Celtic Diary Monday December 17

Celtic Diary Monday December 17

Todays picture shows St. Mirren preparing for another Celtic attack during Saturdays game.

Even the music on last nights BBC sportscene is ploding and dull. but it does set the tone for the programme. Rob MacLean announcing a high scoring weekend with the same enthusiasm you tell the kids the dog is being put down.

Still, at least he was in a warm studio. Mark Hateley and Ray Stubbs got to cover the Rangers game at Montrose

Still , despite all the St. mirren players rushing to their own penalty box and pretty much staying there for an hour and a half, remaining unsure whether its the ball or the player they had to kick, and forgetting that only the keeper is allowed to handle it, celtic stuck to their task and recorded a 2-0 win. Victor Wanyama forcing home the first, and Gary Hooper flicking into the net before anyone else could kick him.

Pre match, the talk had been of Danny Lennons side failing to even score against Celtic since he had been in charge, and though its not my place to advise experienced managers how to do their job, occasionally venturing over the half way line with the ball could have altered that.

But, with other results again turning into coupon busters, it now means there are four points of a cushion at the top, and a game in hand as well.

Neil Lennon, after the game, said;

“We played well and should have been out of sight before we got the second goal. I was pleased with the way we worked their goalkeeper and our concentration levels. There was good attitude, tempo and aggression and we managed to maintain that for the majority of the game. .” Presumably he was referring to the bits when the players weren’t on the ground after being mugged.

On the penalty issues, he added;

“There were two blatant ones, the one on hooper and the one on Beram., particularly the one on Beram. The linesman is on that side and he has a clear look at it.”

To be honest, the Kayal one couldn’t have been more blatant if the defender had kneeled down, raised his rifle and shot him.

Lennon continued;

“To be honest, the Kayal one couln’t have been more.” Oh, wait , no that was me.

“There were some suggestions this week after the Arbroath game that we get all the big decisions, but that is obviously not the case so we can put that theory to bed straight away.” said Lennon, and added that he had to go, as there was someone at the door. Which no doubt would have been Vincent Lunny and his Charge Sheets, which I think are a popular beat combo from the sixties.

There is no  football this for Celtic this midweek, giving the players wounds from Saturday time to heal, and eyes will be on the Champions League arrangement for the last sixteen on Thursday.

Celtic can play any team from seven, but those teams can play any team from any number between five and eight, which almost certainly, when the permutations are done, and the usual help the big teams through policy is ahdered to , pretty much guarantees a game against Manchester Utd or Juventus.

Shame really, Malaga would have been nice, but they will get Arsenal. Have to wait until the quarter finals to play wengers failures, and after that it will be the toughest tie of the lot when we face Dortmund.

Happily though, it will be Barcelona again in the final, and they won’t fancy that one little bit.

So, excuse me if i don’t watch the draw, its already been all worked out, so we can all carry on getting ready for christmas.

After that little fable, its probably a good idea to mention the short story feature on the home page, which asks budding writers to put together that story they have had kicking around and send it to us. Christmas is a time for stories, and we will publish the best ones, and if we can, help to tidy up the others.

My own effort is an extraordinarily short fairy tale type tale called “Charlie and the New Club”. Which will be over almost as soon as it starts.

Speaking of Chuckles and his club, tomorrow is the closing date for their share issue, and tweeterland hears that they have raised a piss poor £1.6 million so far. Will it hit the target of £1.690m?

Who cares? It’ll soon be time for their annual administration event anyway.

The Daily Express has Celtic beating a host of other clubs to the signature of  Arkadiusz Milik, who is Polish, 18, a striker and coming to us for £3m.

Its in the Daily Express. Which sums it up. Oh, and the player has been having a medical at Leverkusen.

One player who should sign up in the window is Juan algedo, who has impressed Neil Lennon, but the scry one is that Darren Bent has been mentioned on loan. Again, doubtful.

Lennon has veered away from loannees and there is little to show he wants to go down that path again. Loannees with a view to signing are different, they can make a lot of sense. But someone who can’t get a game for Aston Villa?

Fridays diary asked about Joe Craigs wonder goal at Ibrox, and the answer was Joe Craig.

Jim Craig was of course, an entirely different player from a different era. Whats the story about him and a programme called quizball?