Celtic Diary Wednesday May 20: While You Were Looking Elsewhere

Celtic Diary Wednesday May 20: While You Were Looking Elsewhere

They do talk, in the media, of those who find a good day to bury bad news.


It seems the SFA have been listening….





The implications of such a referral are not outlined, only mentioned, and one can only guess at what they would be, but can be assured they wouldn’t be good for the SFA.


The SFA now considers the matter closed, but journalists throughout Scotland will be salivating at the thought of attacking one governing body in the way they attacked the other.


Although the venom directed at the SPFL was based on wild allegations that weren’t backed up with any evidence, for the disappointed hacks this must be a dream come true.


All the evidence is out there, and has been collated into an easy to access and easy to read website, with timelines, events and allegations all backed with facts, dates and everything a good investigative journalist could ever want.


evidence of corruption


All they need to do is click on the link, or google Res 12.


Couldn’t be simpler…there’s days of copy there, and hundreds of questions they can ask and at the end of it, they could be instrumental in bringing about real change in Scottish football for the good of the game.


Look out…here they come….


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I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist the challenge.


Reaction to the news from the mainstream media was swift…Tom englsih, who led the crusade against the SPFL stormed into action…



Tom English
Ah right. So you want an independent inquiry into football’s governance now? I see  
 Er, about seven years ago, Tom, and you are fully aware of this, but no matter, better late than never.
 Others, such as Stephen McGowan of the Mail, simply stated the facts…
SFA rule Rangers being awarded a Euro licence in 2011/12. ‘Following consideration of the implications …. including legal opinion, it was the board’s unanimous position that this matter should not be referred to CAS. The SFA now considers the matter closed.’    
 No questions about what those implications of a referral might be…not yet , anyway.
Chris McLaughlin of the BBC….
Chris McLaughlin
Scottish FA drops charges against #Rangers over alleged irregularities in gaining a euro license in season 2011/2012   
 Again, just the facts, and when we consider that they didn;t bother with the facts when it was the SPFL who were the target of allegations, largely because there weren;t any, then perhaps its the hacks themselves who need to give answers.
 Again, it’s quite clear that for whatever reason, they don;t want to touch this story. Indeed, a cynic might think that the enthusiasm they took up the anti SPFL accusations-which is all they were- was kind of an unleashing of pent up anger that they weren’t allowed to follow up on the Resoultion 12 issue.
 Maybe that is the case.
 Maybe it’s a taboo subject in editorial offices, but surely the journalistic instinct should take over ?
 there is a story there, and it does have plenty of evidence to back it up.
 Why won’t they touch it ?
 Some time ago, discussions to involve a wider network of reporters and legal people was discussed, and it was decided to shelve them for now.
 It’s time to re-open those discussions.
 The local yokels ain’t interested in this one, so it’s time to bring in the marshall.
And make no mistake, the marshall has form for changing the way football is run as a business.
 Of course, it would be easy to suggest that the SFA threw this statement out in the hope that it would go largely unnoticed in the general euphoria over nine in a row, but I’m guessing I’m not alone in saying that if the gane tslef is tainted, then nine in a row means fuck all.
 sure, it’s a measure of how cheats never prosper, but why should we continue to pay for this nonsense ?
 The SFA are giving the impression of spite here.
Their team lost its battle against the SPFL, which the SFA would have been delighted to see them win, and perhaps more significantly, the three remaining games in the Scottish cup, the big earners for the associaiton, have been cancelled, and may not even be played this year.
How would they feel if there were no green pounds in the till ?
 So why not swing a punch at those they see have caused this ?
 Throughout the allegations hurled at the SPFL, the SFA stayed silent, clearly hoping for a reduction in the powers of the senior clubs, and when it all fell apart, they now decide to hit out in a fit of petulance at those they see as responsible, and at the same time can enhance the feeling of “rangers ” fans that they were the vcitms of Fenian Politics, especially now as they are feling rather vulnerable after the declaration of the title.
 What we need to clarify here is that the SFA and the SPFL are two entirely separate entities who have very little time for each other.
 The SPFL did not rule that there was no need to send the evidence to CAS, that was the SFA, who bizarrely claimed they had no jursidiction over their own charges relating to breaches of regulations.
 The SFA are acting out of spite, and if Lawwell truly has the best interests of Celtic supporters and shareholders at heart, he now needs to act.
 Accusations of his own complicity in the events of 2011 won’t go away until he takes up the fight.
 He asked for a smoking gun, he was given it.
It’s still there.
All he has to do is pick it up and use it.