Well well well…(haud oan, it was Kilmarnock, not the Steelmen! – Ed)

Happy new year and all that to everyone.

The domestic League campaign restarted with a trip down to foggy old plastic slidy pitch land in Ayrshur.

Ayrshur, land of Burns, a Masonic man who could conjure a phrase to turn many a head…a bit like Kris Boyd without the transplant and Monster Munch breath. But we can come back to that later.

And so after a professional win over Partick in the Cup, it was back to the SPFL and I for one wondered if the Taylor-Calmac-Rogic link up play would continue to blossom.

Celtic duly announced the line-up and I got my answer.

A big fat No. ( enough Kris Boyd references – Ed)

No Rogic, No Taylor..even though he knows that pitch and the Killie team better than anyone at Parkhead, and Calmac duly moved to join Broony and Ntcham in a Midfield 5 with Frimpong and Hayes..yes Hayes, out wide. The 3-5-2 formation certainly raised a lot of eyebrows, most notably with the back 3 including  Jozo aka “They call me Mr Glass” appearing on the artificial surface which was previously deemed his kryptonite.

The 3-5-2 formation was a dual purpose action of course. One to combat a physical well drilled Killie side, but more importantly to get our 2  main strikers on the pitch at the same time. Its only natural that Griff and Eddy need gametime together to understand each others movement and touch and Lenny is at least recognising theres more to life that a stranded Eddy up the park wondering when the rest of the team will catch up to help him.

And so the game kicked off and Celtic soon took control.

The first interesting moment came when the Killie keeper misjudged the bounce and clattered into Griff whilst also spilling the ball straight to Eddy. Somehow the calm Frenchman passed the ball to the outside of the gaping goal while the Referee ignored the penalty claims from Griff.

The referee would go on to have quite a terrible night. How his cards stayed in his pockets for so long is a mystery to all of us, the fog wasn’t that bad that his fingers couldn’t find his pocket whenever a Killie player went charging in, or on occasion a Celtic player got over-excited!

Thankfully the first goal would come and be for the Timaloys.

Just as I was typing up a tweet saying I thought Frimpong could do with some assistance out wide in respect to making some space, Ntcham played the ball out to the sprightly young flying Dutchman ( Thanks Delbhoy!). Frimpong turned and beat the first man with ease and ran 20 yards with the ball. Facing another 2 Killie players, he still managed to get the ball into the box.

Job done by the young wing-back, now it was up to the strikers.

Up stepped Eddy.

Its easy to forget how good Eddy is, purely because he makes it all look so easy.

Its as if he operates in Matrix Bullet Time and the rest of us see panic and chaos as he sees everything in a calm assuring manner.

The ball came in from Frimpong as Eddy and a Killie player charged into the box.  Eddie collected the bobbling ball at shin height, immediately bringing it under control. Then he spun not once but twice to send the Killie player all over the shop before calmly striking the ball passed the keeper to give us  the lead. It was so cool and calm and collected that people were equating him to Tom Rogic, that’s how good his close control under pressure was. Whilst running AND under pressure from a defender,remember!

Pure class.

Celtics next best chance of a goal would be Callum McGregor passing an attempt wide after brilliant dribbling and link up play with Eddy but the first half would end with the Hoops 1 goal ahead.

The second half would soon have the Celtic fans smiling as Griff stroked the ball home for the second. The Killie team all appealed for off-side but the cannae man from Leith was a yard on and the goal was never in doubt. Griffiths celebrated by turning his attention to Kris Boyd who had said the Celtic man had only 4 weeks to save his Celtic career over Xmas. 2 goals in the first 2 games is quite the return so far.

The rest of the half was much of a muchness. Killie scored when Jozo made a poor clearance and then stood still while a Killie forward leant down to head a bouncing ball home. Thankfully the Hoops would restore the 2 goal advantage with big Jullien heading in a corner to make it 3-1 and secure the 3 points.

The only “controversy” or 2 or 3 or 4 were Griff being shown throwing old shin-guard tape towards gesticulating Killie fans, who had apparently been giving him abuse all night. Some feared he might get called up to the Compliance Office for that but if history has taught us anything then not to worry!




We also had a shocking follow through from Killie man Power on Frimpong which saw the wingback stretchered off the park. We also had the strange switch of Griff for Mikey Johnston. Why risk the slight young man on that pitch and why not bring on the new signing Kilmala? Then we also had Bayo come on…which seems even weirder.

Most controversial of all though was after the game. Kris Boyd, a man who champions a Mental Health Charity, used his Sky Sports Scotland Platform  whilst clearly flustered, to have a go at Leigh Griffiths mental health issues and absentism from Celtic. Twitter went into meltdown and there was a large demand for Celtic to ensure this sort of attack does not go unpunished, unlike Power on Frimpong.

So that was that.

3 points in a tough venue and we have to be happy with that.

Big positives are some more game time together for our strikers and hopefully Frimpong will be okay, at last reports he was walking around despite the amateurism of the stretcherman at Rugby park, At one point he was heard to cry out “Oh F***” when they were trying to attend to his injury!

So onto Ross County… here we go…a Home game..that very rarest of things indeed!


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Yeh the people have spoke, shite as usual. Booing Frimpong after a nasty challenge, slagging of Griffs, suppose he brings it on himself? As for Sky and Boydie what can you say, a man blessed with wit, intelligence and a caring belief in supporting your fellow human being not, but again an Ayrshire being. A good performance from the Refereeing team, again PlanZ stop nine in a row. Lenny I agree Desi with your article, what is he doing, at times he looked comatose, or was it being surrounded by the quaint inbred Ayrshire folk. As for Simo it is… Read more »

Desi frimpong is Dutch 🙂


Maybe it was Ralph who did this thread? 😉

Remember how good Christie rogic and McGregor played together, imagine these 3 behind Griff and eddy. How good would that be!. Love broony but shouldn’t be playing every game at his age

Man in denial about his helipad

Excellent result last night.

Who would I rather have in the studio, you ask, Kris Boyd or a fat barrel of phlegm topped up with bile which leaked lard when asked for -cough- expert analysis……..

the fat barrel every time.

Is it Sky policy to bully anyone suffering from mental health issues ?


Phone Sky and ask them…..i will!


I was so glad when those two wallopers got sacked.
I actually laughed out loud!

On this day a true Celtic legend made his debut. The Maestro Paul McStay. Unbelievable talent who could have played in any team in Europe. 655 appearances and was the only shining light for us in those dark days of the past.
It was a joy to watch him play.
If you want to play for Celtic try to be like Paul.
HH the maestro.


A true great & a man i had in a bear hug outside Hampden in Henrik’s last game 🙂

Simply world class!

Dont think hes recovered m8 🙂




Paul wouldn’t have got a game for original rangers….i mean can you imagine him on a floating pitch then out to their casino? 🙂


State of the Nation: Fras. Foster, 7-10. League Cup final winner, could come of his line more and improve his distribution. Oh Jeremy Frimpong, 8-10. A breath of fresh hair, very quick, gets stuck in, but like all young players needs some time and needs more time and protection. Sumo Wrestler, 6-10. Our 67 hero as big Billy’s tribute player, such a pity he’s always injured and because of that he will never achieve his full potential. Julien, 8-10. He gets us, a ball winner, excellent in the air, a mighty leap with a powerful header. Ajer-be-back 7-10. I don’t… Read more »


Broony, 7-10, Age is taking its toll, but when you set the bar so high, his 75% is most other players 100%. Love yeh man.
Ntcham, 0, GTF.F.F.F.
Calmac, 8-10, Pussy Nancy carries in the Haggis ^ ^ ^ the Frenchman is the haggis.
Griff. 8-10, Great to see him back 5 words I never thought that I would say, prove the doubters (me) wrong, living on the edge.
Odsonne 100-10, Love is in the H-air, WOW.


Overall, a much better performance than versus Thistle so that is a big positive. As Desi says there were some strange selections but who can be critical when it pays off. To use Hayes instead of Taylor is most peculiar…the latter hardly needed a rest because he has not played much. Ah well, at least it was not Boligoli, who would have left gaps for Burke to exploit. Jozo was also a strange one but if we are playing three at the back then who else? For me the strangest decision was why wait so long before using any subs?… Read more »

Exactly my thoughts rebus with Griff attracting interest from Leeds maybe Peter has told Lenny to play him to allow leeds a chance to see what he has left in the locker.

Because Peter runs the show have you not got that yet

Also maybe lenny was protecting Taylor from playing against his old team in case it went pear shape for him.
He still is settling in and if he had a nightmare against his old club the supporters would have turned on him. That’s my guess anyway.



Cheers 🙂





Lenny is trying to make a case for retaining Hayes. I’d let him go..he will get a payday somewhere else.



because he will probably be injured again in 2 weeks

but, if he can keeo it up im happy to eat a big slice of that pie again

eddy is still BY FAR AND AWAY the best attacker at the club


All we want is a fit, focused & goalscoring Griffiths!
If he does this, no one will have any issue with him.
Good luck to him!

Perhaps we could sell Griff for £30m and keep Eddy?

That should be easily achievable given that Eddy is quoted at that figure and, I’m sure, most of his suitors would agree Griff is the far better player.






I, Ron E



One word–Money! 12 million is a very good deal for Celtic provided we have someone else in mind.



Leigh Grffiths – smell the sock.

Man in denial about his helipad

Monster Munch petition.


Man in denial about his helipad

almost 3,000 signed so far. Let’s build it up.

What have they signed up to?


Free cliftonville fc let them play in the Isle of Man league

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