Jim Carrey CSC – Etims Podcast

Desi, Hector and Monty get together after a really eventful week in the World of Celtic FC.

We discuss the rampant Title Topping 6-0 victory over Ross County and the emergence of Jeremie Frimpers Frimpong as our new Golden Boy.

We talk about that wonderful victory over Lazio and just how good was it to feel the Thunder back at Paradise.

We cover the Aberdeen pumping up at Pittodrie which wrapped up a great week.
What a week indeed..it will have Derek McInnes greetin as much as Allessandra Mussolini who has helped us dedicate this Podcast to the magestyk Jim Carrey (well her along with Kieran Tierneys blind barber).

Listen for Jim paying tribute to Allessandras grandad at the end!



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Great podcast! Thanks for explaining in the 44th minute why it is called the Jim Carrey CSC.
5-0 v St Mir
2-0 v Hibs

When.s MASK 2 coming jim

Slag all you want but I will have no slagging of song choices

Its Jim Carrey singing Creep..what could be any more suitable for Allessandra


Maybe tell us it’s Jim Carey. Always think that song was a direct rip off of the hollies “air that I breathe” and a lawsuit for plagiarism maybe worth a shot. Otherwise all commentators make great sense and give good insight in their own inimitable way.


Lawsuit already happened and some agreement happened. My sweet lord


Lol. You’d have got massive odds on 4 penalties being given to the Huns in one game. Stalling tactics by a pretend airhead probably saved the company millions on her own

sfa unfit for purpose

A wee transcript from sunday when LADBROKES , the main sponsor of Scottish football were unable to offer ANY odds for a penalty in the Sevco game Please see your chat transcript below: Kate (4:18:46 PM):Hi , welcome to Ladbrokes Customer Support. You’re speaking to Kate. How may I help you today? Me (4:19:20 PM):looking for the price of a penalty awarded in the rangers v motherwell game currently in play Kate (4:19:47 PM):Hello. I am very well happy to assist you. Before we continue, I will need to ask you some security questions. Can you please confirm your full… Read more »




When you said you had given your season ticket to someone who had never been to Celtic park before, i thought you had given it to Charlie Saiz!


Are you sure?

The Cha

Isn’t the Louden in Parkhead?


Did you ever get inside the ground?


Ribbing you mate. I used to go in when the gates opened in the second half to let punters out you’d get a good twenty minutes. Preferred the Celtic end to the jungle, where the Celtic choir the prequel to the green brigade started the singing. If you’re really being a conscientious objector to the club not being fan owned you’re missing out.


Well I’m not thick skinned myself it only takes a few nasty comments my way and I’m out paying my psychologists yacht club fees looking for answers. Some comments are puerile and meant to piss you off. But at least you don’t have to live in their heads that’s the bonus in all of this. I’m too much of the simple man to care how the club is run. It seems ok to me it could be worse we could be bury or Bolton.

sfa unfit for purpose

I’m not for personal insults. I’ve only been on this site a year or 2 and wasn’t sure of the history some of you guys seem to have. For me your a very valid contributor , as are most of the guys . Its one of the main reasons i like this site. The loonies don’t seem to have found it , or else Ralph is a great moderator. I don’t agree totally with any single contributor and that’s fine. I also like a laugh , but at times it can go from amusing to personal and that is Hunish… Read more »


Once again the green brigade look as though they’re bringing more fines the way of the club, just a matter of time now b4 the section is closed!! Incidentally, I think they bring a great atmosphere to the stadium, but the fines are just getting out of hand now.

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