ETims Diary – Nothing to see here..move along

Its International Week so whilst we all eagerly await the Scotland games against Whodyamacallit and Whatstheirface, let us see if there’s owt else interesting out there?


Nope…there isn’t.


Well apart from…


John Kennedy was linked then unlinked to current vacant Manager role at Leanne Dempster RSC

The Edinburgh News was happy to tell us that :

‘John Kennedy is no longer in the running to become the next manager of Hibs.

The Easter Road club will now turn their attentions to other leading candidates for the position, with Kennedy to remain as assistant manager of Celtic.’


The big man has seen a few folk question his input at Celtic over the last few years, mostly every time the Sieve dared threaten a return,  but its clear he is very highly appreciated among Management Staff and players with Lenny and Calmac quickly stating their desire for him to remain where he is.  and thankfully that looks like it will be the case. 

it seems Peter Lawwell also wanted him to stay, well unless Hibs could stump up £300k, so Kennedy remains in place at Lennoxtown.

Jack Ross will probably now get to decide which Edinburgh bed of snakes Board he jumps in with and we can all go along like before like nothing ever happened ( one for Del Amitri CSC there – Ed).


As for other exciting Celtic news…and we really are stretching exciting, there was a video of Peter Lawwell and Rod Stewart singing Grace within the Trophy Room…its on Twitter and Youtube if you want to go watch some hypocritical fat cats eating, drinking and partying on your dollar.

Talking of dollar…the League Cup Final Tickets came out, and an early Xmas gift of getting fleeced was available for a chosen few:


40 quid…in December…for a game just over 2 weeks before Xmas…Scottish Football…always  putting the Football Fan first!


Strangely these tickets were released  the day after the Ticket Office announced new reduced hours.

It would be a shame if the Celtic Boards way of removing any Living Wage concerns was simply to remove the actual full time jobs…but they couldn’t be so heartless, especially with an AGM coming up now, could they?

Seems all those millions in the bank just wont take care of themselves and maybe this is the first step in getting rid of the Ticket Office Portakabins as we head down Hotel Paradise route.

Those umpteen visitors to the Emirates need somewhere to sleep you know!


That was about it for Celtic…but there was plenty going on elsewhere of course….


First of all we had Peak English sport conmtinues to go all in on its military fetishism



And I will be very surprised if Mister Men creator Roger Hargreaves descendants don’t sue:


if you want a perfect piece on the Poppy nonsense including James McClean aspect…see David Squires in The Guardian 


BTW talking of  Mr Noisy, he has joined Mr Angry and Mr Denial in the latest shambles over at Ibrox, but lets see how this media manipulation has been ramping up towards todays “revelations”…


First of all we had this



Then we had this


Then we had this


and we had this


Now to top it all off we have this



Its all basically a lot of nonsense  – HMRC are no longer disputing the high end debts as there’s simply no point in additional costs as no money left.

BDO are claiming some sort of victory over HMRC on behalf of Creditors but with latest media spin we now have Angry Bears claiming its actually all HMRCs fault their club didn’t pay their Bills…

Its a bit like saying your wife left you because you used to burn the toast and nothing to do with your sleeping with her sister ( Too Much Information CSC – Ed!).

If you want full details from a better placed expert, go to  Rangers TaxCase piece : “Just when I thought I was out..” 


In the media so far we have had Ally McCoist and John Mclelland wailing already at a story that is actually months old and means heehaw in reality.

We await Chick Young saying “David Murray should never have been hounded out”… its just a matter of time!

Victims R Us RSC is alive and well.


Sadly it is all just looking like an orchestrated  “Circle the Wagons and throw more money at Dave King” for the poor and ( there are actually some) decent Rangers punters….as if having to pay £40 to see us cuff them at Hampden isn’t enough of a hardship!


Lets leave them to wallow in their denial and anger…its gonna get even better as pressure ramps up with Ashley, Hummel and Close Brothers looking for cash in the New Year.


Lets have a wee caption Contest to finish..







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Caption. “Brooooony”

Voted down for losing your “bolingoli”.



Haha. I had to reset my phone and lost all my settings. I apologise

Voted down for being unable to spell “bolingoli”.


caption a wee chubby person stands ootside the tax office shouting who are these people we need thur names ……………..a celtic fan replies we are all hector ha ha ha ha aint huns dumb


is it jeest me or does sal look mer like the big hoose must stay open guy every day


desi james mc clean disnar even look like james mc carthy


its remembrance Sunday, all together now “soldiers are we!”


dont worry desi ile keep ye right ha ha ha ha

Mick C

Iceland unveil the face of the advertising campaign for their new range of invisible pies

sfa unfit for purpose

Caption.. Who painted ma poopy yellow ?

sfa unfit for purpose

Umbro…how old is that photie

sfa unfit for purpose

my brogues and my girdle are too tight , I canny breathe…

Having to put in login details every post now , just as well the computer remembers them or I would be fecked


Caption: Where’s your poppy Sally????!!!!!


” Zat no a daffodil wee Coisty’s wearin’ ”

” Don’t be stupid man! It’s a yellow poppy, to commemorate all our boys who went to the shipyards during the war and never came home…”

…Well at least till the Boozers shut.”

Never trust a man with 2 surnames as my aul da would say Greig Cameron wrote that shit on behalf of Mr Traynor no doubt. A fully pledged blue nose and no wonder Scottish papers are dying the quicker the better.
They cheated simple as doesn’t matter by how much they hid letters that were only found by the met police raid on another matter. If they hadn’t seen them they would still be cheating. Oh wait!
Scummy bastards the lot of them.


Shooper Shwally caught pleasuring an invisible Jabba Traynor.


wouldnt it be fun if the zombies started awe yon debt forgiveness patter again


Is anyone else not enjoying this format on the site?

Not like you to complain monti

Mm, I tend to agree with Petronius Arbiter:

We trained hard … but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralisation.”

Reorganisation=Change but hopefully we’re not totally demoralised, although inefficient and confused is a given!


I really love it Monti, do u?

Testing comments on page to see about login complaints!!

See we do listen…no much granted…

New comments form trial…


Caption: Sally black-balled for rehearsing his initiation ritual in public.


Now I need help to read the enemy forums.they look like one of those IQ tests with all those arrows and squares

You will get to salute your friends and negate your enemies!

Its all a wee trial during International break to see what we can do to brighten the place up..think disco lights without £4m budget


Come on Etims, where the fuck’s yet poppy?



My salary was about that fat


Don’t you mean your arse?


Fat Sally before EBTs
When he was up to his knees
Now he’s double the size
Cos he ate all the pies
And he can’t see his d**k when he pees

Deflecting from the current cheating and fraud is what Traynor’s red herring is all about. same as the Tory Plc singing rebs to deflect from cheating themselves and Celtic supporters and getting the shareholders to verify it.sneaky masons!

This is the size of the cock that’s hanging fae my foreheed.

Caption-I only made a couple million on the club I loved!

I’m not sue we’re at that stage, as they’ve just got an extra £2m plus promises of £10m to keep the lights on this season. I don’t know if this covers Ashley and other known unknowns but don’t expect them to go tits up anytime soon, especially as they’re chasing hard in the league. I can’t see the like of Park to call in loans or not to fund further, as to do so would hit his business hard. I’m sure he’s regretting investing now but pulling out will be worse for him. However with a League Cup win and… Read more »

I think it’ll need to be something extraordinary for them, which would be something. Even if Ashley comes in at £10m (“We’ll guard old Memorial Walls” is already provided for), they’re covered for the season provided Laird coughs up. Share issues are great news for the company, as its free money but why anyone does this for worthless shares, God knows. Next season, if they don’t make Euro groups then its even more pressure. Although they should sell and not buy players, I don’t believe will, as its not the Rangers way. I’ve not detected an overuse of the Holding… Read more »

The £10m must include contingency for Ashley, as that’s a known unknown hence the auditors would’ve had to factor that into the money they considered that’s required to get thru the season.

Having said that, they may have been persuaded that a lower figure eg £5m was all that was required so if its higher we’re back into needing more money to keep the lights on.


The steak bake was this big, ma mooth couldnae manage it.
Come to think of it, a coulnae manage anything.

Paddy Mo



Whit are we gonna dae …sue ? I done sue years ago


The Times article set loose this thought. The Times article on BTC set loose this thought “selling key players would have been one option open to the Ibrox management to meet the liability” The idea being that had the bill been smaller RFC could have settled the BTC making them more attractive to potential buyers. Well the core bill (£24m) was possibly manageable and had payment been made to HMRC instead of player trading at £28.2m* in August 2008 with the individual determinations of tax owed already on the desk at Ibrox from Feb to April 2008, then the blockage… Read more »

Caption “An etims Diary writtien by Dessie; are you shitting me!”


Caption: If the Big Tax Bill had not been this big we could have paid it!

sfa unfit for purpose



It’s like a poppy but this ones yellow. It signifies the dunkirk spirit that the fans showed when it was time to pony up and save the club


1.2.3 testing…


Since my garden leave happened I’ve grown quite the green thumb. Apparently you can do a lot of things with Poppy’s they’ve helped me become numb to all those trebles


CW refused to pay tax bills (PAYE and, I think, VAT) because they were running on fumes until the European money rolled in – until Fat Sally messed up that plan – and that’s why they were no longer solvent. The reason HMRC didn’t accept a CVA was because the board lied, obstructed and avoided responding to legal queries so HMRC wanted to see the books. This was proven to be the correct decision when it was discovered Rangers staff were illegally destroying records, including those pesky side letters. As much as some people in the media and on social… Read more »


Anny mccoist

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