Celtic Diary Wednesday April 22: The Pot Simmers

There are all sorts of problems within society these days. Covid 19 has , and will continue to , change the way we live beyond recognition.

Social distancing has become the norm, but there is now a look on peoples faces that wasn’t there before, there is a genuine fear of contracting the virus.

Regular readers will know I’ve become a key worker in the courier business as the job of climbing up walls is exclusively the domain of Spiderman, and that has given me the opportunity to observe peoples behaviour.

I’ve been told I’m a hero, something I never have been before and never will be again, and of course, I’m not. Real heroes save lives and make a difference, I just drive down a street chucking parcels at people and hope they’ve ordered something.

Alright, thats not strictly true, but the response of people when I arrive, and the genuine fear on their faces and relief at just seeing someone who should be there , usually through their window, is indicative of the fear people have of each other.


And this is going to go on for a while yet…


Households, in most cases, are operating on a reduced income, but in the short term, as pubs , clubs, theatres, cinemas and football grounds are closed, it’s not yet biting in the way it will.

The current stagnation cannot go on without causing considerable damage to each and every one of us, bth at home and in business. Put simply, if a business has no income, it cannot carry on.


Down in the English Premiership, vast sums of money are paid out by clubs and vast sums of money come in. Or they did do, and one can only be optimistic about the entire set up crashing in the next few months.

Manchester City, already in bother with the financial fair play people, pay an astonishing £145m a year in player wages alone. At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, there is no income to offset that. consider clubs throughout the land who don’t have the option to borrow from a billionaire owner and you can begin to see where it will all grind to a halt.


In Scotland, emergency payments have been made to clubs to keep them ticking over until….well, until when ?

This virus isn’t going away anytime soon, and mass gatherings will not be permitted until there is a vaccine available, and that is going to be a while yet.

The economy is not at a standstill just yet, but it is heading towards that. Businesses will go under, and property values will shrink accordingly.

Football clubs are just another one of those businesses.


Granted, they do have a core customer base that will dig in and support where they can, but if money is in short supply, and it will be, that particular reservoir is not going to be able to be tapped indefinitely.


At the moment, we are seeing a struggle for taxpayers money between business and the health services, which is largely masked by the Protect Our NHS soundbite, a task which has been handed to the public when it is actually the job of Westminster to fund.

Even “rangers ” have done their bit, melting down all the silverware they have accumulated since their inception in 2012 to help provide essential equipment for local hospitals, and the Royal in Glasgow say they are delighted with their contribution.


2018 Wholesale Brand Stainless Steel Pair Of Tweezers Professional ...


So, where does that leave Celtic ?

It leaves them being very cautious, to be fair. We can expect them to soldier on for some weeks yet, but sooner or later tough decisions will have to be made, and not only around players and staff salaries, which are the immediate issues regarding outgoings, but season books, which is the primary source of income.

Can Celtic, or any other club,  reallistically offer season books for sale when there is uncertainty about whether or not there is a season to be played ?

Will the 2020-21 season actually take place ?

More likely at this stage is a half season, starting in winter and finishing next summer, but even that may not happen.

Whilst there are talks about a behind closed doors resumption throughout Europe, there are doubts that even that will be allowed, as it involves a lack of social distancing on the field, and it would only take one player to be unaware he’s infected to infect others who would go home and infect others….


Testing is an option, but they would have to be tested every day, and when the health service cannot get tests for frontline staff, football cannot expect to be given priority.


So, we had better get used to not having a game to go to, when  the real fear is having a club to go and watch…


Meanwhile, in the Guardian, Ewen Murray continues the narrative of the Scottish media in his recent article, described in his tweet…

Reconstruction remains a red herring until the SPFL properly address what happened with their resolution. We have only the sound of silence.

(Er, they have )

The voting farce questions the SPFL must answer – but hasn’t

The shambolic ballot and ensuing mess needs answers from the SPFL as the clamour for an independent inquiry grows  


Ignoring the fact that a vast majority of clubs voted for the resolution, Murray asks what he considers to be vital questions and then answers them himself, displaying a level of arrogance which hints that he knew the answers all along and is going to keep moaning until there is an investigation into the SPFL that brings about the removal of those in power who wouldn;t give “rangers ” their own way, and would have seen Hearts being relegated for not being as good as the other teams in the league.


It’s not worth repeating the questions and answers as they are clearly adhering to an agenda, and anyway, as some wag pointed out on twitter, if there really is s desire to investigate the SPFL/SFA cabal, and just because they haven’t got any evidence of malpractice, none is forthcoming from Ibrox, then there is another way…


Richard McGinley
Whilst ” rangers ” still refuse to offer any evidence of wrongdoing at the , SPFL , why not pick up the Res 12 torch as it has plenty…? More than enough , in fact. All you have to do is ask…if you really want an investigation into the authorities   
Murray has yet to respond, as indeed have all the hacks, largely because they don’t want to bring down the SPFL/SFA at all, they just want to hide the fact that , and they are not entirely without guilt on this one, a second Ibrox entity is about to go to the wall.
They know there is no evidence, and that the SPFL are not going to order an investigation, so the bosses at cash strapped Ibrox can blame Covid 19, the SFA, the SPFL and anyone else, in fact, rather than themselves when it all goes down again…
If you think it’s bad at Ibrox, be careful, because apparently we’re all going to be in tears soon….
 Might be a long wait…..
 Yesterday, we had this…

Hun is astounded to find, that the bottle of water he was drinking has miraculously turned into dog pish, in his gub.

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Can I get a link to that banger?


Caption …
Sausage supper ?



Monti’s died and gone to heaven.


I’ve got purgatory on the sweep…


Oh aye 🙂



‘I said I want kinky sex’

Oh….I thought you said links.



Pat the dog whisperer lures all the local strays with a sausage or two!


Caption too..
(apologies if posted twice )

Studies have found a link between eating and sex games …

Yoker Bhoy

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Billy McNeill’s passing. Our greatest ever captain and most emblematic player of all time, the memory of this great man will always be in our hearts. There’s a lot of really good stuff about Big Billy in the CQN and the Celtic Star this morning.
Hail Hail Caesar. YNWA


Caption- Everyone loves their dog, but some people take it to extremes…

Level 5 spy

Caption, where did you get that photo of my wife?

tony carlin

Caption “thats not what I meant when i said I wanted to slip my sausage in your buns!”


During the COVID-19 outbreak Victoria’s Secrets is a non-essential business, but the butcher was still open.


My favourite, Bangers and mash.

50 S Of G

Not the wurst I’ve seen.


Caption: Keeping a vegan hostage: an idiot’s guide.


Caption: Show us yer totty scone.


Caption: A Benidorm brothel for Yorkshire lads.


Caption: What Mr Punch did after escaping from the crocodile.



‘Professional lady’ shares her Linkedin profile pic.


“The fans came in their thousands to see the bhoys become champions”. Who could ever forget that iconic picture of the Estadio National in Lisbon when Billy McNeill lifted the European Cup with his home grown team mates and friends. His statue sits outside Celtic park and his iconic picture adorns the E-Tims header.
The fans also came in their thousands to attend his funeral of our long term captain- manager- player, hero, one year today, we remember him with love and pride.
Billy McNeill Cesar. RIP.
One European Cup.
Nine League Titles.
Seven Scottish Cups.
Six League Cups.
One of the greatest ever Celts.


comment image


822 Games over 18 seasons. Like a stick of Blackpool rock, cut him open and the words, Celtic- Celtic- Celtic. Farewell our hero!

Mike the campaign goes on for Billy’s statue in his hometown. Sadly the corona virus has stopped all fundraising nights that were sold out but donations still come in. The target of 70k is within reach and 60k has been raised so far. Here is the latest update provided by the committee and a lovely article in the Irish Voice recently. The Irish Voice Logo Home News NewsSportUncategorised Billy McNeill Commemoration Committee still set on 2021 statue launch By The Irish Voice -15th April 20200 UTILISING Zoom conferencing technology and adhering to social distancing guidelines, the Bellshill and Mossend-based Billy… Read more »


That’s brilliant Jimmy, a big thank you to all of those who organised and who donated to that very worthy cause. How quickly time goes bye, next week we will celebrate the passing of Stevie Chalmers. But what lives to celebrate, their achievement’s are in the record books for all to see and to remember, our Celtic history makers.
Such a very sad time for Billy’s family, losing him and then more recently his grandson. And lets not forget Mick Cassidy, the passing of every Celtic supporter is a tragedy to his family and to our club. We mourn them all.


67 Thousand raised would be a fantastic amount to achieve…


Sausage roll anyone.


Yes please!



bun likes a sausage or two


Caption : Sondra Locke appearing in “Smokey and the Banger”

Caption: Do you really still want to go vegan !


Cesar RIP The Star Well it was early one Christmas morn’ from the smiling face of my wee first born, ‘I love my Hoops Da’, I love the crest, but why a star here upon my chest?’ The star first rose back in ‘67 The league, three cups and the Bhoys in heaven. When in the warmth of the Lisbon sun The mighty Inter got thrashed 2-1. Simpson and Gemmell, Chalmers and Auld McNeill and Murdoch and the Buzz Bomb, Clark, Craig and Murdoch – our greatest team. Watching out for Jinky, was big Jock Stein. And to those Lions… Read more »

Man in Denial


C’mon Frank, I’m ready for a right good Furter


I said do you fancy some KINKY sex…

Caption Ohh you are offal but I like you.
One for us elder generation.
I’ll go back to the buckle:)

Man in Denial


sfa unfit for purpose

Caption Before we do the business , you fancy throwin they links in a pan….

Patrick O Hara

Dear Ralph.
As you are in the logistics business can you please use your influence to get me a more suitable time for my home deliveries. At the moment I have to get up at the crack of noon and I really really need my beauty sleep. Thank you in anticipation.
Yours sincerely.

Patrick O Hara

Caption .
Bondage. Domination.Sausage.Masochism.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: That’s not the sausage I was looking for!


Doggy style.


What do you think of my Linkedin profile pic?

Richard Morrison

As regards the BCD getting going in the next few months, with games potentially all covered on a PPV basis or similar, this would be the ideal scenario for us to complete the season IMO, get’s things moving again and some income would be coming back into the club(s). There is testing in South Korea (who have done very well through all this) that was a drive though type set up that took under 15mins to get your results, if things have calmed by July/Aug, it may be possible that the SPL could procure and use this system to test… Read more »

Behind Closed Doors, took a bit of time to work that out! You can’t test players simply on matchdays, as what happens for positive players, stand them down but what about team-mates who’ve already been in contact etc? I can see players and clubs refusing to play if any of them test positive, so essentially the league is back on hold. As far as I can see, if you test players, coaches and all essential ancillary staff (dozens per club) they need to then be isolated from that point on until the end of the competition, which will be at… Read more »

Owen Mullions

Caption: Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to bang her?

PS Christina, if you see this, try creating a new WordPress account by using a variation of your name (middle initial for example) and log on to Pat’s site under that. It has worked for me in the past. Hope this helps.


Ok Owen will give it a go – don’t laugh at my middle name though right?? 🙂 🙂


Is your middle name, beautiful?
If it’s not….it should be xx



Owen Mullions

You don’t need to use your real name for public display – mine isn’t Owen Mullions you know!


I know…it’s arsehole!

Bannockburn Bhoy

Ah. Apologies; I thought you said ‘Lorna’ loves a sausage…


I knew a Lorna once upon a time….loved a sausage, so did her sister.


We skipped the right financials
Threw the rulebook out the door
The Tims were feeling cheated
But the Huns called out for more
So we met with them at Hampden
As the Glib One flew away
And when they called out for another favour
We tried to find a way
And so it was that later
After null and void had failed
That a club at first just ghastly
Finally went beyond the Pale.


rsp that might no be a caption entry but it should win it anyway


caption av heardy liking the sausage but


where did i put that missing link?


Caption: “Nice try Una but i prefer my dogs hot”


Caption: John Wayne Bobbit’s ex shows off her trophy cabinet.


Does this work?

sfa unfit for purpose

Don’t know why , but loads of polis about today. I have been all over Glasgow , East Kilbride and Hamilton and there are loads of them about after virtually zero for 4 weeks…… Strange.


Maybe their lodge is shut…..

sfa unfit for purpose

Looking for greggs


Lockdown makes you do strange things, wait till tomorrow and coleslaw.

sfa unfit for purpose

kept the biggest sausage for last

sfa unfit for purpose

Sausages are the Bhoys!

(One for the Jimmy Logan Generation)


The Unchained Milady

Caption… Is she ready for a hot dogging session

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