Celtic Diary Wednesday May 20: While You Were Looking Elsewhere

They do talk, in the media, of those who find a good day to bury bad news.


It seems the SFA have been listening….





The implications of such a referral are not outlined, only mentioned, and one can only guess at what they would be, but can be assured they wouldn’t be good for the SFA.


The SFA now considers the matter closed, but journalists throughout Scotland will be salivating at the thought of attacking one governing body in the way they attacked the other.


Although the venom directed at the SPFL was based on wild allegations that weren’t backed up with any evidence, for the disappointed hacks this must be a dream come true.


All the evidence is out there, and has been collated into an easy to access and easy to read website, with timelines, events and allegations all backed with facts, dates and everything a good investigative journalist could ever want.


evidence of corruption


All they need to do is click on the link, or google Res 12.


Couldn’t be simpler…there’s days of copy there, and hundreds of questions they can ask and at the end of it, they could be instrumental in bringing about real change in Scottish football for the good of the game.


Look out…here they come….


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I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist the challenge.


Reaction to the news from the mainstream media was swift…Tom englsih, who led the crusade against the SPFL stormed into action…



Tom English
Ah right. So you want an independent inquiry into football’s governance now? I see  
 Er, about seven years ago, Tom, and you are fully aware of this, but no matter, better late than never.
 Others, such as Stephen McGowan of the Mail, simply stated the facts…
SFA rule Rangers being awarded a Euro licence in 2011/12. ‘Following consideration of the implications …. including legal opinion, it was the board’s unanimous position that this matter should not be referred to CAS. The SFA now considers the matter closed.’    
 No questions about what those implications of a referral might be…not yet , anyway.
Chris McLaughlin of the BBC….
Chris McLaughlin
Scottish FA drops charges against #Rangers over alleged irregularities in gaining a euro license in season 2011/2012   
 Again, just the facts, and when we consider that they didn;t bother with the facts when it was the SPFL who were the target of allegations, largely because there weren;t any, then perhaps its the hacks themselves who need to give answers.
 Again, it’s quite clear that for whatever reason, they don;t want to touch this story. Indeed, a cynic might think that the enthusiasm they took up the anti SPFL accusations-which is all they were- was kind of an unleashing of pent up anger that they weren’t allowed to follow up on the Resoultion 12 issue.
 Maybe that is the case.
 Maybe it’s a taboo subject in editorial offices, but surely the journalistic instinct should take over ?
 there is a story there, and it does have plenty of evidence to back it up.
 Why won’t they touch it ?
 Some time ago, discussions to involve a wider network of reporters and legal people was discussed, and it was decided to shelve them for now.
 It’s time to re-open those discussions.
 The local yokels ain’t interested in this one, so it’s time to bring in the marshall.
And make no mistake, the marshall has form for changing the way football is run as a business.
 Of course, it would be easy to suggest that the SFA threw this statement out in the hope that it would go largely unnoticed in the general euphoria over nine in a row, but I’m guessing I’m not alone in saying that if the gane tslef is tainted, then nine in a row means fuck all.
 sure, it’s a measure of how cheats never prosper, but why should we continue to pay for this nonsense ?
 The SFA are giving the impression of spite here.
Their team lost its battle against the SPFL, which the SFA would have been delighted to see them win, and perhaps more significantly, the three remaining games in the Scottish cup, the big earners for the associaiton, have been cancelled, and may not even be played this year.
How would they feel if there were no green pounds in the till ?
 So why not swing a punch at those they see have caused this ?
 Throughout the allegations hurled at the SPFL, the SFA stayed silent, clearly hoping for a reduction in the powers of the senior clubs, and when it all fell apart, they now decide to hit out in a fit of petulance at those they see as responsible, and at the same time can enhance the feeling of “rangers ” fans that they were the vcitms of Fenian Politics, especially now as they are feling rather vulnerable after the declaration of the title.
 What we need to clarify here is that the SFA and the SPFL are two entirely separate entities who have very little time for each other.
 The SPFL did not rule that there was no need to send the evidence to CAS, that was the SFA, who bizarrely claimed they had no jursidiction over their own charges relating to breaches of regulations.
 The SFA are acting out of spite, and if Lawwell truly has the best interests of Celtic supporters and shareholders at heart, he now needs to act.
 Accusations of his own complicity in the events of 2011 won’t go away until he takes up the fight.
 He asked for a smoking gun, he was given it.
It’s still there.
All he has to do is pick it up and use it.
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The SFA.- SPFL.- Scottish press, Celtic and every single football club in Scotland: “Veritas vos Liberabit” “The truth ^^^ shall set you free”. The truth matters, honesty matters, it is the benchmark of every civilised society. Be open, be honest and set yourself free.


We thought that Regan was the problem, now Maxwell sits in his chair, no change there. Doncaster voted for this resolution to not go to CAS. No change there, Mr. Move-on. Murdoch McClellan Chair of the SPFL. board, another mover on-er. No change there either despite his close connection to Desmond. But what really sticks in my craw is Lawwell and the boards complicity, anything goes with the red, white and blue bigot pound. The Celtic board’s refusing to take Res.12 forward and Lawwell was involved in the 5 Way Agreement that assists the Huns to the going for 55… Read more »

Man in Denial

Res 12 is a matter of Scottish national integrity. Yet, the Scottish Government sits on its arse and allows corruption to fester. But, they want overseas investment to create wealth and jobs etc ? Clue -very few international investors want to invest in a country where Company Law is ignored (ie the continuation lie re Sevco) where the press is controlled and impotent, the national broadcaster is an absolute disgrace, acting as a patsy and corruption is ok if it favours the establishment. This is not over. However, next steps inevitably have to be against the plc board. They will… Read more »

Whats it got to do with the Scottish Government?..is football administration devolved?…have you raised this to your MSP or your MP?

You contacted the Prosecutor Fiscal and asked if ticking a UEFA form is worth pursuing?

Man in Denial

Whats it got to do with the Scottish Government? 1. The Scottish Government has a Minister for Sport. I guess he would want to be reassured that the governing body is acting fairly, openly and transparently. My expectations however are low. 2.have you raised this to your MSP or your MP? No I live in England. Though I have no confidence in any ilk of politician. (this is not an SNP thing -I’m indifferent to them all). In England the whole Sevco The Rangers* thing simply could not have happened. 3 You contacted the Prosecutor Fiscal and asked if ticking… Read more »

Salad queen

I wrote to my mp who happens to be douglas red card fucking ross.
He replied saying he could do nothing and wished me all the best to continue watching Scottish football.
As we all know, move along Timmy.

Err, companies simply want to make money and if that comes with corruption, complicit media then that’s no barrier to investment.

Agree that Celtic fans need to look at our own board’s inaction. If we can’t get them to do anything then trying to get wider consensus is fatally flawed.


Years of enjoying the diary but never felt moved to make a point before… The SFA ruling reminded me straight away of another famous ruling and it seems worth pointing it out (others may have already done so…). The ruling was that of Lord Denning who was presiding over a move to overturn the conviction of the Birmingham Six for the IRA pub bombings. When counsel tried to persuade him that the police had fabricated evidence and extorted confessions, he stated: “Just consider the course of events if their action were to proceed to trial… If the six men failed… Read more »


Good post, don’t be a stranger now.


Spot on. Nail on Head. 120 out of 100. If anything because the appallingness is in every bit of detail it is worse than appalling. However what is emerging is a need for supporters to become more like those in Germany and demand a say in the affairs of their clubs and so a voice that the SFA/SPFL must heed. Banners and tifos are superb but supporters must unite and particularly Celtic supporters. The CSA and CST cannot stand on the sidelines on this issue, it is no longer about a UEFA Licence and fraud, it is about what Celtic… Read more »


Auldheid I’d like your opinion on this question. If the Huns had won the league this year and claimed it as their 55th title, how do you think the Celtic Board would have reacted? 55th title or 1st?


They would have said nothing.




Lawwell is a big part of the problem, sure he’s done some great work, but he wants a “rangers” in there, any kind of a “rangers”, just like a sizeable part of our support he is an “old firm” supporter (for Lawwell it’s financial). Like it or not this is how it is, jeez man, if you walked around, before and after a game and asked your fellow fans about res 12, you would be shocked at how little most of them know about it, yeh they’ve heard about it, but they can’t be arsed to delve into it, they… Read more »


“Some time ago, discussions to involve a wider network of reporters and legal people was discussed, and it was decided to shelve them for now.” By whom? Details please and where and how that would operate. “And make no mistake, the marshall has form for changing the way football is run as a business.” Details please. And crucially, there is no appetite within the boardroom at Celtic Park. That’s the real kicker. Despite his suggestions to the contrary, it seems the 5 way agreement reached PL’s inbox. Contrast his laissez-faire approach with that of the bunnet and that tells you… Read more »


Brushed over.

Though there is manipulation and misrepresentation…

noun: silence; plural noun: silences.

Id est,there`s complete absence of sick note,Tom English.


well said charlie,do the spfl think we are stupid give us the title and then say res 12 enq is over hoping we would all be still celebrating the 9 fuck them.


Scottish football is rotten to the core run by gutless cowards whose only interest is bleeding the game dry for there own interests, ive said many times before they should be put in front of criminal courts for there crimes, if lawwell and the board don’t put celtic first instead of there own interests and take this further they are admitting there own guilt and showing they were part of the scam and the crimes but I think every sensible celtic supporter knows this.


Celtic in my opinion need a new board, different people & a CEO who doesn’t take £3m per year out the club, whilst allowing us to be cheated.

George Lazenbhoy

Excuse my naivety on this subject but it kind of sounds like SFA have kicked this down the road long enough so the bulk got bored, it was forgotten about some and the remainder could be muffled. This was their plan all along and all they need was a day to bury it.

The SFA.. where the same people who ratified the original cover-up are still in place. Secretaries in blazers and brogues.

This is same old same old. You cannot bring down The SFA or even Rangers ( i know i know)… but you can bring down a Jim Farry, you can get a Hugh Dallas or Gordon Smith bumped.. thats the only game where we can win.. turn them on each other until they squeeze..

As for expecting anything from Lawwell, save your breath

We “got” Farry and Dallas (& “Dougie, Dougie!”) but can’t remember how we were instrumental in getting rid of Smith.




Who would`ve thought?
A disease clears a susceptible disease.

SFA free from doubt?

Level 5 plant

I am more branded off with Lawwell than I am the sfa. I expected no more from them but someone who is supposed to be our leader, well I think he is a disgrace for not standing up for Celtic.


With the timing involved, this smells of some kind of 4 or 5 way deal. Celtic get the nine, the charges are dropped quid pro quo. SFA drop the investigation and SPFL loo the other way.

Lets look at the facts. One thing is for sure – the SFA never did have any intentions of sending anything to the CAS. The fact that they purposefully and cynically waited until Celtic had been crowned Nine-in-a-Row Champions was done to lessen the impact of the decision. It is chrystal clear that the SFA are up to their necks in corruption to award Rangers a licence when they should not have been – and their actions yesterday endorse that fact. It looks very likely that Celtic have been a party to this corruption otherwise hell should have been raised.… Read more »


Its the dysfunctional SFA,SPFL and the CEOs of all clubs architectural features year after year.

Remind them that it`s the supporters pitch.

Chandelier stewardship.

Celtic supporters are just as guilty as our board or the SFA. I haven’t gone to Hampden for many years now missing out on the cup wins means nothing to me. When you pay for your semi final and final ticket you are as guilty as the SFA.You are supporting the very organisation you wish to take down. I said it before we played Sevco and lost out on pens. What a story if no Celtic supporter took a ticket but stood outside as the world media flocked to hampden.Where would the story be now. Stop going to hampden ffs… Read more »

Exactly Charlie
Everybody wants someone else to take action,we have the power within us to take the first step. Simply dont buy a ticket.

The SFA are at the apex of Scottish Football and the SPFL operate under their auspices.

I can’t see how boycotting the Scottish Cup without doing the same with the other competitions is consistent.

Either way, the vast majority of Celtic fans aren’t up for that, so a more realistic strategy needs to be devised.


I didn’t think you were capable of such a shite post.
You are talking shite m8.

Thanks so much now move along and get your ticket for hampden theres a good chap 🙂


You are most welcome 🙂


I think this is counter productive especially if you went to any game in any competition as they are all run by the SFA in the end. If you ever bought a ticket to see Celtic at Ibrox then are you propping up Rangers? Majority of supporters have shown this way is unpalatable. Lawell and Desmond have to take this on.


Ah but the SFA are as the initials say Shower of Fxxcing Arsxxoles, run by the blazers that are interested in the wellbeing of one club. As for our journos nothing can be said against the mighty Sevco, a team that only survived due to the SFA. Lawwell for the good of Celtic ask for them to expand on their statement that does not make logic, but Infoubt if there is any interest in pursuing this .

I can’t remember if Celtic were the “complainers” in this action.

If so, then the club should receive full details but I doubt if this will be divulged to us.

Maybe Peter Lawwell does speak for the vast majority of Celtic Fans . Celtic fans are so used to watching Rangers cheating their way from title to title & listening to their fathers say it was always the same . So bad was this that many Celtic fans regard Rangers cheating to be the status quo . This could be the views of tens of thousands Celtic supporters who don’t participate in social media . It took the people of the North of Ireland decades from the Civil Rights Marches to actually join in the struggle & vote Sinn Fein… Read more »


Dear Charlotte,won’t you come out to play?


The off the cuff Roderick Keith Ogilvy “Rory” Bremner dig.

Peter was derided by Campbell on air.
That was the beginning of the end to it all.


Just the messenger.
Celtic`re to sign Andy Halliday.

Rob O'Keeffe

We are missing the main subject.It’s simply not about Res 12,that is a side issue.The most important matter is the financial doping which began in the ’80s and still continues by a club/team operating out of Liebrox.I don’t give a damn about one licence given for one effort at Euro qualifiers,I want All Titles and Cups stripped that have been awarded to cheats.As for a f.ckin 5WA? That means absolutely nothing,everybody knows that the SoosideSectarians are a new club/company and think they have secured a basket of assets which lets them think they are going for a 55th title.Any person… Read more »


Res12 was given to Lawwell as leverage for change to make the SFA more professional.

The failing is his alone.

It wasn’t and isn’t a side issue it was and still is a means to that reform end because with every SFA Decision Res12 highlights just how much reform is needed.

The numbers understanding that grow because they have evidence that would persuade them if they look.

It shows up the total hypocrisy of the media even Celtic minded ones some who have had personal briefings and shy away.

Every time they resist, Res12 persists of itself.


Quite correct!


Well you fucking should give a damm, simply, if the huns had qualified & no fucked it up,there would have been no death of original rangers.
Think about that.


The majority of the Celtic support have been to busy celebrating trebles to really care . When you point out that the game we payed into was bent for a decade ( at least) it often gets agreement and some condemnation but not anger . Anger is reserved for uninspiring transfer windows, poor tactical decisions or supposedly impartial referees. While Celtic are winning, the fans want tickets for Hampden not a boycott. Lawwell had no appetite for a scrap with the SFA . Does he know the landscape better than the fans like us with a grudge ? I don’t… Read more »


Market test. If it could be clearly demonstrated that Celtic/Eric Riley a recipient of the 5 Way Agreement in 2012 did nothing in 2013 to challenge the LNS Decision which allowed the retention of titles that under LNS ruling are untainted and then from 2014 did nothing to use evidence that landed on his desk of HMRC correspondence showing the fraudulent and unlawful nature of the DOS Ebts LNS wrongly treated as lawful, how angry would folk get?


What happens now?


Depends on the result of the game between Anger and Acceptance and just how much football supporters are willing to accept.

Procedurally but it needs checking Celtic will have to officially take a vote on Res12 (2013) to remove it from the agenda. Then and only then will it be dead.

Should be fun hearing their reasons.


Agreed, i think our support need to get their heads together, discuss the way forward & apply pressure on the board.
If folk don’t care enough to force change now, then they will have no voice in the future.
Quite simply, we can’t have a governing body looking out for the financial interests of one club.

Keep up the good work Auldheid & remember, when all looks lost….it isn’t!



Not so, for example it is entirely possible trebles won by our team, whilst totally giving a fuck about res 12.
We do care about it so stop talking us down with that pish.


If the SFA Scottish Cup gets the go ahead all money raked in should be divvied between all clubs.

The action was against Rangers and not the SFA.

In-doot-ah-blae but still they were the charged party.

Go figure.


Which of course is why both Res12s asked for UEFA to investigate and Celtic rejected, insisting any investigation follow SFA judicial protocols.

The original Res12 is still on the AGM agenda in an adjourned state.

Celtic will have to explain to shareholders by next AGM but hopefully before because they will be asked to why they rendered themselves powerless to act when their CEO Peter Lawwell and then Director Eric Riley accepted the 5 Way Agreement.


Celebrating trebles

McCreesh and O’Hara die on the same day Remembering 1981: Four men dead as crisis escalates »SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT Thursday, 21 May 1981, witnessed the deaths of two more Hunger Strikers. Raymond McCreesh passed away at 2.30am. Later that evening Patsy O’Hara died. A Mass had been celebrated at Raymond McCreesh’s bedside on Wednesday evening by his brother Fr Brian McCreesh. He was semi-conscious and appeared to show some sign of recognition but died just a few hours later. His remains were returned to his beloved Camlough in South Armagh for the funeral the following Saturday. Leaving the family home in… Read more »

Thursday, 21 May 1981, witnessed the deaths of two more Hunger Strikers. Raymond McCreesh passed away at 2.30am. Later that evening Patsy O’Hara died.

Read more: https://www.anphoblacht.com/contents/27812
Thank you An Phoblacht


Bless them always


If Res 12 not resolved or acted upon by start of next season, fans in the stadium should turn on their mobile phone torches at the 12th minute mark to Shine a Light on Corruption and make sure the Board know it’s directed at them.

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