Dossier Day – Etims Podcast

The Dossier Day Podcast kicks off with Desi, Monty, Hector and Ralph discussing the laughable Dossier produced by Rangers calling out The SPFL.
The talk drills down into the lack of fatcs, if thats possible, before taking a tun to address a people out of time and not knowing where they fit in the World.
We talk Covid and Football and what could be coming down the line regards Season Books present and future and we conclude with Montys exciting Podcast News.

Could this plucky little hope filled Podcast achieve its crazy dreams?…( clue…the answers naw! – Ed)

We end with some Twitter follower laughs and a final plea to just end the bullying and threats!


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8 months ago

aint dossier day grand

8 months ago

who mentioned bullying heh heh

8 months ago

a gerrete is glasgow slang for a carrier of the clap

8 months ago
8 months ago

desi after making a coont ae the dossier yon zombies ur callin it the boaking hun

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