Celtic Diary Wednesday July 1: It’s All Happening

As we said yesterday, it’s all gone quiet at the ranch, and right on cue…


Celtic retain winger Mohamed Elyounoussi on loan deal


All subject to paperwork, and so on, but the Norwegian feels loved, and thats important to him.


“I got a lot of positive messages from the fans. That made the choice even easier. ” 


Potentially, and if he looks up from his feet every now and then, the boy is a matchwinner, but as he says…


It is an interesting season ahead, and I think I can do more than what I did last season.

“Obviously, the injury stopped everything for me, so I will try to give even more from myself this year.

“In the end, I just want to talk with my feet. Me and the boys have been working hard in the break. 


Encouragingly, the word from those hands at the ranch is that he is in tremendous shape, and if thats down to hard work, then he deserves a chance to show what he can do.


then , as expected, the marketing department got itself a few headlines, with the official announcements of the Adidas kit launch, and the new partnership with JD sports, which will open up a new market for merchandise.


Not quite on the level of car boot sales on Merseyside , but a decent enough start…


CELTIC Football Club is delighted to welcome adidas as its new official kit supplier, marking the beginning of a new five-year deal, believed to be the biggest kit sponsorship ever to be announced across Scottish sport.

We are delighted to be partnering with the global leader in football. adidas is the official supplier of the most important football tournaments in the world, such as the FIFA World Cup™, the UEFA EURO 2020™ and the UEFA Champions League.

The sports brand already partners with some of the world’s top clubs including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, FC Bayern Munich and Juventus.

adidas and Celtic are here to change the game together, as a partnership we have the same vision. We are here to create. 

As a club we are about to embark on one of the most monumental seasons in our history. This campaign has been nine years in the making, and now together… we go for ten.

Celtic fans are known the world over for their passionate support, and adidas want to be part that. To be associated with one of the most famous football clubs in the world, to join us on our relentless pursuit of success and to connect with the unwavering commitment of our supporters. 

In turn, everyone at Celtic is thrilled yet again to be connected to such a prestigious brand, in partnership with one of the dominant names in sportswear manufacturing, an organisation synonymous with quality and excellence. 

We are enjoying a period of unprecedented success and as Scotland’s 9 in a row Champions, we look ahead with confidence, with the aim always, on and off the pitch to give our supporters a Club you can be proud of.  

This is no ordinary partnership. Today we mark the next exciting chapter in the great Celtic story.   

Welcome to the adidas x Celtic era. 

Not for second best

One decade in the making.

Here We Go!  


What is it all of a sudden with three word slogans all of a sudden ?


You know the ones i mean…get brexit done, oven ready deal, build build build…okay, the last one is technically one word three times, but you get the point ?


Surely there are three words better than here we go to capture the mood approaching the new, potentially historic , season ?


I can think of three, and they would have been a better fit at the end of that piece…


Fuck The Huns Sticker Pack | Rebel Stickers


and as it says in the good book,

and it came to pass that the huns were fucked



Added to the Adidas deal, which presumably includes their own distribution network, was the news that JD sports would be marketing and selling the gear as well…and they seem quite pleased about it…



It’s official! We’re joining forces with Celtic Football Club as their Official Retail Partner. ­

As Celtic are aiming for their historic 10th league title in a row, we are so hyped to be on board with the club. 

The partnership means you’ll be able to pick up adidas’ official Celtic kits and trainingwear, in-store and online here at JD. Mark your calendars because their new home kit will be revealed and ready for pre-order July 10th. The home kit & Celtic’s all-new adidas training range will launch August 6th exclusively in JD & Celtic Club stores as well as online at jdsports.co.uk. Keep locked-in to @jdfootball for the latest!  


Peter Lawwell was as proud as a very proud man who had found something to deflect from his other inadequacies….


Having just entered our new partnership with adidas, the global leader in football, we are now pleased to announce this dynamic new arrangement with JD, another high-quality organisation and the leading Sports Fashion Retailer.  


So there should still be a few quid coming in then. Which cannot be grumbled at.


And as it says further on in the good book…


and lo, the huns were further fucked


So, with all that good news , someone had to throw a spanner into the works, someone had to be the face painter at the creditors meeting, so to speak…



Raman Bhardwaj
From what I hear, and as things stand, Fraser Forster to Celtic ain’t happening. Keeper held talks with Southampton today. Issue over permanent/loan deal a factor.   
 Fairly insightful, as if , as it stands, he was signing, it would have been announced.
 There’s hardball being played right now, and hopefully it will end up with Forster staying in Glasgow, if he doesn;t, it will be a disappointment, but we’ll probably manage without a goalkeeper anyway.
 Wouldn’t be the first fucking time,.
 With all this good news coming out of Celtic Park, the forces of darkness have been biding their time before making an announcement of their won, one of those “shake up Scottish football ” ones…
 We asked our two Ibrox experts for their opinion….
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 Meanwhile, in the east end of Glasgow….
Karl Marx GIFs | Tenor
 Yesterday, we considered this image….
Steven R

Caption: ” hey, missus… are you fae Brazil?”.   












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Caption – Bear’s grandchild catches sight of the brand new Adidas, Celtic top.

Or sees the price ?
This is going to cost me a fortune 5 grandkids all wanting it. FFs 🙂


Jimmybee… back on the game for you then


Look at they eyes!
That bear must be a “billionaire” (probably)


A bear and a c@@t , spot yesterday’s caption picture of a bare c@@t ?

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Is that the guy from Louie Vatton fae the Barras?

Alan Ryan

“That’s a wing! Im sure it’s a wing! Is that a wing ?!”

Ralph on slogans, we would buy a sew on badge and a little pin one back in the 70s every home game to put on our scarf, My Auntie Betty would sew them all on for us. She decided one day to buy us all one when she was out at the barras. It was the 2 finger salute with up rangers. She thought it was to get it up rangers 🙂 it never made it onto the scarf she wasn’t allowed back out the house on her own by my uncle Frank.


Jimmybee… lovely wee story

Caption: What ya mean jump.

Hope the Forster news is rubbish. Not bothered about Moi, we can do without him, Forster is the most important signing of the summer. Spending 7 million on some Greek fella or signing Joe Hart, whose confidence is shot, is a poor second. Bite the bullet and pay up or risk the ten. Get Forster In!


Elyounoussi is a fantastic player, up until he got the injury, he was contributing well to the team!

Open your eyes.


Forster a no no. I’d take joe hart. In a heartbeat


he cannae stop a direct shot from the half way line, see bale for wales tap in. Total mince of a player.


What keeper doesn’t make mistakes? Forster fucked up against Copenhagen albeit more jozos fault. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have been dropped at Southampton. Vladky the st mirren keeper is on a free he’s better than Bain.


In what way is Vladky better than Bain?



Forster has been the best keeper at Celtic for decades ffs.


Since Boruc!


pep gardiola and suttun think hes p!sh. wtf do you know, vladky? ffs geeze a brek. wan mistake ,
wiz he no the guy who miskicked a backpass intae eez own net bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haawwwwwwwwwwwww. The guy is an english national disaster AND hes 33!

celtic need to sign forster and stop trying to do EVERYTHING on the fvcking cheap.


My pal has named his pet bear after the Ex Celt Moussa D.
No idea why!


‘ Pippin gutted as remake of Come Outside gets set for take off”


Pete Tong and Dj Barnaby jet into Pacha for a weekend set

pilsbury dough bhoy

Caption: Is your other hand up my jacksie?
No, it’s my joystick. Grin and bear it



When ra berrrrs find out about Bernard Arnault.

Of the 10 richest people, as ranked by Forbes last year, most have publicly discussed or disclosed their religious beliefs. Bill Gates and his family attend a Roman Catholic Church. Warren Buffett, raised Presbyterian, identifies as agnostic. Bernard Arnault is Catholic but doesn’t attend mass


‘In 2016 and again in 2019 JD Sports was the subject of accusations of mistreatment of its UK warehouse staff, with comparisons being made to Victorian ‘dark satanic mills’ and ‘prison’ conditions’ 24][25][‘
All Celtic stuff is expensive JD is even more expensive. The first introduction many children have to Celtic is the top or if they are very lucky, the whole strip but I fear we are further perpetuating a widening inequality with JD. I see the economic benefit to the club, particularly with their overseas shops but we are pricing thousands out of our Club.


dont tell yon zombies but yer man bernard arnauld donated 200 million for the restoration ae notre dame cathedral they might faw oot wae um haha aint huns dumb


nae ambition yon zombies why say second richest any self respecting pish stained tim source woulda said richest ha ha aint tims grand


Plenty of criticism of Peter Lawwell normally on here. By way of balance do we intend to praise the new adidas deal together with JD sports deal. Best deal ever for kit and a new concept in partnership with major retailer.


Caption: Woah! Roger De Courcey had much smaller fingers!

Bannockburn Bhoy

I’ve never met a girl like you before…


PSG fans paid 130 euros for a top with Neymar’s name on it. The genie is out the bottle on that one and my view is get a classic top and save a fortune.


Caption: She is from Brazil!


Yes, that the new Castore oil strip!

As usual we allow one keeper to leave, then the next one leaves. Planning by Liewell is crap, you build from a position of strength, not weakness. Money rolls in from Adidas and JD Sports ensuring a nice bonus at the end of the year.

Forster was worth at least 6 points a season that is going to be very hard to replace.
Marshall for me all day long over Hart. He knows the club and is a top class performer. Hart has too many mistakes in him.Can be brilliant but loses too many silly goals ask Leigh


both sh!t


Moi joining us for another year on loan was a no brainer. It made the departure of Jonny Hayes seem more sensible. “Try before you buy” has been good for Celtic especially in these difficult times. All Celtic supporters want to see fully signed up Celtic players, especially seeing the younger ones break through. But they have to force the manager to give him no option but to play them, they have to deserve the right to play. There can be no emotion when deciding who can play. Disappointed not to see Arzani play for he is an exceptional talent,… Read more »


apart from the fact that moi cant stay off his @rse for more than 5 mins and is pish


Kettle, Pot.


Sounds like your burd



Steven R

Caption: somewhat confused by a 70’s tv show, a sevco fan tries to recreate BJ and The Bear, although they’re not sure who gives the BJ to who.

Uibh fhaili

The stupid “onion” bear about to Be dropped from a great height by servco’s latest investor


Are you fae Brazil ahahahaha pmsl

tony carlin

Caption. It’s nothing you said wee bear I just want to spank my monkey!


good to see the spotty weans in HK getting theirs. 200 life sentences, GIRFUY


No more let me outta here get yourself a woman like other blokes do. No amount of sugar puffs is worth going through that again


caption wee broxi is startled to see news sports direct will be exclusively selling the new zombie kit ha ha ha ha canny wait for the statement heh heh aint big mike grand


It’s decking hilarious, they’re in absolute meltdown…..

See the wee berr above to visualise their manky, rancid faces of shock.


decking??? Should read feckin.


henk a zombie jeest telt me he reckons big mike put up castores 3 mill advance ha ha ha ha please make it be so


He’ll own Castore anyway and I think we all knew this was coming anyway.
As Monti says, stupid stupid huns.


ha ha ha ha

Rob O'Keeffe

Question for Mike? As Aberdeen player tests positive for Covid-19,does this mean that it can be passed to humans from sheep?….


Only if the sheep are of the bat variety.
You can (cough) get V.D. from sheep, allegedly, but only if you don’t wear a condom. Baaa.



Rob O'Keeffe

The new Adidas gear looks excellent.Congratulations to all involved in merchandising at Parkhead….


Knob.. they are probably made by skilled asylum seekers. I assume you won’t bother then

Frank McGaaaarvey

Caption: Rob O’Keefe / Mabozzurteeny drives asylum seeking bear back to the border. “They come over here an’ shit in our woods an’ eat oot of our honeypots and whit dae they contribute? Nuthin’. How do I know this? I get a perfect view from my ivory tower”.




Can you do more posts like this ^?


hahahaha…whit the wans wae a mental age of 6 so you can understand them…

Frank McGaaaarvey

As opposed to the ones with a mental age of an 86 year-old gammoner then….

https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53256015 ‘Wigan Athletic could be followed into administration by “10 or 15″ clubs unless some financial help comes from the top of the game, warns the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee. Administrators acting for the Latics have said the club is ‘finished’ if funding cannot be found to get it through to the end of the season after its Hong Kong-based owners pulled out…’ “THE CLUB IS FINISHED IF FUNDING CANNOT BE FOUND” -Administrator “It would be tragic if a club that has been in existence for nearly 90 years is forced to the wall,” We know that 10… Read more »


Broxy Bear: ‘Look at that – ye kin still see Morelos’ fat erse fae up here!’



“Sat Nav instruction.. Bear Right”


Caption: … and shite on the bastards below


Caption: Hands up if you know someone who is a greater flight risk than Ghislaine Maxwell.

As the colours of the world come to terms with the racist slave trades that made the empire and tear down the staues and rightfully so, we the Catholic population have still to put up with the marches that are so abhorrent to any right thinking person yet no words of condemnation no move by the government to ban such gatherings even though it is deeply offensive to a huge amount of the population.
We have been spared this year please spare us in the future.
Ban the orange parades.

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