Celtic Diary Thursday March 26: Going Back To Our Roots

Celtic Diary Thursday March 26: Going Back To Our Roots

Celtic have announced a further sum of money to help those who need it during the current health crisis…


FOLLOWING our Football for Good Fund announcement on Friday, Celtic FC Foundation, supported by Celtic FC, are pushing on with plans to help those most in need in our communities. Many families have been severely affected and need urgent support.

There are also countless vulnerable elderly people, individuals who have been impacted financially, and the homeless community who are suffering to an even greater extent through the COVID-19 crisis.

With Celtic’s Fund now sitting at £175,000, our priority remains putting food on the table, as well as urgent essentials for those most in need.

Given the updated Government advice and guidance around staying at home, through our first phase of action we are working with a variety of local partners to provide urgent food and essentials to those in our communities who are in greatest need.

These include our partners Glasgow North East Foodbank, Golden Generation (for the elderly) and a range of organisations supporting vulnerable children, families and the homeless, such as FARE Scotland, Spirit Aid, The Salvation Army, Action for Children, Help the Homeless and The Wayside Club.

Our support of people in those vulnerable categories has also extended to additional locations in Scotland, England and Ireland, including Edinburgh, London, Dublin and Belfast. And crucially, we are also working with a partner to try and find a way to feed frontline NHS staff in Glasgow.

Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, said: “As things have progressed over the course of the last few days, showing support for others is now even more crucial than ever. As a Club with a proud charitable heritage, there’s a real sense of responsibility to do all we can to help those, particularly on our doorstep, who need it most.

“That’s exactly what Celtic FC Foundation strive to do on a daily basis but this current challenge is like one we have never faced before. Therefore, our sense of community is absolutely crucial in this fight.

“As well as following Government guidance to stay at home whenever possible, we will also reach out to NHS frontline staff and those who are most vulnerable through our fantastic partners as we do everything in our power to carry each other through this crisis.”

Tony Hamilton, Chief Executive of Celtic FC Foundation, added: “The situation for many of our neighbours has worsened in the past few days as this crisis has shifted. People are losing income, and with it their ability to feed themselves and their families.

“Our top priority is assisting with that in the communities where we have relationships with existing partner organisations. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible for us. Even in such uncertain and difficult times, the consistency has been the selflessness of the Celtic support who have stepped up to offer assistance when it’s needed.” 


In contrast to many other organisations throughout the country, including the Westminster government, the club is putting it’s money where it is needed in a move that harks back to the original reason there is a club there at all.

It’s a move to be applauded.

Applause and cheers will also take place tonight at 8pm for those in the health service who are working flat out to ease the suffering of many victims of the surrent pandemic. We should all get behind them, and of course, only a fool wouldn’t.

If you are not sure how to cheer or applaud, check out the You Tube video of Conservative MPs cheering the result of a Commons vote that denied nurses a pay rise….

The sickening hypocrisy of the ineffectual Johnson government continues, and niw they have turned to the age old tactic of uniting the country behind those that they themselves have sadly neglected over the years, which is their way of avoiding criticism for that neglect, as is the cynical call for volunteers to assist in logistical and other areas.


The media are just as bad….





Instead, of course, of paying these volunteers to put their own lives on the line, it’s another chance to create selfless martyrs for the cause, and turn the whole issue into some sort of wartime drama where we face an invisible and merciless enemy that is trying to destroy our way of life..


The Government asked for 250,000 volunteers and more than 400,000 put their hands up. All have come forward to give #coronavirus a darn British-style thrashing, 6-of-the-best, trousers down!  






While we are on the subject of those in the upper class who use us to wipe their shoes on, Prince Charles has descended on his Balmoral estate to self isolate after he messed around with an old bat and caught the coronavirus..



Image result for camilla parker bowles



Though there was initial confusion when he found out…( in itself an astonishing misuse of national resources…)






In a blatant disregard for the health and safety of locals , the diseased old wretch decided to ignore rules on people heading from the south to their holiday homes so he could be near the advanced hospital in Aberdeen which has outstanding facilities for those with breathing difficulties… ( Press and journal  May 31, 2017 )



The intensive care unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary has been recognised as one of the best in the world.

The staff who work there have just been given a platinum award – making the hospital one of only five in the world to receive that accolade.

The accolade was given for the unit’s Extracorporeal Life Support (ECMO) machine which helps keep exceptionally ill patients alive.

The team of 20 nurses and five doctors all had to undergo rigorous training in order to receive a platinum award.

The unit, which opened in 2001, treated 15 patients last year. And, as a result of its high standard, people from all across Scotland are sent to the hospital.

Dr Iain Macleod, the head of service for intensive care, explained how the machine works.

He said: “At its most basic level, ECMO is an advanced form of life support that helps us keep extraordinarily ill patients alive.

“The treatment is delivered using specialist equipment and skills to pump blood out of the body, removing carbon dioxide and restoring oxygen levels.

“It is used to treat various conditions including swine flu, severe pneumonia and heart failure, as well as those waiting for a heart or lung transplant.”



The royal family are now all separated and will be carrying on their sponging from home, in accordance with government rules.


As for charles….





Perhaps , however, someone, somewhere  is smiling when she heard…





On a brighter note for the family, Phil the Greek can’t possibly get any worse even if he contracts the illness…





Back to the football, and Alex Rae is the latest tax dodger to be paraded as some sort of expert, and the Sun asked him to name his team of the year.

His original answer, “Rangers ..We are The People ” , was dismissed , and the reporter explained to him, slowly, what he really meant.


And Alex, a man who is sought after by Radio, tv and newspaper for his views cam up with this…



You’ll note the three men from Ibrox are the one’s being touted for sale should the club/ company not go under before the transfer window opens….


Billy Dodds, writing in the Herald, did his bit to clear the way for the inevitable firesale…


Billy Dodds believes Alfredo Morelos and James Tavernier should be axed by Rangers – as they are costing the club silverware

“I think Rangers have to make a definite decision with Alfredo Morelos once they get this season over with. If you are going to try and catch Celtic and that is your ambition, Morelos is a key player but there are certain games where he gets suspended and they can cost you. 

“People might disagree and say ‘he scores all those goals’, but look at Edouard, you don’t see him getting suspended. It is still continuous with Morelos and that is the biggest problem. He either gets suspended then he doesn’t turn up. That is costing you the title I don’t care what he’s doing in between because these games that Rangers need him most he is not there.

“It has cost them the Scottish Cup as well, because he didn’t come back in time for that one. If that keeps on getting thrown in continually as it has been with Morelos, then Rangers are not going to catch Celtic. Another thing that I’ve not chucked in he’s totally lost his form – since that Celtic game that he dived and was suspended he’s totally lost it. 

“Steven Gerrard might totally disagree with me but that is where I’m at with Alfredo Morelos especially. I’m sorry but you have to be thinking you have to cut all ties because they are never going to catch Celtic if they keep players like him.

“If Gerrard gambles he might think I’m not going to get anyone with Alfredo Morelos’ quality anywhere else. But I’m sorry if he continues not to turn up, and it is a big if, there’s no chance of catching Celtic.”


And Tavernier Pen ?


“People keep thinking I’m having a go at James Tavernier, he’s been there through all the lower leagues and there’s a mistake continuously thrown in. Now everybody makes mistakes but these are big ones. But he’s made four or five a season that have cost Rangers big games. Against Hearts in the cup, even in Europe when they faced Young Boys it didn’t cost them but it is continuous.  

“He’s had a tough time this season because he has lost confidence and his manager had to stick by him. Gerrard has shown some loyalty to these players, but they are eventually costing him the title. 

“Tavernier is a good player, but I don’t think he is as brilliant as he thinks. Is he a captain? I’ll base him on Arthur Numan who was a standard setter. For me James Tavernier isn’t. People argue captains are different because on the park they can lead by example and they don’t have to shout. Arthur Numan led by example and didn’t shout. 

“For me Tavernier doesn’t lead by example and he doesn’t really talk through a game.” 


He concludes…


“My point is if you are going to try and close that gap then for me those players aren’t working anymore. They have to change and a decision has to be made. 

“So looking to the long term, that’s been two years for Gerrard at Rangers, going into the third. How is he going to catch Celtic? I’m sorry but you’re not going to catch Celtic with that type of player, who is good enough on occasion but constantly lets you down. 

“Whether it is suspension, whether it is mistakes, whether it is not turning up, you have at some point got to say I have to change the philosophy somewhere along the line.

“I’m just putting it in black and white. I think you have to take the gamble at some point and say sorry I can’t continue with this and we won’t be catching Celtic if we keep these guys.” 




Oddly enough, there is no criticism of Gerrard, now entering his third year in charge after a huge outlay with little or no hope of catching Celtic…



Sky News showed yet again that they haven’t learned anything form their mistakes when they kept getting scores and team names wrong when they mis-spelt something else yesterday…though they were nearly right, phoenticaly speaking…





On a different note, someone is trying to raise himself a few quid during these difficult times by selling some artwork…




And why not ?


Well, I’ll tell you why not, they’re not his.

That’s why not…


JoJo She-Ra
Has stolen and is selling stickers of my artwork too without permission. What an absolute 
you can fill in the next word….
If you see this being advertised, get in touch via twitter with the real owner of the images.


Speaking of bastards, Gordon Ramsay has laid all of his staff off without pay, so don’t forget to let him know he’s a bastard when you can.



Later today the first edition of the Etims quizcast will be on the site, and I can honestly say that it was as good a podcast as we’ve ever done.


I enjoyed it, as did the rest of us and it made a refreshing change from the tedium of lockdown.


Only just, right enough…




Yesterday, we had this…












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Caption: With all the concerts cancelled Rod sells Celtic paving stones from the back of Peter’s lorry.


Caption: …and this is where I keep every record I’ve made since The Faces split up.



Rod after the fire sale at Ibrokes

Note again today on the tinternet the stupidity of the Daily Wanker, in deep denial.

Another article suggesting Slippy will bring in five players at a value of up to fifteen million. As English papers raise concerns about the finances in the EPL it seems the wankers have found gold at the end of the rainbow, or is it the wee leprechaun Alex Rae?


Caption : ‘Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Dulux Edition).’

Level 5 plant

Bored Rod the pr#ck arrives at Boris’s to paint his house during cancelled tour time


Noted that Pep Guardiola has pledged almost £1m of his own cash, to help with the virus fight in Spain.
How much have you pledged Mr.Lawwell?
May i suggest £1m to the Celtic foundation?


Of course Pep is from the Socialist Republic of Bacelona (although he’s NO Socialist) and ‘Peter’ is demonstrably just a piece of Capitalist shite.


Puggy again??
Fuck off & keep fucking off until you get to my effort & award it to me!


See there’s a diplomat job in Hungary going if you’re looking….

Arsene Parcelie

The best caption was on Twitter

but I’d had gone for
“The first coat is the deepest”


“It’ll be all white on the night.”


New from Larry’s Laminates!

Heated Driveway Linoleum.


An old topcoat won’t ever let you down …


Rod Stewart denies Ronnie Woods’ accusation that he “…is as tight as 2 coats of paint”


Caption: paintory


Caption: When we were the new boys I used Brillcream, these days I need creosote.


Caption: A lorry load of rubbish. Looking for some advice. Running short of bog roll and don’t buy papers. If I reduce the sheets I use any more, that suspicious wife of mine will think I have started smoking again by the state of certain fingers. I don’t have a cat and no dock leaves within 2 meters. I thought about grease proof paper or tinfoil but one cracks when you bend it and the other bends your crack. One could say I am in the sh*t in one foul wipe. I need to run………too late!!!!! Thank you in advance… Read more »


pb wae the price ae bog rolls yer cheaper using tenners


pb mike the fermer uses pampers fur suport allegedely ha ha ha ha



I tried my inconstancy pants but they only work one way round. Mike doesn’t need Andrex, he has all that wool 🙂



meh 😉


heh heh


Been sliding down the hill all day on my bum wae ma tail in the air and a relieved stare in my eyeballs 🙂




Life’s a birch:

Handy hints #1967:




Tried this. By the time I’d finished I was truly pissed off – and constipated. The guys barking mad. Besides, we never get that amount of snow. Very grateful for your effort.


Bannockburn Bhoy

The first coat is the deepest…


Caption Rod going through some of his old Vinyl collection

Robert McGowan

Caption … we are selling, we are selling….OR First cut (in) is the deepest….


Oh yeah In these days of deals five ways So called continuation days A story comes to mind of a philistine Billy boy read The S*n I guess Nothin’ more or nothin’ less The thickest guy I ever knew His mother’s tears fell in vain The afternoon Billy tried to explain Those stars that appear above his Turkish fake top crest Pa said there must be a mistake How can my son be half baked That milkman can take the blame for him Kicked out he got a McGills bus To the Govan station terminus A victim of common sense… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Absolutely brilliant charity contributions from Celtic.Once again,praise to those who are the custodians of Our Club,worldclass……


O’Keeffe, is your TRUE name covered within Peter and Lawwel. Are you known as ‘Tom’, by the leeches with whom you associate?
You used to seem an okay guy, thought I, but now I suggest that you ‘thumb’ yer nose at me and all on here.
You’ve come up with (plagiarised) an occasional laugh…… not funny now.
Rev up and head for Ibrox, you’ll be immunised agin all viruses from that day you went across The Clyde on the Govan ferry.


Ironic you calling anybody a Hun. FTP. that’s what Huns say, your on the wrong site, GTF. and F.O. to the Bears Den, for that’s where you belong.


Caption – some guys have all the gloss.


Caption….rod finds the new crumble dome.


Rod finds Maggie and May.


And still…….., Covid19, clearly created and spread with international (rich) agreement in a “survival of the fittest” manner (and they’ll have already HAD the antidote to this man-made killer) -and we don’t need a 71 years old king-in-waiting, nor the Harry, watch what happens to him if Charles and William die (and there WILL be a “new” “Covid” but then 20 maybe (which is still being put together, internationally, as we speak), Bla de fucking Blah, and then we have, (likesay) e-bola et cetera…… and STILL some perennially stupid cunts believe in god? Really? God, a loving, caring, god? REALLY?… Read more »




ffs tic toc did god screw yoor burd or sumfin


tic toc if thers nae god who wis lubo a gift fae then


Sorry ‘charlie’ but a cannae be sure. It wiz either Vim (Jansen) (tae clean up the huns) or Doctor Jo tae euthanise them but missed. But ‘god’ was, and is absent. (Dinnae bore the fuckootme by askin’ that styoopit Q. WRT Jinky, Buzz-bomb, Henke, George Connolly or ’embdy’ else.) But ah still like ye, a charlie like nae other, mibbaes even a proper charlie?
Fuck the pope and ALL religion.


tic toc a wis trying tae make ye laugh wae the lubo craic but a still like ye ya nutjob


‘charlie’, Difficult to be sure here – to be sure – 🙂 but it must be some shout for something that doesn’t exist (to have “screwed” ma bird!) “god” (or/and the son of) were invented to control individuals, poor individuals just like you and me. OF COURSE, the likesay you and “styoopit appearance” will rail against the obvious TRUTH as you’re blinded by religion…..just THINK about it, for once at least FFS. Why ‘diz naebdy’ (to put it in your very own, witty, craic) question the pontificator in the pulpit….AYE, do not forget, I was born into the Catholic ‘faith’,… Read more »


tic toc yool go tae the bad fire wae yon patter


You been sniffin turps wi’ Rod?


Caption, After leaving the New Faces, Rod is forming a new singing duo with Kurt Cobain, the group will be called Kurt and Rod, curtain rod.


Like it Mike not sure what Tony Hatch would say though…


If only he could’ve asked Jackie Trent, but she…


Caption: Rod’s PR explains what “glossing over the Boris tweet” actually means.

Salad queen

From the Irishman
Hey Rod I hear you paint houses!


See that Ralph McTell has updated The Streets of London for coronavirus. He did the same in 2017 for the charity Shelter. Just putting it out there that maybe Ralph is orchestrating homelessness and a pandemic to punt more records. I’ve no evidence but I’m sure there could be Wikipedia links. Somewhere.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Sadie from Riddrie at the car boot sale

Charlie Saiz

I was pleasantly surprised to here so many people out of their homes last night giving praise to those in the NHS who are meeting this horrendous virus head on in the front line. However my mind could not help but think about the fact and it is a fact that we have had successive Governments who have not only cut back vital money and services within the HealthService bit also shut down numerous Hospitals over the past decade or so with Austerity measures. Austerity measures that now threaten the lives of the most vulnerable in our Society who have… Read more »

Charlie Saiz


Charlie Saiz

I have been told from a fairly reliable source that in Spain some care homes have been abandoned by the care personnel and left the elderly within them to fend for themselves.


deary me saiz yer fookin jokin me

Charlie Saiz

I wish I was Charlie.

Yoker Bhoy

I haven’t heard of any case where there has been a total abandonment by health care workers leaving the senior residents alone to fend for themselves but there have been instances of negligence, poor organisation and a glaring lack of protective materials. I believe there are currently four cases under examination (one in Barcelona, one in Soria, one in Vitoria and one in Madrid) at this moment in time and if extreme negligence has been demonstrated, there will be zero tolerance. The resulting crackdown is already in operation. Today’s stats have shown something of an improvement over here suggesting that… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

Yoker I believe you are correct in stating that these things will not go unpunished but I do believe you are not fully aware of he full facts.
We seldom are in times like these.

George Lazenbhoy

Lead paint licker explains why he thinks it’s fine to support celtic and the tories

Charlie Saiz
Charlie Saiz

Breaking News:


Would I be cynical in thinking that Blow Job having the virus might be a populist move. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, I am willing to believe.


ffs this covid thing is gettin serious anybody know wer a can purchase a second haun submarine


a bought a weldin torch and ten sheets a coragated iron and tried tae make ma ain but the bas..trt sank when a tried launch it aff the dalmarnock bridge

Steven Rowan

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Dae as yir tellt!!..

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