The ‘Corona + Statements = Danger’ Etims Podcast

Ralph, Hector, Monty and Desi get together to discuss what life is like without Football.

We chat on the Corona Virus and its impact on all our lives, especially sporting experiences and we discuss our expectations looking ahead.

We contemplate what is the past, present and future of Scottish Football.

We discuss Season Books, this season and next, teh kit deal, the economics of this disaster and wonder just when will we ever get back inside Celtic Park. We even ask is the possible demise of Sevco more likely than an investment from Mike Ashley, and which event would be worse for us?

We finish with a few laughs from Twitter friends contemplating what Rangers next Statement will be now that Dundee have voted YES to end the lower leagues season and open the door to league re-organisation.


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great podcast bhoys ……..aint life grand


Murdoch MacLennan you lousy basturd, you killed my club, you waited till King had gone so nobody could stop you..
Requiescat in Pace!


mikey king made the statement he said ……..ime off


john brown drunkenly made the rangers statement he said and i quote has embdy fun the deeds yet

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