Celtic Diary Wednesday October 9: Oops, We Did It Again

Celtic Diary Wednesday October 9: Oops, We Did It Again

After climbing the mountain that was Cluj, Celtic tripped over the molehill at Livingston with a half arsed and headless performance where they allowed things to get to them.

Reminiscent of the old Neil Lennon reactive style, Celtic bumbled about a bit as Livingston were a little more direct, securing a 2-0 win that was greeted nationwide with such delirium that the clodhopping Livingston forward Dykes is now being touted for a Scotland place.

Simply because he managed to ruffle the feathers of Julien and Ajer.

Simply put, Livingston dragged Celtic down to their level and beat us with experience.


As usual, that means it’s crisis time.

Ryan Christie was sent off for a badly timed challenge before the half hour mark, and although you won’t see a similar punishment for a similar crime by a Celtic opponent this season, it’s no excuse. Referees are incometent, they are helping the new club stay afloat by encouraging the hordes to go to games, but it was ever thus. You’ll have noticed the new tactic of giving them a hand against the lower clubs, away from the spotlight.

Remember the 101 honest mistakes the last time they needed UCL money at Ibrox ? There’s a piece about it on the site somewhere…there ineptitude is nothing new, but this time around we need to publicly call it out, as a club.

As and when it happens.

However, the pitch was just as plastic for Livingston as it was for Celtic, so that doesn’t count either, but there were signs of mental fatigue among the players, and tired minds lead to tired decisions.

In hindsight, perhaps Lennon should have made a few more changes and rested a few more players, but hindsight is not permitted before a game, and the players would have shown him that they didn’t need a rest.

In much the same way that Efe Ambrose once told him that he was okay to play against Juventus, after getting off a plane that morning…

In this sense, the blame lies with the manager, but when the line up was announced, I doubt any of us would have disagreed with it.


Fortunately, there’s an international break, to allow a moment to pause and reflect.

After five away games and three at home, Celtic now lie in second place, behind a “rangers ” team that have played five at hime and three away. Significantly, though, they have won all of their games, bar the Celtic clash at Ibrox.

Whatever else we can say, they have won seven out of eight, and maybe now need to be taken seriously.


However, there is no need to panic, because Celtic are still the far superior side, but there is also no doubt that for the other teams, a win or even a draw is a massive result. Which means that every game on the march to nine in a row is going to be like a cup final.

As long as Lennon is aware of that, and aware that some players might not tell the truth when he asks them if they are one hundred per cent, then we’ll be fine.

Of the next five fixtures, Celtic have four at home…”rangers ” have four away…


There was another story doing the rounds yesterday, regarding Leigh Griffiths, who it was claimed had thrown a tantrum and smashed up the dressing room.

There’s little doubt Griffiths has his issues, and something will have to give one way or another there, but had he smashed up the dressing room it would have been fairly easy to verify, and it hasn’t been so he didn’t.



We’ve been aware for some time that Police Scotland have no idea how to police football to a point where they contribute to the match day experience, either by enhancing safety or behaviour, and it appears they have finally conceded that point.

How do you want Police Scotland to engage with you about football policing?

 You can share your views as a football supporter or as a member of the public. 

Your feedback will contribute directly to a new football engagement strategy to make sure football supporters and communities are involved in how Police Scotland works at football. The insights from this survey will influence the way the police work. Our main objective is for all football policing operations to deliver safe and secure events.

We encourage anyone with an interest in football policing to freely express their feelings and opinions. 

That way, they will know where you live.

Surveys are a notorious way to gain information about the public, as Cambridge Analytica and other forms show us, and as with anything to do with Police Scotland, I’m instinctively mistrustful, but there’s always the chance that they mean well.

Just put your name down as Donald Duck or something.

https://t.co/MObJEp5NIu?amp=1  is the web address, as I can’t do a link any more.

On balance, at least they are trying, so maybe we should too.


Maybe these two could have tried harder as well, and as the years passed, they would have done well to remember what it says on their shirts…


No drugs…no corruption.

Maybe it all went wrong when they swapped after the game.


There was a lot of fuss over a couple who sang a couple of traditional Ibrox terracing ditties at their wedding, and the furore has yet to die down, with both the police and the media trying to get in touch with them.

We heard they were holidaying in Hong Kong



Here’s a strange story, which may be relevant, or may not be…

Dermot Desmond could be set to become a 25% stakeholder in Shamrock Rovers if proposals are passed at a general meeting in the coming weeks.

Desmond is one of the richest people in Ireland and is the largest individual shareholder in Scottish champions Celtic.

Shamrock Rovers were reconstituted as a members club owned by fans in 2005, though they changed to a hybrid model when Ray Wilson took a one-quarter stake in the club in 2016.

In a statement release by Rovers, it is explained that proposals have been developed in recent months between the board and Wilson to bring Desmond on board.

“This proposal is the latest potential evolution in the hybrid model of fan ownership combined with private ownership and is a structure that the board of directors of the Members Club feel is a long term sustainable model that will propel Shamrock Rovers forward on and off the pitch,” said the statement.

In a note to club members, Desmond said that should he become a shareholder in the club his intention is not in pursuit of monetary gain and there is no financial or asset play. 

The statement said: “His sole motivation in considering this investment is to advance the cause of Shamrock Rovers.

“Mr Desmond is especially interested in supporting Shamrock Rovers’ ambitious plans to further develop the club’s Academy and building on the very strong foundations laid by the club in recent years.

“Mr Desmond sees any involvement with Shamrock Rovers as being more akin to a trustee than a shareholder.

“He believes that the proposed investment would put the club on a sound financial footing, providing stability to allow the long term benefits of the club’s Academy plan to bear fruit and to afford Shamrock Rovers the continued opportunity to credibly pursue success on the pitch.”

The group of fans who own 75% the club have been provided with the information on the proposed deal and will shortly convene a general meeting to formally vote on accepting or rejecting the proposals.

The statement concluded: “Should the proposals be accepted by the membership, the new ownership structure of Shamrock Rovers will be made up of the Members Club (50%), Mr Ray Wilson (25%) and Mr Dermot Desmond (25%).

“There will be no further comment by any party involved in the discussions until after the general meeting.”

 (RTE ) 
Maybe he is getting out of Celtic after all….
Oh, by the way.
Celtic are to be charged for the use by their supporters of pyrotechnics.
It’s the Green Brigade.
It’ll be their section that gets shut down…and they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.
We have to go back to Saturday, for the last diary, due to technical issues, and this picture.
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Cheating racing pigeon ,finds out how slow southern rail are as he comes home days late …

Don’t forget our competition, and a show that seems to have gone down well..
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Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: they done me up like a kipper!

Salad queen

That’s crap.


or Carp?

Yoker Bhoy

Strangely enough the word in Romanian for “carp” is “crap”. I remember being over there in a restaurant a few years ago when I came across a main dish option “crap prajit”. Alongside came the dodgy translation “fried crap”. I think I went for a meat option that night instead.


Caption : ‘Big bloke dressed in white, beard. All I remember him sayin’ was ‘Get yourself round to Greggs and buy some rolls’ and then he walked away.’

Salad queen

Just come out of ibrox for the armed forces day and I’m covered in crap


caption, i cant quite put my finger on it but there’s something fishy going on

Caption: Piranhas in the Clyde! Fake news?
Caption: Livvie’s plastic pitch now doubles as valuable fish farming resource.
Caption: Minnows cause upset!


Can you smell fish?

Ooooops,wrong joke.

Eduardo the vagrant

Wullie Collum is put in his plaice


Caption: Something’s fishy about Scotland’s Men In Black

Luke Warmwater

Man City’s new keeper take the Trautmann comparison too far.

Charlie Saiz RUARY

great video that Charlie

nice to be reminded that those free kicks, like most of his goals for celtic, were 3 years or more ago….

Charlie Saiz RUARY


107 and counting 😉

The Cha

“107 and counting”, what’s that all about? 🙁

Charlie Saiz

468 James McGrory
273 Bobby Lennox
231 Stevie Chalmers
217 Jimmy Quinn
192 Patsy Gallacher
189 John Hughes
177 Sandy McMahon
168 Jimmy McMenemy
167 Kenny Dalglish

148 Adam McLean
134 Willie Wallace
130 Jimmy Johnstone
126 Tommy McInally
125 Charlie Nicholas
124 Dixie Deans
123 Jimmy McColl
121 Brian McClair
121 Harry Hood
117 Bobby Colllins

113 Johnny Campbell
109 Frank McGarvey
109 Neil Mochan
107 (and counting) LEIGH GRIFFITHS
103 Joe Cassidy(1912)
102 Bobby Murdoch
100 Alec Thomson
100 John Divers(1959)
92 John McPhail


Looks like James Edward McGrory managed to stay out the bookies!

The Cha

Thanks, I did not know that.

How many in the past 3 1/2 years?

Charlie Saiz

Enough to get himself to 107 goals and counting.
Give me a shout when Édouard or Bayo do the same 😉


I hear Paul Gascoigne give it the ‘ no surrender ‘ pish to the unwashed at the bigotdome, half time v Hamilton?
Not a peep from the media or the spfl, not even the Police?
Odd that.

This cnt is a wifebeating, sex offending abuser, a fkn nasty piece of work.
Yet he is lauded like some legendary figure?
He is a fkn maniac, well suited to them.

They are the peepel?
Oh dear.

brit troops paragliding off their stadium ‘ roof ‘ , armed forces on the pitch, orange strips & gazza giving it ” no surrender “???

Scottish fitba eh?


Caption: Lord Mountbatten had a boat ee aye ee aye oh!


Caption: From David Roi, Eau de Poisson. It smells like pish because it is.

At the Cluj game I actually thought the Green Brigade had “flashing lights” equipment (kinda survival come and find me alerts) rather than flares…I actually thought “Oh that could be a clever way round flare charges” but nope, seems it was same old same old.


You could see the smoke come off them.



Not at the start…seemed to be just rapidly flashing lights…smoke appeared towards the end


Mountbatten shows how to be bait, spread yourself as wide as you can & explode into a thousand pieces.

We’re gonna need a bigger….BOOM

Rob O'Keeffe

Absolute classic…..


It was West Ham fans, Desi.

Rob O'Keeffe

It was the Muhammad Ali fans from Govanhill…..


I see a female councilloress has claimed £8000 for shoes?
Una do you have anything to share on this?

She’ll probably get banned from watching daytime tv for a month.



Not Una, the other ess 🙂

Monti…that £8k shoe claim… is it for walking the streets ?


Possibly Sir, quite possibly. 🙂

Monti… I guess following the bands and bretheren is expensive


It’s the aprons m8, kitchen ware isn’t cheap.
Are they expensive in Norn Iron?

Monti… the leather aprons would be costly


The Black & Tannery 🙂

Monti…very good 😉

The Bahia Emerald

Superfan misinterpret’s Mario Puzo’s famous “sleeping with the fishes” line, at Godfather Convention.

The Bahia Emerald

Caption: Oooops above

tony carlin

Good Cod in Govan!

Dixie D

Caption: After a visit to Ibrox, tourist attempt to rid himself of the stench of bigotry!

George Lazenbhoy

Caption : I’m kippered.


caption the idiots guide to being a pussy magnet

Patrick o Hara

Good God it worked!!!
Now how about a nice Burgundy or should it be white with fish?

selkirk casual

gazza ” my fishing rod Doe
s work Raul “

“I get all the gulls, I get a-all the gu-lls!” (to tune of Calvin Harris’s The Girls

Mike A

Caption: Sevco fan has new plan to capture Jaws.



Man overdoses on Jim Bream …


Caption 2

Fisherman asks “ any roach material “


The Victor Wanyama thing is the new Robbie Keane/Shay Given transfer saga.
It’s a bit like Charlie Saiz furnishing us with stories of his past ‘ missions ‘while on foot patrol ( cough ) in Ireland.

I see the club are waxing lyrical about the new ‘ art work ‘ on the walls from the dressing room to the tunnel?
Wow it must be wonderful like, look da it’s Tom Rogic on a treatment table, oh & there’s Leigh tying his sick note to a post.
Can we see the lights da, aye?
Can we?



Has Peter got a picture of himself on the wall, maybe the moment he banked his £3m cheque?
Or maybe a still of him picking up the phone to Ian Maxwell with the text ” what’s happening about res 12, Ian “?
Or maybe the moment he resigns himself to the fact he had to pay the living wage to staff?

You have a good day now Peter.

The Cha

Picture of him signing McGinn?



The Cha

Caption: The Free Pescatarians seize the day and demonstrate that they won’t lie down to discrimination.


Caption : ffs Jesus you’ve already done that trick with the fishes

Caption.. loyalists leave evidence that they found the trout in their organisation

Caption.. thankfully the victim wasn’t battered

The Cha

Thanks be to Cod.


Comment – Just lay down for another two months and our new sevco secret weapon will slip past Ajer at the New Year Derby, whether he grabs ye or no!


Good piece by the excellent Celtic by numbers shows it had nothing to do with plastic pitches or after a midweek European match as some might have us believe why we werent in the game on Sunday.
Just we were rank rotten on the day and Lenny and the players need to regroup and sort it.


Agree with the above Jimmybee. We are quick to look for excuses but sometimes teams get beaten as Guardiola reiterates. Monti, among other reasons Daniel Levy is getting stick is his pricing of Wanyama in the last window. No loan and £30 million to buy take it or leave it.



Luca Brasi looking no bad, all things considered


Colombo? Gambino? Lucchese?, Bonano or Genovese?


We won’t buy him Steve, if a loan isn’t an option then we can forget it.

Rob O'Keeffe

Could we think of a name for a new Shamrock Rovers E-Tims supporters club?….

Why not call them Robs rebels

Rob O'Keeffe

Unfortunately,there aren’t enough Rhebels on this site.Some even claim they patrolled (always in a nice manner) in the North of Our Ireland,for the Brits and are backed up by others who are purportedly from Belfast(maybe Nationalist areas) but have skeletons in their closet and chose to bite at Irish Republican Celtic Supporters of many,many years rather than ever tell the Truth about the war in Ireland…

Rob… if you are referring to me…you don’t know what yer talking about 😉 now go clean your clubs and shine yer balls


” The truth “?

Go on…….


Fuck that. Bohs til I die!!


Caption: ” I don’t need to sell my sole, he’s already in me, i wanna be Edouard “


Germany playing some good football tonight!

Das good ya!


Celtic 3-4-3


Du Wei








lee Naylor
mike Galloway

manager- Mr Ronny Deila




Watching ‘ Predator ‘ …..Charlie Saiz, watch my 6 ….over 🙂

Charlie Saiz

Takes Monti’s IQ and puts it in his chest rig.
“No bother…,remember though they canny shoot ye behind a bush son”


Goodfellas sir or Dominoes?


Aye you brits are real brave men, takes a lot of courage to pass the names of Catholics to loyalist thugs.

Fkn animals!

Charlie Saiz

There’s that IQ kicking in again.
I‘m guessing you go Italian 18” mighty meaty 😉
“Slap some Olive Oil on it Luigi before I gobble it down my throat in one go”


Two for the price of one 🙂

Caption,The S F A find a new way to cover the smell of cheating on Res 12

Derek McInnes,the tattie-bogle fae Aberdeen.





Do you ever say anything constructive?

You rant, you rave, it’s always negative and you sound like a bitter old man.

Why would that “line up” be relevant in a football forum?

Terrible things happened in the past, some unresolved, but progress will never be made by repeating the past.

In football, and in life.


Not generally, no 🙂

I concur 😉


Caption: And when his wife tossed out the aquarium Neil McCann knew he was fucked.




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