Celtic Diary Friday May 15: Trophy Day ?

Celtic Diary Friday May 15: Trophy Day ?

Well, they won’t present the trophy today, it’s probably still at Celtic Park, and the safest thing to do would be to get Scott Brown and Neil Lennon to stand next to it for a couple of photographs for now, but at a meeting this afternoon on their computers, the SPFL will call an end to season 2019-20, and it will be agreed that Celtic will deservedly be crowned champions.


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As the Westminster government now allows for the participation of sport with one person from outside your household, the Lennon CSC will pair off and compete in the Staffordshire Binge Drinking Championship, a new sport created by, er, the Lennon CSC.


It is hoped that other CSCs will announce their own tournaments, and we could form a sort of breakaway league, and even seek sponsorship from breweries and other outlets as early start up costs could be quite high, but the new sport does have the advantage that if it is forced to be played behind closed doors, it won’t affect attendances.


But, there you have it.


For the second time in my lifetime, Celtic have won nine successive titles.

And they did it by playing football, pure football.

Well, some of the time.


For those of you that will inevitably be faced by the hordes that claim we didn;t deserve it, and it wasnt a proper league season, remind them that at this point we could…and should… have been celebrating a fourth consecutive treble, and that isn;t going to happen now, which is actually quite heartbreaking.


But in these strange times, we must take what we can.


Which is exactly what the new club over at ibrox have been doing as the bills drop through the letterbox at a rate far exceeding the money to pay them.


We discussed the somewhat bizarre episode of their support having the money taken out of their accounts to pay for season books, which were subsequently cancelled with no refunds, hinting at an unexpected bill that had to be paid, or perhaps at a cash reserve that needed to be there to apply for a government loan, and that saga has deepened with the revelation that the company -or club-behind that particular fiasco is a new one, although the faces behind it are sort of recognisable..


Rumour emerging regards the ticket fiasco at Ibrox … Seems the company in charge of “processing” the fees and dealing with the refunds is a very young company with only one employee … Sure everything is dandy.  
 I’ve no idea what a micro comapny is, so I turned to our resident business expert and asked for an explanation.
I’m none the wiser, but you’ll probably understand.
It’s a new company but it doesn’t need to declare employees whilst it files micro accounts.
You have an obligation when you meet criteria but the threshold of the criteria and the release of the information won’t be seen until  they file the next set of accounts which is September 2020
 Your company will be a micro-entity if it has any 2 of the following:
a turnover of £632,000 or less.
£316,000 or less on its balance sheet.
10 employees or less.



Whatever else we may say about that lot , they sure know how to fiddle figures within the law.



So it’s all above board then ?


Perhaps with a certain degree of moral flexibility, but legally, it’s fine.


For an in depth look at some of their, er, arrangements, read this, from regular reader and contributor, CarlJungleBhoy…



Crooked house


But tell that to the hordes….there’s some angry bears out there, going Gerrrr …thats why they called the Gers , you know, at least according to one of our chaps in the Lennon CSC. Incidentally, another chap in the CSC thought that Hoopy the huddle hound was actually called Lenny the Lisbon Lion, whilst another mistook Derek Roirdan for Evander Sno.


We’ll win the world binge drinking championships with a few rounds to spare…..


Anyway, back to the angry bears….





The short answer is they probably won’t, at least not yet, and whats more, the club/company are going to ask for even more of their hard earned…..




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Thats four pages worth, and still no mention of cost…or what you actually get for your money.


It’s actually fifty quid for adults and twenty five for under 16s.


Did the old Celtic board not try something similar back in the days before they finally revealed they’d forgotten where all the money was ?


I vaguely remember something involving a man dressed as a parrot.



One wonders of the SFA have asked for their accounts, prior to an application for a European licence….whether they will go through on the nod largely depends on how annoyed with the club/company the SFA are, having seen the Ibrox club fail to shift the balance of power in the game away from the SPFL.


Especially if the other clubs decide they are no longer afraid of losing the mythical blue pound….



Meanwhile, there are all sorts of rumours going around about new sponsorship…especially as Castore haven’t confirmed the kit deal yet….






Elsewhere, and the Covid 19 crisis continues unabated…people can now go back to work and all sorts of other things.


The house breaking industry got back on the rails much quicker than the house building sector…



Dele Alli’s intruders ‘got past security guard’ at £2m mansion before robbing Tottenham star’s watch and jewellery


Apparently, he didn’t know how to tackle them.


The crisis has had a terrible, as yet largely unreported effect on families…




scientific and medical advancement….




and peoples psychological conditions, with mental health a real concern…








On Wednesday, we had this…





Steven Gerrard displays extraordinary upper body strength after finally running out of players.