Celtic Diary Sunday November 24: Easing Back Into The Groove

International breaks can disrupt the momentum of a team. Injuries, fatigue and playing for Scotland can have a detrimental effect on both the physical and mental fitness required to perform consistently at a high level, and Celtic were playing Livingston yesterday, which has proved tricky in the past, as Livingston tend to adopt a style that is set out to frustrate and hospitalize opponents.

It didn’t work, of course, as Celtic romped to a 4-0 victory, with Oddsone Edouard, Scott Brown-he’s making a habit of this -and James Forrest getting on the scoresheet.

The double from Forrest, incidentally, puts him on 84 goals for the club, which with a few years on his contract still to go puts him in a position to claim the title of Celtic legend when he retires….

The direct style, when he chooses or is told to play that way, sends him into the penalty area and if he’s not fouled he gets a shot in. Simple, but effective.

And it does help having the enthusiasm and ability of Jeremie Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Frimpong Tiddle I Po ( thanks to St. Anthony on twitter for the lyrical genius of this song ) by his side. Or behind him. Or in front of him wherever he goes.

Frimpong won the man of the match at the ground again, which I think now means he gets to keep the award.

In one of todays papers, he paid tribute to Danny McGrain, who gave him some advice when he joined the club, and McGrain knew a thing or two about being a decent right back.

McGrain, of course, almost left the club until Brendan Rodgers assured him he was Danny McGrain, although McGrain knew that all along, it’s now felt that multi faced Rodgers was merely projecting his own doubts about which personality he would adopt that day.

As we now know, of course, that particular conversation never took place, but Brendan thinks it does, and in his own little world, it probably did.

Mind you, Scott Brown , whilst praising the Frimpong, laughingly called his shooting “pathetic ” in a post match interview, showing the unique bond between the players and also explaining why Brown found a jobby in his shoe.

It’s this particular atmosphere among the players that has made the difference this year, and hats must be doffed to Lennon and his crew for doing just that.


With a busy December ahead, including a cup final, it was good to see everyone back in the saddle so quickly, and even better to see the spirit that seems to be the key to the rebirth of perhaps what was a stale squad under the previous manager into this new all dancing all singing unit that is sweeping all before it, piling on the agony and putting on the style, as one used to say.


It was good to see Leigh Griffiths make an appearance as well.

Whatever he’s been through we hope he’s over it now, and he’s got a month or so to persuade the manager that he can find the form of a few years ago and get back to the player he was.

He will be needed next month, and let’s be honest, he’s risen to many challenges before, and one more effort would secure his name on any list of Celtic greats.

Manager Neil Lennon agreed it was good to get back into the groove so quickly…

Psychologically, that’s a good win for us. We can enjoy our Sunday, you get 24 hours to enjoy, see what the result brings then you move on to the next one.

“We put that to bed, that was a tough game under the circumstances.

“But we’ve dealt with it absolutely brilliantly so we look forward to Rennes on Thursday.

“I think you’ve got to relish the pressure – you either relish it or fear it. So relish it. It’s great.

“Maybe it is something new for some of the players, but I feel they are taking on the challenge well and I think the fans are enjoying it, too.

“There will be anxious moments as we go along, dips and troughs, but we are in a strong position currently and playing brilliantly.

“I don’t think about goal difference at the moment – it is way too early.” 


Right now, though, it’s one game at a time. Next up are Rennes , on Thursday, as Celtic bid to win the group and make things slightly easier in the next round of the Europa League.


Before that, of course, there is the AGM.


The serious stuff, as it were, where shareholders get to ask the board why they want to ignore the years of cheating and incompetence at the SFA, and simply move on.

The Scottish game now almost entirely relies on sponsorship from bookmakers, and even one of them has dropped it’s association with the league, and there is still no sign of a replacement.

Interestingly, though, one Scottish paper is doing it’s best to promote that company, with an advertisement for gambling masquerading as a news story…something which is beneath contempt..

It’s the Record, presumably dropping a huge hint to Bookmakers McBookie, showing them the benefits of being associated with the game….

Celtic fan beats the bookies as he wins thousands of pounds with free bet

A Celtic fan cleaned out the bookies by claiming an incredible £4000 from a free bet.

Kieran Caw picked nine teams to win during the Saturday 3pm kick-offs and astonishingly all of them were winners.

It was a double celebration after watching his own team batter Livingston at Celtic Park.

Late goals were needed to seal the huge win with Rotherham even coming back from two goals down to win 3-2 in the final 20 minutes.

The incredible bet was made with McBookie and the Celtic season ticket holder admitted he didn’t even realise the offer was in his account.

And now Kieran admits his daughter will have an even better Christmas than normal after his incredible win.


Good luck to the guy, but there’s still something not right about the idea of bookmakers and sport being so closely linked, and thats probably why they cannot sponsor English football leagues…



Speaking of English football, Jose Mourinho is now the manager of tottenham, who played West Ham yesterday.

Here we see him autographing Tottenham shirts…


…for West Ham fans.


There are no words.

Our game is not perfect, but at least the fans still care, and that will be shown at the AGM this week.

We need to do whats right now, and save our game from the corporate vultures and self serving administrators who have killed the game as a sport down south, and have already done their best to make Scottish football go the same way.

Down there, it’s the tv money.

Up here, it’s the SFA desperate to get their hands on the tv money, and that requires a reborn and unaccountable Rangers, and a compliant Celtic.

That is unacceptable, and the AGM is the place to demand explanations, and those explanations must be frank and forthright, although that would be a first for this board…

All I can say is we have entered the endgame, and the issue of Resolution 12 has dragged on far too long with too many dirty hands being washed out of sight of the public.

This is the boards chance to explain why they appear to be on the side of cheating, and not on the side of its own shareholders and customers.


They had better get this one right….


Caption competition time….from Thursday…




For fuck’s sake Prince Andrew we know it’s you leave the wee lassie alone. 


There are similarities…



today, we have this one..




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Level 5 plant

What was excuse will Lawwell and Bankier come up with over Res 12? They have shamefully played us all for fools!

Level 5 plant

Sad excuse


Every week fans should do something on the 12th minute until action is taken on res 12, especially in euro games


Caption: Stop the next bus and we’ll confiscate their beer.

Desmond and The Dekkers

caption: the gammons are the driving force in Brexit Britain


It’s a Prince Andrew joke again isn’t it?

Owen Mullions

It’s a ‘spot the difference’ competition. Clue – one’s a fat porker and the other’s a filthy pig.


Thank heavens for little girls
For little girls get cheaper every day
Thank heavens for little girls
I’ve knobbed off quite a few round Epstein’s way
Those little girls so sexy and appealing
Ah cannae sweat and so ma temperature is beeling
Deny meeting them all
Make up some tale that isn’t true
A Pizza Hut in Woking will do.


Caption 1:
“Fuck it, Ah’ve left ma wallet in ma burd’s schoolbag”.

Caption 2:
“Either Ah’ve started sweatin’ again or Ah’ve pished masel”

The Bahia Emerald

Caption: “That motor I bought at the Car Auction, turned out to be a right pig in a poke”


Dallas as usual did not protect our players yesterday, but never any criticism by the Board, just be compliant and accept your lot. Res 12 is that a new pop group Liewell thinks.

Do not hold out much hope for this shower of spineless bxxxxxrds at he AGM, fans as usual ignored although they are the Foorball club.

On the park the team put in a good performance, after the International break. Eddy gets better, Frimpong classy, delight to see sleigh back after all the negatives from the media.


Christ, I thought I’d told enough porkies, or am I one?


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No …. it’s the flying pig!


Caption: Una goes for a spin.


What tails have you for us tonight?
Were you a Bamboo chameleon in Vietnam?

See what i did there?

Mark Gillespie

You’ll definitely have a better car once you’re PM won’t you David?


Good performance from the team yesterday, young Frimpong is going to be a star, if he keeps getting games and develops, he is going to be a top, top player. Brown immense again & Forrest is once again the difference maker, the guy just delivers. Good to see Griffiths on the pitch again & had a couple of real chances but he’s understandably rusty. It’s the last chance saloon for Leigh, i hope he grasps it & doesn’t look back. Payback time Leigh, time to go through the gears. Good end to the night in St.Vincents where i ended up… Read more »


For fuck sakes haha


Really important win, Livingston very robustly got in our faces, a point not lost in Scott Brown and a shame to see Hates have to go off but I suspect Taylor will be hard to shift. With the number of matches ahead I am glad to see Griffiths back and N’tcham get time on the pitch, I would play him rather than Rogic, who just hadn’t done it since he came back, against Rennes. The quality of our league compared to the Premiership emphasised for me by KT’s continuing struggles for Arsenal, he was responsible for a goal and conceded… Read more »

Hands Cant Hit

@BJF Not sure on the KT comments. He seems to get a lot of praise from Arsenal fans and is recognised as one of the better performers at present. On the goals, at fault for the penalty for equaliser but looked like the only defender live to the danger for the first goal. However, agreed that we would benefit from a higher quality league.


Caption: 2 chicken nugget meals, a fillet o fish and a double cheeseburger… naw, nae bacon


David Cameron’s ex heads to Downing Street to meet next partner.


On not in and Hayes not Hates!


I’ve watched the advert three times now and am a bit dismayed. Maybe I’m wrong but I didn’t see any inclusion of kids with Additional Support Needs, not a wheelchair bound fan or even a mention of what it’s all about. Bussed in weans from a stage school and,I believe, one or two players kids. Fair enough for the glossy ,corporate image but hardly a ‘Celtic is a club open to all’ ethos. Holy Moly Bolingoli indeed.

Is this different from previous years or just more of the same?

Not my thing but does seem to generate a lot of positive vibes.


saiz you donate whatever you can to help the needy not to put anybody to shame ….ya lumpa wid


caption wan little piggy disnae realise hees gon tae the market



ralph dae ye think res 12 is gon tae the polis


Caption: It’s not just the mileage that isn’t kosher.


Andy pulled a porker ,he put it in the car.
When asked,will you shag it,he quickly cried ….
Ooh arrr.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Sevconian on his/her/their way to the game

Hands Cant Hit

Didn’t catch the game, but by all accounts a dominant performance which was not reflected in the scoreline. One point which I find slightly frustrating is NL’s refusal to use (or even include in the squad) Sinclair and Shved. We know that both have quality but for some reason they are being overlooked for the likes of Morgan. We are well covered all over the pitch aside from on the wings and up front. We have basically played the last 3 months with the same front 3 without many breaks or rests. Come January, if we have not given Shved… Read more »

Lennon talked about Shved not being up to speed initially and then he got injured but, I think, he’s played for Ukraine recently. Hopefully he’ll get game time before the end of the year to show if he’s up to it. Unfortunately, I think, we’ve seen the last of Sinclair, who despite keeping himself superbly fit, just isn’t in the manager’s plans. Don’t forget there’s also Mikey Johnston, who’s hopefully near a return and had established himself in the team before his injury. I’m not sure that we require another winger but defo a top striker in the Eddy class… Read more »


Shame about Sinky, personified the “Invincible’s” and the revolution by the then manager but what a squad we have now. I used to look at our bench and think not of them coming on will
weaken the team, now I look at the guys who can’t even get on the bench, recruitment is spot on. Mention of Mikey just brings all that to mind. Hamilton looked as if they were going to do us a turn today but bottled it.
Anyway we can handle it ourselves.


David Cameron taking his date home!


Sure? that looks like Keza.D Slabour loves getting into bed wi the tories LoL

Owen Mullions

Don’t tell Charlie, he thinks Scottish Labour is full of socialists! Oh ma aching sides!

Owen Mullions

Caption: Ruth Davidson hits the campaign trail.


Poor Porky comparing it to that .


P Andy. “Squeel little piggy, squeel. Is that a banjo i hear.”


Caption: Arlene Foster arrives in Cowdenbeath.


Incoming mortar….duck……fnar fnar fnar

Caption: Heres one little piggy not going to any fuckin market.
Now wheres the accelerator !


In the Spirit of modernisation the Old Etonian Boys have updated Cameron’s favourite after dinner party piece to replace the Lower Class practice of “Dogging”.
BOJO has rebranded it as “Pronging The Pork”.



wee message for ex soldiers living in England



just like you and your employers involvement in Ireland


he wisnae in ireland his experience ae the army is being on it aint half hot mum ….hees lofty


anybody can dress up wae a wee sodger suit ya mug ye


dry yer eyes you can buy awe that at the barras for two bob


No you didn’t!


Just watched the film ‘71. About the troubles pretty good


that film is like lofty saiz stories a lotta sh.te

Owen Mullions

Prove you were in the army – give us the Soldier’s Song


Do you actually believe your shite?
You’d give Jackanory a run for it’s money.
Tune in next week for more Tales of the unexpected.


ha ha ha ha thers sumfin rang wae you hen


I’d like to hear weereds opinion. But it is a football forum. Tainted with an underbelly of angst


Watched the hun game on telly. They’re gash at the back and we’re lucky against Hamilton. Jack Kent Davis and Morelos they’re only players worth note. Ojo and aribo are gormless and tab can’t defend. Kamara and airfield fucking average. There’d have to be a capitulation by us to give them a sniff.


Blackpool more like


Fear Dúr Dúr

Caption: Heres one piggy not going to any market. Now wheres that fuckin accelerator pedal


Caption: Doctor, doctor I feel like a piglet. How long has this been going on for? About a wheeeeeeeeek!


caption : Jim fixed it for me

From Fishal site:

Car parking information for Celtic AGM

Disappointly they don’t say where to stash the pitchforks.


Best just take it in with you then! 🙂

New Balance LogoDafabet LogoMagners Logo BT Sport Partial Rail Seating closure following safety issues Partial Rail Seating closure following safety issues By: Newsroom Staff on 25 Nov, 2019 19:32 Celtic has ultimate responsibility for the safety of all our supporters and it is a responsibility which we take very seriously. We need to tackle any behaviour which can compromise the safety of our supporters including the use of pyrotechnics, overcrowding and offensive chanting or banners. Following the latest UEFA disciplinary decision we can confirm that there will be a partial closure of the rail seating section at Celtic Park for… Read more »

You would think we already qualified oh yes wait we have.
See you in the next round GB


GB deserve it if you ask me


The club must know there’s a ban coming a la Huns.


It’s almost as if it’s what the GB wanted, so many warnings and fines, so many objections from asthma suffers and others with breathing problems. Unbelievably selfish.

“Too wrapped up in their own wee fantasy”

HaHa, the bullshitting fantasist.

Oh, the irony.


You couldn’t make it up 🙂

He does, practically all the time. FACT.


Fud ^

Not true, a “fud” is useful.

Walter Mitty DSM, not so much so.

Just a tiddler. 🙂

Shooting fish in a barrel would be harder.

Up your game soft lad or back to the loft to play with your Action Men.



Sam Allardyce goes for a spin in the country……. makes a change from having his snout in a trough. Fkn prick.

Henke it will never change m8 they thought Larsson wouldn’t do it at the top level we had it when we played Leeds Blackburn Liverpool and the rest.
They never learn


Very true Jimmy. Remember Revie and the English press self proclaimed ‘team of the century’ and we pumped them in both games.

Mm, not sure Revie was like that, as i believe there was a lot of mutual respect between him and Jock.


No doubting that he held Jock in high regard, but he and the press felt Celtic were beneath them.

Nah, not Revie himself.




Mrs Morelos looks out at the old homestead remembering the terrible labour and kicks from wee Alfredo and the stitches needed after his massive heid first entered the world


Is this the way to the Amarillo? > > >
Sha la la la la la la la,

With the morra dawning,
On a wet and windy Glesga morning,
How I wish I was there,
With Squinty who’s waiting for me there,
Everyone is mad as a bat,
Cos that’s where the loony’s hang their hat,
The lies and the spin coming from the Amarillo,
Will have me laughing into my pillow.



The King has surrendered and another walking away from the club that allegedly doesn’t do walking away. Big Mike sorted him out if only he hadn’t taken him on things could have been so much brighter for the sevco.
The SFA saw him as a fit and proper person although he was described as a glib and shameless liar in his home country. Huns really are stupid.
Now Peter fire the fuckin gun and kill them all off.

Caption: Yo ho ho ho and away we go well what do you know its 9 in a row bye bye rangers
Celtics on the ball again on our way to make it 10 bye bye sevco
Sings the pig listening to Charlie and the bhoys as him and farmer Mike go past the lodge.






Read that in Commando did ya?

He thought he was writing for them.

He’s got nothing in common with Celtic fans and we’ve got nothing in common with him.

Little Brexiteer and indistinguishable with the scum down Ibrox way.

The GB will always cause controversy the fact is they were welcomed by Celtic when they needed them the most. To bring the noise and the colour to a stadium that had lost its voice. Celtic knew what they must have been taking on if not they are bigger fools than I imagined. For me they generate the passion I had when I was there age. My grandson loves it as do I. We sit just to the left of them never once have we felt threatened or unsafe in that part of the stadium. Going to the games in… Read more »

me my old knees are full of arthritis now but still wouldnt bend it for her majesty make of that what you will.:)

So Peter had a chat with John Beaton over his visit to the crown bar after the derby game.
Guess what he is happy and has the notes of the explanation given but cant disclose it.FFS.

It’s a funny old game isn’t it On one side of Glasgow they actually want to erect a statue to the outgoing chairman.Whilst on the other some want to see the back of him. One chairman has no credit line from the bank. Has to rely on soft loans and confetti shares to survive has won no trophies yet spends beyond their means has been cold shouldered by the financial institutions. Is facing huge losses from his fight with sports direct hummels and elite. The other is on the road to 9 in a row has treble trebles sits top… Read more »

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