Celtic Diary Thursday May 21: The Real Fear

With the SFA deciding it would be prudent not to approach the Court of Arbitration for sport, largely because they would point out that the SFA are corrupt to a man, and that wouldn’t do when they are trying to cling on to their jobs, their clubs and what little influence they really have in the game.


Revelations that they were at it then, and are more than likely at it now, would result in a clearout at Hampden and with turkeys reluctant to vote for Christmas, they’ve concluded that Resolution 12 is nothing to do with them.


Now that they have made their stance perfectly clear, I’d like to make it clear that they have had more than enough rope, and it’s time to give them the instruction book on which knot would be the most effective when they realise that there’s only one thing left for them to do….


Watch this space.


Meanwhile, on a heated driveway far, far away, a man sits and ponders the possibility that next seasons football, and therefore next seasons season book revenue, might not be as easy to come by as it has in previous years.


Celtic have behaved impeccably during the current health crisis, with around half a million pounds donated to thiose who needed it, and if you add in the contribution made by new rivals “rangers “, that comes to nearly half a million pounds and two bottle of handwash.


Not to be sniffed at.


But the money going out of the business is far greater than the money coming in. Even the lucrative kit deal with adidas is on hold, and the reason it’s on hold is that in no way can replica football kits be made at this point, let alone sold.

The club have nobly decided to offer refunds to season book holders from last year , around £98 , and there is the option that they can leave it with the club to be used towards further helping those who need it.




As usual, someone at the club should have perhaps read the missive before sending it out, as it comes across as a little insensitive to those who might be in a worse predicament than Celtic.


There’s a form to fill in and send off for those who themselves need the extra cash, which amounts to maybe a weeks shopping or a couple of months phone bill, and those who decide to take the offer up cannot be criticised.


The world is changing, and although the government in Westminster reckons we can all safely go back to work as long as we keep a couple of metres away from each other, the reality is that they haven’t said anything sensible since the first cough was heard in china, and they’re not likely to start doing so now.


Personally, I’m changing nothing about my behaviour since this thing started, and would suggest it would be wise for everyone else to do the same.


At least then when I won’t be the only person in the bank wearing a mask, which for some reason yesterday caused the staff to fling their arms in the air and start screaming.


What will be going through the mind of the man on the driveway just now is that with a new season ahead, there are still doubts that there will be any supporters allowed to watch the games, and if that remains the case, he won’t be able to sell any tickets, and that means a massive shortfall in revenue.


What also needs to be considered is that season book money sitting in supporters accounts may well end up being used for other things, especially as the economy is shrinking and we are entering a recession that may well even turn into a depression.


Uncertain times, and when things are uncertain, people sit on their money in case the days get increasingly rainy, and many will decide to give it a miss this year, as football is not cheap and it’s not just about tickets.


There’s travel, beer and other add ons that might just put it beyond the reach of many supporters for a while, and that will be causing concern to the board.


Which makes the inactivity over Resolution 12 even more baffling…surely Lawwell doesn’t need another reason for fans to decide to spend their money elsewhere next season ?


The ball is in his court, and supporters are watching, and what they see…or don’t see…may well be the decisive factor in whether or not they renew their seats for an as yet uncertain 20/21 season.



Mind you, if Celtic can be criticised for their own financial planning, then one particular club positively needs a slap for theirs….





Creative and intelligent in this context means playing to the gallery, and when that gallery demands bigotry, they get bigotry.


You’ll never see them deny it, and their attempts to “combat ” the inherent  sectarianism-a new word invented to water down racism- have been laughable at best.


Maybe they should consider this, from the CEO of Schalke, who has rebutted claims that Adolf Hitler, the Nazi war leader, was a fan of his club…




Elsewhere, and in a glimpse of whats to come when migrant workers are no longer allowed freedom of movement when Britain finally leaves the EU, there is no one around to pick the fruit and veg that farmers have wrked so hard to get ready.


This will lead to food shortages and more financial disaster than is being admitted, and apparently its worse in Ireland, where the British Army have been taking up the slack…





Tittle tattle ? Okay…


You may well be seeing a bit more of this guy at Celtic in the near future, now that Damien Duff is away….







We go back to Monday for this image….







last sevco supporter decides to join club and go swimming with the fishes











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por cierto

After years and years, they’ve fixed the uphill and downhill pitch at Easter Road.

Rob O'Keeffe

R.I.P. Volunteer Raymond McCreesh.
R.I.P.Volunteer Patsy O’Hara.

Desmond and The Dekkers

Caption: Anne Budge’s level playing field for Scottish football proposal fails to win any backers


Looks like. The Rangers have a new level playing field!


Looks like, The Rangers have a new level playing field!

Rob O'Keeffe

Do you want one man to go to war with the SFA over the sideshow of Res 12? This same man,who has been CEO of Celtic Plc during their most trophy laden years,is a millionaire.Good luck to him.Digs about driveways (no pun etc) are pathetic.What kind of lifestyle do you expect him to lead? Compare his professionalism with the behaviour and lifestyle of many of the overpaid players in English football.Why turn on our own,a right good Tim? The fight against corruption in Scottish football over the decades is for all clubs to pursue,not one supporter who got lucky and… Read more »


Caption: SFA regrets asking Sevco to hide Res 12 and 5 way agreement.

Caption:At half time, the manager realised it was a mistake putting Kris Boyd out on the wing

Mark Gillespie

Mon eh Slopes 11

sfa unfit for purpose

Mr Lawell made it quite clear at the Celtic AGM last year what he thinks of Resolution 12. That’s why He advised his fellow shareholders to vote Down the resolution , which they duly did. Any action by him now will be purely superficial. He may play to the gallery a bit but there will be no substance. The smoking gun he Asked for , and was provided with has long since been decommissioned. Money and the bottom line are all he is interested in. Not to be confused with whats best for Celtic and its support. £3.5 Mil a… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

FFS Ralph , about 300 words just disappeared. Is Lawell doing the moderating???


Caption – More-los starts in his new position of winger on the near side touchline.


Caption: The Schalke 04 stadium 1940 and super-fan Hitler demands the pitch is redesigned to match the angle of his scrotum.


Peter Lawell concerned that the secret tunnels under Celtic Park to the Vatican and Glasgow council chambers may be causing subsidence.


The pitch looks fine to me said Dave King


One of the more amazing Sportsound discussions involved Michael Stewart heavily criticise the orange top and its connotations only for Derek Ferguson to reply that this was the first time he’d ever heard that the colour was related to the Orange Order, it was all about the’Dutch connection.’ I’ve experienced this kind of approach before and I believe it to be linked with some sort of weird masonic code of conduct. Either way Ferguson does’anti-bigotry’ work in schools but with that view perhaps he’s better qualified to teach the kids Mandarin.


“However the Ibrox legal team successfully argued that the case would need to be dealt with by the CAS.” A reference to the 5 Way Agreement. “After more than TWO years (but nearer three) of deliberations, the SFA. board (led by Maxwell but containing Petrie, the chairman of the 2011-12 licencing committee and the current President of the SFA.) the board came to the conclusion that the six figure cost of pursuing the case would only result in a fine of £5-10,000) and a *suspension of membership* which was considered to be highly unlikely. *Suspension of membership* No more Sevco.… Read more »


The 5Way Agreement, also recognises and gives sustenance to them retaining their tainted EBT. titles and trophies. If that is not worth fighting for, then what is?
#Strip The Tainted EBT. Titles and Trophies!


Caption : ‘I mean it. I’m no taking the f***ing corners again!’

D'Finnhein Mick


Jeremy Clarkson declines to comment.

D'Finnhein Mick


Great article,as ever. The SFA,PL and Doncaster-he is on the relevant SFA committee-may think that they have played a blinder here,good day to bury bad news,etc.

I don’t think so. I suggest that their decision,and how it has been reached in the face of proof of malfeasance/criminality is likely to be their death knell.

They can no longer deny any knowledge of events. They were presented with the evidence. Their decision to bin it will condemn them as a result. As you say,watch this space.

Caption: God left me a fuckin chair. Nothin to fo with the picture but the best thing I’ve heard in lockdown.
RIP brave Patsy and Ray.


Caption; ‘Today’s game has been called off, as a mark of respect for linesman Douglas Ross.
His last words; “Red. Red. Red. Aaayaaagh!” *SPLAT*, shall linger long in our memories.’


A view of reality after flats built at Albion Street Car Park.


Yon Covid thingy husny hauf tilted the landscape.
How long de ye think we’ll have to wait for the SFA to step in to ensure a level playing field?


it was an uphill battle but we came through in the end.

Caption: Upheaval at Hampden

The Covid-19 crisis has finally sent Scottish Football over the edge.

Please don’t use words ‘like’ Grand Master

Who’d Ah Thunk It……..

Belfast Celtic Society

For those who might have an interest in the history of Belfast Celtic , there are a series of talks given on the Belfast Celtic Society’s Facebook platform. Next one is tomorrow evening at 8.30 pm. Perhaps an opportunity to assist in a crowdfunding effort to raise £1000 to help with running costs for the Museum etc.
If You visit Belfast and have the time, the museum is well worth a visit.

Many thanks from

Weered And his brother

Hail Hail

Brilliant cause m8 I will donate tomorrow. Read the book my Uncle Eamon gave me many years ago and what a team they were defeating Scotland of course in the USA.
Tragic end to a wonderful club but a club full of principles that only some of our board can dream off.
Celtic should donate to this.

Jimmybee.. My brother is part of the society and helps at the museum along with Charlie Tully Jnr.
Some of the artefacts are jaw dropping. Some of his personal collection is amazing. The other day he got one of the rare 1949 USA tour badges

Maybe Ralph will allow you to post up the fund me page on here to help?

Re Season Ticket renewals – you seem to have a mashup with the Partick Thistle scheme!

This tweet from Celtic Research explains the Celtic one:


Caption:The picture is of course a camera trick. I’m on the plane coming into land Aggggghhhhhhhh

Friday night sorted
Belfast Celtic 8.30pm thanks weered
BT are also.planning an hour long special on our 9 in a row
Scheduled Friday 9.45pm BT sport 1 but maybe subject to change.
Friday sorted if it is.

BT have announced its saturday night for the 9 in a row special at 9.45 pm.
Must watch this on @btsportfootball 2145 Saturday night Brilliant insight, honest and upfront from the 9 boss Neil Lennon, the 9 captain @ScottBrown8 , the brilliant @MDembele_10 on his time at Celtic and Mikael Lustig⚽️


Season 2021-2022 The history year see’s Celtic winning a record breaking TEN IAR. But who’s left to see it as Covid-19 takes its toll and social distancing’s effect means that crowds are limited. Celtic you would think would stroll it, there only opposition being the 5 Way Agreement team from Govan supported by the team from Hampden. The game kicks off and the 5 Way team playing in their customary royal blue. It adopts the Atletico Madrid style of football, kicking lumps out of the Celtic players. The referee playing his customary Nelson eye role see’s nothing, resulting in a… Read more »


Day dreaming: 3-5-2
2nd 11:


Was at that infamous athletico game as a snotty nosed kid. Brutal stuff, for all their flair the Spanish were fucking animals, the Uruguayan contingent were anyway. Cheated out of another final by a bloodthirsty ref.

C S …I hope it’s nothing trivial


0800 543 6651
Call now for your replica WWII medals.

Be the best!


The Herald three hours ago:

REFEREE John Beaton has opened up on the vile death threats and online abuse he received following a Celtic vs Rangers clash in 2018.

Except that he doesn’t!

“Comments are closed on this article” accordingly to the site.

One wonders why.


But John,you could run to live another day. The rest were steaming.


Beaton,Lennon wore slacks.


John Beaton,youre to.There you go.

A ball to control not fetched.Not unless youre a useless keeper.

John Beaton,frontline fable SFA donee.

Toot toot the Tic.


Ahh…the power hungry bastards.
Establish them to a bladder.

John Beaton made it.That`s all you need to know.


Isn`t John Beaton the issue Referee for sustaining treatment?


Itll all be where The sevco FC are to be seated on their journey.
s the fairground attraction,traction.

Thisll be an up-front ticket for Everyone Anyone!

20/21 season:
An unmanned aerial vehicle Sunday by Christmas. XIAR.

In the name of the wee man,its Uncle Tom Cobley level,levels. 🙂

Well see if wee James Forrest is still fit when subbed on in the pre-season second half.

sevco anfiteatro enwreathe FC.(dont change)


For the Future of Scottish Football:

SFA and sevco FC are to launch a commemorative vermeil spoon.

We are the Plated.


Ding-dong,no surrender.

We are the Peal.


Bitumax the 5000. Jesus did.


Still file an answer?
Here we go 147 years parties to.


Just watching the 97-98 Celtic V ‘rangers’ game at a Celtic park under construction. Weird viewing quite a good game. For all the hatred of the man Burley is playing a blinder so is lambert. Interesting times some tackles flying in that would be reds nowadays. Brattback missing easy chances Larsson is a little bit anonymous so far 30 minutes in. Laudrup in a good battle with Annoni. Wims hair, it’s all coming back now good second half in store from memory.

Stevie gs idea of a level playing field blue print released


Captions been done already sorry Dermott.

We’ll take the wind in the first half


*Rangers, the Monopoly Champions. The winner takes it all, The losers standing small. Sung by the Clangers. How to always win at Monopoly. Make up your own rules- refuse to play by the house rules. Select your banker- The SFA. Always use a loaded dice- to beat Res.12. Supplement your players by paying them EBTs. offshore. Collect your cash from the SPFL. and gullibles. Refuse to pay any fines. Collect all “get out of jail cards”.(The 5Way Agreement) Always play dirty. Money = Power- use dirty money. Collect the Deeds- if you can find them. Utilise your place men SFA.-SPFL-BBC-ITV.… Read more »


His new firm, Murray Capital, then bought the plots for £13.9million from Murray International Holdings (MIH). It later folded, owing money to Lloyds Banking Group.

“Sir David Murray’s former firm, Murray International Holdings, had a track record of controversial business dealings.

“We only need to look at its stewardship of one of Scotland’s largest liquidated football teams to see that.”

Injected beams of particles.

Discourse temple.

That`s thy indication unit.



SDM mops the discuss.Cross to reach.


Or was it Argentinian. Think it was. Some of the players were from the world club championship game. Think it was the same manager as well


Missive has an app Ian!

Chunk change for the protected.

All egotistical players together are a boring game from the semis till the final.

It could cost your life for kicking a ball for yourself.

The shortll always cheat.


That was a follow up to a previous comment. Right Pratt now, nothing’s changed. Askismet you win again


Lawwell numismatics. Wax your mo Ian. 🙂


Is it true that Dermot uses Cuban wax?
Indefinable man,but hes incapable of a natural left footer.

Bucket list; To sit and maybe fish with Dermot Desmond.Ill shout.


Maroon and white wooden spoons personally delivered and staked to their front gardens to behold.

Could be anyone!


Gorgie nightmare Anne won’t budge. Jim Jeffries clutching his chest again hope he’s alright


Styles are very similar to dance.
The prose table position and agreed radio station.



God never bothered for Hearts to sit,Ian.

Merkinch with the Laird north,that`s a separate compound.


Texta on the toilet door.
To you you umbrellas,sevco`re with me.

Free in an office,this is for me.Then?


Thick of knuckle lotion.
Next season will be a new breaker for a new start.

All 12-14 in for 1IAR.

No data found.


Their entire at our discretion is particularly telling.

Carn the perceived…Cumdog to Manage before Ferguson MBE.

At least to another three years and the Tonll repeat.

Going for whats seen.

Rangers 8-9 minutes were robbed outdoors.


Do they lick their own?

“Oh my days!” A Scooter costs around the same as shipping. The World is like round the corner. There was free shipping worldwide once a month when the Derry Pele played.


sevco something FC.

You mad about ETims or just plain mad? Why not buy the t-shirt at http://etims.spreadshirt.co.uk/