Celtic Diary Friday November 15: Fooling All Of The People

Celtic Diary Friday November 15: Fooling All Of The People

Hotel wi fi is notoriously unreliable.

Here in Hull..with a capital D..my laptop shut itself down when I tried to connect to it, which is why I’m writing this on my phone. It may not come out quite as I intend it to, as the normal spacings and so on might not work.

And there we have it. This sentence scooted along to the left and shows no sign of letting me know how it got there.

The squirrels are loose and running around causing a combination of mirth and havoc after the once respected London Times devoted its front page to a spectacular piece which hinted that Rangers were in fact the vicitms of dodgy accounting after all, but not the ones employed at Ibrox.

Magnus Llewellin published his piece yesterday which sent the hordes into a combination of delight and rage when he declared that an unnamed source from an unnamed place..though one does suspect this source is somewhat portly and likes to be in control…had told him that HMRC had overestimated the money due to them as a result of the Ibrox clubs creative remuneration policies and although they’re very sorry, the narrative is evolved that they could have been saved after all, and need not have been consigned to liquidation.

Someone, it seems, at HMRC, caused the death of Rangers, and not those who told players they wouldn’t get wages, but non repayable tax free loans, as someone from the adult movie industry had told them it was fine.

Oh..what a kerfuffle did ensue..

Having proved over the last few years that what psychologists call Confirmation bias..where we only entertain views that correlate with our own..is endemic among those who still read newspapers , Rangers fans went on the warpath.


Some even went as far as to demand a refund for the difference, even though no part of any bill had actually been paid.

Amdrew Dickson, who used to work at Ibrox but walked.away when they went down, pondered the possibility of legal redress, which further imflamed the hordes,  who have always been rather keen to blame others for their own neglect of their club, and Twitter was ablaze with some..well, lets call them knee jerk reactions.

Celtic fans ..and those of other clubs were too busy enjoying this latest reboot of the long running comedy to look too closely into the motives of the report, which was shit diwn by News International stablemate the Sun last night, amd poot Llewellin may now need to consider his position at the Times.

Which may well now be on his arse outside the main building.


Most of those who are familiar with this type of nonsense accept that there’s bad news coming for the bears..serious bad news that they need their goldfish like attention deflected from.

As the saying goes, you can fool all of the peepil all of the time because  they are fucking idiots who want to believe that they are the same club, amd their beloved Rangers aren’t in liquidation, and that it was merely a change of ownership and its all Timmy’s fault anyway.

However, thats not fair to  an extent as most of us want to believe a different idea if it makes us feel better, and with a constant ongoing media campaign to help them ignore the facts, you can hardly blame them for swallowing the nonsense.

The wider picture involves the five way agreement…six if you count Lawwell and Celtic, corruption at the SFA and all of the other issues that have made Scottish football toxic to investors, sponsors and even television companies.

Those are matters for rhe Celtic AGM layer later this month, and one even wonders if Llewellins story comes.as a bit of relief to the Celtic board who may feel that those of us who think they’re knee deep in this shit as well might just forget all about it and laugh at Rangers instead.

Don’t even think that. They have serious questions to answer,  amd they have exactly November 27 to answer them, otherwise Plan B kicks in, and they won’t enjoy tjat one at all.


But that’s for another day, writing a diary ones phone is a little more wearisome than you can imagine.


Why has Llewellin published this piece now ?

What could possibly be coming down the road that is going to cause enough anguish that a journalist has thrown himself onto his sword in such spectacular fashion?


May i be so vold as to offer my theory?

Based on little more than complete conjecture after about thirty seconds contemplation?

We already know of their financial woes amd probable meltdown

We are aware that there are several internal issues that may lead to a very public washing of dirty laundry…they like laundering things over there.

So what are the gullibillies being primed for ?


Rangers are currently in liquidationa long and tedious process made even longer when the firm dealing with it are beong paid bybthe hour..in this case,  a firm chosen by the man who actually owned the firm being liquidated

The original Airdrie, for instance took seven years to finally be liquidated


Could we be about to see Rangers move from “in liquidation” to  “liquidated “?

Which, of course would take some explaining, as the current narrative suggests it was only the operating company that was affected,  a practice that clearly never occured to any of tue many companies currently suffering similar financial difficulties

My guess is that very soon we will be able to see the word liquidated next to Rangers on Company House pages.

Something that will be impossible to argue with, wouldn’t it be if they could blame someone else?