Celtic Diary Monday September 30: 17th Century Thinking Today

Celtic Diary Monday September 30: 17th Century Thinking Today

Archie MacPherson, who used to commentate on the football has taken it upon himself to add his opinions on the debate surrounding the legitimacy of catholic schooling in Scotland.

As you would expect from a man of his age, those views are a little skewed. On five year olds being hauled from their playgroups kicking and screaming and being locked into catholic schools, whilst their protestant pals were led given ice cream and driven in limousines to embark upon a life of religious fulfillment, the dopey old fucker said;

“How do we bring them together? How do we have social cohesion? We separate children at the age of five. We’ve got to look at that as well.

“I think the discussion of it should be open and bold.

“It should be discussed. 

Perhaps, but you’ll notice this demand for “discussion ” doesn’t come from anyone educated in a catholic school.

He didn’t say where it should be discussed, but organisers are looking for a venue in the late seventeenth century…


“What sort of education system do we want in an increasingly secular society?” 

Well, we could do with losing the one that demands discussion on the legitimacy of any other one.

Archie, of course, has a book out. So he needs the headlines.

Stephen O’Donnell has a book out too, Tangled Up In Blue, which analyses the history and ultimate demise of Rangers, and it’s effect on Scottish football.

Not one newspaper has approached him as his narrative doesn’t fit in with theirs…and not one will link that demise, the corruption around it and the fact that the game in Scotland is dying because of it.

Surely thats a subject more worthy of discussion in the media ?


MacPherson has become part of an increasingly vocal minority who have found their scapegoat for the ills of society. It’s what happens when they feel their way of life and view of the world is threatened.

In England, it’s Muslims, in Germany it used to be the Jews, and it’s usually what happens when people like Archie are given airtime to pontificate on what goes on in the dirty great space between their ears.

It’s why most people of his age aren’t even allowed to choose what they have for tea.


Of course, there will be many a head nodded in agreement in goat fondling circles, but the truth is that there own insular views are becoming more and more unacceptable in a diverse society.

And it really pisses them off that the guy next door to them might actually point that out to them.


Now, before anyone criticises me for perhaps criticising another religion, I need to make oit clear that since I reached the age of reason, I find it difficult to believe in any God of any kind.

Quite simply, no benevolent supreme being would inflict the misery and pain that the world currently endures, and the concluding argument for me is the existence of an insect that eats childrens eyes out from the inside.

And for a supreme being he’s bloody awful with money, forever sending round plates for contributions, presumably to see him through the week.

However, there are many people who take great comfort from their faith, and thats perfectly fine.

I respect that, and joking apart, it’s entirely up to them.

After all, who is to say I’m right and they’re wrong ?

More importantly, who has the right to tell anyone what they believe in is wrong ? And then to splash it all over the papers ?

Some have a faith, and some don’t. Thats that.

And there is no reason why we have to argue over it. So I won’t.

Live and let live.

Apart from that, if there is a heaven, it’s not like I’ll know anyone up there anyway.


Resolution 12 is back.

And this time we are fighting to a conclusion, and don’t worry, if the club doesn’t want to stick up for itself, and those in charge are happy to go along with the corruption, there’s a plan in place for that as well…

They may have hoped it would all go away, but it hasn’t. It’s just come back in a much more aggressive form.


So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the football.

The Cludgies are back in town on thursday, as Celtic look to avenge the defeat in the champions League that has hit the bank balance hard.

They aren’t a great side, but it’s important that the players don;t get carried away with the desire to put things right.

It’s just another game, and another three points.

One thing I hope though, is that Neil Lennon remembers what it was like when Celtic Park was a fortress, and teams from all over the continent feared a game here, as opposed to the now tourist attraction that it has become.

Fans need to stop applauding the opposition.

The atmosphere must be hostile. The opposition must be made to feel unwelcome, and that starts at the airport.

This week, we’ll look at ways that Celtic can impose themselves on opponents before a ball is kicked, and today we can start by picking their fans up at the airport, placing them in a bus, and driving them straight down to the stranraer ferry.

As for the opposition players, simply make sure that the hotel they are staying in has late night music and twenty four hour maintenance taking place. Little things like no hot water, no heating and Archie MacPherson providing the keynote after dinner speech.

We can say sorry after wards, and blame the schools.


Scott Brown is actually making my case here, on a serious note.

“We didn’t perform the way we should against them last time. That’s what we want to put right this time.

“It’s going to be a good game. We know how they play and they know how we play. I think we owe them one, to be perfectly honest. And especially me.

“Every game is personal for me. I want to win every single game and I always think I can do better. I BELIEVE I can do better.

“In the last match, I gave away a handball and that’s not like me. It was just one of those freak things that happened.

“I’ve got a lot of things in the back of my mind. There is a big book there, but you don’t dwell on it too long.

“The good thing about football is that there is another game three or four days later where you can go out there and show everyone wrong.

“It was a disappointing performance and their win at our place adds a wee bit extra to the game. We know what to expect from them. They got the better of us so we want to put the record straight.

“It was just one sloppy game where we probably didn’t perform as well as we should have.”

“It was a weird night, but it was a big kick up the backside. We need to maintain a certain standard at this club throughout the season and it was a huge disappointment for us going out of the Champions League.

”They will come here confident as well and played really well the last time.

“We played really well against them away from home, too, when we got a draw. But we need to make sure we start to make Celtic Park into a fortress yet again.

“I think the Europa League, and the Champions League, is getting harder and harder.

“The teams we’ve faced haven’t exactly been the easiest. But that is football. You want to compete against these teams and try to get the three points, especially at home.

“It is the fans, the fantastic support, that helps us out. You can ask a lot of players about it. They feel it, as well.

“The crowd get right behind us with every single tackle, every forward pass, and every chance that we create.”

We need to forget about the last game, and concentrate on the one ahead…


Maybe we were, maybe thats why the Hibernian game ended in a draw.

Although few have given credit to a superb effort from the Edinburgh club, it’s fair to say Celtic should have won that game with a few to spare.

Maybe it was just one of those days, and anyway, we can;t do anything about it now, just as anything we do on Thursday will not alter the result of the previous match.

So lets just concentrate on winning, without the dramatic speeches.


Yesterday , we had this disturbing image..



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Caption: “ Hello, is that customer service? I’d like to report a crack in the window of carriage 3!”