Celtic Diary Friday March 8: The Three Faces Of The Media

Dossier day came and went and there were sighs of disappointment all round as it added exactly what we thought it would to the “debate ” .



You can read the full text here, but you’ll probably get fed up half way through….dossier



Effectively, there’s a lot of claims, but no evidence, and the media have a problem in separating the two.

After being towed along a path for nearly a month now, the hacks must be severely disappointed in the destination.


They can be divided into three groups, largely based on their response to the nonsense.


First, there are those who slavishly consider “claims ” to be “evidence “…and they all work for the BBC.


Sportsound Podcast: 07 May 20

We analyse the Rangers dossier and assess what impact it could have on the SPFL and Scottish football. Follow @BBCSportsound   


They don’t analyse it, they frantically try to find something in it that backs up the claims, and when they don;t find any, they pretend they did.


We’ve seen how the Sportsound crew have used DUP MPs who have raised this issue in Westminster, and we’ve seen their reporters stubbornly refuse to criticise those at Ibrox for what can only be termed as bringing the game into disrepute, as well as the professional reputations of those at the SPFL, but not one member of the panel raised any questions about the behaviour of the new club, clearly going through it’s troubled pre teen stage, and not one of them even pointed out that maybe the dossier wasn’t quite what they expected.


Those stories about a detente between the Ibrox board and the BBC have certainly not been dismissed by anything we’ve seen or heard from either quarter.


Or this deft handling of a headline, ahead of a piece by Brian MacLauchlin…


SPFL: Rangers claim clubs unaware of £10m liability ahead of season vote

It’s actually a potential liability, which is entirely different, as the first paragraph confirms…


Rangers claim clubs were not informed of a potential £10m liability and “substantial problems” with league reconstruction before they voted to end the season.

bizarrely, there is no mention of the claim that Neil Doncaster had ventured that the liability to Sky could be offset by the TV comapny taking up sponsorship of the league next season for a reduced fee, which shows he’s at least thinking of other options, but that doesn’t suit the narrative.


It’s worth noting that the Sky option is part of the collective claim of malpractice against him, though it’s difficult to see why.




Second, there are those in the media who accept that the dossier is nonsense, but still can’t quite bring themselves to move on to the stage where they question the motives behind it.

Instead, they stick to the policy of building the siege mentality that is needed to shift season books…





They will continue to build on that as time runs out for the new club/company, though with fans who have renewed having had their season books cancelled and the money not refunded, that might not work…


It does, however, have the sort of response from the hordes that was desired….







One headline actually goes so far as to report on something…





which could mean the Record hacks have had enough, but there is no real mention of what should happen next, especially when Doncaster passes this extract over to his lawyers…







Thats interesting.


With Stewart Robertson believed to be the whistleblower who started the ball rolling with his “evidence “, one can only wonder when he’ll be charged with breaching his fiduciary duty to the board of the SPFL.


The hacks know there is a story there, but can’t quite bring themselves to treat it with the enthusiasm they should. They keep remembering a shop above a newsagents in Glasgow and other tittle tattle that they’d rather stayed as internet tittle tattle.


Then there’s the third section of the media, which is the sole residence of Graeme Spiers…. the only one who does seem to finally have had enough of the bullshit….


Graham Spiers
Did Rangers MD Stewart Robertson seriously claim tonight: “At no point did we talk about bullying and coercion by SPFL staff; we’ve not said that anywhere.” Have a nap, Stewart. Been a long day. 
I spend half my day reading this #Rangersdossier, trying to give it due time and respect, and then MD Stewart Robertson comes out with this preposterous stuff on Radio Clyde tonight. Which makes me think: what other spurious tosh is he capable of? He has derailed Rangers’ case.


Robertson did indeed claim that “rangers ” had not talked about bullying…speaking to Radio Clyde he said…


“At no point did we talk about corruption as they mentioned in their statement or bullying and coercion by SPFL staff, we’ve not said that anywhere.

“You show me where Rangers has talked about that. We haven’t said that.

“Other people have created that narrative. That hasn’t been said by Rangers.

“You just need to be careful in terms of these things where you go.

“But you need to be clear, at no point did we say any of the things in the SPFL’s statement.


except, of course, when they did…. on April 10…


“Over the past 36 hours, we have received numerous reports from fellow Scottish clubs relating to attempts to coerce and bully them into voting for the SPFL’s own resolution. We are proud that many fellow clubs will stand strong and not be swayed.” 


Which, of course , will always get the hordes onside…





Reminds me of Churchill as well. But not for the same reasons….


We know a song about bullyingthat, don’t we ?


Hullo Hullo!!! We are the bullied boys, Hullo Hullo!!!
Oot the pram we threw our toys.
We stood around in Twenty 12 surrendered then we died.
We are the Newco bullied boys.


Spiers has called it out, which will mean other outlets will follow, but expect them to quietly drop the matter.


The SPFL will now consider disrepute charges as well as breaches of fiduciary duty.


This time, though, the cancer which came back must be thoroughly cut away, or it will kill the body of Scottish football….which is already in a vulnerable state.



But that will take a massive turnaround from the media, all sections of it. That which they have been afraid to shine the spotlight on must be taken out of the shadows.


If they want a dossier that would go some way to exposing what “rangers ” tried to allege , one does it exist, and it has existed for a few years now….




The SPFL are the representative body for the clubs, and the clubs have made it perfectly clear that they are no longer afraid of losing the blue pound, as its simply not value for money.


The SFA, who have remained quiet must now see that they have lost the power battle, and also condemn the Ibrox club, or at the very least show exactly what was in the Ibrox interim accounts that they will use to obtain a European licence for them, because while all of us are watching what the club/company is doing, don’t forget that their pals at Hampden will be doing all they can to help them.


As Auldheid tweeted, with a certain amount of disdain….


Call that a dossier? THIS is a dossier. All claims evidence supported. Argue the meaning but dont ignore. res12.uk

put together by Scottish Football Monitor contributors who seek better governance.  


Isn’t it a little strange that a reporter so hell bent on bringing down the SPFL refuses to comment on real evidence instead of repeating PR guff ?



Then again, it’s not just the mainstream media in Scotland who don;t seem to read their own stuff back to them.


Elaine Paige, the singer, has been painted in a different light this week….




She did clarify the matter, however, which did kind of reduce the effect of the headline…


I think I need to clarify to

readers, who may have seen the truncated headline, that the full quote is …. “I’ve been having cocktails parties on Zoom” … really, matron!! #carryonisolation   


On an entirely different note, the Etims podcast-listen to last nights for live reaction-made the quarter finals of the Podcast Cup, where we will face the team from 90 minute cynic.


Already there have been allegations of bullying and coercion in the voting, and calls for the immediate suspension of the Etims team who have flagrantly abused their position by prompting both diary readers to vote on this this twitter page…


QF1 ETims (

) v 90 Minute Cynic (


90 Minute Cynic
 There are twelve hours left to vote, so get your fingers out.
Or Else GIFs | Tenor


Yesterday, we had this….


Rangers news: 14-team league plans rubbished by chiefs



Thanks for keeping the real evidence back Peter







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Uibh fhaili

First photo of Moses , when he appeared in a bush


Caption: ” Yes dear i’ll maintain the two metre guideline….i’m switched on you know”

D'Finnhein Mick


Excellent as ever! One thing though-can the SPFL raise a disrepute charge? Fairly sure that is down to the SFA. And they have completely washed their hands of this,with a deafening silence since Friday the 13th of March when Scottish football shut down. As did brains,thus allowing some arses a voice.



hey you, ya tube!

Uibh fhaili

Oops should have thought that out it was Jesus appeared to Moses in the bush ☺️


It was Jesus’ faither but don’t fret about accuracy on here



Mr Savalas didn’t quite think this through.


That guy always gets a poor reception in that shop.


Stick a fortune in me pocket I’ll fetch a dossier from the van Cause if you want the best Huns And you don’t ask questions Then Brother I’m your man Where it all comes from Is a mystery Like not ending the season And loan us the cash we need But here’s the one that’s such a lovely perk Why do Sevco give us briefs the work? Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… We’ve got a half-priced number 5 And miles and miles of crested ties a wage freeze, three degrees and marching band… Read more »

Even Kojak couldn’t make sense of The Dossier. said RFC’s new director of communications Telly Savvy less


Another sensible analysis of what is wrong re Scottish football. Problem is no one with any influence is prepared to listen.

Having praised the diary I want to lodge a complaint. You should be done for cruelty and “breach of humane duty as an online diarist” for posting a link to the Sportsound Podcast.

I tried to listen to it last night. 7 minutes was all I could stand and I had nightmares even after that short time.



Don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the head gear or the Boavista plimsolls.


He’s only one Boavista guttie

He lost his sole

Malcolm McKinlay

The managing director of newco missing the SPL meeting can this get any betterr

Luke Warmwater

Kris Boyd misreads the advice on ‘How to get ahead in television’.


Caption: Not the apprentice to send out for four rolls.


Prince Andrew revisits his T.V. programme with Emily Matlis while collecting foot wash for his ex partner, Sarah Ferguson, author, producer, humanitarian and debt collector…


I’ll do anything to get on the box says wee Barry getting paint to pay off the face painter with his kelty bonus

Qui Gon Jim

Being monitored……..

Rob O'Keeffe

Before the dark times of this virus,I was of the view that it was good to have r*********** about,mainly for the laughs.Now,when we are going to be trying to survive through what will be the worst recession ever,it is time for them and their support,in the stands and media outlets,to go.Enough is enough,they had the chance to start a new club/company,play fair,on and off the park and put the corruption in the past.But,they couldn’t help themselves.They brought in crooks like King and have tried to bully Scottish football.Hopefully,the other clubs will stand up and give them the message that football… Read more »


Caption; Since being sacked by Sky Sports for sexism, Andy Gray has struggled to come to terms with his much reduced media exposure.


Caption: “Let’s go live now to Jim White who can update us on the multi million pound makeover for Ibrox”


Caption : ‘Hope she’s in a better mood efter a paint the fence’.


They sevconians:
They say they dont care yet they want a carers allowance.Theyre just a disgraceful lazy Company/Club.

That`s just funny.

Matt Hancock advises customers to use their homemade PPE and to leave sufficient supply for use by the elite.


Forgive my ignorance but what’s this about a shop over a newsagents in Glasgow? Tittle-tattle or not, I’d love to hear it!



Sevco fan keeps abreast of the news

The Rankers and their CEO begin to imitate the Trump administration day by day. Soon they will want to build a wall to stop the migrants and advise their followers to drink disinfectant to avoid contamination from them.
It could not get any funnier as they wallow in their fantasies playing to the lowest common denominator.

sfa unfit for purpose

Tinky winky on furlough

sfa unfit for purpose

Prince andrew in his Woking clothes

sfa unfit for purpose

its the only way to protect against the 5G……


One for Rob O’Keeffe.

I’ll sing you a song of a row in the town,
when the green flag went up and the crown flag went down,
T’was the neatest and sweetest thing ever you saw,
And they played that great game they called,
Erin Go Bragh.

And they played that great game they called,
Erin Go Bragh,
God bless gallant Pearse and his comrades who died,
Tom Clark, McDonough, McDermott, McBride.
And here’s to James Connolly who gave one “Hurrah”.
And faced the machine guns for, Erin Go Bragh.

Rob O'Keeffe

Mike,love it,uplifting and very welcome….

sfa unfit for purpose

Boris and his party will milk VE day for all its worth , while trying to kill off anybody old enough to remember it.

Stevie D

There are tories already suggesting that some of us were just a wee bit too keen to take advantage of the lockdown to dodge work.


Billy’s box set was the talk of the ludge.


Tomorrow should have been the day we were going for the quadruple treble and another famous chapter in our clubs astonishing unbroken history. Furthermore, the summer hiatus would have probably brought the demise of Scotland’s youngest football club and copious amounts of dessert would be the order of the day for all in Timdom. A vile entity who judge a successful season for themselves if we fail to reach the group stages of the Champions League. Hopefully they disappear for good this time, with no reincarnation of any description to stink the place out. At least we have all that… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

Tam Cowan on ‘ the dossier’
“It’s a nonsense and I must say as well, as you know tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of VE Day.
“If every British soldier in the Second World War had been handed the sort of smoking gun that Rangers supposedly had, then we would be doing this broadcast in German.”


Well known funsters Daft Punk caught panic buying giant tins of sweet corn.


Snow White tucks up the seven dwarfs, she says to them “I want you all to stay at home during this pandemic and stay safe, except you Sneezy, you can fuck off”.

Yoker Bhoy

People must not cough near you, they must cough far away. If you hear someone coughing, tell them to far cough.


Ah-its Yoker, poker, the joker, brudder of Bram Stoker. Count Dracula, wooooo hah-hah-hah. Hola. Still surveying the Spanish blood banks, for your next take-away? There will be no league reconstruction Yoker, so Hearts are for the drop as will be Stranraer and Partick. Celtic rightly will be called Championnees next Tuesday I do believe. GIRUT the Huns. A stake through their dark hearts and black arts. 😉 < 9
Keep the light on for the Tic.

Yoker Bhoy

Morning Mike, hope you’re good mate. Very gradually we’re coming out of confinement over here (there will be several more stages) so caution is the key word. Unfortunately there are plenty of numbnuts everywhere who are incapable of adhering to simple rules and put innocents at risk of infection. The footballers at the different clubs are building up their training and unless there is a huge setback as regards the evolution of COVID, the league programme will be resumed at the end of June while the all Basque cup final will be played out some time during next season as… Read more »


Thank you Yoker for your good wishes, it is typical of you and your good heart. I had a lucky escape yesterday when I crashed my quad into a wall at high speed, but other than a few bruises and wrist sprain I am still in fine fettle. Covid 19 is still blowing through Scotland and it will be a long time till its dealt with. My hope rests with Prof. Sarah Gilbert at Oxford Uni, her vaccine is undergoing human trials just now, fingers crossed. I couldn’t agree more about Budge and Huns, sooner gone, sooner fixed. You take… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Take it easy on the James Dean quad antics Mikey. Quite a story all the same. Yeah, the Sarah Gilbert vaccine has received a good deal of publicity over here so, with hundreds of other similar intensive programmes going on all over the world simultaneously, surely one of them has to come up trumps before too long. I look forward to Tuesday’s EGM outcome. Hopefully common sense will prevail. All the best Mikey Bhoy.


The Scottish Professional Football League is withholding £250,000 of broadcast money due to (The) Rangers FC in a bid to recoup a fine imposed for the old club’s use of a controversial tax evasion scheme.

Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster has defended the broadcasting deal agreed in the wake of Rangers’ liquidation.

His comments follow newspaper reports that broadcasters have been paid back £750,000 while the new Ibrox club,The Rangers FC, have never been involved in the top flight.

sevco the multi-years face of a die that bears two spots FC.


I’ve no gripe with those choosing to celebrate victory over the Nazis. Like most I have a family involvement, it caused decades of undiagnosed and untreated mental pain. However I do take great offence at those who for political ends chose to redirect the holiday celebrating International Workers’ Day to today. At the time it must have seemed a merry Bullingdon jape. But now, on this day, key workers are sacrificing their lives to help others. I trust in 70 years their memory will also be cherished and revered without the pathetic jingoism portrayed by our media as remembrance. And… Read more »

Stevie D

I reckon as soon as this virus scare is over it’ll be right back to business as usual: austerity, privatising the NHS, and dismantling the welfare system.

Arsene Parcelie

“Dell Boy, who was head monitor at his school, demonstrates how to get both feet into one shoe.”


Alex Rae misinterprets invite to go on Gogglebox

Caption ……..
Boom Bust Corp (BBC) reveal their Prototype Budget VR Headset.


Tam Cowan is a prick. A given KOTW like the desperate clown English.


Alastair Johnston needs to get to his work.




I’ve been feeling boxed in throughout this lockdown.


Caption : *Rangers launch there new rangers TV everywhere anywhere promotion.


You could not make it up, it now seems Douglas Park threatened Doncaster on the 10/04/20. MCKenzie then contacted Ibrokes to warn them off, where is this joke of a club headed, blinded by their own hatred. KING MUST BE IN HYSTERICS.


I couldna get a mask as I had a reddy after the dossier


The love of the game isn`t gone.

What dirge would you choose for sevco FC?


Port. My dirge would be “Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts “… an uplifting nonsense song

Rob O'Keeffe

Song of Sadness by Agran Velion…..

Man in Denial

That dossier was so dull, indeed duller than dull, that I’m not having my jelly and ice cream today.

I’ll keep it for The Rangers* (sic) etc insolvency event and frankly that cannot come soon enough.

The Zombie tweets above are deranged.


Bawwy , Bawwy Ferguson
Bawwy Bawwy Ferguson


Gerrard out,Defoe OBE in?
O`please have truth.

Aye Redemption.


So,who`s to chin Park?


He`s a painting of himself as a huaso with a laundress at his feet.


Rangers’ ‘dossier’ is a bit like the list of ‘Communists’ Senator Joe McCarthy used to wave in front of the eager press. Turned out they were shopping lists: one pound of streaky bacon, loaf of bread, etc. I make lists all the time but I don’t call them ‘dossiers’. However I could make a long list why Sevco/Newco etc shouldn’t even be allowed to play until they pay their bills.


The headline is Hibs relegate Hearts, which is I believe unfair, why not name the other teams against reconstruction…….. or do they have something to hide??


We all know there are plenty of whistle blowers who are Huns but who is the Hun’s ‘whistleblower’?


comment image




I think Robertson and that will be a disciplinary


Stewart Robertson`s spooning with Julian.

RPG. .. I don’t know if they have whistle blowers but they tend to have flocks of flute blowers





sevconians,we`re chippin in for your chaise longue.
Teach your children Motherwell.

We are the Zoom.

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