Celtic Diary Monday January 6: The Perfect Storm

The players are back in training now, having had a week to do more or less what they want before the hard work begins.

The rest and relaxation week seems to have gone well, with no arrests reported, and no one has left the club yet.

Then again, with a week in the sunshine, punctuated by a bit of running round on offer, who wouldn;t hang about to get fit for any possible medical ?

Interestingly, there’s been no bids either, which may just be down to the fact that it’s the holiday period, or was until I got up this morning.

There’s plenty of rumours, but nothing with any real substance to them, although there is evidence the club are working to strengthen and offload, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

There could be one in this week, however….

Sunderland were reportedly interested in Scottish starlet Bruno Davidson, with the Scottish Sun going as far to say the club had made an offer for the young winger.

Davidson is currently on the books of Edinburgh-based Scottish academy Hutchison Vale and had attracted plenty of interest due to his displays at youth level.

The 15-year-old was said to be the subject of offers from Sunderland and Celtic, had visited both Southampton and Liverpool earlier in the season and was also attracting interest from Newcastle United, Leicester City and West Ham United.

However the Daily Record report that Celtic believe they have won the race for the player who turns 16 in April and hope to tie him down to a three-year deal in the coming week. 

I think it’s maybe worth remembering that the recruitment guys aren’t just planning for next week, or indeed next season. It’s an ongoing process.

Remember this ?


There may still be something in that summary that has turned up in a more recent summary.

As long as its not the word “Boyata ” we should be okay.

The 2/3 starters is probably the closest thing, though.

Calum MacGregor, the man who has played more football than most was happy to spend his spare time enjoying his hobby of re-enacting famous moments in pottery industry history, to avoid him climbing up the walls while he was supposed to be resting.



Ryan Christie is awaiting his hearing at the SFA, which takes place today. Hes charged with grabbing the dangly bits of Alfredo Morelos, and could receive a two match ban, which won’t make any difference to him as he’s just had surgery on his dangly nots, or near to them, depending on which made up story you believe,


Coach John Kennedy went on record to officially denounce rumours of trouble in the tunnel after the game, prompting people to wonder why he didn’t go that last week.

“I have heard it. I have had a couple of people ask me questions about whether there was fighting in the tunnel. There was no such thing. It’s just the usual nonsense. 

Funny that. Wonder where it did happen, then.

Tell you what hasn’t happened.

“rangers ” haven’t gone to the SFA , or anyone else for that matter, with any evidence whatsoever of the racist abuse of wantaway nutjob  Alfredo Morelos. Isn;t that a surprise considering it’s all their support has harped on about all week.

Perhaps they need it not to be shot down, in case they do get an offer for Heidthebaw and they need to use it as an excuse for him racing towards the airport.

As we said last week, thats the plan.

Anyhoo, back to the good guys, and Kennedy hasn’t gone to Dubai with everyone else, and since he’s the head coach, thats a bit of a mystery, unless he’s hanging around to give someone a lift.

Though he could just be hanging around to see if he has to speak on behalf of Ryan Christie later.

Sky Sports collared him, making him wish he’d gone to Dubai almost instantly, and they asked about a new striker..

There are some options there which are going on in the background and will continue. And we would like to do that as quickly as possible.

“But it needs to be right. We don’t want to just jump into something that is not quite right for us.

“So there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. It’s an area we are trying to improve to give us more options. But hopefully in the next week or two we can give you a bit more news on that.”

Er, thanks John.

Incidentally, Lazio are now the form team in Italy, they’re going really well, and maybe beating them in rome took a lot more out of our players than we thought. Mentally and physically.

The break should do them good.

The suggestion that there is a role for Ronny Deila prompted a bit of discussion on here and on twitter, and not surprisingly, as tempers flared and people were beaten up, a few little nuggets came our way.

One or two ( four, if you really want to know )suggest that the time in Dubai, and indeed the winter break as a whole will be used as a big group hugging session amongst the backroom staff, and all the minor issues , especially in the sports science section, will be ironed out after they’ve been through the wash.

Thats nice.

Elsewhere on the site is a summary of Resolution 12 and whats been happening.

Have a wee look, it’ll make you smile.

Those of you who are shareholders who answered the call may well have received some information, and may well have already acted on it.

With the Christie case coming on the back of the somewhat ludicrous comments by Alasdair “Surrender, no ” Johnston, and the sudden media interest in the SFA and their, er, fucking uselessness and unique interpretation of the rules, we may well see the perfect storm this week.

And while its blowing we’ll be doing our little bit to keep it going.

Especially as it seems the media have removed their tongues from certain bottoms…remember how they used to be ?



think about this, you can be sure some others are….



Who knows, they might even publish the 5 way agreement, which should be a laugh. If they do that then they’re almost certainly hiding something else.

The Endgame has begun. Make sure you get a good seat.


Finally, the Iranians have put a price of  80 million dollars on the head of Donald trump, the fuckwitted warmonger who somehow ended up as the president of the United States  Imperial Council after he invoked the Bethlehem Doctrine to murder a senior politician over there, a move likened by some to the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand back in 1914, which caused the first war to end wars.

80 million.

For a cut of the money, I’m going to help a wee bit.



Yesterday, we had this…



Caption: Broadmoor lifers stage a rooftop protest after The ‘Deila for Celtic Maniac’ is admitted.


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Man in denial about his helipad


Yes we know Rangers died but………….


Caption : ‘Then, jist at the ticklie bit, the f**king goat moved…’


Lol ^^^

Paddy Mo

Incidentally Lazio fans accused of racism by Balotelli… story in today’s Guardian

Surely not those cuddly fascists.

I’m sure the Laptop Loyal will be leaping to their defence as they did when we played them.


Caption:” Guys Alastair Johnston is about two light years and this far from planet earth.” Yesterday the problem with ETims not coming through the way it used to is I kinda dip in and dip out. When I said Ronnie “did what he did with what he had,” I thought it was an old debate about whether he achieved anything as a Celtic manager not part of a different debate about whether he should come back to support the present coaching team, clearly not on my view. Do they need an old wise head,” maybes aye, maybes naw.” What is… Read more »


“Won three competitions”, “still the best of!”

I didn’t take the Deila report seriously, as it doesn’t make sense. Clearly the fans would be lukewarm but the far bigger issue is that the manager didn’t want him on board the last time, so any attempt to impose him is likely to meet the same fate. I agree we are in a “good” (not great) place but there are issues that need to be addressed, no great big structural ones but significant ones. These can easily be addressed but there’s unease that they won’t be, based on previous (in)actions. If we lose the league, no matter by how… Read more »


ronny is about to be the worst thing to hit new York since 9/11

ala Wim and Hiroshima. That didn’t work out too badly for us. 🙂

I’m baffled as to why this is of such interest to Celtic sites, as its hardly a lamented period of our history. Lamentable but not lamented.

Since he left, we’ve gone to a level far higher than anyone of us dreamed and he’s mismanaged a midtable Norwegian team.


What I don’t understand is the ‘Celtic fans’ on twitter giving it the be ready f or trophies chat. He’s rank rotten.


Caption: The three stages of a hair transplant.


Will the board fire the silver bullet, the “coup de gras”? Would that be a “phyrrhic victory” for the board? Would it be a self inflicted wound? Time will tell, but all of that and a severe judgement by Lord Percy on behalf of Big Mikey on the 17th. Will that be the death knell or another nail in the coffin? One of many as the Morelos value plummets, (was gonny say nosedives but I know that would elicit joviality for some). Interesting and perhaps costly times knocking on the door for some. “What kind of game are we running?… Read more »


And of course Craig Whyte’s book comes out on Saint Valentines day. GIRUT.


Neil,tell that useless cunt Longmuir that The Bay City Rollers are reforming,and there’s a vacancy for him.

Caption,how did u bring the rangers back from the dead?
Just like that
Just like that

Steven R

Caption: if the Res12 guys shove a rocket up my arse, that’s how much I can take comfortably. What about you two clowns?


Caption : if we sit here really quietly maybe res12 will just go away



Three wise monkeys?

Patrick O Hara

Callum,are you trying to tell us that when you inadvertently touched Morelos it was this size????!!!

In an alternate Universe….
” I’m tellin you guys it was this big”
Another Daily 2angers exclusive as yet another Official caught out telling Porkies.

FC not Plc
Support The Res12 guys.


Caption, Hun loving Criminals.


The bitterness of the Hunnery at the SFA is out in its true colours, banning Ryan for two games shows them in their true colours Orange.

The Rankers bring the game into disrepute, players assault Celtic players, Flanagan that’s fine. Sad little country gutless board


Bang on!


Caption: I’m telling you the arse was this big, then I heard the words, “Resolution 12,” and I went all soft.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Yeah, at the initiation ceremony I got passed the goat after these two so I grabbed it like this and fucked it! At the same time I made sure the second contracts were hidden and the euro license slipped through!

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


When we all go to the temple with the chequered floor I like to hold my goat just like this to get a right good swatch of its flange


Alastair Hancock Johnston,face like a goat`s scrote.

Freeze brethren.Is that a Fenian ninja in the corner?

sfa unfit for purpose

Its like we are living in some weird extra dimension. Trump is killing Iranian generals that he has never heard about and Christie gets a 3 game ban……..The shooter Kent and throat slit More or less appear to be off scot free. Stop the 9 in full flow. Any Celtic fan that pays into the cabal is crazy. No more green pounds for these low life fukkers.

sfa unfit for purpose

Also our board are again proving they are incompetent or complicit when it comes to dealing with the Hampden soup takers

sfa unfit for purpose

And in light of the events of the last 8 days Our Board should be refusing to take any tickets for ipox.
They will do what we should have done.We should have been releasing footage of their fans all this week ,giving out their hatred and throwing stuff at our players. Don’t know why that hasn’t happened. You can be sure they will do it to us. Its all about making us out to be the angry racist mob.And so far , to the wider audience its working. Take no more fans into that dump.

Oh god, not this shite again.

Anyone who doesn’t want to go to Ibrox can do so.

There will be plenty of fans who want to go to support our Bhoys and provide support for them in a hostile environment and hopefully roar them onto victory.

This has got nothing to do with counteracting bias, which is the responsibility of the club’s hierarchy to act on.

sfa unfit for purpose

They are now looking to provoke us like never before. Its obviously all a smoke screen for their bigger problems .
I still don’t think we should grace their midden with our presence.
just because plenty of fans want to go doesn’t make it a good idea.
And at the moment , in case you missed it , Our hierarchy are doing nothing. Fcking disgrace.
How can they lose the Christie case today . Who was representing Celtic , My Cousin Vinny ?

Its not gracing their place, its being there to support our team.

If the concern is players’ safety then that’s not addressed by banning fans!

Today’s hearing was solely about did Christie ‘grabby a gooly’ and anyone who was surprised at the outcome, hasn’t been paying attention.


He did grab his balls lol after getting nutmeg fed by a Neanderthal couldve been doing it for balance or to see wether there were balls there in the first place.


I am effing incensed at this – stop the 10 in full flow. I plan to email those fucks and ask for an explanation. I am a paying customer and expect to get fairness and equal treatment across the board. That is not happening. Let’s fucking bombard the inbox at the Masonic lair – don’t expect a reply as Phil Mac doesn’t get any but at least I feel as if I am doing something. I have already told them to stop sending me emails about Scotland games. I will never waste my time and money travelling from Brum whilst… Read more »


Did Nic De Marco QC represent Ryan Christie? You can stick your feeble ‘Statement’ . Celtic PLC statement: Celtic Football Club and Ryan Christie are extremely disappointed at the outcome of the hearing today. Given the recent treatment of Celtic players and the lack of sanctions being imposed on those responsible, the fact that a sanction has been imposed on Ryan for the incident in question demonstrates a worrying lack of consistency in the Scottish FA fast track process. Naturally, we will be contacting the Scottish FA regarding our concerns. Scottish football deserves a disciplinary process which is fair, consistent… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

A few different newsites ,msn etc reporting a Glasgow herald story , saying nil by moth have seen ‘ the footage ‘ of more or less being ‘abused’ in a Glasgow street. But . When you visit the herald site , the story is only a header under a story about jack ross , and if you follow the link there is no mention of the abuse story at all.
is this an old news rehash , or is it just shite


Wouldn’t be a normal day without being abused on a Glasgow street. I’m over this snowflake stuff


“We had a pile of EBT side letters this big…but don’t worry, they fell into the shredder.”


Caption: My bin for Celtic statements is this big.


Ricky Gervais legend

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