Celtic Diary Thursday November 21: Guess Who’s Back ?

It’s fair to say that manager Neil Lennon has surprised a few of us with the way things have gone this season so far, and he might yet pull off his greatest achievement as a manager before the year is out.

Leigh Griffiths is now genuinely back in the running to wear the hoops again after a fairly traumatic period in his career.

The reserves beat Stenhousemuir 6-0 a couple of days ago, and the likeable rogue scored two of them.

There may be hope yet…

Celtic face Livingston at the weekend, and Griffiths may well have forced himself into a seat on the bench at the last chance saloon.

We wish him well..


As you might expect, the transfer speculation is cranking up , as it usually does during international breaks and in the run up to Christmas, and Stephane Diarra of Le Mans has been mentioned by French magaine L’Equipe as a potential Celt..

Diarra, who is valued at £450k (Transfermarkt), is 20 and has impressed many in France at such a tender age. He has been at Ligue 2 club Le Mans for only some months now – signing permanently this past summer. But before that, the midfielder was on loan at the club from Rennes last season.

ThisIs futbol gives the best summation…

This season, Diarra has played 13 times in Ligue 2 for Le Mans. He has found the back of the net twice so far, assisting once too. In the cup, he has played a total of three games and has scored once and has one assist to his name in that tournament.

During his loan spell last season, Diarra had impressed. He had helped the club earn promotion from the Championnat National (third division) to the second division. He played 31 times in the Championnat, scoring three times as well. In the play-offs for Ligue 1, he had assisted once in two games.

Originally from Abidjan but with French citizenship, Diarra is a right midfielder by trade. 

Diarra is a proper winger who is said to be able to play on both flanks. Perhaps, that is why Neil Lennon looks intent on signing the youngster. Bar the age factor, he seems to be a workhorse.

As things stand though, Celtic have three proper right-wingers in the side. One is James Forrest and another is 32-year-old Jonny Hayes, with Marian Shved also available (TransferMarkt).

But Hayes’ contract at Celtic runs out at the end of the season and he has drawn links with the likes of Swansea City, Huddersfield Town and Cardiff City in the Championship. These links suggest that his future at Celtic isn’t as secure as Lennon might want.

If Hayes does move on, Celtic will be left just one proper right-winger in Forrest and that isn’t a good situation to be in. In that case, going for a cheap option in Diarra would be a very sensible move indeed. 

Whilst any time any real quality becomes available, Celtic should make an attempt to be involved, but one wonders of there can be too much of this, with plenty of players already at the club patiently working towards their own opportunities.

There isn’t quite the same abundance of defenders in the development squad, so perhaps there is something in the story about an interest in Jarrad Brathwaite of Carlisle, especially given that former Celt Stephen Pressley was his manager down there until recently.

The player is 17, 6’4″ and at the very beginning of his career, having only made half a dozen starts so far for the Cumbrian side.

Of the two, it’s certainly the more likely move to be completed in January.


Stories that Fraser Forster could be recalled to Southampton in January were more or less dismissed by the big man himself when he said..

I don’t think there’s a recall  so I think I’m here for the season from my side of things. I’m happy here and glad to be back here playing. 

We can perhaps now just get on with making him want to sign permanently at the end of the campaign, though it might mean one of those special contracts which provide for a benefit game or something as a loyalty bonus.

Speaking of Southampton, Mo Elyanoussi wo the player of the month award for October, which I’m fairly certain he will see as a massive turnaround on his career, and he’s another that we should concentrate on making our own when the time comes.

There are claims that a price has been mentioned already, around £8-10m , which frankly sounds like guesswork, though if it’s true there’s a £5m release cause should his parent club be relegated, we should all hope for a south coast collapse in the new year.


Stuart Armstrong still homesick ?

Keiran Tierney appears to be.. from the Evening Standard..

You can take the footballer out of Scotland, but… you know the rest.

As another well-known saying goes: winter is coming. Parts of Britain endured the coldest night of autumn so far thanks to an Arctic blast.

A temperature of -9.9C was recorded overnight in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, while those waking up in London were met with closer to 4C on a bitter morning in the capital.

So, over at Arsenal’s London Colney training base, it was red hats and gloves galore as Unai Emery put his squad through their paces.

All expect one man: Scotland’s very own Kieran Tierney. It was a case as ‘are you are’ for the young defender as he trained in his summer gear. 

With four and a half years left on his loan deal, he clearly isn’t succumbing to the temptation of being a soft southern shite just yet.


Anyone fancy a change of career ?

Head of Referee Operations

The Scottish FA is seeking to appoint a Head of Referee Operations to lead the Referee Operations department ensuring that the appropriate strategies, structures and standards are in place to meet the refereeing requirements of Scottish football and the UEFA Referee Convention.  Another key responsibility will be to provide a technical reference point on the Laws of the Game for the Scottish Football Association. 

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, and working closely with the leadership team, this role requires exceptional interpersonal skills and high levels of personal integrity. The ideal candidate will be an experienced and effective leader who has proven experience as a match official at Elite Level and a good knowledge of Scottish Football.  

If you think you have the necessary experience, skills and competencies for the role, and you wish to apply please send your completed application to HR@scottishfa.co.uk no later than Sunday 1st December 2019.

Please state the Reference No HR/138 in the subject field of your application email. If you have not been asked for interview by Monday 9th December 2019, please assume that your application will not be taken any further.

Please be aware that CVs will not be accepted. 

Note : CV in this instance stands for Catholic Virtues.


Whilst it may be that the position has already been filled, and the SFA are merely going through the motions here, we should all apply.

The main duties are listed as…you should read this..it’s hilarious given the level of competency that exists at the SFA.. and I’ve sort of done my application here as well, to ask if you think there’s anything I’ve missed..


To deliver an annual Referee Development Programme for all categories of referees,
including the provision of courses for elite referees, assistant referees, and developing

No problem, They’re all shite and should be sacked. Next …

 To develop and implement a strategy to recruit and retain a sufficient number of referees
to meet the requirements of Scottish football at all levels. 

Put an ad in the paper. Make sure it says that we’re not as bent as we used to be when promoting referees.

 To develop and enhance the role of the referee in Scottish and international football
through the delivery of high quality technical instruction and resources to ensure
appropriate standards are maintained for all levels of the game 

Following that, I expect i’ll have to cure cancer, bring about world peace and make Boris Johnson electable.

 To keep up to date with technological advances being proposed/utilised in refereeing and
recommend and evaluate their impact in Scotland as appropriate. 

And presumably explain them to the committee ?
 To develop and implement a strategy to meet the Referee Administration requirements of
Scottish football at all levels. 

An admission that the current policy isn’t working. I’d suggest using merit as a means to evaluate and promote.

 To provide a comprehensive educational and instructional programme for referees from
grassroots to elite level, ensuring that all referee appointments for both the professional
and non-professional game are aligned with the development programme for Referees. 

They want someone to start all over…at least they want to make it appear they want someone to start all over.

 To oversee the content development and execution of the Introductory and Advanced
Referee Courses and the accompanying examinations. 

And presumably explain them to everyone,,

 To provide an annual Referee Observers course for educational and training purposes; to
monitor the quality of Observers’ reports to ensure that a uniform standard is achieved.

 To provide regular reports and specialist advice to the Referee Committee on all aspects
of the continuous development of Referees. 

 To use personal expertise on the Laws of the Game as a technical reference point for the
Scottish FA, and to be its representative on the Sub-Committee of the International FA

And presumably explain them to everyone..

 To promote Scottish refereeing by developing and maintaining relations with FIFA, UEFA
and other National Associations. 

 To promote and support the image of Scottish Referees by developing and delivering
positive relationships with external bodies, affiliated associations and the media 


On the face of it, it looks like they might be open to change.

Maybe someone from England or the continent..

In reality, it’ll be Thomson, Dallas or some other career SFA man who hasn’t got a fucking clue, but knows how to shake hands the right way with the right people.


On now to the wrong people, as we introduce a sort of Agony aunt section to the Diary. Well, I think having this lass as an Aunt would be agony…


I’m not sure where this particular property is, but my guess is maybe late seventeenth century…

By the way, if the Irish cabbage smelling liberally drinking tattooed tall Celt is reading this, I’m in hull if you fancy a pint.

We had a caption competition on tuesday…



Our Billy came in and told his Da he wanted to ho to school with Sean and Grace. That was all it took. 



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Daily Mail reporting on Jeremy Corbyn’s tube trip to Westminster.


For fuck’s sake Prince Andrew we know it’s you leave the wee lassie alone.


Caption: Could you pull those boots up a few inches please?




Caption: “What the fuck are you lookin’ at?”



Confirmed: Satan Leads the Subway Loyal.


Stephen Welsh playing well on loan at Morton.
Made SFL team of the week. Another 17 year old centre half from Carlisle ?
Ah…sell on !



Monti on the pull


Caption: Una heads to the beauty parlour for a short back & sides,waxing & pedicure.

Una & Monti… Ffs get a room


You mean basement?

Monti… Is that for gymnastics cough


Una,next time Monti encroaches onto the pitch to celebrate a Celtic winner,jump into his arms and get him done for 3 years. 🙂

Shit its ma stop and I’ve got a hard on says the zombie what to do?


He’ll do what they all do, go to his sisters room.

Steven Rowan

Ralph – is there a problem with the diary? I used to get an email to my hotmail account every morning that youd posted a new diary entry, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to go hunting for my fix!

Same here and seems like unless you’re a Twit you don’t get notified


Hmmmmm!”seems like unless you’re a Twit you don’t get notified” Hmmmmmm!

I see a message here Cha, don’t you? 🙂
Have a nice day….unless, of course, you’re an over-used Twit and are now a Twat! (I hate to para-phrase an Etonian arsewipe like Cameron, but, even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn… 🙂
HH the FC, not the PLC.


Not coming in to me automatically any more, what has changed?

The email notification from WordPress of new Etims content has stopped since the site makeover.

Notification is done via Twitter but unless you follow this, you won’t see it.

We need Ralph, Desi or Hector to advise whether it’s gone for good or if and when it will be reinstated.


With google chrome,click on the star on the right-hand side of the search bar.

Select favourites in the folder option.

Celtic Da Da…


Morales gets the red mist after spotting a Tim on the subway.


Angry “BillY” Goat, the SFA Ludge Mascott is on his way to Copland Road Station next to the Debt Dome.
Billy is very upset that he is the only entity that Auld Squinty hasn’t screwed this season.


Reminder that the Green Brigade Foodbank collection will take place this Saturday prior to the Livingston match, all donations will be gratefully accepted
If your going please help as much as you can if your not going but know someone who is then get them to take it for you.
I’m sure supporters clubs near you will be only to happy to help


Beelzebub on the way to Humpden for an interview fr The Head of Refereees position

Leigh looked pretty hot, maybe start agains Livi on Saturday.



When you’ve just had a vindaloo and you daren’t fart.

Caption: But I could see his evil eyes,
Twas then he took me by surprise,
Take me to your paradise,
I want to see the Jungle.
na na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na.


With Leigh scoring twice the other day following NFL saying recently he was “on the way back”, I’ll be delighted, absolutely fuckin’ delighted, if that great wee mhan has his troubles behind him and resumes his position as a top, top striker for The Bhoys In Green.
Come on Wee Mhan, prove the doubters wrong and delight us again with your terrific all-round play, your brilliant free kicks and your hun-hating personna and antics. Hail! Hail! Leigh Griffiths.


Charlie Saiz, whilst I don’t agree with EVERYTHING you propogate, you make more sense, and researched, reasoned sense than many on here. Keep doing what you do; you may not ALWAYS be right but you’re normally at least relevant.
The ‘minus’ boys will have their fun, and ‘fiddle’ whilst the Celtic burns.
I KNOW who I’m backing in that scenario.
HH Celtic FC, not PLC.


With the AGM coming up next week, it should be borne in mind that “bad things happen at the hands of bad men, when ‘good’ men look the other way”. Let’s not delude ourselves, what Lawwell and the PLC Board has in mind is BAD. Just let that sink in, BAD. Let The Scum survive at all cost? BAD. Double-BAD. The Res 12 (2013), and the new one, are diametrically opposite the Board; they are GOOD. Don’t, FFS don’t, let them away with this. I’m Atheist but it doesn’t disguise Good nor Bad. I’m a total ‘believer’ in Andrew Kerrins… Read more »

So’ll post this one a second time seeing as someone has appeared to delete it after it surfaced on the timeline.


“Billy” Goat, The SFA Official Hampdump Ludge Mascott, on the Underground to Copland Road en route to the Debt Dome.
Billy is angry that he is the only entity that Auld Squinty hasn’t tried to screw this season.



Caption:- the devil:- look at the state a they two tubes, I’m in wae a chance here!

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Terry Hurlock makes his way to The Debt Star for a Legneds game!


‘elp! a needs ‘elp! I’ve tried to extricate my Celtic PLC shares from some form of Trust run by my broker. This from the back-end of October. I wrote to the previous Trustee. Answer said I’ve left the broker (Trustee) so they can’t say what’s what but shares will be with Computershare. By phone, Computershare discern (by asking me security questions) that I am the legal owner. I’m allowed (on the phone) the new Share Certificate number, but NOT allowed the Shareholder Reference Number which IS what I need to either vote in person at the AGM or arrange a… Read more »


Some horrors, selected by tory scum, e.g. war, are almost regaled, as under that evil bitch who’s name I will not speak……must admit I’ve started again after 11 free days (on the pop)….glad that I don’t matter. I’ve projected what I am, what I feel, and I’m NOT afraid to stand naked with my beliefs; the ultimate choice in our pretend democracy, is *Piss or *Poor. I believe that they’re BOTH genuine contenders: Bojo takes the *Piss. Jeremy looks to help the *poor. This election is so divided/divisive it already STINKS. The R/W tory scum chose a date to make… Read more »


CS, I’ve backed the REAL Labour party, earlier sent a tnother tenner to’rds the central funds….but I have “Grace” on my earphones and ’tis difficult to listen to this and make any point of view….


He’s got Buckley’s

Owen Mullions

If you think all the ‘Alf Garnetts’ in Engerland are going to vote Corbyn instead of Bozo, you’re eligible for knob of the week. Don’t ask us to endure another decade of Toryism just because you’ve chosen to settle dahn Sarf. Saor Alba!


CS, I admire the way you stand your ground against your many detractors on here but please spare us your thoughts on politics. Labour being elected by an increasingly right-wing electorate in England? Did you suffer a head wound during your time in the military?


” IRA mortar attack “? Lol
he’s been reading ‘ Bravo two zero ‘ again.


Had it hit the target then carnage would have ensued. A home made engineering marvel 😉

Out through the car back bulkhead too



Pishless.. A small hole cut in the metal section beside the back numberplate.
Every day’s a schoolday 🙂


Sorry pal but if you believe that you are stark, raving mad. I know you voted Brexit from a socialist perspective but watch any vox-pop on the news – the average Brexiteer is a right-wing loony. Most are so thick and inarticulate they could be mistaken for Huns. There is no chance whatsoever that England will return a Corbyn government and no amount of wishful thinking will make it happen. I was a lifelong Labour voter who watched them share a platform with the odious Ruth Davidson and Tory-supporting businessmen as they threatened us all with doomsday in 2014 if… Read more »

Owen Mullions

What Parsley says with nobs on!Jingoism and nationalism are bad? What were you defending in the army then? You seem a decent guy with good values but you’ve been away from Scotland too long – Scottish Labour would rather see Bozo in charge than let us govern ourselves.


Sorry pal but if you believe that you are stark, raving mad. I know you voted Brexit from a socialist perspective but watch any vox-pop on the news – the average Brexiteer is a right-wing loony. Most are so thick and inarticulate they could be mistaken for Huns. There is no chance whatsoever that England will return a Corbyn government and no amount of wishful thinking will make it happen. I was a lifelong Labour voter who watched them share a platform with the odious Ruth Davidson and Tory-supporting businessmen as they threatened us all with doomsday in 2014 if… Read more »


CS, if you see my reply further down you’ll see I didn’t disrespect your views on Brexit. I just disagreed that the Leave vote was predicated on them – rather I think it stemmed from right-wing populism (Farage’s poster, Bojo’s bus etc) and that doesn’t augur well for this election. Of course I don’t think you’re mad (well, just a bit maybe!) – it was a tongue in cheek remark, who knew you were so sensitive! Anyway, I don’t come here to argue with fellow Tims so I’ll leave it there and let you resume your spats with everybody else.


And there’s always this, whence huge amounts of young Irishmen died,in vain, died to try to avert the starvation of their families as the British Crown EXPORTED food from Eire. Fucking genocide for tory gain; not ‘reported’? Eh? quel surprise!
Aye, it’s really not too hard to be a Tim


For a wee ghirl to do this….
Beautiful, almost makes all this (life in general) shit worthwhile, …..almost!


A wee bit of historical potential (of interest?)
I live at the end of a *sort of cul-de-sac.
*It’s actually an avenue. Not important.
Not so important as, e.g. a viaduct. Thelwall.
I remember a prick whom was vociferous about motorways and viaducts and tory plans….a supporter of motorways, one may say….well, he got his wish, he was helped into Thelwall, and he’s ‘supported’ part of the M6 ever since.
Not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy!


Celtic need to rethink their ticket pricing policy, £30 for the Livingston game & £33 in a few weeks v Hibs.
Heading towards Christmas, that is shocking!

C’mon Celtic, get those prices dropped.


When shall Pedro have an all expenses paid for Celtic Game Day experience chook raffle for us Aussies?


potential for an all Ireland playoff final at Windsor… wow, that would be an interesting evening


And Ireland will win that one with the help of the local Irish
. Pick the bones out of that one

Corbyn has always fought for the poorest and the oppressed. His values are my values he is the only alternative to get us away from the Tories but he wont win England it is very heated in my workplace where even labour supporters have turned their back as they listen to the right wing press I’m afraid.
I do hope for my children’s sake I’m wrong.


Don’t live there anymore. Would still like a strong snp showing. The longer I’ve been away the more ridiculous it appears to me that you voted against independence. It makes me feel that you’re a bunch of shitebags henpecked by an English wife. I’m disgusted at snyone who is anti independence. Mind u they voted against it over here. And I don’t even think Canada has even gone there. They’re just yanks with their heads kicked in. A vote for English rule is a vote for the hun. Stand on your own two feet three hundred years of tyranny highland… Read more »


You could have every man, woman and child vote Labour in Scotland and it would not make one iota of a difference. What dismal England wants it will get. As I said before, Labour shat the bed in 2014 for the Scottish people and they are paying dearly and will continue to pay dearly for that.
As for your continual dissing of the EU, I’d rather be part of that than little England’s Nigel and Boris horror show.


By the way, Priti Patel, what an outrageous piece of shit that is.

sfa unfit for purpose

Out of all the Yahoos around Boris , she is the one to worry about.
I think Brick Top put it best.
”Do you know what “nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible cunt… ”


You don’t seem to get it. I am not a Nationalist but I do support independence over the clusterfuck that is English rule (right wing at that) in Scotland..


Brexit isn’t really the issue for me. Of course, you can justify it from a left perspective and I agree with much of what you say. But you seem to think that’s what happened here. I would argue the opposite – that Brexit was the result of a shift to the right. Listen to them prattle on tv – ‘we won the war’,’we used to rule the world’,’put the great back into Britain’etc. It’s all xenophobic claptrap based on ignorance and prejudice, global capitalism doesn’t get a mention. These people won’t vote for Corbyn under any circumstances and you’re fooling… Read more »

selkirk casual

did anyone else attend the Broony night at The Armadillo last night ? i thought it was absolute first class….


Trump`s to call the Mexican Wall, Shug,I hear.


Corbiyn vehemently said no Indy ref 2. It’s all very well he’s another Michael Foote there’s no way a left wing leader will win anything again in Northern Europe . Socialism is gone forever too much division and self interest. The unions aren’t what they were. Maybe a few councils full of shanty towns but that’s it. The media have got you by the balls rupert Murdoch decides who wins. We may as well be independent.

Owen Mullions

Come off it,Charlie, the only ones running about with Union Jacks and disrupting Indy rallies up here ARE the Huns!


What at another Virgil Van Dijk?

Owen Mullions

Are you kidding me, Charlie? That’s your proof? The Grandmaster of the Ludge in Airdrie is a serving Labour councillor – should I still vote Labour in Lanarkshire? In 2014 those great ‘socialists’ you want us to vote for couldn’t share enough podiums with fat Ruth and her Tory pals. (Parsley made this point better yesterday but it seems to have vanished into the ether). Maybe you should stand in the centre of Glasgow with your Union Jack flag and see how many Tims vs Huns you’ll attract – you might even get offered a lift to Ibrox to see… Read more »


Hullabaloo general election.

Civil force for polling stations?

Your vote matters!


Yet deterrents alone won’t keep me from the sevco scent.



Frimpong Ajer Jullien Taylor



Forrest Rogic Christie


Celts by double figures.


Ach £30 it is then, Peter.

Paradise beckons!

Ooh Aah!











Does the £30 admittance include a hot meal?


he will sniff out a hot meal somewhere


hes a growinBhoy.


If he grows any bigger they’ll need to build the Monti end at the Park.


Right that’s it…..you & bgbhoy outside….


Ya couple o fannies




Shut it or i’ll get Andy to fuck you up….again!


id take the two of you

one handed




I’m wanting a ride never mind a meal 🙂


Love in a lavvy.

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