Celtic Diary Saturday April 4: SPFL Dilemma

When Belgium declared Bruges as their champions, despite the league not being played to a conclusion, there was a degree of panic at UEFA, ever fearful of losing tv, sponsorship and advertising revenue.


They hinted that anyone who ended the season early may see their champions not be allowed to play in their tournaments next season, which could have serious ramifications should the SPFL follow suit….


“Since participation in Uefa club competitions is determined by the sporting result achieved at the end of a full domestic competition, a premature termination would cast doubts about the fulfilment of such condition.” 

 “We are confident that football can restart in the months to come with conditions that will be dictated by public authorities,

“Their work is now focusing on scenarios encompassing the months of July and August, including the possibility that the Uefa competitions restart after the completion of domestic leagues.

“A joint management of calendars is strictly required as the conclusion of the current season must be coordinated with the start of the new one, which may be partly impacted because of the overstretch.

“Closely following the development of the current situation, the calendar working group will indicate as soon as possible, and ideally by mid-May, which of the plans can be enacted for the completion of the season without leaving anyone behind.” 


They’ve already cancelled their own tournament, Euro 2020, but expect things back to be normal before it would have taken place ?


The difference is that by delaying the international tournament they won;t lose any money. By ending the domestic competitions, they will.


Domestically, clubs have already lost money, and will continue to do so. That can be replaced, to an extent, by the prize money awarded by the League for final places, which, of course, will not be determined until the matches are played, which could be months away.


The SPFL, who are the clubs, have made a sort of half arsed stand against UEFA, implying that they may finish the season, as according to their rules, and pay up.

The clubs are not arguing, and have not offered an alternative , such as an advance payment of a certain percentage to tide them over. Clearly, they need the money now.

With “rangers ” seeming to go along with that, then it’s fair to assume they need the money as well.

If they were serious about their claim, or at least their fans claims, that they could still win the league, tey would want the games played.


The Record went with the story, but with little analysis…


SPFL ready to declare Celtic champions and relegate Hearts as angry league bosses set to call UEFA’s bluff

Confusion reigns after UEFA warned smaller nations their clubs’ participation in Europe next season is jeopardy is under threat if they call their season early. 


The SPFL are ready to call UEFA’s bluff by sticking to their guns and declaring Celtic as Premiership champs.

League bosses have reacted with ‘anger and bemusement’ to threats from Nyon to complete the domestic season – or else.

Confusion reigns after UEFA warned the smaller nations their clubs’ participation in the Champions League and Europa League next season is in jeopardy if they call their titles prematurely on the back of the Covid-19 crisis.

President Aleksander Ceferin repeated the threat on German television yesterday, even going as far as saying matches could be played behind closed doors.

UEFA maintain league campaigns can still be finished in July and August, even as Ceferin conceded it will be mid-May at the earliest before they can plan further. 

It’s understood several smaller nations are ready to throw the problem straight back at UEFA by demanding interest free loans to cover their costs until football emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

However, that is not a stance the SPFL are willing to adopt as they forge on with plans to call the season as soon as their legal advice allows, handing Celtic the title and relegating Hearts.

One source said: “UEFA are in panic mode and they’re probably the only organisation in Europe that believes this coronavirus pandemic will be over in a month and they can start planning for the weeks beyond it.

“They’ve been spooked by the Belgians because they know the financial implications from broadcasters for the big five countries if their league seasons aren’t played to a conclusion.

“UEFA’s threat to prevent clubs from smaller nations competing in their tournaments next season is farcical. The big five apart, who else are they going to invite? Teams from Belarus?

“There will be a queue of national associations taking action at the Court of Arbitration of Sport if UEFA ever follow through. They don’t know if they are coming or going.” 


Full letter…






Invoking the “Brexit ” mentality of standing up to Europe is always going to gain support, especially when a large portion of football fans are flag waving Europhobes, so that would avoid anger from the dark side, and from those in the light, a ninth title is a wonderful idea anyway.


But it should only be accepted if “rangers ” publicly congratulate Celtic and announce that it was the only way to end the uncertainty, and Celtic are worthy and credible winners.


Celtic don’t need the money and can afford to wait it all out.


The others can’t, but then again, we need a league to play in.


These are unprecedented times, there is much uncertainty, and there is too much at stake, healthwise, to take any chances with anything.


As for the claims that “rangers ” could still win the league, only the club can put those to bed.

Hang on, their manager did say something…




their captain pretty much already did, in a recent match programme…








And a few of their fans seemed to have accepted the inevitable as well…









Yet one global pandemic later, and they seem to think that they would have embarked upon a comeback to rival that of Lazarus to match a collapse by Celtic that would make the Dow Jones index look stable and stop nine on a row.


They always were worldbeaters when they didn’t actually have to play anyone….




Footballers have emerged as the latest deflection from the Westminster governments piss poor health policy, and one of them spoke to John Nicholson about his feelings on the subject, which was an interesting read to say the least.





Note how down to earth the player is when he discusses money, and how he discusses the media with little more than contempt.




Remember that Rudolf Hess song from yesterday ?

Over on Twitter a few people remembered it in the way it was reported in the book I was reading, and one guy even sent in a picture of someone performing it,





Used to be an old guy sang that in the Union club in Aberdeen before games at Pittodrie in the early 1980’s. Never heard it since. There was another one about Charlie Tully to the tune of Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier.


Not sure if thats the same guy in that picture , though.


Charlie Tully ? Davy Crockett ? Pray tell…


When my train was stopped at Carlisle a few months ago, or when I was stopped from travelling on that train, opinions as to what actually happened are varyied, a fellow CSC member and I met a chap in a bar who knew dozens of songs that we’d never heard of, which means that there are some classics out there that have been lost in the mist of time.


Anyone who has any obscure songs please let me know, as I’m intrigued by that sort of thing.


James MacLean, who despite playing in Stoke has never even tried to come on our CSC’s bus to a game, has already done his bit…


Martina Anderson MLA
In Derry we are extremely proud of Derry man James McClean who without hesitation purchased a significant amount of Personal Protection Equipment PPE & sanitisers for our front line workers in Altnagelvin Covid-19 Centre Thank YOU James – you are a remarkable man.

Not sure this will get the mainstream recognition it deserves. a pity, it would have been amusing to see of the BBC still call it Londonderry.
Yesterday, we had this….

Caption: New! From Ronco – the Boris Johnson accent generator! Amaze and amuse your friends as you put on the generator and immediately sound like a massive, waffling fanny! (Ronco cannot be held responsible for any assaults by blind people while using the generator).

This one already has a caption, but it’s wrong. but what is really happening ?
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tony carlin
11 months ago

Referee. Billy why were you not doon the ludge this week? We don’t need to social distance us Huns are condemned anyway!

11 months ago


This is a closed doors game, bugger Off.

The joke is football is being lead by morons UEFA are leaderless, like Baldrick they have a plan. Now it is to allow games to be played on a Saturday afternoon behind closed doors. Their desperation and stupidity borders belief.
The greed of football is going to bring them to their knees.
As the SMSM dig up any clown that wants to prattle on about Null and Void the SS Crumbledome sails towards the rocks.

11 months ago

Caption …
You can write out 100 times ,”the referee is not a
Hun, he’s a Masonic bastard ” and don’t you forget it Sean Patrick .

11 months ago

Caption: All together now Hullo

Frank McGaaaarvey
11 months ago

Caption: UEFA’s testing of an early version of VAR by ssking crowd for opinion proves inconclusive.

11 months ago

Ok, I’m board but this stuff about Celtic maybe being awarded the league and the Hun talk about tainted titles makes me laugh.

They have very short memories. Never mind all the years they cheated by hiding the fact they used EBTs. What about the season they won the league by 4 points against us? It was 95-96. The season the SFA held up George Cadettes registration by months! Leading to Jim Farry’s eventual dismissal.

Cadette was the best finisher I’ve seen in the hoops (Larsson was a better player) What a difference he would have made and they knew it. Could we have won 2 more games with him in the team? I’m certain. He scored 38 goals in only 47 games during his only full season. Incredible! But of course we will never know because it was all swept under the carpet years ago.

Farry also made sure Cadette couldn’t play in a cup semi against the Huns which they won 2-1 and then went on to the win the final.

So they got a double and continued on their way to 9IR by out right cheating which was subsequently proven. And they say we are the paranoid ones!

I hope we do get handed the league just to annoy get it up them ‍♂️

Hail hail

Robert McGowan
11 months ago

Right, The ranjurs huv only enough money to pay 7 of their youth team, who’s got their boots wi them ? We need 3 to make up the team and I am number 11…

11 months ago

I though the football seasons were to change soon to allow for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to take place in our winter. UEFA seem to have forgotten. Almighty fixture clusterfuck coming up.

11 months ago

Why not decide the remaining games on penalties? The one taking the penalty is at least two meters from the goal line and goalie and the players could patiently, while each teams 5 penalty takers stand apart while they watch so no breaking any rules and we only need four wins to ensure the 9 is ours! Apart from Celtic games, this would add excitement the length and breath of Scotland! HH!

11 months ago
Reply to  Mark

I got nervous just reading that Mark!

Patrick O Hara
11 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Which one of you baskets nicked the ball?

11 months ago
Reply to  Mark


11 months ago
Reply to  Mark


11 months ago

Caption: In his younger days, former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith was a local football referee. Here he is (Pictured) looking for volunteers to stay behind, after the game, and assist him in putting things away.

11 months ago

right youse lot am gonna tell yir maws

11 months ago

UEFA, yet again,demonstrating that they haven’t a clue. They seem to be desperate to impose a “one size fits all” solution to the problem of how to end the leagues. The fly in that ointment is that different leagues will need to end at different times. The big 4 leagues have direct access to group stages, so can afford to play right up to the time when UEFA (or the tv companies) decide these should start.
Meanwhile, in sunny Scotland, we have to negotiate (hopefully) 4 rounds of qualifying to get to the group stages. This means that our league has to be decided in time to work out who plays in which UEFA competition and who enters when. (Cup winners / league runners up enter a round later than the other 2 Europa league entrants)
That’s why one size definitely does not fit all.

Andrew Coyle
11 months ago

Caption, right lads who is gonna pull it,go on you know yeah want to,

11 months ago

Caption:Right who said I looked like the keyboard player out of Sparks? They’re not going to form a band for another 5 years you little shit.

11 months ago

Caption: Ref – ” Right, which one of you said Jehovah “?

Andrew Coyle
11 months ago

Caption, Fuhrer”right whit wan eh youse called me Hitler?”
Wee Otto,”Achtung schnell zat voz me,ze one doing the sieg heil,
It vaz a compliment”

11 months ago

Caption: An 11 year old Johnny Doyle gets his first caution for dissent.

11 months ago

Enjoyed the virtual Grand National. Wouldn’t fancy our chances in virtual game against Sevco. They have 8 years’ experience of alternative realities.

sfa unfit for purpose
11 months ago

Ref : ok who pissed in the Bovril
Guy with his hand up : we’ll stop pissing in the Bovril when they stop shittin in our shoes…..
HH Big yin

11 months ago

Pedro Caixinha’s father demonstrates to his son how to deal with the uppity.

11 months ago

Caption Right Chaps do me a big favour I was out on the Lash with the grand wizard last night and I am feeling a tad fragile so if I hear as much as a sweetie wrapper being rustled Your precious team is fucked

11 months ago

Caption: Charlie Saiz’ career as a referee came to an untimely end when he halted a cup game to lecture the crowd on Leigh Griffith’s goal scoring record.

11 months ago
Reply to  Puggy67


11 months ago

We will never know Charlie.
But an independant Scotland would have got rid of the tories once and for all. We would only then have to look at our ain folk as to how we are handling the current situation. We would have been part of the european union initiative to get much needed stocks for our nhs.Our country would have coped no problem.
Maybe under a labour led goverment it would gave been even better.
Do you really think that we would be in a deeper crisis than what we have with getting taken out the eu and our nhs on its knees?

Salad queen
11 months ago
Reply to  jimmybee

A independent Scotland would have closed the borders.

11 months ago
Reply to  jimmybee

Spot On….
INDYRef 2 is an ever bigger priority after the fecking shambles by BoJo and Cummings with their Herd immunity shoite. It set matters back almost a month before they started talkin about social distancing and self isolation.
Bojo was wearing his BREXSHIT hat when he knocked back the EU offer of joining the pool for ordering respirators. Then he dithered and phoned trump to see if he could facilitate production in the US.GTF I think was the reply. Then instead of tasking British Companies that were already tooled up to produce orders he opted for the Dyson(A heavy Tory party Donor) and the Formula 1 effort. 30 units produced as of Friday. The British companies that could have done it in some instances are now producing Units under Contract for the EU. Go figure. The usual Westmonster car crash.
Small Enough
Smart Enough
Natural resources in abundance.

If we feck it up it’s down to us to sort it. We have the choice to choose which road our Country travels.At the moment we are nothing but the dirt on the soles of their feet with no say so on their direction.
The sooner we split the better for both Countries.


sfa unfit for purpose
11 months ago
Reply to  Jimboh

Nicola could have taken a different approach with Scotland , but chose to follow Westminster.
She also follows them daily with a puff piece to ‘ soothe ‘ our worries.
A real leader would be honest.
Maybe Stammer is the man !

11 months ago

Footballer James McClean has bought medical personal protection equipment for a GP surgery in Derry.

Republic of Ireland winger McClean, whose wife Erin is a nurse, confirmed he had managed to secure 400 disposable gloves, 100 gowns, five face shields, 10 containers of sanitiser and 100 facemasks.
A real hero to his community.
Well done James

11 months ago

It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

11 months ago

Caption ; ‘ I sent him off because he’s been a very naughty boy. Questions? Yes, you with you’re hand up.’

11 months ago

C S… That major bullet hadn’t been fired until December last. Our collective Crystal Balls couldn’t have seen that coming or the dreadful implications

11 months ago
Reply to  Weered

And Just who would Scotland be at war with?
As for the “recession” feck em all.
We grow food, we fish, Engerlund needs our water, surplus Electricity, oil Gas and even coal if need be. We are virtually self sustaining. Debt? What debt. We would be a newly recognised country. Westmonster can go and whistle or any” notional debt” figure they come up with. Scotland has produced a surplus to the Treasury for at least the last 100 years if not more so why should we accept any debt for Westmonster “Imperial Services”. Other nations would be only too happy to trade with us for our surpluses. We should just do a UDI a la Rhodesia.


11 months ago

“Right, I definitely heard sniggering – I know there’s someone over there. Show yourself now!”

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