Celtic Diary Sunday January 26: Five Ways, Three Points , Zero Trust

Celtic Diary Sunday January 26: Five Ways, Three Points , Zero Trust

The football turned out nice again this weekend, with Celtic overcoming Ross county 3-0, the first clean sheet for about six months, and Hearts winning at home to “rangers “.

That eases any pressure that had built up over the winter break as it now means that although “rangers ” have a game in hand over Celtic, they will have to play their joker to get double points to overtake Celtic.

1 Celtic 22 11 0 1 37 6 8 1 1 24 8 47 58
2 Rangers 21 8 0 1 28 5 9 2 1 27 8 42 53
3 Motherwell 23 6 1 5 18 16 7 1 3 16 11 7 41
4 Aberdeen 23 6 3 2 18 13 4 4 4 12 14 3 37
5 Livingston 23 6 3 2 14 5 2 4 6 21 26 4 31
6 Hibernian 23 4 5 2 19 16 3 3 6 12 21 -6 29
7 Kilmarnock 23 4 4 3 12 9 2 1 9 7 20 -10 23
8 St. Johnstone 21 3 4 4 11 17 2 4 4 7 19 -18 23
9 Ross County 22 4 2 5 14 21 1 5 5 8 24 -23 22
10 St. Mirren 23 4 4 4 11 12 1 1 9 6 18 -13 20
11 Hamilton Academical 23 3 2 7 13 19 1 4 6 10 21 -17 18
12 Heart of Midlothian 23 2 5 5 14 17 1 3 7 6 19 -16 17
Of course, it’s early days yet, and there is still a lot of football to be played, but I think we all feel a little bit better about things than we did at say, half time yesterday.
Celtic were ahead by virtue of a single goal, and seemed to be struggling against the highland side, when Oddsone Edouard made an entrance and scored twice in five minutes to put the result beyond doubt.
This prompted our exceedingly knowledgable support to ponder his exclusion in the first place, but in fairness there’s every possibility it was a tactical masterstroke from Neil Lennon, who will undoubtedly claim it as one once he’s read this piece.
 Had Edoaurd started, and Celtic been ahead only by a single goal, the county players would have been enthused by their dogged defending, and had he been replaced then they would have seen it as a victory, inspiring them for the rest of the game.
 However, a tired defence became deflated when a fresh Edoaurd appeared to hammer them into submission after Griffiths had worn them down, and within five minutes the game was over.
Neil Lennon is on record as saying he doesn’t do tactics, which has been obvious up to now, but perhaps yesterday he decided to have a go at it.

“I’ve said it many times how good Odsonne is, and, again, he showed his value to the group when he came off the bench and changed the game within five or six minutes… and he got Man of the Match!

“He was excellent, he took his two goals really well and he just gives us another focal point up there when he plays. He’s so good, even in the build-up to the goal, he comes and he’s got nice soft feet to set it for Broony and he’s got that hunger to go again and get on the end of it, so he’s a real to, top player and we’re delighted to have him.

“He’s obviously a delight for us to play with. He comes in and plays in the wee half-spaces and you just give it to him and nine times out of 10, he keeps it and does something special. So for us, as midfielders, it’s a dream to play with that.

“Obviously, Griff has started the new year really well since we’ve come back and he’s got his two goals and looks a threat again. And to be able to bring Odsonne on from the bench is an incredible option. And Patryk and Bayo are working well in training as well, so they’re pushing the guys to keep the level up, which is what we need as we go into this final stretch of the season. 


Edouard is the leading league goalscorer in Scotland just now, and has attracted attention from elsewhere, especially in light of stories he wants away, and Tottenham were among the scouts watching yesterday, and if you’re into conspiracy theories , then perhaps they weren’t there to watch him, but to make sure he didn’t start and scupper any deal they are making…

If you’re not into conspiracy theories, then clearly Lennon is a tactical genius who utilised the strengths of his two main strikers separately instead of continuing with two up front after seeing 3-5-2 work so effectively at Rugby Park in the week.

St johnstone are next during the week, and Celtic have managed to hit the ground running, well, sort of running, and now are back in pole position for nine in a row.

Filip Benkovic, who is apparently open to a loan move back to Glasgow may well be the next one in, although the club are discussing a new deal with Jozo Simunovic, as his recent return to action means he needs to get it sorted before he’s injured again.

We’re into the last week of the window, so no doubt the imaginations at the Fat controllers headquarters will be going into overdrive, bit don’t worry.

The imaginations they have there are monochrome compared to ours here at Etims.



The Five Way Agreement, a deal struck between those with a vested interest in keeping some form of Rangers FC alive and kicking in Scottish football has been the talk of the steamie today, with online publication beating the mainstream media after a seven year battle to secure the rights.

This is the email that although sent to Peter Lawwell, and Eric riley, concerning the document Lawwell denied seeing or reading or being in anyway involved with.

So it does seem rather odd he’d be included in the list of recipients. Especially as everyone else mentioned is on the SPL board of the day, and he isn’t…


Subject: Rangers – strictly private & confidential
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 21:01:21 +0100
From: Neil Doncaster *********@scotprem.com
To: Eric Riley (Celtic) *******@Celticfc.co.uk; Steve Thompson (Dundee Utd), Duncan Fraser (Aberdeen) ******@afc.co.uk ; Ralph Topping (Chair) , Michael Johnston (Kilmarnock ) *************@kilmarnockfc.co.uk Peter Lawwell (Celtic) ************@celticfc.co.uk (not to his PA)
CC: Rod Mckenzie *****@harpermacleod.co.uk ; TomThomas ***********@harpermacleod.co.uk (SPL Lawyers) Iain Blair ********@scotprem.com ; Michele Shields *******@scotprem.com (SPL)
(e mail addresses reduced)



Attached are a five-way agreement and a separate letter of undertaking in respect of Rangers.  Work is continuing on the rights agreement with the SFL.

Subject to SPL Board and sub-committee approval, it is intended that these documents be signed tomorrow, with a view to Rangers FC being able to play in Sunday’s SFL Challenge Cup game at Brechin.

The overall effect of the attached is that we will ‘exchange’ signed documents tomorrow, but ‘Completion’ will take place at an SPL General Meeting next Friday 3 August (this meeting has already been notified to clubs) to approve a transfer of Rangers’ share to Dundee.  This will create a window of six days within which we can charge Rangers in respect of the EBTs.  Subject to SPL Board consent, it would be our intention to serve Rangers Oldco and Rangers FC with an EBT charges complaint in the form already circulated on Wednesday or Thursday next week.
You will recall that ‘oldco Rangers’ is the current holder of the SPL share.  Sevco is the new company that will be re-named as Rangers upon transfer of the membership.
The key points in the attached documents, from an SPL point of view, are:
–          Sevco becomes liable for all football creditors (including the SPL itself, Hearts, Dundee United and Aberdeen) 
–          Oldco waives all fees due to it from the SPL, which will be distributed as fees to SPL clubs this season as additional fee payments
–          The SPL waives claims against Sevco – it is oldco Rangers and Rangers FC that we will pursue in respect of the EBTs and it is this process that we will commence with a charge to be issued next week
Additionally (but not specifically relevant to the SPL):
–          Sevco accepts a year’s transfer embargo from 1 September 2012
–          Sevco will pay fines totalling £196,063 to the SFA
We would also intend to announce tomorrow that “the SPL is reserving its position in respect of alleged breaches of SPL rules in respect of EBTs.  We expect to be in a position to make a further announcement on this issue within the next week” or something similar.  I will circulate a draft before it is finalised.
The above is not a totally perfect solution from the SPL’s perspective, since oldco Rangers may potentially raise issues regarding the power of the SPL to pursue oldco for breach of the SPL Rules after oldco ceases to be a shareholder in the SPL (and Rangers FC cease to be a member of the SPL) in relation to pre-cessation events.  This would be an issue for our Commission to take a view on, should the point be raised.  Any such challenge to the jurisdiction of the SPL would be strenuously resisted on the basis that both oldco and Rangers FC were subject to the jurisdiction of the SPL when the EBT events occurred and that the SPL as the competition owner and organiser is the only party with jurisdiction to prosecute alleged breaches of its own Rules.

However, we are advised that such risk as is present is substantially mitigated by the SPL charging oldco and Rangers FC prior to the transfer of the share (on 3 August) whilst both are still members of the SPL.

The attached documents offer a number of other key advantages to the SPL – particularly a timely start to both the SFL and SPL seasons 2012/13, the payment of the Scottish Football debt and the securing of the SPL position regarding the non-payment of further sums to Rangers (which is worth over £1m to SPL clubs in season 2012/13 when finances are most under pressure).  If the five-way agreement is not signed there is a real possibility that a separate accommodation will be made with the SFA and SFL which will not include the SPL and that the SPL will not get the benefits set out above which would be accorded by the five-way agreement  Our recommendation is therefore that the attached documents are approved for signature.
Rod Mckenzie and I are available for any clarification that any Director or member of the sub-committee would like in respect of the above or the attached.
Please confirm by 10am on Friday 27th July that you agree, or otherwise, with the SPL signing the attached documents.  I will assume that you are in agreement unless I hear otherwise by that time.
Kind regards,
Neil Doncaster | Chief Executive
The Scottish Premier League Limited  



Already some are denying that it is legitimate, and we must take that into consideration when we analyse it, and of course, it’s meaning.

What is notable is that no one from Celtic , and we hear they are aware of it’s publication online and the ramifications of this, has commented.

The five Way agreement may not even exist. It may well be an urban myth, yet it has never been exposed as one, nor investigated as a reality.

If it does, however , and it seems more than likely that it does, then it is reasonable, given the source, to assume that this is part of the paperwork which was circulating during the discussions.

At the AGM Lawwell, although as you can see it is addressed to him, and Riley, just in case Lawwell missed it, denied having seen it. The five Way Agreement, that is, which is in itself possible.

He could have read the email and not bothered with the attachment..

After all, Peter is an honourable man, and he may well have felt that it did not concern him. Thus allowing him plausible denial should it ever come back to bite his bottom.

Which he may well yet use as a defence.


It’s worth noting that the Five Way was never made public, and the reason for this is not known.

What is known are the consequences of those actions, and what is also known is that there will be more.

Rangers , according to the media, didn’t go into liquidation after all. It was all just a bad dream.

The Old firm is back, and as it was back then when Lawwell and Bain put their heads together to try to get into the English league set up, it is now with Celtic turning a blind eye to similar on and off field shennanigans that we saw in the run up to their financial collapse.

It’s going to happen again, they have flaunted all the rules in the same way that they did, though to a lesser ectent where tax is concerned, but the morality is the same.

A convicted fraudster is in charge,  one who is cold shouldered by the worldwide financial community, and no one in authority has given or appears even now to give a damn, although he has apparently agreed to quit , sometime this year, though no doubt he will have conditions attached.

For the last seven years, the authorities have pandered to a club/company and it’s support, presumably to keep the box office attraction for tv companies alive, and therein lies the major concern for shareholders and supporters alike.

As we see it, we can say that the email above was …


Sent to SPL Board Members. 

Sent To Eric Riley Celtic’s representative on SPL Board.

Sent direct to Peter Lawwell and not his PA.

PL not an SPL Board member but appointed to SFA Professional Game Board in previous year July 2011 

Attachment was final draft and agreement assumed next day if no response stating otherwise.

It enabled SPL to charge Rangers in respect of ebts as they were still an SPL member

This led to LNS Commission on lesser charges of registration breaches and from which status of unlawful DOS EBTS treated as lawful but in line with PL letter of 25 May 2012 to S Regan cc Infantino wanting a thorough enquiry. 

It waives claims against Sevco, it is “Oldco AND Rangers FC that will be pursued (the separate undertaking letter) which begs question why were TRFC (Sevco/The Rangers FC Ltd)charged with noncompliance in May 2018? 

Although language talks of oldco AND Rangers FC (that were liquidated ) as separate entities BOTH are subject to SPL rules so can be pursued under them. 

At the 2019 Celtic AGM Mr Lawwell was sked if he or anyone from Celtic had been involved in constructing The Five Way Agreement and when he replied “no” the questioner followed up by asking if Mr Lawwell had seen the document to which he responded “No”. the only way that can be true is if he (or Eric Riley) never looked at the attachment. 

If Celtic recipients did not read the attachment they are guilty of negligence that saw representatives of Resolution 12 (2013) shareholders down a path that was not the SFA’s to follow because of the CAS referral clause in the 5 Way that has allowed the matter to be parked by the SFA. 

If recipients did at any time before November 2013 read the 5 Way, and it was rehearsed at an SPL Board meeting in 2014 that Eric Riley attended, then shareholders were deliberately led down a path in 2013 that prevented establishing if UEFA licence 2011 was granted properly under UEFA rules. 


That sets up a whole page of questions in itself that demand answers, but the one that worries me most, and quite possibly worries all of us, is that the man charged with the well being of our historic and unique club has not been acting in it’s best interests.
If this email regarding the Five Way was sent to Lawwell, who deemed it necessary for him to see it ?
Doncaster has signed it, but he is merely following the wishes of club chairmen, thats his position. He’s there to do their bidding.
Did Lawwell ask to see it ?
Was Lawwell behind or involved with, directly or indirectly, the creation of the five Way agreement ?
Had he seen it, and expressed disproval, would it have been rewritten, or maybe even dropped from the agenda completely ?
Was his approval, formally or informally, needed for the agreement to go ahead ?
If he was involved, then shareholders have a right to know. As he has now denied it, then if it is discovered that he was not telling the truth, then he must resign.
It’s one thing to mislead supporters with denials regarding, say players signing or leaving, but it’s entirely another to mislead shareholders and by extension, the stock market.
 Trust is diminishing in the CEO on an almost daily basis, and this email has awoken the suspicions of many who remain unconvinced that Lawwell has the best interests of the club at heart.
 Having spoken about this with him, amongst other things, I think he does, but then again, a lot of water has flowed beneath that bridge since that day, and concern is now growing that perhaps he is too comfortable in his ivory tower, and maybe feels that he is no longer answerable to the thousands of small shareholders, whose emotional investment in the club may well outweigh their financial one, and as such he may feel he is answerable only to Dermot Desmond, who turns up when he feels like it and treats our club as a plaything .
 For thousand upon thousands of us, however, it’s a way of life, a phrase Celtic will  happily use to market merchandise, whilst at the same time it seems those in charge have no real  understanding that for some of us it really is.
 To the board, and the major shareholders, they’re just words.
Well, we’d like some more words.
And they can start by telling us exactly what they were up to in the months leading up to, and immediately after , our ugly sister went rogue, and exactly how far we went to help them.
It’s our club, and right now, you are charged with willful neglect.
How about some answers ?
Above all, how about the truth ?