Celtic Diary Tuesday June 23: Downsizing, But Give Us Your Money Anyway

Damien Duff exited stage left a few weeks ago, citing that he wanted to spend more time with his family over in Ireland, which is fair enough, and that created a vacancy on the Celtic coaching staff which has now been filled by Gavin Strachan, who had been plying his trade at Peterborough.


Regular readers will know that this time last year I , too, was plying my trade in Peterborough, and you could not walk into a bar,  put on the local radio or pick up a local paper without hearing, reading or seeing praise for the talents of Gavin Strachan.


Just before I finished my stint down there several councillors were embroiled in whats known as a “blood on the carpet ” session because they couldn’t agree whether or not to name a street, a shopping centre or a fucking football academy after him.


In actual fact, what really happened was Lawwell saw the name of the town , found it quite flattering that he had been formally recognised in Cambridgeshire, and thought it must be an omen that a former employees lad lived there, had a coaching certificate and would come cheaply.


Maybe Strachan is part of the next generation of forward thinking coaches, set to revolutionise the game worldwide.


Then again, maybe his dad put his CV on Peter’s desk…..



Craig Gordon has turned down a new contract thus far with Celtic, and newspaper reports suggest they are asking him to take an eighty per cent cut. Gordon himself hasn’t been shy of making his views known…


On the pay cut, Gordon said;


“It was absolutely enormous.

“So there wasn’t much chance of that being a possibility of a deal.

“It was a long way short of what I was expecting from them. And that’s what I told them.

“As yet they’ve not come back with anything else so it’s up to them still to come back.

“I said that a few weeks ago and it was in the press in Scotland, that they could come back with a better deal.

“I said I’d still be willing to listen and absolutely nothing has changed since then.”  


Then he changed the tone slightly….remembering that he is getting on a bit, injury prone and not coming across as a nice guy


“The negotiations haven’t been particularly good, I’ve got to be honest.

“It has dragged out and I feel it could have been handled an awful lot better.

“I don’t want to say too much on that.

“I had fantastic time there over the six years and still want to be able to speak to them and see what they have to offer and what they’re thinking my role would be next season if they want me to stay there.

“So there is still a little bit more chat to be had there to see exactly what they’re looking for.  



Gordon needs to remember he won;t get a lucrative deal at this stage of his career, but equally, Celtic need to remember that as experienced and capable back ups go, they won’t get much better than him.


One report suggests the cut is from £20,000 a week to just £4,000, and that, if true, might be a bit of a shock to Gordon’s system. But £4,000 a week to sit on a bench with your boots and shorts on just in case you are offered a game of football is not to be sniffed at.


Meanwhile, the club have sent out a reminder to season book holders that although it’s uncertain if there’ll be a next season, and although it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be allowed into the ground , they could do with you buying a ticket anyway….



TIME is running out to secure your Season Ticket as the champions set out for 10 in a row! You now have LESS THAN ONE WEEK to renew!

Thank you to the thousands of Season Ticket Holders who have already renewed for the season ahead. Your support is so vital to the club during this time, and we can’t wait to start this journey together.

Your support is crucial to the club as we prepare for the monumental season ahead. We are asking you to stand with us every step of the way, and play your part in creating history as Neil Lennon leads his squad into the club’s most important season.

Renew before the deadline of 5pm on Tuesday, June 30.


we can’t wait to start this journey together.  


The journey analogy is interesting.


When I buy a train ticket not only do they let you on the train, they tell you where it’s going and what time it will be going there at….



The speed with which England is trying to get back to normal whilst still in the grip of a deadly virus is unnerving, and the desire for money to be made and spent is quite surreal.


Even though the streets are filling up with ambulances again, and numbers of new infections remain constant, everything is being played down so as to make people forget there’s still a chance that they will contract the virus and either die or suffer long term illness.



Scotland is doing it differently, and they seem to have got a semblance of control, but the large southerly neighbour hasn’t, and must not be allowed to dictate the pattern and speed of the recovery.


Celtic are asking people to pay for something that quite simply isn’t there yet, and whilst it remains the choice of the individual as to whether or not renewal is a viable option, for whatever reason, it’s quite disturbing that there’s an implied threat of losing your seat for a season that if it does go ahead could be among the most historic of all.


Celtic should be better than that, and leave the money grabbing to the southsiders.


they’ve recently introduced a points system, which presumably gets you little bonuses and prizes from the club, such as a t shirt or a seat on the board….






Terms and conditions apply…..which no doubt amount to something along the lines of “the club/company reserve the right to discontinue this promotion at any time, and no correspondence will be entered into.


Like this particular stunt, for instance….



Elsewhere, Serena Williams, one of the dominant tennis players of recent years, had this to say on the events of the last couple of weeks, which started when a US policeman knelt on someones neck for long enough to kill him….




Well said!


Clapped GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY



With Police Scotland stung by criticism over their handling of one protest march, they were determined to be a little heavier handed on a second one, which took place last weekend.


Fortunately for them, it was mostly left wing protesters with the added bonus of a few Celtic supporters thrown in, meaning that they could combine their work with their hobby and abuse and intimidate as many as they could get away with.


Police Scotland tweeted;


Police Scotland
CS Alan Murray, policing lead, #GeorgeSquare said: “We identified a group as football risk supporters, who we believed posed a threat to public safety. We spoke with this group and, at their request, escorted them to the Gallowgate area of the city where they dispersed.”



Now, with attention focused on them and July 12 approaching, one wonders if they’ll be equally vigorous in policing any unofficial protests that may take place…



Two days of early starts for me means we go back to Saturday for this one…






“Why have I to carry all this “?
‘Cos I’ve got the code for the game”   










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Thanks Ralph. Maybe Gavin Strachan is a good coach and will have things to bring to Celts if the players are willing to take it on. Our system isn’t broken so we shouldn’t be trying something new for next season. Unless it proves to be better of course. Can’t help thinking Ivan Toney may be involved in this but don’t see Celts becoming involved at anything between eight and fifteen million if you believe Barry Fry. They bought him for £400,000 and have already rejected a £4 million bid from New York Red Bulls. Maybe former Celt Steve Evans will… Read more »


If Craig Gordon can’t live off £4,000 then fuck off to another club who will give him more.
He’s been a great keeper for the club in the past, you know the club that gave him the chance to rebuild his career, name, reputation, bank balance & enabled him to go to IKEA and build a big medal cabinet.
Thanks for everything you did for Celtic….now fuck off!

That goes for any other player not happy!


From the tone of Gordon’s response particularly the use of ‘them’ it would appear that he is preparing for an ex-Celt media career. The quoted cut in wages is huge but he’s been well paid and allowed to rebuild his career at the club called ‘Celtic’so give us our name.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

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D'Finnhein Mick

RALPH Stunning comment from Serena. And 100% on the money. How boring it would be if we chose people who only agreeed with us to be in our company. None of us would ever learn anything! Imagine being with your pals in the pub. Did you read about.. Aye,totally agree. Oh,well what about… Aye,totally agree. Repeat ad infinitum. I’ve always had really good mates-we all have!-who disagree with all my beliefs. That will be a bunch of tory,hun,Muslim,Protestant,Hindu,CGAF their beliefs or mine right good guys and girls. That’s the point Serena is trying to make. That the vast majority of… Read more »


caption sevco colts help prepare the world class breakfast before studying thur wan and wans


If only you’d said, “….before preparing the account” that would have been a winner.


caption sevco colts help prepare the world class breakfast before preparing the accounts aint no puttin awe yer eggs n the wan basket grand heh heh


a zombie said tae me this mornin paul merson sais he wanted tae join the first rangurs and it had fuck all tae dae wae the EBTs charlie afore ye start makin aspertions heh heh aint huns dumb


Caption :

“So what’s the story about North Rhine-Westphalia state deciding to shut the slaughterhouses/Internet cafes”.


You’d think now was a good time to transform the media deals available, and transform season tickets. We’re not going to get less connected, people always ant to go to the games, but if there is technology to in some way televise every game then do it. Sell Season tickets, sell virtual season tickets. It’s also good for the other teams especially those that don’t want to many Celtic fans at their grounds, have millions there virtually. Celtic (and all clubs) can sell season tickets, and away tickets, they can also sell virtual season tickets for home games, and can… Read more »


I agree with most of this. What’s interesting to me is how they do it in the US. They don’t broadcast there game until the stadium is sold out. With the internet these days locations can be tracked accurately. Make the games pay per view, and only reduce the ppv pricess if the stadium is sold out.

Stevie D

My season ticket this year is £666 (the mark of Lawwell?) to watch the game on the telly getting the same picture as a guy whose season ticket costs half that amount. Can you explain to me how that’s right?


Spot on the club should make cheaper ST holders sit on top of their bookshelf.

Stevie D

My point was that you’re going end up with several differing prices for the exact same product until we’re allowed back in the stadium. It’s about what people are about to pay Greenmaestro? You’d be quite happy getting charged a fiver a pint and the guy standing at the bar next to you’s paying thirty Bob? It’s just no right. Lawwell’s holding me to ransom threatening to withhold access to the seat I’ve held for quarter of a century once this blows over.

Stevie D

Exactly! That’s my point CS


I mentioned a transformation, I wouldn’t expect anything to be the same.

Product pricing is a bit of an art though, and fairness doesn’t come into it, its about what people are willing to pay.


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Sevco twitter users prepare the Buffalo’s lunch, prior to defending the Ludge.

As usual mixed messages emanate from LAWELLS lair.
As usual sign up for your season ticket without details of the upcoming seasons plan.


Students in Ukrainian capital have a chicken Kiev theory and practice session.

Or just “chicken” as they call it in Kiev

Gary Ralston and the Daily Record Sports journalists at their day job grabbing their instructions from Ibrox at the break.


I see the bbc are saying Johny Hayes made a financial sacrifice to re-join Aberdeen. Their wages must be brutal to be less than Universal Credit. 😉


Caption – McDonalds staff are made to watch a company video, explaining the hygiene benefits of why youthful sexual exuberance should only be exercised with living members of the same species as themselves…

Caption: Da why are we doing this today cos yer 2 sisters have covid.OK Break time look at the beautiful pictures of angelsea on your monitor.


Ralph mate I am confused by your attitude to season ticket sales the team needs to sell tickets to survive let alone prosper we will all make our choices based on our individual financial situations if someone can’t afford to pay this year and someone else takes their seat what are celtic supposed to do about that?

Owen Mullions

The Alfredo Morales’diet regime revealed


Caption: The only birds Doom nerds get to spread.


Succulent chicken and world class technology over in Mordor


Caption: New trend as young men pull the heed off it and then go online.


Caption: Hello Gazza intervention line…he’s going to jump in?….We can have the fishing rod and chicken couriered to you in 4 hours.

Luke Warmwater

I have a bone to pick with these pheasant pluckers

Alan Ryan

Mate, for the porn we put our clothes on, ok ?

Stevie D

Just listening to Jermaine Defoe there on Clyde 20 minutes ago. Must be the most naive man in Western Europe. He seems to be genuinely hopeful there’s going to be an appetite among his team mates to genuflect before kick off in games this year in support of BLM. I think he even thinks it’ll go down well with the support. Poor misguided bastard’ll get lynched.


Think if Sevco feel this isn’t appropriate they should have the option of blessing themselves instead.


ipox kitchen. step 1 prepare chicken for presentation step 2 chicken prepared and presented step 3 feed the inbred klanbase

Stevie D

I was always puzzled by the thought of Boney M sitting down to plates of fried fish and Johnny cakes. Hope at least the Johnnies wurny used . . . .


Sevco hierarchy go to extreme measures to make sure eggs Benedict is most definitely off the menu.



“rangers” youth squad plucked from the conveyor belt of dead ducks.”


At the Staunch British Bake off.the onion Bears Sash Bash one out,


Mornin’ Still shielded, still here. Football stuff: Jonny Hayes should never have been let go. Is Boli able to sub for Taylor, is our American leftback Gutman up to scratch? Craig Gordon should be kept. Here’s our best 11:
Get Aaron Hickey and McKenna. Signing Forster essential, even if on loan.

Yogi Berra: “If the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be!”


sevconians,nows thy ideal situation for flexible approaching containers.
To obtain a third clumpany of tangerine,prune players to above the crown.

Last night,The Rangers' Managing Director, Stewart Robertson, scuppered Barisic
s under wraps family gnarly chicken tikka kebabs sevco shop.

Their crys still:
re trying to do us in.


Celtic`ll be a mature tonic shufti side to behold.

Change of keeper is a change of a side.

Boots off the hook Bhoys.


Close Bros. Ger gizzard giblet innards for gallinaceous half-time delights.

We are the Poultry.(add salt)


Compare and contrast the greed of Gordon and the happy to defer his wages of Jonny Hayes. I fail to see the logic of just allowing Jonny to leave Celtic on a free. Like it or not, players have a value. His attitude and efforts in what he brought to the Celtic team was second to none. There is still plenty of miles left in Jonny’s tank and judging by the amount of SPFL. teams vying for his talent, there was plenty of value left in him also. So, why did we not try to get a transfer fee from… Read more »


The “Spion-Kop” the origins of Liverpool’s famous stand. Built in 1906 to commemorate the fallen of the Royal Lancs Regiment during the Boer War, when they tried to take the hill (Spioenkop) when over 300 men died trying to take the hill from the Boers. Hail Jurgen Klop – King Of The Kop. “The Jungle”- rebuilt in 1966, corrugated iron roof and concrete, smelling of P!sh, horse dung and cigarettes. But filled with 10,000 of the most passionate, fanatical, Celtic support. Watching as the Lions strolled about the park, tough, talented our history makers, looking on as some magical players… Read more »


The natural nature of the players game is 11 within being simply basic – Matt Busby.

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