Celtic Diary Wednesday June 3: Planning for Next Season

That’s if there is one, in all honesty.

But plans still have to be made, and one of the biggest issues at the moment is the goalkeeping position.

Southampton don’t need Fraser forster, but with money in short supply, they will try to get as much as they can for him, and Celtic, conversely, will try to pay as little as they can, which , of course, includes wages.

Forster isn’t skint, and probably has four or five years of good money ahead of him, and may be tempted to take a lower basic with the promise of a testimonial to make up the shortfall, a tactic that has been used before to secure players.

Wages will be less of a problem than any fee demamded by Southampton, which may be where player swaps come in, but already it’s been leaked that there are other keepers on the list should the south coast side play hardball.


Then again, perhaps another twelve month loan would suit everyone….


Ben Foster, who needs a career kickstart, Claudio Bravo, who needs a jump start and Joe Hart, who would give us all a start have been mentioned, while Craig Gordon has probably decided to hang on a bit before signing anything elsewhere,


Frankly, none of the other options are inspiring, so lets hope its just paper talk and the big man, who has his faults, but they are few, decides he wants to stay in Glasgow.


Oddsone Edouard, the jewel in Celtic’s crown, may well have decided he wants to stay, but there will still be interest from down south and probably France.

To soften the blow, Celtic have been linked with Shon Weissman, ans Israeli forward who scored 29 goals in 30 appearances for Wolfsburg at home and in Europe , and he certainly would fit the bill, but it’s only last season he has really caught fire, and it would be a gamble.

However, as with the French contingent at Celtic, the Israeli group could turn out to be a decisive factor, and to be honest, if he’s available and affordable, Celtic should move for him anyway.


Speaking of the French contingent, France has been a happy hunting ground for Celtic of late, and Clermont Foot, which sounds more like a Labour MP, but is in fact a Ligue 2 club, have a chap who is likely to be the next big thing.


Adrian Grbic is going to be expensive, but reportedly he’ll be worth it. The forward has also attracted the interest of “rangers “, but as there will be a transfer fee and wages involved, they are more or less out of the running.


Caglar Soyuncu….at the moment he’s with Leicester, and the moment he isn’t, expect Brendan Rodgers to make his move for Kris Ajer.


£20m , the price mentioned, would come in quite handy this summer, as revenue streams continue to be unpredictable,


One idea is to have virtual season books, or have season books grant access to live streaming of matches, which could work, as long as it’s not done by club staff holding their phones up to the action.


Sky sports are apparently in talks with the SPFL to make this happen, which makes me think club staff holding up their phones isn’t such a bad idea after all.


League reconstruction is still on the table, but as Ann Budge was delegated to deal with it, there are no chairs around it to sit on, and so there is little progress.


Far and away the most sensible solution would be to plan for a 30 game season with the top flight extended to 16 teams and everything else regionalised to cut down costs.

But Sky need their four what they like to think of as old firm games, and so unless a way around that can be found, it won’t happen.

With a protective arm thrown around the Ibrox club by its friends in high places, their financial plight and any possible penalties will be ignored to keep the TV company happy, and so if anyone wants to register their disgust at that, cancel that sky sports deal, and tell them why.


It’s a mess. and sadly, the opportunity to sort it all out has been dismissed in favour of maintaining a club at Ibrox and a piss poor deal with a piss poor tv company that offers piss poor coverage.


Lets get the ten and then call it quits.




We need someone to show a determination to change things, someone with the perseverance of this guy, but obviously not this guy…




Leaders are a funny sort, some of them really shouldn’t be leaders at all, and sometimes it takes a message from god to outline that….





Some people just make bad decisions, largely due to not thinking things through, and loking at all possible outcomes. Based on that, i think I’ve found the next SFA boss….





Yesterday, we had this…






Caption: I was a test tube baby. Ach that’s nothing I was delivered by Amazon.  













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Ian Smith

So you think we should have taken a right back at the last junction?


Caption: ” Can someone let Charlie Saiz, know his Airfix model aeroplane is just waiting on the glue to dry”

Humpty Numpty

Air Force technician explains to new intake where the vanity mirror and indicators are.


you need to stay off the Glue!


….and your wife!


Oh mist rolling in from the sea, my desire 🙂


Caption: This week Nicola’s wanting a buzz cut. Which of you chaps is up for the mission?


Weissman plays for Wolfsberger AC in Austria.


Girls all thinking the same thing.
Just our luck, the only guy on the base is a gay h u n.


Claudio Bravo Tango, come in please… can you hear me, come in please.




Quite right, your a bigger tit than me…


Mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the biggest tit off all.
Give me an M
Give me an O
Give me an N
Give me an T
Give me an I
Give me a T.


No chance he’s in self isolation, out on parole, wearing his tag, under strict parole conditions. 😉





Caption : Hans is that your knee or your Koch says herr Flick on the left.


Caption: I do apologise ladies apparently “being authorised to Fokker” concerns the new training plane and not what happened last night.


Caption : Woman pilot on left – ‘Can you believe this fanny. We’re going up to defend The Motherland and he’s reading us the flight safety instructions’.


“A young Ruth Davidson before her first sortie with the Young Conservatives Lesbian Flying Club”

tony carlin

Right this is how we fly them, but do any of you know how to park the buggers?

Yoker Bhoy

I’ve seen a couple of videos of Weissman in action and he looks a handy traditional type of penalty box striker – very sharp, good awareness and technical ability, who also scores quite a few with his head. Sort of in the Laurence Shankland mould but a bit better all round – valued at around 3M, he might be worth a punt if we can offload Bayo.

Yoker Bhoy

Apart from anything else CS, I think he’s had too many injury issues. The big lad is maybe not that bad a player but my gut feeling tells me he doesn’t have the quality to make it at Celtic.

Yoker Bhoy

Fair points but under the current circumstances I expect quite a few other fringe players such as Shved and Bolingoli to be trimmed from the squad as well. Soro and Kimala were just in the door before the pandemic struck so will be given a bit more time.


Would you play Bayo before say….Griffiths? 🙂


He’s pish


The Rankers bring in the air brigade to stop the Broonie


Caption – The Krankies were once a popular vaudeville group, comprising 6 family members. After 5 of them were wiped out in the plane crash, which also killed Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper, wee Jimmy (left) was forced to carry on alone.


As an interesting aside? The word “Faaandabbydozeeeee” is an onomatopoeian representation of the sound of the planes tortured, screaming engine, as it plummeted to earth.


I’m sure I left the plane behind something I just can’t remember what…


Jeremy Kyle studios?


Of course I need to get one of the seats on the plane. None of you can read the map.

Caption: So we’ve came all this way and now we’ve got to isolate for 14 fuckin days ffs.


What a football loving country, big on hate but small of mind. As its reported that some members of the SPFL. board were living in fear because of the decisions they made to call a halt to the league. It explains the rushed out SFA. statement to “balance things up” with the decision to turn a blind eye to Hun cheating. It explains so much, like Maxwell’s low profile and the poison chalice that comes with the governance of Scottish football. They are not cut from the Turnbull Hutton cloth, the sole voice of dissent against the Huns. How we… Read more »



Part of the problem is the statutory make up of the boards of the SPFL and the SFA. There is no direct fan representation. Representation on both boards needs to be broadened to move with the times. Private sector boards tend to include consumer representation. What makes football different?



Post pandemic will see a scramble to attract fans back to the games. Part of the answer is greater fan involvement in the running of clubs. Other clubs have permitted fans to have a say on strip choice and the selection of opponents for friendlies etc. It is time for innovation.



Rebus, I agree with you about the make-up of both boards. I would like to see less of the teams represented, to remove self interest. My choices would be to add a Rabbi or an Iman, other professional sports people other than just football chairmen. Also to make them more accountable, to publish the minutes of the meetings and be subject to the FOI act. And to change the board persons timeline. There is much that could be done to improve accountability. Honesty-openess and accountability should be a given. At the moment we have Petrie as president, his time should… Read more »

Problem is Mike that,Turkeys on the whole, don’t have a history of voting for Christmas. So we’re stuck with them until a) we get action on Res12 and the SFA are caught with their breeks doon holding the proverbial smokin ceegar, or b)We bankrupt the SFA PLc forcing UEFA to disbar the Association. Clubs Then will have an opperchancity to start from scratch in the knowledge that if WE can do it once WE can do it again. Set the new Association up as a Trust or Community Business. No more of this Plc info is of Commercialy sensitive nature… Read more »


Misogynists R Us 🙁
With the honourable exception of whitearra! *Hat tip*

Not one quip or humorous comment about plane/ potential targets/ pilots bravery as would be the case for male pilots – disappointed!


Caption:” Jeremy Kyle will be finished in five mins, start her up “


Ha ha knew you’d come back with a stinger!


Well said. I blame the mothers. Sniff.

Fra Stone

Caption: we destroyed one fascist country, now lets finish the job


Right girls, whose first for a ride on my Fokke?

So Girls when you get up there your mission is to see if you can see the rangers coming.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Any men here to read this map?

With apologies to Christina

Bear(ette?) on the left looking at the camera.
” get a look at they gushing twats. It’s no dawned oan them that as the squadron’s Political Officer ah get first go at the eye candy. Thank F’ck fur that. Why else would I take on the poxy joab.”

H.H. Keep Safe.


No worries Jimboh your quip totally fine…and funny!
Hope you and good lady doing fine – stay safe!

This Isolation is not so “Splendid” for her.
Tough times ahead, more so if advice to compromised / chronically ill to remain isolated throughout the Summer period in anticipation of the inevitable second wave.
At least we can sit in the garden, 2 metres apart. Daughter bought us some Garden Gnomes from ASDA today. They’re Cracking! She must think we need the company.
all the best to you and yours. Keep safe.


a plan to fly over ipox tomorrow and sh÷te on the b%st%rds below below an sh÷te on the b%st%rds below


There now – see what you can do when you try boys! Knew my faith in you all would be vindicated with small slap to back of heids!!
Happy Christina 🙂


I like a slap 🙂


your a total cVnt

wiz that hard enough

The SNP interview for salmonds new secretary,grope proof vests included

Uibh fhaili

Even before she was on a plane Ethal was a flyer

Alan Ryan

“Ok, so the middle seat is out and ye have to wear a facemask. Have ye got that ? “


Talks with Sky over ‘virtual’ season tickets are needed because of contractual language (1) giving Sky exclusive broadcast rights in the UK/IRE, both traditional and digital, and (2) limitations on how many matches can be broadcast from each stadium. Both of these are easy enough to solve by rewriting the contract to remove that second restriction — what they may lose in ‘Old Firm’ derbies will be offset by being able to broadcast BOTH Celtic and Rangers games every week instead of broadcasting whoever happens to be away that week. That restriction was only ever in place to protect the… Read more »



A young Hans Dyson shows the girls his designs for his latest invention, code name washing machine.




Caption: Pam missiles in the sky


Treat the Celtic supporters as mugs at your peril. For most of them are the most forgiving of people. As their eyes get opened to what is happening in the corridors of power behind the scenes, then those that treat them as cash cows will get payback. Football clubs need supporters, thousands of them to not just survive but to thrive, this cash requirement means that there becomes a power shift to those that supply it. When corruption takes hold in any sport and the lies and cheating is exposed then it becomes much more difficult to keep a lid… Read more »

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