That Was The Decade That Was : The North Wind Blows

Here we go again…

As we discussed in  That Was The Decade That Was : Lenny takes the Helm , we saw our Lurgan hero secure the early League Titles.

So just what would he be looking forward to in Season 3..not quite what he got thats for always. feel free to leave your comments below..


Oh just as you get comfortable, Celtic go and throw a right curve-ball into the mix.

Despite stepping in when needed and winning 2 Leagues, Neil Lennon would be exiting stage left before the season got underway. The talk of clashing over cash for purchases (and what about the Sales? – Ed) was circulated which seemed crazy if true given the man that Dermot wanted to be leader was a certain Roy Keane who surely wasn’t coming with cheap wage or transfer expectations.

Keane would ultimately tell Lawwell and Dermot to ram it when Lawwell insisted a fresh faced up and coming coach from Norway become his Number 2. As Keane walked away, Lawwell promoted his man up a notch and in came Ronnie Deila with Mr Wolverine aka John 6 Pack Collins coming in as his Number 2 with a certain John Kennedy getting promoted from the U20s Coaching role to First Team Coach.

To say the Celtic fans were gobsmacked is putting it lightly but Ronnie seemingly had some decent and modern ideas. He talked of making the side fitter and smarter and we hoped for the best.

The first big talking point was him getting rid of Chips at Lennoxtown ( honestly -WTF Lenny!) and we all smiled when we saw the colourful plate marking out veg, carbs and protein portions expected of the players!

Anyone remember we once had a Head of Performance named  Bård Ove Homstøl  and an Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Performance Specialist named Grete Mellingen Homstøl ?

No, me neither but makes sense in the modern game.

Ronnie then set about forming his side with notable signings of Craig Gordon on a free and Stuart Armstrong and GMS from the Arabs for a few million. Up front we brought in Stefan Šćepović as our striker.

On loan we brought in the very decent Jason Denayer and the mercurial John “thinks hes Zlatan” Guidetti. We also brought Mubarak Wakazo whom I cant even recall, we acquired Aleksandr Tonev who its best skipping over, and a certain Jo Inge Berget who jumped off a plane, ran about and looked silly then buggered off only to come back to haunt us a while later.

Exiting the doors of Paradise would be Fraser Forster for £10m, Tony Watt headed to Belgium, Berum Kayal went to Brighton and the beloved Sammi walked away to West Brom. Out on Loan headed that boy Pukki and that dud Baldé.

Peter was once again cock-a-hoops as we pocketed another £7m in net transfer profit. Anyone think he was missing Rangers at all?

Friendly wise we got humped by Spurs and beat by St Paulo and PSV but we started well enough in the league with 2 wins before Inverness Caley beat us up in the Highlands. Caley would go on to figure prominently that season.

Europe wise – We got turned over something rotten by Legia Warsaw but like the Sion affair, we took their place after they fielded a player they shouldn’t have and even then we just scraped through on away goals!

We got slapped by Maribor in the CL Play off round, throwing it away at home and fell into the Europa League. That group featured an early Red Bull Salzburg incarnation and we actually managed to draw away with them before they slapped us down at Celtic Park. Look where they are now!

We managed to beat Zagreb and Astra to qualify from the group and earn a glamour time against our old foes Inter.

Ronnie’s side did well drawing 3-3 in an exciting game at home with a special Guidetti goal but they went out after a 1-0 win for the Italians back in Milan in the February.

Domestically, the League was won with 3 games to go when Aberdeens challenge ended with a defeat at Tannadice.

On the pitch, the perfect football science of Ronnie, wasn’t quite blossoming as hoped. Highlights on the park were big Virgil scoring 10 goals that season while his partner Denayer got 6.

Upfront though, the Magic 50 club would need Griffiths (20), Commons(16) and Guidetti(15) whilst Stokes and Johansen contributed 8 and 13 respectively.

Sadly and ominously for our star striking purchase, Stefan Šćepović only managed 6 goals, 1 more than Broony and a certain Callum MacGregor who had profited from his previous Seasons loan spell.

The League Cup was won in style though with not a goal conceded in the tourney.

We even met new club The Rangers on the way and dismissed them 2-0 in the semi final before cuffing Dundee United by the same in the Hampden final in March.

It would be back at Hampden that Ronnie would first taste the reality of life in Scottish Football.

In the April we faced Inverness Caley in the semi final of the Scottish. We weren’t great by any means but in front of only 28643 fans, we took the lead through big Virgils free kick and then up stepped the Masonic Cabal to help deny Ronnie his Treble.

How that Linesman, 3 yards away,  never saw the blatant hand ball from Josh Meekings preventing Leigh Griffith scoring the second is anyones guess.

It was ridiculous, hell it denied a goal, a penalty and a red card all in one!

We then had to go down to 10 men with Craig Gordon walking the walk and then Caley eventually snatched it at the death of injury time. Absolutely gutting and that was the end of the season for us really bar raising the Title flag.

Oh there was also the small matter of a boy being promoted to play in the defence. On the 22nd April 2015, Celtic fans welcomed Kieran Tierney to the side as he came on against Dundee. The left back berth and acclaim would be all his come the next few years.

BTW – Can you recall what was uniquely missing from the Top flight League that year?




Ronnies second and final season would be one that was encapsulated by The Ronnie Roar. All show and no real substance but we will get to that.

Player wise, it was a very strange time.

We bought Dedryk Boyata, Jozo, Erik Sviatchenko so some shoring up at the back with Jason Denayer not interested in extending a loan or a transfer. We also went around the SPFL and scooped up Scott Allan ( Sigh – Ed) and Nadir Çiftçi  from Dundee United.  Sadly Çiftçi ended up back out on loan come January he was so bad at Celtic!

Oh and we also signed a young boy named Ryan Christie from Inverness Caley ( Hooray – Ed) who we graciously sent back out to develop.

We also somehow ended up with Carlton Cole and Colin Kazim Richards. No, I have no idea either!

Our loan signings that season would include Saidy Janko, Tyler Blackett and a young man named Patrick Roberts popping up from Man City..wonder what happened to him?

Heading out the door though, we saw that boy Pukki exit to begin his adventure into Superstardom. We finally got rid of Derk Sicknote and Mr Balde and notably former saviour Tony Stokes exited that January.

The big sell off to keep Peters driveway warm was Virgil Van Dijk to Southampton ( of course) for £11.5m.

Our net transfer profit that season was sadly only £6m…embarrassing!

As for the fitbaw…we played our Friendlies out at Paisley that year, facing Den Harry Bosch, Sociedad and getting gubbed by Dulka Prague. We also faced a wee French team called Rennes…wonder what ever happened to them?

The Euro qualifiers were a right self inflicted boot in the nether regions as we exited to Malmo and we let our old bearded pal Jo Berget score 2 easy goals at Celtic Park to help put us out once Malmo got us back in Sweden. I still blame that crowd jinx of doing the Huddle while 2 goals up.

We then fell into the Europa to face Ajax, Fenerbahçe and Molde. We wouldnt win a game. 3 draws was the best we could do, just awful and Molde beat us home and away as iwe ended bottom of the group. This  gave plenty of ammunition the Ronnie doubters, especially when Kris Commons went mental being substituted during a home defeat to Molde.

It would be another Trophy that confirmed Ronnies tenure was at an end but we will get to that.

As for the League, that was still missing the The Rangers as Motherwell had gubbed them in the play offs much to the joy of many watching on TV. Celtic would tie up the League straightforward enough and close the season with a 7-0 gubbing of Motherwell.

Other notable League highlights were a 8-1 win versus Hamilton and and scorer wise, the highlight was Leigh Griffiths breaking the 30 goal marker during the season and 40 goals overall. The fact no other striker managed more than 4 says how much we relied on Griff that season, ably supported by Rogic(10) and Commons(9). Surprisingly given his role these days, Nir Bitton scored 8 goals that season!

And nowthe Domestic cups where we would get to the semis of both competitions.

The League cup was mental. In Ronnies 100th game in charge, we went 1 up in seconds through GMS (See if you want any of they stories of his maw and Ronnie…Just Leave it – Ed) only for Efe to then get sent off ( that conniving bastard Shalk again!)  and we missed a penalty before we eventually fell 3-1 to Ross County at Hampden.

As The Scottish Cup..well that was the end of Ronnie.

Going out to The Rangers on penalties was bad enough but no-one immediately thought it meant the end of days.

What Ronnie and others weren’t to know was that Dave King and crew would over celebrate and dare to annoy Dermot Desmond.

Least if the legend is to be believed.

All we do know is that soon enough, despite clinching another league, Ronnie was politely wishing us All the best and farewell and left with our best wishes and his dignity.

On reflection, Ronnie was a nice guy who kept the league wins going so fair enough.

On paper,  he had some decent ideas and hopes on the modern game and players but the reality is that in the end the job and expectations were just to big for him. It says it all that no-one has ever whispered “Och I wish we had Ronnie still”. To balance that though, everyone will gladly cheer Ronnie on the pitch if we go on to make the 10.

Speaking of being fair, to be fair to John Collins, our former Predator wearing midfielder honourably and immediately confirmed he would be going too given Ronnies exit. Lots of sleakit folk would have chanced their arm under such circumstance.

And so that was that season.

We had no idea what lay in store!

Look out for The Holy Trinity coming Dec 30th

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Good summary, Desi! Brought back some memories – bad & good.

BTW Any fellow E-Tims planning to get together before the Huns match on Sunday, give me a shout! I might even go as far as paying for a round (1st & last time this decade – Ed) 🙂


To be


am no wan fur spreading rumours but has emdy heard the rumour aboot big arlene

The Cha

Keep it to yourself.

That’s what the driver should have done. 😉


must be wanny they new fangled motors that drive thursel cause the poor man must be blind


I`d piggy back her to her Father.

Is it not in a can?


piggy backins no allowed in hell port you been inhalin yon forrest fires again ha ha ha ha


way,let me though i`m no.Wankers cold shop.

Paddy Mo

Best thing from the Ronnie years was how he got Griff fit, happy and scoring.


Still rock-n-roll. Ronnie led.
Those around even though im half way on the other side of the World was want for theirs.
s Simon,and all to,too?

Afford oats.


Whos that little cvnt? Simon. Is it Simon.
d never get past me.Though it`s a Winters living day.

Between them all.


Simons challenge (See mustache.)

Babe to sit with Sir Rod.

When were they wernt to play against?
Exclusions apply to the dick in the middle.

Im every woman, it`s all it needs.

Cheat in July.Their Christmas.

Merry not Happy Christmas.


Tut tut Mr. Desmond, you do know how to put me of my lunch. Firstly R.D. (nope still canny say it) was number two, in more ways than one. Because we know just who it was behind the scenes pulling his strings, selling-buying, mucking up. The DoF of course. He played a blinder, emptying the stands, buying dross, selling the family jewels (ooh Matron). This had his finger-prints all over it and bhoy did we suffer. Lenny doesn’t escape either, because he chose to leave perhaps thinking that others would approve his talents. But down south they don’t appreciate ginger… Read more »


The downsizing years, Liewell thought he had found the cheap option, he should have driven Sevco evolution into the ground, but no he wants his bonus. Banker he has stuck about for a while

Great detail Desi

To all have a great Christmas and a fantastic twenty ninth

The Cha

I always remember the Malmö manager laughing that he knew we would run out of steam at home and they would take advantage.

Not Madrid, Manchester nor Munich but Malmö.

It’s a myth that he got the players fitter.

He talked a good game but the evidence of our eyes showed something completely different.

The Cha

As you amply demonstrate. 😉


we were lucky in the cup final. great job my a@rse.



Nail tapped on head! Delia was a seminar leader not a manager!

He will never coach at that level again.



Ronnie brought in, Hahaha!

Ps. Aplogies Caroline didn’t mean to get ma heed in the way of that light.


Missing, that would be any kind of coaching ability.


Deila is and was a cunt.

sfa unfit for purpose

Anybody know what the average attendance was in 2014/15


average attendance 2014/15 was 44,585


You have to remember it was the days of the board releasing the attendance figures,very few season ticket holders in those days.


ffs hawf the tims got a lift ower in them days a only stopped gettin lifted ower wen a wis 47 and a hawf he he


more people attending equals more tax for the kelly,s and the wee wummin in ireland

make of that what you will


Grete Mellingen, “Thongs Ya Bass”.


mike sumtimes a used tae get wanny the she tongs tae intrap ma boaby in hur thongs ….ime no kinky but sumtimes a wee change is as good as a rest heh heh…aint wee changes grand


The real Celtic FC supporters fashion tooth floss from our PLC.


Ach. Anyway then. 🙂



Cease = mercy.



Whatld you do?

Gamess to be played on your feet.Hes to ground.

Were no all around the 11,yet though.
Know before time,you`re looking at it.



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Displaced Hoop Hips.
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No matter.


It`s not as many of them.
No corner of course accepted.



Holiday with Qatamesh.



He`s to sit next to Graeme And Souness.

If they ask why.


Dont open...
1-1 against the Buddy Bhoys.

Whats the first thing?


The Holy Trinity?
Mammy feelin`soft for me.
Two and a boot.

Another Saturday night.


Can`t help it,though at training.


Enough of the Hun shit.We`re shit.


Celtic aim.
Desire to every keepers on his line in the middle of the goal line every weekend.

Poofter right footers determination.

Lifting your heid too early? Sign the ball after.


Merry Christmas Ghirls.


The best and worst come out of Renfrewshire. Tinker,…Another,what do you call it?
Greg Taylor answered back I reckon(good).
Shore of snowflake,Lenny.

Allergy. Thanks for listening!


Neil,you gotta be crazy.

Greg Taylor can read and run with a ball for 18 miles.


Just seen that Ralph’s dad has died.

Thoughts and prayers to you and all the family, Ralph. You deserve all our support not just because of this sad occasion but for all that you do for us.

God bless and may your dear dad rest in peace as I am certain he is.

PB (Arthur)

Yoker Bhoy

So sorry to hear of your loss Ralph. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. YNWA.


sorry for yer loss ralph thoughts and prayers wae you and yoors


So sorry to hear of your loss Ralph,my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.May he rest in peace.


A show.


Bullshit. Keeper with 2 wide.


Plead. Don`t.


Mother Mary have you sung Ukulele Style?

Child reunion.

Only my love.


Well Fellow Tim’s, all the best for the festive season, to be topped off with a hun skelping on the 29th!!,
Merry Xmas and a happy new year to one and all!!


With no rangers as you like to add on to Rodgers record


rangers ur deid

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