Celtic Diary Wednesday October 23: Nights Under The Lights

If we were to be in the last thirty two of the Europa League, with a League Cup in the bag and sitting top of the league come January the first, given where the club is in the big picture, we’d all be happy enough with that , right ?

Even had we qualified for the UCL groups in order to get there.

The only difference really is the theme tune payed before kick off and the money that goes into the bank from UEFA, none of which gets spent on a higher level of player anyway.

At least in the Europa league we play different teams, and they are roughly of the same level.

Thats why maybe we should look forward to and enjoy the prospect of Lazio coming to Glasgow tomorrow, and as a support, treat this game no different from the visit of one of the continents more established clubs.

We’re content enough with and have accepted we’ll be in the Scottish league for now, so why not accept and enjoy the Europa group stages ?

We have to enjoy what we have.

For example, Liverpool airport has the rather cheesy logo of “above Us Only Sky “, a line taken from the famous “Imagine ” tune, written and performed by the man who gave his name to the airport, John Lennon.

Rather than moan about it, the baggage handlers there have adopted a line from the same song as their motto, “imagine no possessions “, and everyone is happy.

We just have to adapt.


Celtic have a great chance of progressing in the group, and that introduces a feelgood factor among both players and supporters, and when Charlie Nicholas agrees, you know you have a chance..

Odsonne Edouard enjoys these types of games, so he will want to play well and show his credentials.

“Lazio are well organised and are great on the counter-attack. The crowd are something else on these nights so I think Celtic could just nick it.” 

Charlie may not have seen either of these teams play this season, and struggle with the basic concept of intelligence, but he knows his oysters.

And, I have it on good authority, possibly several other crustaceans as well.

Crabs, notably…

Speaking of former Celtic players, Virgil van Dijk has been nominated for the Ballon d’or, which is quite an accolade, but it has nowhere near the prestige he will gain from winning the first ever

He can go and fuck himself 

award from the influential Etims website, after it was discovered that he has blocked as many Celtic fans as he could on twitter before his head disappeared up his own arse on Merseyside.

Virgil van Dijk
You’re blocked
You can’t follow or see @VirgilvDijk’s Tweets. Learn more

What does happen to our players once they head south, and has anyone warned Keiran Tierney of this ailment.

Perhaps its time to cut his loan short before this peculiar affliction takes hold..

It’s already turning him into a bit of a clown…




Anyhoo, back to the game, and the Italian side have had the racist label attached to their fans, and new Celtic right back Jeremie Frimpong recalls a tournament in Italy when he was on the end of abuse as a kid;

When I was back at [Manchester] City, I went to a tournament in Italy and their fans were making monkey chants but I tried not to let it bother me,” 

“It must have been Under-11s or something. I think it was Rome. And it wasn’t just me, my team-mates were getting it as well. It is a game of football, what has the colour of my skin got to do with it? I am just kicking the ball, what makes you so angry?

“There is always going to be racism, always,” 

“Although I think it used to be a lot worse back in the day, and I think it is getting better and better. I wouldn’t like to see that [players walking off the pitch in protest] happen. You see that in the England-Bulgaria match. After that happened, it just killed the mood. I wouldn’t like that to happen.” 

Frimpong is ineligible for tomorrows game, so he’ll be in the stand. Other players, such as Edouard and Ntcham may face abuse, and one does wonder how it will be dealt with.

Then again, given the noise at Celtic Park under the lights, perhaps they won’t hear it anyway.

Might be an idea to make sure they don’t.


Lennon has more or less a full squad to pick from, and bearing in mind the quote from the Cluj defender who said they couldn’t cope with the pace of Celtic, I’d expect more of the same, and perhaps there is a little more interest in the Europa from Celtic than there is from Lazio, in which case the boss will be looking to get the victory that would leave the hoops just one win away from qualification, and as a bonus, the possibility of topping the group, and thus ensuring a slightly more favourable last thirty two opponent.

Look at me, getting all ahead of myself in my excitement.

Image result for rikki fulton IM jolly gif


After Lazio, Celtic will travel to Aberdeen, and there’s little doubt where the focus will be during that game…

Aberdeen v Celtic 27/10/2019 12:15pm Pittodrie

Referee: John Beaton

AR1: Dougie Potter

AR2: Graham Chambers

Fourth Official: Gavin Duncan 

I’d like to be the first ( and probably only ) Celtic fan to offer a warm welcome back to the bravest man in Scottish football , Mr John Beaton, who stood alone against a wave of death threats to him and his family after he performed to the best of his ability at Ibrox to give his team as much help as they needed, thus earning himself plaudits from all the neutrals in his home town bar.

I’m sorry, it appears my spellchecker has perhaps slightly altered the mood of that sentence. It should read..

How the fuck is that cheating bastard allowed anywhere near a Celtic match again ?

Even if we accept that he isn;t a cheat, the SFA are leaving open the perception of bias, and on a sensible conciliatory note, there remains the possibility that he may even be biased in favour of Celtic, in an attempt to show he is fair and even handed.

He cannot be expected to perform his duties to the best of his ability, which in itself isn;t a lot, and therefore the club needs to grow and pair of balls and at least ask how he got the gig.

Incidentally, the St Mirren game following that encounter, next Wednesday, will have fuckwitted Kevin Clancy in charge…

Someone may want to put together another piece featuring honest mistakes for this season.

Incidentally, Bobby Madden, who is known to have a soft spot for the old Rangers, which may have been lent to the new entity has refereed four Premier League games this season, if you count the up coming game at Ibrox this weekend, three of which featured “rangers “.

Out of eleven…

In the old days, when a referee retired, he was allowed to choose his last match, often with hilarious results, as Bobby Tait will tell you, these days one wonders of they get to choose most of the ones before that as well…


Yesterday, we had this..


Puggy67 October 22, 2019 at 8:42 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: The Christmas toy every child wants – Action Man Scottish Polis, with strangely gripping hands, Celtic colours spotting eagle eyes and a range of phrases including “ya wee Fenian bastard” and “do we get a discount here?”He comes with a bodycam that automatically switches off when he utters his phrases. The wee jakey Tam doll (optional extra) has a pocket for planting drugs in and confesses to 40 unsolved break-ins for a can of Fanta and a Wagon Wheel (not supplied). 








  • Mick D'Fhinnein


    Imagine no possessions? Didn’t John and Yoko have a refrigerated room in their place in Dakota Mansions simply to take care of her collection of furs?

    Makes a heated driveway look so passé.

  • Monti

    Just watched the Celtic TV Interview with young master Frimpong, i like his enthusiastic style & he comes across well.
    Having said that, could someone ask him to stop saying ” hundred per cent ” & ” like ” in every sentence.

    Good luck to you young fella!


  • Charlie Saiz

    Here put this picture up instead and see what funny responses you get (if any) regards the £1.3m that wasn’t spent and where it might have ended up?


    For the hard of thinking Incoming is the Blue column and Expenditure is in Green.

  • Charlie Saiz

    The Etims Twitter feed at the top of the page reminds me of Saddam’s Chief Spokesman as the US tanks were rumbling into Baghdad behind him.

    Brexit is coming deal with ffs.

        • henkesdreadlocks

          Explain. Brexit is the elite elites brainchild. Hiding their tax evasion from Lemmings like you. Who’s the genius?

          • Charlie Saiz

            The EU is a Neoliberal construct designed purely for Big Business and those who ultimately control it.
            That would be the Elite in case you are wondering.
            By staying within the EU you are basically signing up for an eternity of Thatcherism because there is no alternative to Neoliberalism within the EU.
            So I ask you and those reading this:
            Is it better to stay within a Neoliberal construct or is it better to leave it and make your own choices based on a Democratic choice?
            The problem with the UK is not who controls the money but rather the mechanism for how they got in there in the first place.
            Scots are being hoodwinked by the SNP into thinking freedom from Westminster will give them back full control.
            The reality is however rushing back into Europe is simply handing back that control to those who offer no other choice than Neoliberalism.
            To fix the UK we first had to address that fundamental issue,
            The next stage is to fix our own archaic and out of touch system of Government.
            We now collectively have that power.
            We have no power in Europe.
            It’s bollox.

          • Charlie Saiz

            Anyone who claims to be a Socialist who willingly votes for Thatcherism as the long term answer to all of our problems seriously needs to be having a word with themselves.

          • Charlie Saiz

            First Past The Post has to go and this should be what we all want once Brexit has been concluded.
            For that to have any chance of happening you need to vote Labour.
            For the sake of every man ,woman and child within the UK this needs to happen.
            Indy 2 can and will wait.
            I think if the changes being suggested by Labour can be implemented then the need for an Independent Scotland will be greatly diminished.
            If after these events taking place the majority in Scotland are still not happy then I think that would be grounds for a second Referendum.
            To be pushing for one now is quite frankly ridiculous.
            Same for those plums demanding another Brexit Vote.
            That ship has sailed.

          • henkesdreadlocks

            Absolute rubbish. Scotland can vote Labour and still be lumped with a right wing fascist regime in Westminster. There is no such thing as democracy but there is a choice to be made in how we are governed and that excludes an imbalanced Union with England.

          • Charlie Saiz

            By voting SNP you are guaranteeing a Right Wing Tory Government.
            If you want a balanced Union with the rest of the UK then getting rid of FPTP and Tory rule is a NECESSITY.

          • Charlie Saiz

            Look beyond the Tartan flannel and open your eyes.
            The whole point of Cameron getting the Indy vote through was to destroy Labour in Scotland.
            Divide and conquer.
            He tried the same trick with the Brexit vote cock sure it would never come to pass.
            The end result is you have lifelong Socialist voters in Scotland rejecting Socialism over Thatcherism in the EU and down south you have Tories rejecting Thatcherism in the EU.
            The resulting chaos has come about because deep down you know it’s a contradiction in your core beliefs.
            I voted Brexit as a flat out rejection of Neoliberalism and all that that entails.
            You need to step back and look at at what you can and cannot effect.
            No one can effect the direction the EU is taking because there is no other option.
            It’s their way or the highway and there is absolutely NOTHING you or I can do to change that.
            You can in the UK.
            Labour want an end to FPTP they also want to see a decentralised Government putting more power and more choice to Regional Assemblies.
            As a Socialist you should be advocating this.
            Anything else is just smoke and mirrors.
            That includes the SNP.

          • henkesdreadlocks

            Labour brought all their problems upon themselves. I voted Labour all my days until they shit the bed. We will never have anything other than a right wing government in this country until Independence is achieved. The EU is not perfect but it is a far better option than that house of horror in Westminster.

          • Charlie Saiz

            I don’t disagree with you regarding Scottish Labour but the fact remains in Voting SNP (why unless there is a genuine Indy vote on the offing ?) you and Labour voters like you are guaranteeing a right wing Tory Westminster.
            You have fallen for it and the sooner you and voters like you wake up to what has been pulled here the better.
            You have no options in the EU and if you are suggesting it is better to be Governed by an UNELECTED Thatcherite construct for eternity than to Vote for a Democratic Socialist Labour Government who have pledged to scrap FPTP politics and Centralised Government then frankly I am lost for words?
            It seems to me you hVe fallen for the SNP claptrap hook line and sinker.
            I should think Cameron and Co will be knocking one out to your post.
            Seriously take a step back and actually THINK about what it is you are proposing.
            It makes no sense as a Socialist.
            Not only will you fcuk it for yourselves indefinitely but also every other Socialist in the UK who wants like you a fairer,balanced and equal Society.
            The EU backs Austerity btw.
            Think about that.

          • Charlie Saiz

            You can have any wing you want in an Independent Scotland but it will be irrelevant if you are being CONTROLLED by a Centre Right Thatcherite EU.

  • Devoy45

    Monti, “like, 100% like…”
    Caption: Imagine there is no Image, it isn’t hard to do..John LenNONE
    Caption: An image of why Scotland is Better Together in the UK.
    What, you say there is nothing there…!
    Caption: Modern Sevco, all “Image” no substance…

  • Puggy67

    At least in the Europa league we play different teams, and they are roughly of the same level…Club Bruges, KRC Genk, Lille…really we are not in their league?

    Caption: The only way to stop the bold Puggy?

  • Jimboh

    See John Flemming has died.
    After a suitable pause maybe it’s time to ramp up the pressure on the SFA re all matters refereeing. His successor needs to be strictly scritinized and Maxweel made to earn his huge per diem.


    • The Cha

      Agree that’s what we should do, lead a progressive movement for change, VAR, declare club and secret society affiliations etc.

      but we won’t, will we?

    • sfa unfit for purpose

      fck a suitable pause.
      Fleming was just another mason in a powerful role.
      But I don’t see our club or our board doing much about it.
      Celtic manager Neil Lennon: “I’m devastated. I got on great with John. He had great leadership qualities and set a really good standard.
      “I’m sure he got a lot of nagging calls on a Monday but he always handled that brilliantly and he will be a huge loss to the game. He’s going to take some replacing.

      Take some replacing….. that’s thousands of mason bigots in Scotland ….FFS

  • sfa unfit for purpose

    caption: compilation of all the good elements of John Fleming’s career at the SFA in charge of our corrupt referees.
    Burn in hell.

    • Jimboh

      The Prods don’t believe in Hell the same way we do. They believe in Predestination. That they were chosen by God at birth to enter heaven. So no matter what they did they had a VIP ticket to the Pearly Gates.
      This “Chosen Ones” myth is the underlying reason for their Staunchness and assumed Exceptionalism.

      Little do they know. The funny handshake and “How auld is yer Granny” shit will not wash wae St Peter, not our Pistol Pete.


    • jimmybee

      He was also a Husband father grandfather and no doubt friend to a lot of people who will miss him.
      Burn in hell you are entitled to your view but ffs get a grip.We have won treble trebles in spite of them 8 in a row in spite of them its not them that should worry us but those within our own corridors of power who will determine if we reach 10.

      • sfa unfit for purpose

        so decades of cheating….decades of keeping the catholics downwe have just to forget that
        A guy like Tommy Burns going to his grave beaten by these cheating fcks

        Fleming , chief of the cheating hun refs , backed by the SFA and some of you fools.

  • Puggy67

    I see Sevco are warning their fans about UEFAs ‘wide-ranging definition of racism.’ Oh dear, what a strange world where nigger is offensive but taig is fine.

  • jimmybee

    Champions league should be our aim every season.
    The Europa only happens because the board allow us to go into the champions league every season without the means to make it.It then takes more of a burden on the players playing Thursday Sunday. It is what it is not through our choice but by a board failing in its duty to provide us with the means to at least have a go.
    Let’s hope though the bhoys come up with the goods again,Celtic park on Eurooean nights magical.

  • OsloGreen

    “Above us only sky”

    I remember walking into Liverpool Airport years ago when the Reds were having a mare of a season and somebody had graffiti’d under it:

    “Below us only Wolves and Sunderland”.

  • charlie

    caption am no wan fur repeating masel but at the risky repeating masel how the fook dae ye open yon wee boxes wae the corner turnt doon

  • Mike

    I wanna wanna be Amanda Holden’s stookie changer, NO,

    I wanna wanna be Amanda Holden’s stookie, NO,

    I wanna wanna be Amana Holden, Oh Yeah. COYBIG. Lazio-Fazio.

  • TicToc

    Charlie Saiz, you recently mentioned you had done some ‘fag packet’ type calculations I think regarding the new huns’ value. You mentioned their share price. Would you mind telling me what that “price” was and where you got it? I’d be very interested to know. Thanks.

        • TicToc

          CS, thanks for your replies but something isn’t right here. Can you give me the link to where you got it. RIFC PLC doesn’t have a Nomad and it’s shares aren’t listed so I don’t see how they can actually HAVE a current price. I believe the recent debt for equity swaps were done at a given price (by King and Co) of 20p. Something MOST DEFINITELY is awry here but a price of 35.5p HAS to be out by mucking files!
          Please advise, thanks.

        • TicToc

          Thanks for your efforts here CS. The information is at least 4 years old. Not your fault, it’s not that easily spotted but I knew something was miles out.
          Thanks again, TT.
          Not long to go until we take on the Italians, there’ll be murdurr in this hoose the night, ma wife’s half Italian! Shake, dread, terror! 🙂 She is, but mair than that, she’s a Tim. That’s mibbaes what I love most aboot her! 3-1 The Bhoys tonight but ah’ll take any win that’s going!
          Come On You Bhoys In Green,
          Burst the Biancoceleste’s fakkin spleen!

          • TicToc

            Sorry CS but it ISNAE!!!!! I already explained why it CANNOT be! Scroll down, look at things like “a day”, “a month”, “a year” et cetera, it’s OLD HAT. At a guesstimate I’d say mibbaes 5p per share and mibbaes NOTHING. It’ll all come out in the wash, and die with the sash.
            Fakkin vermin, get them gone.

        • TicToc

          CS, just for info. Since the most recent debt for equity swap, the new huns have approximately 250,000,000 shares in issue. At 35.5p per share the Market Capitalisation would be in excess of £80,000,000. The figures relate to an earlier time when there were A LOT LESS shares at a much higher price.
          My guesstimate is about 5p per share giving a Market Cap. of something between 10-11 million. Given the tricky fakkers involved there’ll be much we don’t know and more that is being schemed.
          ANYWAY, I’m now going to help Barca’s Catalonian economy a bit more; it’s effin time for a good drink and a good laugh at Sevco. It’s just a matter of time now, Bye, Bye, Sevco, Sevco, Bye, BYE!

  • Yoker Bhoy

    We could well be in for a cracking game tonight which could throw up quite a few goals. Lazio tend to be more attack-minded than your traditional stereotype Italian side and, although they’re probably a cut above us in overall quality, they have also made a fair amount of costly mistakes in their league (and European) campaign so far. I think we’re in with a great chance to take full points but we’ll have to be extremely cuatious, especially at the back as they have forwards who will punish any errors. Our team kind of picks itself for this one. It’s exciting to see Elyounoussi starting to really come into his own, he may be huge for us tonight.

    We’ve never managed a big win against Italian opposition in official competition (although we’ve beaten a few of their teams by the odd goal) but the thought of that would be a huge motivation for our players to go out and make some history for themselves. Being a bit more realistic though, I’d be delighted with a 2-1 win.


    • The Cha

      We did beat Fiorentina 3-0 but that was 50 years ago.

      Some would say 2-1 against Inter was a big win. 😉

      Agree it’ll be tight and 1-0, 2-1 will do for me.

      Also, 1-0 to us on Sunday and Huns win 2-1 would see us be top alphabetically and would send them over the edge!

      • Yoker Bhoy


        The game with the biggest winning margin tonight could well take place at the Dragon Stadium, Oporto. I’ll start thinking about the sheep game tomorrow.

        • The Cha

          I would love to see it.

          Everyone always expects them to be pumped but they only tend to lose by a goal or 2.

          I mean even the mighty Progrès only beat them 2-0. 😉

  • Monti

    Cheating Beaton better be wearing his ear defenders on Sunday.
    We know what you are & you’ll be getting fkn reminded!
    OOH AAH!

  • jimmybee

    My main concern is still the same as it has been for some time now. Centre of defence. Yes jullien looks capable but Ajer is a weak link he gets away with it most times but against quality opposition he could be found wanting. Boli has done well since the opening games but again defensively him and ajer are our weakest link. It’s too big a game to mess about with the back 4 now but at some point Ajer will have to be moved out into midfield and a proper centre back put in place.
    They could exploit this and so I’m not as optimistic as some maybe it’s the failures so many times before but any sort of win would do me I dont think a draw would be good enough to get us out the group. But we have the fire power to hurt them let’s hope the silly mistakes are gone and we keep it simple none of this ball rotation shite get it up to eddy as fast as we can.
    HH 3_2 the bhoys

    • Charlie Saiz

      I think Lenny may well opt to go with an extra CB tonight Jimmy.
      He could slip Elhamed in alongside Jullien and Ajer and deploy Bauer and Bolingoli as wingbacks.
      This could give us an option of either matching them up with a
      3-5-2 or alternatively go with a 3-4-3 and retain a front 3 in attack.
      It will be interesting to see how he goes but he has preferred 3 at the back previously at Celtic and Hibs.

      • jimmybee

        Who would drop out then Charlie?
        one of the midfielders Christie or McGregor .
        If he doess 3 at the back
        Ajer Jullien El Hamed
        Bauer rwb Boli lwb
        Broony def midfielder
        Forrest McGregor Ellynoussi
        Is that stronger than deploying the extra midfielder. I think he will line up the same as he did against cluj

        • Charlie Saiz

          It would mean going without traditional wingers (using wingbacks on the overlap to provide the width ) and deploying say Christie in the advanced Commons role with either Forrest or Elyanoussie given license to play off Édouard on either side.


  • jimmybee

    This could be very interesting
    October 24 – Club Brugge president Bart Verhaeghe has reignited talk around the formation of a ‘BeNe League’, saying that Belgium and the Netherlands are in discussion on how they join forces to found an 18-team league that could begin play as early as 2021.

    Verhaeghe wants to challenge the overpowering commercial and performance dominance of Europe’s Big Five leagues, or at least reduce the gap between the Belgian league and the European elite. Earlier this week PSG painfully illustrated how big the divide has become in the Champions League when Brugge were trashed 0-5 in their biggest ever European Cup home defeat by the rampant Parisians and Kylian Mbappe.

    Speaking to French newspaper Le Monde, Verhaeghe spoke of plans to merge the Belgian and Dutch top flights into a single more competitive and more powerful league within the European club landscape.

    “We are setting up a competition together with the Netherlands to reduce the gap to the five top European countries,” said Verhaeghe. “Belgian football is waking up and has entered modernity. We could tap into a market of 28 million people.”

    “A new meeting is scheduled this week. The championship would consist of 18 clubs, eight of which come from Belgium. It could all go very quickly. If it is not for next season, then without a doubt in the next two seasons.”

    It is not the first time that the creation of a BeNe League has been mooted, but in the past a number of roadblocks and a lack of action has prevented any progress in forming the league. The Dutch Eredivisie has 18 teams. The Belgian Jupiler Pro League boasts 16 teams, but teams at the bottom of the table have always struggled and the viability of a large Belgian league is frequently debated within the country.

    Verhaeghe insisted that this time talks are serious, but that TV deals and the potential creation of a European Super League could go a long way in deciding the future and the fate of a new league.

    “The most important thing is that we are working on it, but we do not want to pin down on one or another deadline,’ said the Club Brugge boss. “The TV contract in Belgium will expire soon, but not yet in the Netherlands. These are things that we must take into account. We now also want to anticipate the reform of Eu

  • Mike

    Yoker is correct, Lazio are an attacking team, they usually line up, 3-5-2. The danger comes from, the two centre-forwards, Ciro Immobile and Correa and the two highly experienced midfielders, Luis Alberto and Milinkovic-Savic. They usually play with Simone Inzaghi as their holding midfielder protecting the back three. They, Lazio like to build from the back and invite teams to come on to them and then they exploit the gaps from the opposition. Four great attacking players,
    Immobile- Correa- Alberto- Milinkovic. Tough opposition, but Clugi took them by surprise, showing that they can be beaten, we will need to be at the top of our game. Football Italiano, go, go, go.

    • The Cha

      I’d be happy if Inzaghi played but think he’ll remain on the bench unless he gets sent to the stand. 😉

      I thought I read something about them resting a lot of players, as they prioritise Serie A.

      This means we’re unlikely to see Immobile etc but I’m sure their replacements will be tasty enough.

      • Mike

        Its true that they say that they are prioritising Serie A. But what managers say and what they mean are two different things, although they are seventh in the league but with only ten points separating the top seven. We will not know really until they announce their team. But I would love it if Immobile sat on the bench, if he does, then I would expect a delayed introduction, depending on how the game is going. We have to watch that we don’t get sucked into all out attack, we need to be disciplined and watch the back door, start cautiously and build into the game. The problem that we have is that Clugi sprang the surprise and they will have plenty to prove. Ooh its exciting. 😉

      • TicToc

        Missed the plot, again! Mibbaes he’s no’ goat a nose fur it, YET? FFS. A nose for all seasons, apparently?
        SHIP, for any dyslexicshere-on!
        Hint: a thoat Inzhagi wiz holdin’ the oranges and vodka (Limoncello?) for hauf time (rather than the midfield)? Eh?

        • Mike

          There’s the Dutch courage kicking in again, “Gies a gottle a gear” Hic! A wiz a wiz Hic! awe diddums Hic! Whit a twat!!

          • TicToc

            Mike: “They usually play with Simone Inzaghi as their holding midfielder protecting the back three.” Really?
            You cut out spewing pish (trying to be too clever) and I’ll cut out taking it, mibbaes!

          • Mike

            Tic Toc, I should be glad I suppose that you read my posts, so I made a mistake, substitute Lucas for the manager Inzaghie. Someone who I have met and I know has a bit of fun with me about the size of my nose and you, who I have never met and has never seen resorts to insults. So who is the fuckwit eh? You are! a drunk who posts the most utter fuckin obnoxious drivel, insulting all and sundry. When you don’t post insults you are sooking up some other posters arse’s. Look at yourself and get a fucking grip!!

          • TicToc

            Your angry retort after being caught with your pants at your ankles is slurry! You’ll no’ need to look THAT one up, nor copy it Mike, as is your wont. It’s YOU that wants to get a grip and stop pretending to be far more knowledgeable and ‘nice’ than you are. Try replacing copy/slurry with genuine comment and we’ll all be much the wiser and you’ll prove to be a better mhan!
            PS, I have enough self-belief to comment as I feel and on what I see; I sook up to no-one, not here, not anywhere. But YOU do. Get a fucking grip indeed!
            You’ve just pissed me off after being delighted with our performance today as I was actually looking for something inetersting and came across a fermer’ slurry! WTF?

          • Mike

            How true Tic Toc, I do know what slurry is, because when I read your posts, your obnoxious drivel reminds me of it. You like to wallow in it, pretending that you know better than anyone else, the drivel comes out after your daily swally. Your hatred and double chipped shoulders pours forth in every expletive, the reality being that you know no better than anyone else, just another plastic mhan full of bile. Your posts comes out in two varieties, bile or sychophancy depending on your daily swally intake. You btw do not piss me off, because you are so very amusing, just a drunken joke.

    • Charlie Saiz

      Hence why it would make sense to deploy an extra CB and 2 Wingbacks as extra cover when on the back foot.
      Lenny has been known to match up against stronger sides in an effort to nullify their threat.
      Be interesting to see how we shape up.

  • Charlie Saiz

    I think tonight will be a true test of just how far Édouard has developed as a player and to whether he will be here next Season.
    If he performs tonight and grabs a goal or two interest will increase.

        • bgbolingoli

          sure CS was happy to quote that he would be back in a few days as per the official club line

          he laps up club statements the same as the deady bears

          • Charlie Saiz

            I was referring to the level of player he will come up against.
            A true test.
            Here’s hoping he has a great game.
            As for Griffiths his achievements are there to see in black and white irrespective of statements from Neil Lennon.
            You know best of course 😉

          • Charlie Saiz

            Incidentally the concept of a “Club” went decades ago.
            It’s a business that operates a Football team as its main source of income.
            Do keep up.

  • Monti

    Personally i’d go 4-4-1-1






    Celtic 3 Lazio 1

  • Charlie Saiz

    Say what you want about the huns but that’s a decent result (and performance) in Europe.
    Big picture is the coefficient these results matter for us as well going forward.

    • Iancelt67

      I agree watched the hun game they played pretty good. Lazio can fucking defend. We need a bit of luck cracking shot from Christie. Forrest woeful.

  • Iain in Alberta

    Immoboli on the bench so Serie A priority for Lazio. They are fast on the break and are a notch above what we have played so far this season. They are no PSG or Barca though and I think we are a better allround team. Looking forward to the game. We will win this one I believe. I have watched them twice on tv in the past few weeks.
    BL Bobby Lennox

  • jimmybee

    Poor possession in the final 3rd once again letting us down badly. Dunno what it is in European games but players lose their composure and take mad swings at the ball. It becomes a hot tattie. They are good but better use of the ball and we would be causing more problems. Ellanoussi really poor out there. Maybe Sinclair on or Hayes for him.

  • Iancelt67

    The way we are playing putting crosses in Bayo maybe a shot. Eduorrd for all his ability is useless in the air. Need some guile out there calmac is trying. Still we maybe get something here. We had the rattled for the first fifteen but are now allowiing them to play where the fuck was Bolingoli for their goal. Too far forward. They’ve done their work

  • jimmybee

    Phew well done bhoys put through the ringer.
    Some saves from the big man and great header but ffs that was heart attack stuff.
    Lenny has to get us a left back in January Boli is fuckin clueless tries hard but just isn’t good enough all the problems we had down his side.

  • Charlie Saiz

    Brilliant result against a very dangerous side tonight.
    Big Jullien brought two aspects of his game tonight that he hasn’t really shown yet up til now.
    His passing from defence and his prowess in the opposition box.
    Thought Édouard was poor up until the first goal.
    But he stuck at it and combined beautifully with Christie after the change of formation.
    I don’t think Bolingoli is going to cut it in Europe and fully expect Taylor to start pushing him for the jersey.
    All that aside Neil Lennon proves yet again that his pragmatic approach to tough European games can and dies reap reward.
    We would have lost that game under Rodgers.

  • Puggy67

    Now this is what it feels to be Celtic. Thought their goal went straight through Foster but the big yin pulled off 2 world class saves. Fabulous.

  • Yoker Bhoy

    Great comeback and good fighting spirit. Loved the two goals. We were well below par today with too much incoherence in our build ups, some bad decision making and too many passing imprecisions when put under pressure. Plenty of unforced errors too. If we can raise our game and play the way we really can, who’s tp say we won’t get a result over in Rome? Wonderful result but hope for a much better performance next time round. Jullien and Broonie were my two top players tonight.

    Disgraceful scenes earlier on with those fascist fannies giving it the big one with their stupid nazi salutes in the streets of Glasgow. Hope there are no further incidents.


  • Charlie Saiz

    Two very good results in Europe tonight from Scotland’s top 2 teams.
    One thing both results had in common?
    Goalkeepers performance.
    Said it many,many times the difference between a good goalkeeper and a great one can be 10 -15 points in a Season.
    McGregor has saved their neck so many times now in Europe it is hunbelievable.
    Forster did exactly the same thing on two separate occasions.
    You could say he should have at least got a hand on the first but sometimes like the Christie goal the shot just beats you hands down.
    I don’t know what Celtic have to do to get him on a permanent but Lenny should be stressing that Forster signature should be a priority.
    Compromise on the wages and get it done Mr Lawwell.

    • Charlie Saiz

      I think this side has got a bit of resilience about them Jimmy they don’t seem to get phased when they go down in games.
      Lenny has brought that back I think.
      He’s openly challenging them to be brave against quality.

  • Charlie Saiz

    Going to be a bit controversial here but off of tonight’s showings ALONE you would have to conceded Morelos is a better finisher than Édouard.
    He should have had a hat trick tonight but for the width of a crossbar and a point blank save by the Porto keeper.
    I think they may just get lucky in January with his showing in Europe.
    Feel free to rubbish this opinion but just how I seen it tonight with both plYers up against quality defenders.

  • TicToc

    It’s not always been easy being a Tim,
    but it’s ALWAYS been worthwhile.
    Hail! Hail! Bhoys for getting us the 3 ponts tonight.
    Both goals classic in their own way.
    The forecast round here for tomorrow is lots of heavy rain.
    I’ve been ‘singing in the rain’ at Hampden as some on here will remember. Whenever I get wet tomorrow, I’ll just be singin’ in the rain one more time.
    Played 3, won 2 and drawn 1 is what it means to be CELTIC, even in Europe.
    HH, I just love you Celtic. Thank you.

  • jimmybee

    He should have had a hat trick m8 is the key to your question watched the highlights he should have buried them. Edouard was up against it but set up Christie I know who I’d rather have.
    No doubt the Scottish media will be spunking over his goal tonight and get the 20 million they so desperately need in January but give me edouard any day of the week.

    • Charlie Saiz

      I concur but again if you look at his position on all 3 attempts he’s where he should be.
      How many times was Édouard caught offside tonight looking across the line?
      I will stress thought on both showings Morelos looked the better of the two.
      I said this months ago Jimmy they only have to get lucky once to negate the shortfall at Ayebrokes.

      • Broxburnbhoy

        I’ll have some of what you’re smoking Charlie. There is no comparison over multiple games. Time for a talk with yourself mate.

        • Charlie Saiz

          League 62 Games 30 Goals
          Cups 12 Games 5 Goals
          Europe 25 Games 9 Goals
          Total 99 Games 44 Goals
          League 105 Games 61 Goals
          Cups 12 Games 12 Goals
          Europe 23 Games 13 Goals

          All that aside ☝
          I will reiterate on the strength of both performances Morelos proved himself against tough opponents and was unlucky not to come back from Porto with a match ball.

          • Charlie Saiz

            See before you do reply take into account what team both players have been operating in.
            They should get £10m for Morelos in Jan.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if a Portuguese or Spanish side takes a punt after his showing in Europe.
            Édouard is a better player TECHNICALLY but the facts do speak for themselves.
            Morelos has proven to be a more clinical finisher.
            Which if I am not wrong is what both are paid and expected to do as Strikers.
            I try to look at these things objectively removing bias or emotion.
            Also without the aid or need for stimulants before doing so.
            If he was a Celtic player and producing the same goal returns you and many more would be slapping a hefty price tag on him.
            Of that I am sure.

          • Bgbolongoli

            So having lost the edouard v Griffiths debate your now looking to big up a hun player instead

            You really are warped

          • Charlie Saiz

            Édouard was poor last night and Morelos wasn’t.
            Just an observation.
            Griffiths has a better goal return than Édouard at Celtic again another observation.
            Nothing warped about pointing these things out.
            It creates debate.

  • Iain in Alberta

    We got the result! 3 points and we can beat Rennes at home and beat Cluj away. Lazio in Rome I don’t think so. Too many average performances from Forrest, Elyounoussi and also Edouard. Too many times that front 3 made the wrong decision in and around the box. lazio defenders were too good for them. More composure and precision needed in future. Jullien had his best game yet. BFF showed why we need to re-sign him.
    BL booby Lennox.

  • Monti

    Charlie Saiz must be a contender for KOTW!
    Celtic just beat a very good Lazio side & CS immediately starts gushing about ” Morelos ” being better than Edouard?

    What a tool.

  • Monti

    I have one of those garden clocks on the back farden fence, i put a new battery in but i don’t hear any ticking.
    Could you have a look? 🙂

  • Charlie Saiz

    “Scotland have edged up one place to 18th from the start of the season – above Croatia – having accumulated 6.500 points to amass a total of 24.625.
    Last term, Scottish Premiership clubs claimed a total of 6.750 – a mark likely to be breached given Celtic and Rangers have a guaranteed six fixtures remaining before Christmas.
    Just ahead in the Uefa coefficient ranking are Serbia, Cyprus and Greece – all of whom also have one or two teams left in European competition.
    But, as it stands, Scotland will start next season in 15th place, which should earn the country a second Champions League place for the 2021-22 season.”

    For those not paying attention that last line “which should earn the country a second Champions League place for the 2021-22 season.” Could be a game changer in Scotland.
    This comes down to what happens in January at Ibrox.
    If they need to sell in order to avoid Administration then the loss of Morelos (see his stats above) could be catastrophic for them.
    However a resurgent Defo could dig them out of a hole.
    If they were to slip into Admin then the SFA will become key to how this all pans out.
    If they are the same “Club” then a massive points deduction will cost them European Football next Season.
    If they aren’t then possibly a 15 point deduction won’t be enough to give say Aberdeen a leg up.
    Chuck in the Ashley case then this could be highly critical.
    They need to survive financially until 2021-22 if they do then there is a possibility that the impossible could come to transpire and that is it becomes a duopoly again in Scotland.
    In my opinion January is a key time for Scottish Football as it is make or break time for the Lying King and his pride of Charlatans.

  • portpower

    James Tavernier to captain Scotland.

    sevco shut up the critics as they prove they have the bottle to handle their first-leg . 🙂

    We are the Purrin`.

      • Yoker Bhoy

        I’ve predicted a slender 1-0 away win for tomorrow Port. Any kind of win be grand, especially with Beaton as ref. Hope all’s well with you in Aussieland.

  • TicToc

    I attempted to reply to a comment of Mike’s 20/30 minutes ago. For the sake of having the chance to hold any type of ‘conversation’ it’s important to have a level of continuity.
    ETims is losing this quality of relatively uncensored ‘debate’. That’s a REAL shame as uncensored debate is dying daily at the expense of controlled-thought processes like ‘Political Correctness’. Consider this in some depth as eTims is/was one of the last bastions of Free Speech. Regardless if anyone likes/dislikes the content, the principle is pre-requisite in any functioning Democracy, even in a Democracy that ‘functions’ as badly as ours in the UK.
    Great result today and won with an outstanding 1st half after a very draining encounter with the scum of Rome AKA Lazio. Well done the GB for taking the piss outa the fascists.

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