Celtic Diary Wednesday June 24: Questions, But Answers?

With Police Scotland all of a tither over criticism over their inconsistent responses to public order issues, which seems to depend on who is causing the issues, SNP councillor Ruairi Kelly has written to them asking a few tricky questions…..




Of course, with a name like Kelly, he’s unlikely to have it read let alone answered, so maybe a few emails to the force to ask them if they’ve seen it might help…



Celtic are in talks to play a friendly with Paris St Germain, which of course would be behind closed doors and would also mean that hoops chief scout Peter Lawwell could ask them about any other young players who have gone off the rails a bit and need a fresh start.


If they’re anything like Oddsone Edoaurd we might well have struck a little gold mine here….


One source claims the match could take place in a disused quarry, meaning the French side will be able to beat us on aggregate again.


I'm here all week try the veal - Cheezburger - Funny Memes | Funny ...



With English football having returned to competitve-in the loosest possible sense of the word-action, we’re beginning to see what the game would actually be like if it was played without fans on a more regular basis.


Of course, in england, passion from the stands has been replaced by a breed of supporter that buys into the “occasion “, and tv saturation has meant that football rather than supporting a club is the new fashion.


Hence the half and half scarfs, but fortunately fans of Manchester United have remembered a statement from their legendary Scots manager Matt Busby, who pointed out that…





With Liverpool fans claiming the first use of “Walk On ” as an anthem, before adopting “The Fields of Anfield Road ” as another party tune, it’s clear that they are the true visionaries of the future.


Jock Stein will be turning in his grave, as indeed will his pals Busby and Shankly.



Which is why it’s all the more puzzling that when a club does have a passionate and imaginative support, it treats them like something you step over in the street.


Over on Twitter, a number of fans are having their applications for credit to purchase their season books rejected, which is not surprising during the current uncertain economic climate, and it becomes even more confusing when you try to rationalise the reasons for that.


A company is using a finance company to allow customers to buy it’s product.


The finance company, having considered the product, have refused a number of applications, but not all.


Yet, should the product, which is as yet undefined, turn out to be, er, not what it was sold as, which isn’t clear, the finance comapny will be liable for refunds.


Another example of things just not being thought through properly, as the demand for money to stave off having to borrow any is being prioritised by the board, and heaven forbid having to pick up the phone and asking our resident billionaire to to take his hand off his golf club and put it into his pocket….


Celtic have said that they are selling season books with “added value “.


Here’s an idea, how about this for added value ?


How about the board coming clean on Resolution 12 ?


Instead of denying and deflecting, how about just coming out and telling us what really happened.


Well, no , not telling us, because we already know what happened, and there is surely merit in admitting to jiggery pokery than being forced to admit it in the face of overwhelming evidence….which is there, and is now ….oh, I’ll save that bit for a separate piece….


We might not agree with the board going along with the Five Way agreement , and we might not want any form of Rangers in any form of any league, but if the board felt that it was necessary to continue the Old firm brand, then at least have the balls to come out and tell us what they did and why.


Before someone else does…and I can assure you that someone at UEFA is looking at the evidence and has pased it among his colleagues, and as a deflection from their own novel and refreshing outlook on football finance, there are whispers that they have found their fall guys over at Hampden, which may explain why the main man who is embroiled in a bitter battle with the SFA now works for UEFA as well….


Celtic need to come clean, before someone has to wash them….. in public.


Imagine the fury of a Celtic support that had been duped by its own board……


Human Rights Missing from Social Justice Activism | HUMAN WRONGS WATCH




Yesterday, we had this…




Gary Ralston and the Daily Record Sports journalists at their day job grabbing their instructions from Ibrox at the break.






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‘That’s my brick there’
‘What, Knob Of The Week’?

Caption…” So I want a wall exactly like this, surrounding Govan,I want the huns to build it, then we fill it with water and through in some sharks”.


BLM, asylum seekers, leftie twats, Green Brigade, Build the Wall it allows the peepul control again, up the Jackasses.

Agree in relation to a substandard product Ralph, Liewell and the board should look after the supporters, without them there is nothing. Footie behind closed doors is a substandard product, a bit like Sevco


So you’re sure this will maintain Social Distancing from the Huns ?

George Lazenbhoy

Caption : this wall is huge, no Mr President you just have tiny hands.


So this is the Great Wall of chinya , it’s not so great , my Mexican wall is better and my garden wall ,even my firewall is better , in fact I’m the best wall builder that people will ever see


“Coming clean on Res.12” Haha. Talking about “stands”. The North End Terracing at Celtic Park, stood a monument to the passionate, fanatical Celtic support. “The Jungle”. Rebuilt in 1966, it held 10,000 supporters, constructed of corrugated iron, concrete and smelt of p!sh, or if you prefer, filtered lager and beer, with a variation of Glasgow smelling salts- wee haufs. Looking on as the Lions, Burns, McStay, Aitken and other great Celtic players exhibited their many talents. If you could bottle atmosphere it would be priceless. Memories of friends, Grandfathers-Fathers- Brothers and Celtic pals, its many memories live on. Heysel- Bradford-… Read more »


The (Spion-Kop). long associated with the Liverpool support, built in 1906 to the memory of the fallen of the Royal Lancs. Regiment, which recruited in and around Liverpool. During the Boer war, the regiment climbed up the “Spionenkop” to take it from the Boers, resting at the top overnight they were dismayed to find another higher hill above them and stood no chance. And so the “Kop” was born in their memory.
Hail, Hail, Jurgen Klop, King of the Spionkop.


No a cent if its iron on.

I want a Priests neck collar,Adidas.

Stevie D

Ah . . . The Jungle . . . I remember once at half time in the 70s getting kicked up and down the stairs by a team from Shettleston to the sound of Patsy Gallant’s You’re A Star In New York You’re A Star In L.A. blaring out the tannoy. Nostalgia eh? That song still makes my ears bleed.


A ball peen hammer Stevie, that would do the trick.

Erchie Badjer

Don’t you mean the maharajah, Mike?

Cos you’re talking out yer bell end.


Dont you mean erchie, Erchie? Look it up.

Stevie D



Outstanding Mike


the jungle wis grand tims pissin doon the backy yur leg kept ye warm but my fuck wen ye went outside ther wis sum draft ha ha


Cheers mate!


Death is good, eh, Mike?


Its a relief for some perhaps, but its a finality for all. But its never good and the above is not a celebration of it, merely an actual account of why the “Kop” got its name.

David Doherty

All in all, you’re just another prick with a wall.


China`re charging less than that Empire.

2 bob jipped from every worker worldwide adds up to a superyacht.


China own the rights to Water with-in Australia, although federal law says they cant.Though they`re allowed.

Viva voce political professionals only.


Politicians,cup-bearers are furloughed.

You may need to audit the pay records for a short period or for the entire period of employment, depending on the reason for the proficient cooks revenge.

The very annoyed Butler serves.

Trump: And this is the hole where Nakamura’s free kick went through our wall


Sevco unveil new ‘wailing wall’ for Huns to bang their heids aff after 10 in a row


Memorial Walls(binding contract to build and run the facility for 125 years`) here for 10IAR.

Hun exponential horizon…
The rangers ruralco newly-merged 150th anniversary?

We are the recruit recruited Peepil.


POTUS scamwatch.


That looks fine. I’ll take a thousand. Put them up along the edge of Mexico.


I remember the golliwogs were up at that height while standing with my own Father my follower.


Caption: It’s strange but my gorgeous, beautiful, most sexiest wife Melania wants one for her birthday. I need one to fit a king-size bed.

Paul Quinn

Just another prick with a wall




“he’s unlikely to have it read let alone answered”. The person to whom it is addressed is Hazel Hendren.

Don’t think the Glasgow polis have quite made it into having LGBTQ+ people in positions of high office, just yet.

Caption: It stops the covid from spreading nothing to do with the the mexicans all fake news im telling you.


Caption: Trump – “what’s this then”

the real Anton Rogan

Caption: PL ‘and can I hook up the electrified section to my heated driveway to keep out those troublesome requisitioners?’

Owen Mullions

Caption:”So just stick a statue of King Billy up there and those thick Orangemen will guard it for free”.


Trump: You see that square inch there? That’s a very good square inch, one of the best square inches, infact I’ve been told by many experts it’s such a great square inch, wall builders are amazed at how amazing that square inch is.

Mexican Border Control Officer: Yeah that’s the bit Mexico paid for.


Caption: ‘The same for how many miles? Wis there no a colour chart?


Yes Sir, Nakamura got it over the wall and into the top corner.


Caption: My mother was Scoddish and this reminds me of the song she sang me to get to sleep, ‘Bonny Charlie’s noo awa’.

Uibh fhaili

Climb over it if you want , just get out of Mexico ya white suprematist price of shit

Uibh fhaili

Should be piece text prediction is unpredictable at times

POTUS”So that is the same wall that i saw from way over there,why is it bigger here than there”
GAURD”Se Senore have you ever watched Father Ted”


Caption: Mexicans build and pay for the feckin’ wall—to keep Donald Trump OUT!


And the other side is Mexico?


Caption: James Taylor discusses security measures at East Kilbride home.

Paul B

It’s totally secure. (As long as the wind doesn’t blow)


Caption: And this model Mr President, is what we call the ‘La Gran Muralla’.

Caption: Whats that graffiti say on the wall.
It says Uh Ha up the Ra
Mr President.


If you’ve ever seen Mexican mural art, Mexican artists will make good use of this thousand mile’canvas’.

POTUS,THATS not a wall el capitane,there is only one wall.Get on the phone to BIG FRAZER at celtic park ,
Sorry sir he is out collecting for the poor and disabused in society.
POTUS ,Bugger

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