No Wuckin Forries

Hector, Monty, Desi and eventually Ralph get together to discuss ‘August and Everything After Bolingoli” ( one for Counting Crows fans there).

The guys go round the houses discussing all the issues over the last few weeks.

They analyse that terrible European exit whilst also looking ahead wondering whats in store for this Celtic squad and for the fans….is Covid the actual danger to 10 in a row rather than our own mistakes?

The pod comes round to wondering just how bad is it really and asks does Hope triumph over Fear with the new arrivals in Turnbull and Duffy and significantly that Lenny now seems to remember how to play strikers.


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2 months ago

Seriously guys?
Lenny had limited options going into the game from the get go.
Edouard pulled out with a strain.
Ajeti is nowhere near fit enough to start an SPFL game let alone a must win CL qualifier against the Champions of Hungary.
Which left Klimala as the only viable option.
Klimala is a player brought in with a view to developing him he is not at CL level yet.
The two misses v Motherwell should be confirmation of that.
One goal against Ross County does not a 100 goal striker make.
So unfortunately it called for a rethink as regards the game and how any of you can think he underestimated Ferencvaros is beyond me?
Hence why he set up to attempt to dominate them in the hope that the goals would come from other areas of the Park.
He was right to assume that given how many goals come from non Strikers at Celtic.
The most effective being Christie in the previous 2 games and from the wing.
Ajeti has proved effective coming off the bench with 20 minutes to go and hence why it was he who did so in the game and Klimala was nowhere near it.
We have 17 goals this Season 7 have been scored by recognised Strikers
Of the 142 Goals scored last Season 43 were scored by the recognised Strikers

If anyone has approached the game thinking it was easy then that would be the great many of the online Steins and Shanklys who jumped on it post defeat.

Neil Lennon is the first Manager in 3 to have different systems of approach to games.
He was the one who re introduced the concept of a Strike Pairing (successfully) after Rodger failed early attempts with Dembele and Griffiths.
When it comes to playing players out of position how can we forget McGregor at left back (10 times) Sinclair at Right wingback and Mikes Johnson up as a lone striker against Sevcogers?
Lennys hand has been forced because Griffiths has not featured (his fault)
Edouard was unfit
Ajeti was signed out of condition
Klimala isn’t ready for Champions League yet

Once Griffiths,Édouard,Ajeti and Klimala are all fit then his options are wide open.
Seriously we are 6 games into our Season amd have through no fault of his missed two important games that in hindsight would be getting Ajeti fitter quicker.
Whilst it isn’t ideal a player comes in not ready to go we were forced on the issue to sign because the simple fact of the matter is had we delayed the deal any longer he would most likely have gone somewhere else.

2 months ago
Reply to  Duncan

Yes against the Champions of Hungary.
Its not Alloa in the League Cup

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