Celtic Diary Saturday December 14: That Was The Week That Was

It started with the League Cup win, a tenth consecutive trophy and hope and optimism coursing through our veins, then on Thursday, a training exercise in Romania helped to see off a dangerous Lazio side when Cluj beat Celtic 2-0.

Trust me, we would not have wanted to face Lazio again on the road to Gdansk, they’re a far better side than most who are left in the tournament.

Incidentally, the draw for the Round of 32-they surely could have thought of a better name for it than that-is on Monday.

Celtic will be joined in that draw by plucky newomers “rangers ” who defied the odds with their mixture of players no one wants and players no one wants any more to qualify from a group comtaining former European champions Porto and Feyenoord as well as Swiss side Young Boys.

Oh, I’ve been asked to point out “rangers “v Young Boys is actually a Europa League game, and not a court case.

Before you moan about that line, the exit poll shortly after the Cluj game was a pointer to the next five years of abject misery, inflicted on us by a set of bastards in London, and in order to beat the bastards you have to be a bigger bastard than them, so I’m just working on my character, as most people will say I’m not really enough of a bastard to beat them, but I’m working on it.

This guy is already there..


I’m still in shock…Stoke on Trent is a city built on a coal mine, it had a steel industry and a world famous pottery brand-all decimated by the Conservatives back in the eighties.

Now it has three out of three -four if you count Newcastle-Under Lymr, which is an adjoining burgh-conservative MPs…one woman on the radio said she’d voted Labour all her life and had decided things needed changing.

Yes, they do, but she changed her vote, deep in the belief that all our problems are down to hearing a foreign language in a supermarket and seeing the occasional brown face in the street.

I despair.


Or this, unbelievable news from Kensington

Jack Monroe

Kensington, the constituency where the Grenfell Tower fire claimed 72 lives and devastated hundreds more, has elected a Conservative MP, taking the seat from Labours Emma Dent Coad.

Thousands pf people in England will shortly find out exactly what they’ve voted for.

Fucking muppets. They even told them what they were going to do…



Back at the football…rant over…for now

Oh, one more thing…could whoever sits next to this fraud in the south stand kick him firmly in the bollocks and take his season book off him…


Number one, as far as I’m concerned he’s a number two, as one would say…


Maybe he could prove he’s one of us by offering to buy back the 100,000 motability vehicles his govenrment took back this week…

Stevie G’s warriors almost topped the group, but one of their donkeys scored an own goal in the last minute or so, which turned out to have cost Dave King around £880,000 in prize money.

Image result for laurel and hardy laughing gif

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

The list of clubs Celtic could face, due to their success in winning the group, seems to be a little less daunting than on previous occasions when we’ve reached this stage.

A simulated draw, highlighted in the simulation of a newspaper The Sun, threw this intriguing tie up…

 How SunSport's simulation of the Europa League last-32 draw panned out


Wolves are actually the one English team I’d rather avoid. Apart from the gruelling 40 minute drive down the M6, or the prospect of getting a train , which stops right next to the Wolverhampton Irish club, home of the local CSC , they don’t play like your typical English team. They play like a team, with supporters who support.

Although there isn’t anyone to fear in there, perhaps we would be better with as tough a draw as we can get.

Complacency has been our biggest foe this season, and we haven’t conquered it yet.


Hibernian come to Celtic Park tomorrow, and they’re all pleased with themselves again having despatched Aberdeen recently, the product of having a manager who rates Scottish football higher than the Vauxhall Vanarama Nans League and has adjusted his team accordingly.

This could be a banana skin, as Hibs have been difficult opponents of late.

We need to get over the dodgy displays of the last three games and get the serious heads back on.

Winning the remainder of this months games will take us into the break will a morale crushing lead over Gerrards pretenders, and then we can start thinking about players coming in and players going out.

We’ve only heard of one deal done, and you’ll have to wait until the Christmas Rumour Mill for that.


We did hear of an amusing meeting between our esteemed chairman and a Celtic fan over in Cluj.

Iain Bankier looked up when he heard someone shout his name…he then offered a two fingered peace saulte, but when told to sort Resolution 12 out, ya bass, he scurried off to the safety of his hotel.

Thats because he’s a tosser with no more right to be involved at Celtic than than his hero, Margaret “Still Deid ” Thatcher.

Ach, I’m still annoyed at the election result, but to be honest I shouldn;t have been surprised.

The last time someone called JC promised to help the poor and the needy they nailed him to a fucking tree.


On Monday, it seems so long ago, we left you with this…

Image result for rangers 0 celtic 1 betfred cup final


Caption : “Canny get any worse? Ye think no. I’ve left the car roof doon…” 




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Ah better stop eatin spinach.


Caption: Too many lads mags not enough real women.



Popeye just found out that Johnny Hayes likes to poo in shoes


KT after a move to arsenal is thought to be spending to much time in his room alone.

“Incidentally, the draw for the Round of 32-they surely could have thought of a better name for it than that-is on Monday.”

They should call it the Ireland draw.


That’s what F***ing Olive Oil get’s ye!


Caption: Popeye hears that a Jew has gone to Mount Olive.


You must have huge forearms….


Hear you have the same gwanksta




14lb hammer for the railway spikes,same again when the fish plate pigtails were introduced.

4 pound hardwood engineer hammer with the Blacksmiths.

Best chicken on a hotplate for lunch,ever.

London is a Red city with a quarter of all Labour MPs. Unfortunately, this was always going to be a simplistic “Get Brexit Done” and no rhyme or reason was going to change that. The manifesto had a lot of good policies that many people supported but that was all lost in the noise. 5 years ago Labour was virtually bankrupt both morally and financially with Blair/Brown New Labour dying in a mess of sleaze, warmongering and responsible for financial crash due to deregulation etc. It was reliant on major doners and supporters (Murdoch etc) who demanded their pound of… Read more »


Labour were more or less thumped in this election Cha right wing and left wing Labour. The London left are different from the regions and it shows in terms of how people voted. This defeat may be good for Labour to revision what it stands for and how to work locally in the next 5 years to build support again. A new leader who the general population sees as electable is a must Corbyn was not that person. The new leader needs gravitas and when contrasted with the daft Boris has to look prime ministerial


Worldwide insurance…keep paying the lifelong policy though youre only covered for 2 years.Though well give you an extra year to sort you and yours by pressing 0.

Devilish saviours.
Final call kids!


They`re to charge for getting your messages.

Pavement tax.


I had a few BJ’s in Holland 🙂


It was me that got paid 🙂

Monti… How much did that set you back?


Living wage 🙂

People voted for a change,I was one off them who ditched Labour.The leadership over the Years Brown ,Millaband ,Corbyn and other ones .Hopefully Corbyn McDonnell go sooner rather than later,also don’t pick another one be it male or female that have left wing tendencies,also ditch unite especially McCluskey,can’t believe that all there union members are left wingers

No relation but was brought up in Brigton,And what’s the matter in mentioning left wing tendencies ,Corbyn and his cronies have done some damage to the Labour Party.


Are you a billy boy?
I’m a Norman Conk.

Celtic provisional squad:

Fraser Forster Craig Gordon Jeremie Frimpong
Moritz Bauer Jonny Hayes Boli Bolingoli Greg Taylor
Kris Ajer Christopher Jullien Callum McGregor
Ryan Christie James Forrest Nir Bitton Tom Rogic
Scott Brown Karamoko Dembele Lewis Morgan
Mohamed Elyounoussi Mikey Johnston Odsonne Edouard
Leigh Griffiths Vakoun Issouf Bayo


What do expect from little Englanders, their fantasy is make us Great Again Bojo. Waving their butchers apron flags, cheering on their thug army and hating anything that is not white, or immigrants of any hue, could almost be Trump supporters? The Labourites have fooked the poor with their little red book Stupidity, Momentum they lost that a few years ago At least things appear to be changing in Northern Ireland, Arlene will be depressed. As for the if only but mob in the media, if they go on and on the mighty Sevco and the genius that is Stevie… Read more »


Up tbe Ra!

That Ffing Centre Hawf kicked me so sodding hard in the baws that I can’t get them back doon again.


I see the what do we want “FREE MONEY” when do we want it “NOW” mob got decimated

well done boris, get the students out of westminster. Time for a bit of grown up politics and no labour government means there wont be an automatic hike on beer, fags and petrol costs. And we wont be defending ourselves against putin with no more than a haggis supper


A haggis supper would fuck you up ya bell end!

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Now that’s Definitely his wanking arm!


Empty skull? Check
Ugly fizzog? Check
Orange tap? Check
Noo, where did Ah leave ma Lambeg drum?


is that a caption entry or a discription ae ma baws ur itchy


Is that his photie, Charlie? Ain’t Huns banned?


Sick to fuck of your political rants football only or I’ll delete this from my phone


Knock yourself drew find another forum where you can dictate the nature of the conversation

Iancelt67… My reply would have been a tad more direct and strident 🙂


Talk football not politics not in the least interested in your political shite


Its cold outside for Squinty, cold from being cold shouldered. He’s on his way soon, back to the warm climate of South Africa, back with his tales between his legs, back to write his memoirs, its header is “Tales From The Crypt”. “Rangers” (cough) crises is firmly behind us, says he, success might not be measured by success on the pitch. (Dave, that’s called failure). Another Tale, another Porky pie, from the lying King. Leaving the dead club with massive debts (that’s where Dave came in) having racked up 25 million pounds of debt, that cannot be called success, can… Read more »


Caption …
Wife… ” that botox was for my lips ya prick “


I heard my balls would drop but fecksake no into my arms HH

Level 5 plant

Fu@k Boris, Rod, Pinocchio Pete, Bankier and all the a@@holds who voted tory.

Caption: I’m ready for that fuckin barber now.


The spinach went to my hair


We need to stop thinking some European games are unimportant. Our, latest, defeat to Cluj has cost us around £550k and, more importantly, two coefficient points. If we want easier European groups and less qualifiers then we have to win these games.

Caption: Russian arm-wresting champion denies steroid use.


Rod Stewart can go & get fucked, he has lost his Tim privileges.



You aren’t going to be invited on to any upcoming University Challenge episodes with comments like this.
Just to recap, we had qualified as group winners, with two games to go, we have just won the League cup & have to tread carefully with the likes of Edouard & a couple of others….
What more do you want from this group of players?
I didn’t like losing to Cluj but if i’m honest, i couldn’t give two fucks.
Pour a beer or two, sit back with the slippers on & think about the last few years mate.


These are good times, but taking our eyes off the ball will lead to bad times. The CL finance has changed. In 17-18, we earned £32.5m – £12.2m for making it to the groups, £1.3m for performance and £19m for TV market pool. Market pool used to account for 50% of CL money, from now on it will be 15%, with the difference largely being made up through ten year coefficient. With this new system, the team ranked 32nd will get €1m, we are in 44th place. This could mean a sizeable reduction in revenue. Had we won on Thursday,… Read more »


Bound to have a small cock.


Caption:” Keh Keh Keh Keh Keh “


Big match tomorrow, Celtic will need to be at it from the off!

Celtic 4-2-3-1






Celtic 3 Hibernian 0

Fir Park: Motherwell 2 Sevco 2

Bowl anyone?

sfa unfit for purpose

On the Boris thing , I am Gutted. Kinda thought it would happen , but tried to believe we could get another vote on leaving and that people would see sense. On reflection , even a with a second chance the same halfwits that voted in Boris would never be swayed by any logical process. Thinkin Boris is a way to an England with no brown faces is what really mattered.So last couple of days I’ve said no more newsnight (BBC were so biased with that fooker laura K)no more channel 4 news no more politics cause its now just… Read more »


Earned more topping the group than we do winninthe SPFL Championship League...Skys the limit.

Celts 7-2.

Maw, where`s your organic stretch mark prevention cream?


It`s a bit wristy that sovereign state.

Caption… It’s more than his ego that’s puffed up…



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