Consistency Schmistency  : The ETims Podcast

Consistency Schmistency : The ETims Podcast

Monty and Ralph join Desi to discuss the recent few weeks and all things Celtic FC.

The lads chat highlights the lack of consistency all around the club at present, on the field and off.

Topics include the Class shown versus Cluj against the Laments lauded against Livi at which Desi yet again tries and fails to play the happy go lucky card.

We also ask “Does International Fitbaw matter anymore?” and discuss the latest Flare-Up between Board and the Green Brigade area.

We dream on what a Cold Shoulder can mean for Dave King.

We ask does anyone watch Italian fitbaw anymore and Ralph gives advice on how to avoid arrest and how to handle a poor Diary review with aplomb!

Oh and where you can get best services for a Stag Do in Liverpool!



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