as early as this in his Celtic career.


He also gave us a look at how things are changing down Celtic way….


“We’re going to become better the more we find ourselves on the field and get used to each other.

“We need to have some time because we are 11 different people who started.

“Maybe some of the other players who were involved have played together in the past but not all of us at the same time.

“All of my team-mates are very good players and I am very happy for this because when you go into a big club, you like to see big players with big talent. 

At the same time, they all work so hard in training each day and you can then see that in the games. We are waiting to have
a lot of wins and to take the
championship again.” 



On several occasions the Diary has pointed out that there is a wind of change blowing through the playing staff , and the mistakes made by two previous managers heading for ten in a row of remaining loyal to certain stalwarts will not be made by Neil Lennon.


Having had an assortment of defenders already in his back three, four or five Barkas has done remarkably well not to fall apart as he settles into the side.


“I always feel good when I do my job.

“My job is to keep clean sheets so when I manage to do that it makes me feel as though I am helping the team.

“It was not so easy for me because I was coming from another country and the football here is different.

“Game by game, I feel that it gets better but I’m sure I need more time to see what Scottish football wants from me.

“I tried to find what the coach and my team-mates want from me and with every game I start to feel better and better.

“There is more heart here amongst the players.

“Also things like a lot of the matches have rain, so the pitches are faster and that is something which you have to adjust to.

“These are things you start to find out, so that’s why I say that game by game I can get better because I will get more used to the different situations.”  


The worries about his ability were excerbated when it was announced last week that Fraser Forster has been told he can go on loan again, and with a section of the Celtic support always going to favour the big man under any circumstances, it’s refreshing to know that the view is that he’s had his chance and didn’t take it.


Still, I suppose we could get him in to help the cleaners reach those tricky high corners, though tricky high corners were never his strong point.


Another player who seems to be getting a bit of stick , and it may be affecting his confidence , is Greg Taylor, with supporters still demanding a quality left back is added this month, especially with Bolingoli Boli going out to Roma on loan. Sure, we need cover, but we also need a little bit of encouragement for Taylor, who has all the qualities we need, but somehow doesn’t seem to be a fans favourite.


There’s a saying in the sales world, which encourages people to work and respect the potential customer in front of them, which is Love the one you’re with….and it applies to football players as well.



Except for Leigh Griffiths, who makes it very difficult for anyone to love him.



Celtic face St Mirren this week in the re-arranged game from the beginning of the season. Celtic were forced to cancel two games after left back Bolingoli popped over to spain to do what young men do when they pop over to Spain, and St Mirren boss Jim Goodwin is aggrieved that even though through no fault of their own, he has no goalkeepers, the game has not been postponed.


Some of his players have contracted the covid virus, and have to isolate, and he’s right to expect a little more sympathy… as a result they’ve had to borrow a goalkeeper from Hearts, and lets face it, if the lad can;t get a game for Hearts, he’s unlikely to be Premier League standard.


As a result, St Mirren could find themselves losing games which may end up with them facing relegation at the end of the season, whenever that is, and there has to be something wrong with that, given the actions taken against Aberdeen and Celtic, as although they are following the rules they aren’t allowing for a bit of common sense.


Goodwin said;


“I’m hoping to speak to the SPFL and find out why they thought this was okay.

“If this had been caused by our players doing
 something stupid we wouldn’t have had any sympathy. As a club we’ve done everything to the letter and unfortunately the lads picked it up.”  



It could happen to anyone, esepcially given the reluctance of the Scottish government to close the border to it’s plague ridden neighbour as it battles vainly to prevent a second wave of the new virus.


The country now goes into a sort of ersatz lockdown, with gathering of up to six people permiited. This has caused consternation amongst the police as they will have to use both hands to ascertain the numbers at any event.


They like to have one hand free to hit people with sticks.



Meanwhile, the big talking point from the weekends game is the attempted murder of Alfredo Morelos by a Dundee Utd defender, which has upset Steven Gerrard, and given him a chance to moan about referees and protection for his only real asset, who has to be sold to keep the lights on at Ibrox.


No one will buy him if he picks up a serious injury, which has worried the Ibrox manager, although he still hasn’t figured out that no one is buying him because he’s a fat petulant pain in the arse who rips apaprt the morale in the dressing room.


Gerrard mumbled;



“I only got a good view of it after the game. There’s obviously a follow through there, I don’t want to stand here and say a kid should be sent off, of course I don’t.

“What would be interesting is if it was the other way around what the decision would have been.  



Morelos, to me , looked as though he was about to foul the defender, who saw it coming and put a stop to it.


As for Gerrard commenting on what the decision would be if the roles were reversed….I think we know the answer to that…



Celts Are Here | Champions Voice | Page 172




That cannot be right': Celtic call for referee explanation after incidents  involving Rangers striker



And thats without mentioning what happened in the tunnel afterwards, which we hear cannot be mentioned and thats apparently on police advice….


Though it does explain the cut throat gesture and the subsequent hospital stay for Christie, which may or may not have had a bearing on his words about playing in England…



Still, Gerrard moaning means the gullibillies  have something to moan about, and they showed yet again a level of consistency that can only be admired…










Looking at the bigger picture, by pointing the finger at Ibrox favourite Kevin Clancy, who presumably failed to renew his contract with the club/company, headlines are deflected away from Andrew Dallas, whom it appears has signed a significantly improved extension to his….



Mind you, things must be looking up over there, as they have torn away the rotting wood over the tunnel and replaced it with some sort of vulgar light show that highlights their achievements, as Castore Fan illuminated on twitter….







but they are rallying behind a cause…..






Even with an asterisk….daft sods. It’s “ment ” to imply our titles are tainted because their club died trying to win some.



Yesterday, we had this….




 22 hours ago

Autopark update on the new Lada may not be ready before spring, admits designer.  











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9 months ago

Fecking green and white ballons, I kent that Hermione Grainger was a Tim. And is that a mass card her neebor is haudin? Williamina get my typewriter I feel a strongly worded letter to wee nippy is in order.

9 months ago

Caption : ‘Glasgow City Council announce a new clothes recycling initiative in Edmiston Drive’.

9 months ago

I’m dreaming of a four leaf clover.*
Very, very happy with the new players, the new spine of the team, but why did it take so long to bring them in? Once again we were too late to bring them in to make the C.L. qualifiers, bringing them in earlier would have helped the club qualify making the new players pay for themselves. i know that it is’nt easy but come on, we have seen this playout before, season after season, players arriving too late to make the difference. Confident in the manager and confident in the team, how far will it go? once they all blend in and find their rhythm? that’s entirely up to them.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Playing a striker might have helped more Mike.
That qualifier was one that should have been won a disaster by lenny to be honest.

9 months ago
Reply to  Jimmybee

Very true Jimmy, I looked at the stats for the three games following the game against Hamilton, they were shocking. 66 attempts at goal for 3 goals.

9 months ago

Caption …
Organiser explains the half marathon rules besides the Michael Jackson tree…

1. You must pass through the posts.
2 .all water bottles must be recycled in bin
3. No puking in the recycle bin

Desmond & The Dekkers
9 months ago

Caption: Celtic announce striker after reaching deal with Glasgow City Council – “We were alerted after we heard “Top Bins” said a spokeswoman for the club.

9 months ago

With the half-time draw a distant memory, wheely bin limbo dancing double jeopardy Tombola sees its chance for stardom.

Man in Denial
9 months ago


Celtic football club is delighted to announce that Boli Bolingoli has been binned and is off to Turkey to join Castore

9 months ago

Caption: Yes first prize is a brand new car which is just out of picture on top of the tree you see behind me.

9 months ago

Police launch a reconstruction showing how they think the Celtic flag was hoisted above the city chambers, and photofit of a bin they would like to speak to in connection with the incident.

pilsbury dough bhoy
9 months ago

“Could the tree painter please report to the Father Ted fairground office. I repeat, the tree painter…”

John McDermott
9 months ago

Hibs announce Lee Griffiths on loan come on out Lee! Lee? Lee?

9 months ago

Castore surprised at quiet first day after jersey mending stall opens in Larkhall.

9 months ago

Caption: The transfer enquiries from 54 clubs were securely placed in this skip and the winner of the Alfredo Morelos raffle is…..

9 months ago


This is the spot that used to be Ibrokes, now a garbage site

9 months ago

Caption: If I kick her really hard and throw her in that bin, will she shut up?

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
9 months ago

Caption: new ‘rangers’ fanpark opens!

9 months ago

Caption: Osama ‘Bin’ Laden is alive and hiding in plain sight.

9 months ago

Scott Brown, Celtic’s captain, who morphed into an Android, our Dark Destroyer who knows all the black arts and gets right in the faces of those who oppose Celtic on the park.
Like ‘Baxters’ soup he was born in Hill of Beath, attended primary school there and ‘Beath’ High School where he studied Geophysics. Geophysics loss was our gain, he tops up his energy levels with a curry or haggis take-away. Is he human? not coming from Fife he’s no…
#Love the Broony, Broony, Broony.

George Lazenbhoy
9 months ago

Caption: hubba hubba hubba baby, that’s what I call one very tidy looking 1,100litre bin there.

If you work in waste management it would be funny.

9 months ago

I was intent on leaving a comment here today/night/early AM.
Nothing contentious, nothing of huge value, but a comment nonetheless.
One looks and sees it’s pointless.
A fabulous site, now sliding down an icy cliff.
A ‘band of brothers’ (little group of kindergarteners) taking over what was once
the BEST Tim site on the planet.
Of course, it will be clear to those I identify (not with), that I’ll be fodder for their cannons…….so when you take over and crush what has been thoughtfully projected forward? What then?
You know whom you are, and I do too. Sleep tight.
Hmmmmmm, ‘articulation’! WTF is that? Equalisation? WTF is that?
PS Un ‘Coup de Tat’ is pointless without a future, and considered direction.
Ralph; yer losing it here but mibbaes that’s the point?
Je ne c’est quoi.

8 months ago
Reply to  TicToc

What are you gibbering on about now you doss noel hunt?

8 months ago
Reply to  Monti

What about this, you old (Leith) pretender? When Hibs saved us from the full frontal attack that our players deserved in the Semi! 2016 SCF ….as long as ‘the chief’ puts Sunshine on Leith…..Liam Henderson and Anthony Stokes (both on loan at the time) won the game for The Hibees. Their Captain, Gray, soared up to meet LH’s perfect corner kick……and a kinda history was made …..
“Old Hampden was covered in banners of GREEN” AGAIN.
I’m old enough to remember taking the piss out of the original scum as we parodied “We’ll support you evermore” with “we’ll support ye uptae FOUR” (PM) (they all fukked off as soon as they knew they were being humped again.)
Ah wis around tae, when the chant begun (after a certain event) “They’ll be jumpin’ ootae windaes when we win……enhanced to “an’ ah hope it’s multi-stories when they jump” enhanced to “an’ a hope it’s spiky railins when they land”…..singin’ ah’m no’ a billy, ah’m no’ so fukkin silly, ah’m no’ a billy ah’m a Tim.
Genuinely hope all’s well with you and yours, Big Mhan.
After all, Celtic is a “broad church” ken? likesy the broad church that Arsehole Lawwell goes tae……….”gi’e them religion an’ fitba an’ we’ll milk them evermore…..”.
FC not PLC
PS A hint here. Putin saw the value in ‘god’ and wants tae set wan up in Russia. (I know all about Russian Orthodoxy so TRY to keep your eye on the ball here)
Is there mibbaes a wee message in the capitalist success of ‘god’?
PPS Another NFL shambles today, another (after Dun Utd) 3 points gladly received but without pride. Celtic FC is better than this. Or should be. The occupants of CEO and manager should be advertised as these two fukkers need tae get tae fukk.

8 months ago

Its March the 14th. 1960,Super Hero Jock Stein walks through the gates of the Pars.
It was said that his introduction to football management had an instantaneous effect. His first game was of course against Celtic, what a winning way to begin your management career. Dunfermline FC. was a team going nowhere until the Big Man came in. It is clear that he had the gift of man management and charisma in spades. What a lift he gave the Pars, he did the same later to Hibs, a forward thinking manager who was inspired by the Real Madrid via Eintracht Frankfurt European Cup final at Hampden in 1960, that game shaped his ambitions and inspired him to have his teams play football in the right manner. Jock Stein shaped not just Scottish football but he made a huge impact on future football management everywhere football was played. #Jock Stein Football Genius.

8 months ago

Tonight let’s keep the goals coming bhoys and a clean sheet.
Ajer Jullien Duffy
El Hamed Taylor 2 wing backs
Ntcham Christie McGregor
Edouard Ellynoussi.
Give Broony a wee rest.
Jamesy Ajeti Kimala and Turnbull to come on to finish them off.
6_0 Duffy 1st goal 14/1 anytime 9/2.
Get in. HH.
Fuckin easy this management game 🙂

8 months ago

No one is having a conversation in here. We are all just streaming thoughts

8 months ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

OK let’s begin a conversation, beginning with tonight’s football match.
Celtic best 11 in a 3-5-2.
subs who could feature: Soro/Ntcham/Forrest/Klimala/Elyounoussi
3-0 to the bhoys.
This is one of our games in hand. How much a threat is Sevco in the longer run? Is their defence for real or will Hibs prove otherwise?

8 months ago
Reply to  Devoy45

Devoy I think lenny will put some game time into the legs of some players tonight. Does Broony need to play tonight i would rest him up.
Sevco are a huge threat this season to think otherwise is foolish. Hibs don’t have the strength of squad but Aberdeen shoukd improve.

8 months ago
Reply to  Jimmybee

You’re right that the Huns are a threat, as they’ve matched us in the league head to head for the past 2 years and seem to be much stronger than the rest of the league. Their game at Hibs at the weekend will be a good pointer, as a win there and they’ll have won away against the top 2 of the best of the rest.

Of course there are loads of unknowns, how will their financial issues affect them, will they get a bounce from no distracting midseason break that has been their downfall these past 2 years?

As usual its down to ourselves, win our next 5 games culminating against them, then we should be back at the top of the league with a game in hand.

Hopefully we’ll also secure Europa League Group qualification, as any failure could also knock our domestic ambitions.

8 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

Cha my main concern is lenny tbh and how he will approach the game against them.
He needs to make sure we match up against them player for player we are strong enough but tactics will be key against them.

8 months ago

I read that young Robertson earned high praise last night for his performance with Gillingham against Coventry and was confident enough to take a pen.
I feel sorry for the young stars of Celtic and how things and lack of opportunity has changed for them in recent times.
I was 8 years old and went along to the Celtic v KokKola (cocacola) as we called them in the European Cup exactly 50 years to the day.
My how time flies.
Celtic came out in a yellow strip and blew the Finns away 9_0.
Of course the game was a record scoring for Celtic in Europe but what I remember most was Paul Wilson coming on and Vic Davidson my uncle John had seen both in the reserves playing and said they were very good i was mesmerised by Paul and of course he scored 2 If memory serves me well Harry Hood also got a hat trick in the match.
Our young players now don’t get the chance to progress. No reserve team or sectional league cups to play in to learn their trade.
McGrain Hay Macari Dalglish Wilson etc all had the benefit of proper reserve football and meaningful games to play in.
No wonder most of our young talent are being enticed elsewhere.

8 months ago
Reply to  Jimmybee

I was at that game, in the jungle up the back.

8 months ago

Celts 7-0.

We ignore The Act of Union and declare Scotland independent now.

8 months ago

Team is up for tonight.
CELTIC: Barkas, Taylor, Duffy, Brown, Klimala, Christie, Edouard, Ajer, McGregor, Elhamed, Forrest.
Subs: Bain, Jullien, Bitton, Ajeti, Soro, Turnbull, Ntcham, Elyounoussi, Frimpong

8 months ago

A Jamesy cracker on the heid. Get that Bhoy a comb.

8 months ago

Ferencvaros just beat zagreb must be more to them than first thought.

8 months ago

Wasn’t really a stroll. Bit worried about this team certainly weaknesses. I expect a neck and neck tussle with them. Also expect that Hibs Aberdeen shouldn’t be that feart. Lennon on a shoogly peg

8 months ago

Well a nervy 3pts but job done.
Lenny has to decide to play a back 3 or not. The defense needs time to gel in a 3 or a 4 looked very nervous. Ajer should be the midfield general totally wasted as a centre back. But for some reason no one wants to try it.

Yoker Bhoy
8 months ago

A bit of déjà-vu with history repeating itself at SM Park. Our lads always seem to toil on that tiny pitch with St Mirren defending well for most of the game. Too many wild passes and sloppy losses of possession throughout the game but we still managed to churn out another win. Saw the game out well towards the end. A disappointing night for big Eddy and Klimala but I think we’ll see a more dynamic starting line-up on Saturday with Frimpong and Ajeti in there. We really should be able to pump Livi at home.

8 months ago

Callum McGregor is effective with the dead ball and corner kicks.
So why persist with Ryan Christie?

8 months ago
Reply to  portpower

he didn’t miss a penalty

8 months ago

He deserved it duncan tbh

8 months ago

It really pains me to observe, like much in life, the “improvement” (of this site) creates its downfall.
FC not PLC

8 months ago

(reply does not work)

Duncan, scrap my comment and I do apologise to Ryan Christie. I thought it was Callum who set-up the first goal. God bless hindsight.

His ball watching at the St Mirren goal blinded me to the rest of his game.

8 months ago

James Forrest, our bhoy on the wing.

He wandered the streets through the gay crowded places,
playing for Celtic was his biggest ever dream,
spending his spare time at the Cheltenham races,
then heading the goal that recued his team.
Bouffont forrest.

8 months ago

Think its time for the greg taylor experiment to come to an end

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