Celtic Diary Sunday June 28: And On A Positive Note

Rationality has been thrown out of the window with the revealing of the new Celtic kits for next season.

Not an official revealing, but a cunningly leaked photograph or two to whet the appetites, which has excited the support and terrified their bank managers.


After a summer that saw us denied an on the ptich nine in a row celebration, and a fourth consecutive treble, there’s nothing wrong with that.

We needed something to put a smile on our faces.


The photograph that set pulses racing showed all three of the new Adidas kits that will become synonomous with the ten in a row campaign….





Particularly appealing to some was the third kit, reminiscent of the Love Street strip of 1986….




…which has been adapted from the morning glory Mint lingerie range of  a company called AdoreWe


Leto Morning Glory Mint Flower Lace Bralette - Shop Priceless ...


There’s not many websites that spend as much time on research as we do, and one thing I noticed on there is that the box that says “Add To Bag ” is a delightful synonym for “buy for wife ”


Something else I noticed yesterday is that over in Argentina, when football fans take the piss, they really are a class above everyone else….


Boca in English | Podcast 

There’s an airplane flying around Buenos Aires playing a historic commentary from 9 years ago announcing that River had been relegated 
 Which gave me an idea….
 “Your Clubs Deid ” works out cheaper than ” You’re Not Rangers Anymore ” , but they will do a deal on “Fuck the Huns “, as long as you accept any fines or other punishments.
 See, a little laughter brightens up an otherwise dull weekend.
 Speaking of laughter…
 Not by anyone who knows anything about their finances, but a tipster nonetheless…
 Liverpool, of course, won the English League in the week, prompting over the top celebrations in the city, which saw fireworks aimed at the town hall and other raucous behaviour.
 The Merseyside Police chief was dismayed, and declared
 ” People need to be clear that we will not tolerate this behaviour every thirty years
  Fan behaviour during the current crisis can be a little predictable. Of course they want to celebrate , and the behaviour of Liverpool fans was to be expected, which in a sense earns Celtic fans reaction to nine in a row a little respect that has not been forthcoming from the media.
 Don;t forget, a second nine in a row is a piece of history, and we didn;t get to see it won.
 A fourth consecutive treble would have been unprecedented, and we didn’t even get the chance to play for it.
 Well, not yet, anyway, but even a belated cup win won’t feel the same as doing it on the day we were supposed to.
 Credit, though, has to go to a fanbase that has taken it well, which includes the usual nonsense from the other side of the city about it not really counting and so on.
 So, is it any wonder that focus is on the new strips, and a chance to re-identify with the club ahead of what could be a truly memorable season ?
  Having said that, I suppose you could say that the hordes have plenty to look forward to as well….. Linfoeld, the family club from Belfast, have just been “awarded ” a 54th title, putting them in reach of the Ibrox title count….and the race is on for 55….
 Their sister club seem to have upset them , though…
 That unique dominance is Scotland is quite unique, in that it’s not actually dominance given that the club they support just now hasn’t won anything, and the previous entity rewrote the rules on integrity to gain their titles.
  When Jermaine Defoe announced that he hoped “rangers ” would take the knee in support of the “Black Lives Matter “, he probably didn’t expect the backlash from the club/company support that hit social media.
 Should the players take the knee, one fan will take action…
 He’ll walk out of a closed door game, which should be interesting.
 Combined with a tenth title, another financial meltdown and the behaviour we can expect from their support during the season this might just be the end of them, not just this particular entity but the end of the “culture and tradition ” that has blighted Scottish society.
 A culture that has been screaming and kicking to deny the new century and the modern way of thinking is dying, and this season could be the final act of an ongoing pantomime being played out in front of our eyes.
 Thats my idea of a positive note.
 Yesterday, we had this….

Help,he thinks i`m Morag.

 Today, can you help a fellow shift his surplus stock woth a catchy slogan ?

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Re: the kit photo – don’t fancy the camo top.

Pat Higney

Asda reveal their new ‘Diet Tableware’ range, aimed at the Celtic fan’s market.
Guaranteed you will eat less.


Caption: Everything at ‘The Rangers’ can be recycled.

This would be cheaper.


20 Lambert and Butler £10.30
35cl Buckfast Tonic Wine £ 5.69
Daily Star £0. 80
Carrier bag £0. 11
Total:. £16.90

Bonus points 16

‘Your Club’s Deid’
Thank you for your custom.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: ‘…and as you can see, we have some of the best porcelain in our trophy room’


Caption – British Exceptionalism picnic wares makes everything taste like a royal banquet.

Thomas Watson

Is it just me, but does it seems strange that Ajer is part of the new strip photoshoot, considering his apparent desire to leave the club….


Wherever you find money or power you find corruption, a “Pigs Trough” where the greedy pigs gorge themselves on cash. Why was Russia awarded the 2018 World Cup? more importantly why was Qatar awarded the 2022 World Cup? the games are usually played in June or July, but the temperatures in Qatar then is usually 42 degrees, when football would be impossible, so the World Cup is moved to November to a more suitable 30 degrees. Human Rights are brushed aside in Qatar and modern day slave labour used to build the stadia in fatal conditions. Somebody somewhere made a… Read more »


‘Bert The Fourth’
“I won’t be returning my ST but I will be walking out.”
‘Bert…’ Is the twitter handle of Jimmy Bell.


Caption : “All proceeds will be donated to The Rangers Foundation, passed to Club 1872, then to The Rangers International Football club and finally thrown down a great big hole.”


When your nine in a row party needs receptacles and you are virus aware ,you need these .

Top shelf …piss pots
Next down …poolates
Next down… Sick bowls
Next down … Nose rags
Bottom shelf …arse wipes


Re the players- “Hair Cut 100”.
Re the model- “June is bursting out all over”.


If that’s true about Marshall on a one year deal would that be David or Gordon ?

As long as if’s no Larry Marshall
( One for us of a more Mature Vintage)

Fred Rodgers

I’d prefer Dorothy Paul

Rob O'Keeffe

The top being worn by CalMac is a cracker….I’ll have to start my pre season diet to be able to order my usual xxxl version…

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Supplies for asylum seekers in Glasgow as they don’t seem to be happy with free food,wifi,money,beds in hotels,escort services,drug quality…..


Rob… a real redneck caption entry from you.it never crossed your mind that the guy may have been mentally ill… what a horrible individual you truly are

Frank McGaaaarvey

Weered, best left ignored. Like a nasty WASP it will go on it’s way if you leave it to buzz in its own ear.

Rob O'Keeffe

You probably don’t realise that redneck is a racist term you tosser.Don’t comment on matters you know nothing about.These asylum seekers took part,along with their virtue signalling supporters,in non- social distanced marches around George Square and indulged in violence with loyalist thugs.Two young guys I know tried to intervene and ended up in hospital so you stick to your day to day life and we’ll deal with the problems that Sturgeon causes and turns a blind eye to.
P.S.ISIS are mentally ill,so are their attacks to be excused or are they to be put down? Double tap…



Frank McGaaaarvey

Clueless Daily Mail-licking cunt alert.


Same shite my people encountered at the Broomielaw 120 years ago. Shame on you.


Caption: Butcher’s Apron branch out to tableware.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Tableware! Everywhere! We will follow on!

Dundee, Hamilton ………….

No mention of Cups then…

Steven R

Caption: this range of tableware is not only dishwasher proof, breakproof, and microwaveable – its as staunch as fuck!!

Uibh fhaili

We have matching cutlery too sir ……..”fork off I wouldn’t even let my dog use them bowls to shit in “

Man in Denial


Empire closing down sale !

Get ready for your virtual orange walk after party with our loyal range of tableware. Party likely to attract guests with poor hygiene ? Don’t worry, you’re covered : every purchase comes with a free butchers apron.*

* no proceeds will be donated to anything worthwhile

kevlar frimpong

caption: we’ve found shit that does actually burn


More tat for the gullibles, as they rap themselves in the Butchers apron

New strip looks cool, but missing the footie.


Dear Diary,
I’ve been reading Port’s comments since the late Paul McConville’s site and yesterday’s caption is the first time I’ve understood one. Should I be worried? 🙂


R.St Parsley,



Monti.. how droops it mo chara


About 9″ to the left comrade!


The tailor asked me which side I dressed – I said “Disnae matter, just make sure it’s baggy roon the knees”:-)


RPG … port might be worried that he has been rumbled

” anywan fancy a Skeet Shooot…..”


Caption: “ These bargains are blue red and white, and all your meals will still taste of shite… “



Collectors items of the future, because the union wont be around much longer

Kevin James Lubo

The marching is over
Why don’t you take some of this home ?


Mugs, plates, dishes, napkins, everything bar cups.
All the cups are safely at home in Paradise.


Caption: By buying these, the sevvies have a chance to top one type of table

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