Celtic Diary Sunday August 2: On The Way To Make It Ten

It’s finally here.

The final campaign of ten in a row kicks off at Celtic Park at half past four this afternoon, and in a way it’s a good thing that supporters won’t be allowed there.

The Lennon CSc from North Stafordshire and Cheshire always made an effort to have as big a representation as possible on flag day, but a 4.30 kick off on a Sunday would have meant although we would have been there, we’d have all been having our afternoon nap due to the long and arduous journey , which at our age , is longer than it used to be.


We might have stopped for refreshments on the way as well, from Friday night onwards.


It takes its toll at our time of life.


Drunk Man Asleep High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy


I left the stock photo bit in so you don’t actually think our driver ever fell asleep. His testicular region is wired to the battery to prevent that.


So it will all seem a bit strange this afternoon, although as long as someone shouts at Forrest and we can find a tramp to sleep on the couch, it’ll just be like being there.


Hamilton Academical will provide the opposition today, and those with long memories, well, not that long, will recall they provided a problem or two last time out, when it was left to Scott Brown to score a late winner.


Back in December, Ryan Christie had opening the scoring, and it stayed that way until Hamilton equalised after ninety minutes. Fortunately, the refereeing community was still in a huff with Steven Gerrard over his comments at the time, so added time was played, and Brown played a captains role when he scored the winner two minutes later.


At the time, “rangers ” were looking like they might well provide a challenge, so it was quite an important strike.


This time round, with Kevin Clancy already saying the referees are aware of whats at stake this year, though he did stop short of saying that they had it under control, we cannot expect any favours or even any adherence to the rules from the men in the middle, and so the strongest possible team needs to start, and they need to be ruthless from the outset.


A nice, high scoring win and a dazzling performance will do fine, and it looks like the manager will go with the tried and tested to achieve that.


Vassilis Barkas might start, but the manager will make sure he’s ready before giving him the nod.


“We’ll take a view on that as we go along and speak to Stevie Woods, our goalkeeper coach.

“We’re delighted to get Barkas done and we’ve also got Scott Bain on a long-term contract.

“We’ve got Conor Hazard who has done really well in pre-season. So, the position isn’t a major priority for us at the moment.

“If Barkas isn’t ready, we’ll go with Bain, who has also had a good pre-season campaign.” 


I’d go with Bain, simply because he’s more familiar with the defenders in front of him, and save Barkas until he’s one hundred per cent.


In front of Bain expect to see Frimpong, Taylor, Julien and Ajer, with Brown and MacGregor assuming their usual central roles ahead of them.


Mo Elyanoussi and James Forrest should supply the width, Ryan Christie the energy and Oddsone Edouard some of the goals.


The expansion to nine substitutes , with any five allowed at three points in the game means that the squad will be utilised more than in previous seasons, but it at least allows for tactical changes should they be needed, and injuries can be less damaging to a rhythm , if , of course, in front of empty stands the team can get into any sort of rhythm.


Hamilton returned to the top flight in 2014, and since then have lost all but two of their opening games, the exceptions being a 1-1 draw with infant club “rangers “, who were still adjusting to full time senior football, and a goalless draw with Partick.


The worrying trend here is that they seem to raise their game against Glasgow clubs and companies, and today will be no different.


The match is live on sky, who certainly haven’t raised their game this season….






The media are, of course, right behind the champions today and offering their own encouragement as the club attempts to make history..


The Record points out that….


Brendan Rodgers remains ‘keen’ on Odsonne Edouard as former Celtic boss puts his transfer plan into action

The 23-year-old is being watched by a clutch of clubs across Europe. 


Glasgow Live picked up on Ally McCoists remarks about Leigh Griffiths…


Rangers legend says Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths has let himself and the fans down

Ally McCoist says it’s ‘a disgrace’ that Griffiths was unable to join his team-mates in France 


And the Scotsman amlified the comments made by Neil Lennon over the possibility of players being sold….


Celtic boss Neil Lennon’s warning over longer transfer window

Extra time for moves can work both ways


What Lennon said, which wasn;t a warnig, just a summary of how things work, and how we are sort if used now as to how things work, was….


“Whether it’s Odsonne or any other player – like in previous years when we sold guys like Dembele and Tierney – we’ll be prepared for it.

“There may be intense speculation around some of our players so we have to plan ahead.

“That’s what we do, it’s like a circular motion.

“We have to keep the wheels moving and be prepared for any eventuality when the market opens.

“It’s going to be a long transfer window until October. There will be pros and cons.

“You just don’t know, a club could come in and show real interest in one of your players.

“Then you have to play a waiting game to see if they’re going to bid or if it’s just unsettling for the player involved.

“I don’t know how it will pan out but we’ll have to adapt.”  



As we have done in the previous nine campaigns.



We’re going to see a lot of negativity aimed at the club, the manager, the players and anything else that the establishment can throw at us in an attempt to knock the Celtic Express of it’s tracks, but this time we’re onto them.


Unlike in  years gone by, the media do not have a monopoly on the news, and we can call bullshit when we see it, which binds us together, as opposed to the creation of division when they kept us fed with what they wanted us to know.


We’re standing at the gates of history. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.



Elsewhere, and there were four games played yesterday, St Mirren, the new home of Viktor Bayo if they get their way this week, racked up three points with a win over Livingston, which i think equals their total for last season already.


Dundee united looked mean and lean in the opening stages of their game with St Johnstone, which ended in a draw but should have been beyond the Perth side long before the end .


Hibernian soared to the top of the table with a 2-1 win over Kilmarnock, who look to be more like a rest home than a football team this season, and up at aberdeen , Derek McInnes’s side did what they usually do and followed their managers instructions to the letter, allowing “rangers ” to begin their campaign with a 1-0 win.


Aberdeen fans, seen here in the smallest stand in world football….




….really don’t deserve that man.


By the way, is anyone going to emulate them and hire a cherry picker today ? If so, send us your pics and tell us your story.


After the match, EBT Sportsound immediatley interviewed Neil Doncaster, and like many others I thought he was going to declare the season over right there and then, with the Ibrox pretenders in pole position.


Incidentally, the club have released a dvd and commemorative plaque to enshrine the moment, which astonshingly were available almost immediately, but then again, new partners Castore aren’t allowed to sell strips, so they’ve had to find something else to do, having taken on several part time workers in anticipation of huge sales after the Ibrox club omitted to tell them the details of a previous contract with Mike Ashley, who continues to make quite a few quid from the hirdes who naively thought that he wasn;t involved with them any more.


Castore did offer fans what could loosely be described as an update….




Any “rangers ” fan who pre ordered their kit will have to wait until he says they can have it, which might be a while yet, although they can go online and buy one from house of Fraser or Sports Direct, two of his retail outlets that fans were told would never stock any of their merchandise again….




He’s got the lot….


sports direct


Any negative stories about that lot, of course, will be ignored by the media, who instead will work themselves into a frenzy about stopping Celtic…as it’s good for the game if someone else wins it…and they want the Ibrox club/company to win it as it’s even better for the game if the Old Firm brand becomes stronger.


Despite the fact that it was the Ibrox club who have made the game toxic in the first place.


In his EBT Sportsound interview, Neil Doncaster reminded us that neither the league nor the Cup have sponsirs this season, which is unacceptable from the SPFL man, and when he even went as far as to admit he was still looking, it was at that point someones boot should have connected repeatedly with his arse until it was all the way back to wherever it was someone found him.


The media should have been focusing on the ineptitude around these matters, instead of harping on about who voted what and why when for the only time on his watch he actually did things right.



Scottish football, don’t you just love it ?


Yes, I suppose we do.


For example, where else would you get this kind of quality coverage ?





Group Can't Hold Back The Laughter Gif Blazing Saddles


Bulked up ….several portly chaps are now editing their on line profiles to substitute that line for big boned, or cuddly, or whatever other euphanism they use to try to hide their love of chips and dislike of exercise.



During the show, McCann also said

I know I sound stupid , but


No buts, Neil, nothing else needs to be added ….



By the way, on loan Celtic man Keiran Tierney snared himself an English cup medal to put at the back of his cabinet when Arsenal beat Chelsea, and it was good to see that despite not featuring in our plans this season, his loan is going well and the club have not forgotten about him…


Celtic Football Club

Something that was not lost on the player himself….
Kieran Tierney
Thank u so much. Touch of class  
Tierney also reminded us that he’s still one of us when he forgot to applaud the English national anthem…
 Not long now before he comes back, all better, all wiser and having completed his missionary work.
Yesterday, we had this…



Caption : John Kennedy “Season’s no even started and two them’ll be oot for a fortnight wi’ sair fingers”  







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1 month ago

Caption ..
Naw am telling youse ,it’s an Australian tank…

1 month ago
Reply to  Bognorbhoy

Scottish Tankers take a differential dump.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bognorbhoy

I’m not even entering this one, after reading this entry.

1 month ago

Caption – Despite the advice she had been given, Colonel Ruth Davidson moved too far to one side of the vehicle, while it was travelling at speed.

Uibh fhaili
1 month ago

Ruth looks good with the tank top on her ( then again so would any Tory )

1 month ago

Caption: Bit of t-cut and it’ll be fine, nothing to worry about. Sevco recovery team PR department.

1 month ago

Caption : “Awright Sarge, no big deal. I’ll park it properly after I’ve had my coffee.”

1 month ago

Morelos look like he likes to dicht his stovies up wi twa slice o buttered breed!

Unlike me……

1 month ago

Zombies attempt to invade Leverkusen fails.

Love the Story about some Nats standing at Central Station holding a banner demanding ‘ English go Home’. Immediately an exFM demands to know why these rascists were not arrested by the polis, however for twenty years we have had the ‘Famine Song’ no doubt just another wee ditty spewed our at Ibrokes and OO parades by the zombies. The hatred of all things Irish Catholic oozes from their pores.

Today a comfortable 4-0

1 month ago


Following various attempts at throwing his players under a bus, Slippy changes tact but finds the tank is no match for the ample arsed Morelos.

1 month ago

They apologised for the effing and blinding audible at an empty Pittodrie on Radio Scotland. Shame the Sevco fans weren’t there to drown it out with sectarianism.

Caption: Alfredo we will syphon the Slimfast down the gun. See you in a week.

1 month ago

Caption: “And then I got telt tae turn up ma trackie bottoms”

1 month ago

Good luck today Celtic, strange times but we are all there with you today….apart from Charlie Saiz who is playing with his action figures in his attic.


Owen Mullions
1 month ago
Reply to  Monti

Captured on film. A rare sighting of Charlie Saiz in his native habitat.

1 month ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

On the evidence I’ve seen so far this weekend, Aberdeen are far more likely to be relegated than Hamilton!!

Yoker Bhoy
1 month ago

Fine start to the new season with plenty of enjoyable moments. Great assists from Taylor and Forrest to provide three of the goals and just marvellous to see Odsonne kick off with a hat-trick. Pleasing as well to see both Frimpong and Klimala on the scoresheet. Superb run and finish by the Pole at the end. As we go from game to game and the Celtic machinery begins to get better oiled, we should be in for some really scintillating stuff and a few goal blitzes. Well done lads.


1 month ago

Great football, but Sky what can u say, the word dire comes to mind. Watched it on Now TV cannot see paying for the rest on Sky. Eddie great as for Klimala is a real power, ten is coming.

1 month ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

First time I’ve heard Eddy being called Edson Oduard and that was the Scottish bint. Truly amateur hour.

1 month ago

At your age i’m surprised you hear anything?

1 month ago
Reply to  Monti

Come again

1 month ago

He’d have to see it for that.

1 month ago
Reply to  Monti
Cole Burns
1 month ago

Hello Dave! Donald here! I don’t think there’s anything to worry about re. the tank outside in the recently turfed training ground. General Ashley has assured us his tanks have tracks on the bottom.

1 month ago

Job well done today HH

1 month ago

caption.Ally McCoist looks on as,Armed Forces day down in Govan gets off to a bad start when the Brits refuse to pay the young team a pound to watch their Tank

1 month ago

Caption,General Ashley causes a riot down ibrox way

1 month ago

Sweet start to the ten from the Bhoys.

Who else was blowing at the TV screen to help unfurl the Flag?

1 month ago
Reply to  portpower

Good start to the season considering “monster munch” was telling anyone that would listen, that there were problems at Celtic!!
The only downside I see looking through Celtic websites is the fact that Ajer and Taylor look as though they’re going to be this seasons whipping boys!! On top of the constant abuse of Rodgers and Tierney it seems more and more Celtic fans are leaning towards hunnish behaviour!! Personally I have nothing but good wishes for these two as they gave me many days of sticking it right up the local huns!!

1 month ago

McCoist says….” the tank looks unusual, maybe its just extra muscle.”

1 month ago
Reply to  Tyrone9

It seems that the Scottish sports hacks are desperate for a big money offer to come in for Odsonne Eduoard why ever would that be I wonder!!

French Eddy CSC

1 month ago

Solid performance and some strength in depth off the bench. Ajer getting caught in possession and fluffing a back heel in his own box the only negative. He’s got Gary Caldwell syndrome. Any reasonable offer should be accepted.

1 month ago

soon to be ( castle greyskull )

1 month ago

I thought middle to front we were very good. But work to be done defensively. A good team will punish us if we play so loosely at the back.
This current situation with no fans could be a good thing for players like Kimala etc to settle in better.
He took his goal well and maybe with a full house there he might not have fancied it as much. So hopefully we will see more of him and he can gain in confidence.
Heres to history in the making. HH

1 month ago

Caption: Well I jyst jumped in the drivers seat and it rolled over I didn’t think I had put that much weight on during covid.

1 month ago


Castore’s launch of their retro kit range for the Sevco Young ‘lady’s’ hits the buffers when their interpretation of The 70’s fashion sensation the ‘ Tank Top ‘
Is premiered.

Stay Safe.
It’s still out there.

1 month ago

Untrained muscle, and don’t you all forget it!

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