Celtic Diary Friday September 20: Anarchy In The City

Celtic secured an away point in Rennes last night with another of those mature performances on foreign soil.

Thats right, another mature performance, epitomised with the tackle of the season from Johnny Hayes, who timed a strong challenge late in the second half to absolute perfection, thus guaranteeing that the hoops would take a result back to Glasgow.

However, there was no need for him to stand up, fist pump the air and shout “ils ne passeront pas “. Which is probably why he didn’t.


Celtic fell behind when Kristoffer Ajer clumsily felled an opponent in the box, allowing the French side to convert a penalty which gave them a 1-0 lead going into the break, but unlike the rodgers era, the setback had no effect on the players, and they stuck to the plan and earned a penalty of their own, at the second attempt, and Ryan Christie stopped running for long enough to coolly slot home an equaliser.

Christie had been denied a penalty of his own when the referee failed to spot that he had been tripped a few minutes earlier, but even this injustice failed to break the Celtic rhythm.

L’Equipe magazine, a respected French sports magazine gave it’s marks out of ten for the players…


..but seeing as how they couldn’t even get the name of the visitors in the right order, and there’s only two words, we can disregard them.

Or should we ?

Do they genuinely think Rennes did better than Celtic, and could that be why the French side seemed fairly happy with the draw ?

Then again, who cares ?

There was one moment of controversy towards the end when substitute Vakoun Bayo managed to collect a couple of yellow cards after he first elbowed one player and then booted the Rennes keeper in the face, but both challenges are open to interpretation.

With the second challenge, the one on the keeper, there was little or no contact, and certainly no intent, and with the referee waving play on on from a position where he could see what happened, it was strange to see him change his mind and issue the second caution.

I don;t remember a free kick being awarded, which makes it even more bizarre, but he did appear to be influenced by the crowd , who started to make all sorts of threatening noises.


Neil Lennon had this to say…

“It looks to me like the referee was waving play on. I don’t know if he looked back at the goalkeeper as he was holding his head. There was no contact with his face at all. If anything, it was minimal across his midriff.

“The referee changed his mind. Bayo can feel very hard done by by that decision.

“We pride ourselves on our team discipline. Yes, we lost a player to a red card, but we feel harshly done by.

“The players acquitted themselves brilliantly in testing circumstances with the volume of crowd going up and their bench getting a little bit vociferous.

“We kept our composure very well. It’s great start to the group.” 

And so it is. An away point, added to three home wins, would be enough to see Celtic progress.

So, can we stop being nice to teams who come to Celtic Park ?


Elsewhere, and the Orange Order marches scheduled for this weekend have been given permission to go ahead by the Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland, who said in a statement that policing Scotland was all well and good, but if they were to do anything radical such as keep bigotry , racism and hatred off the streets, then the bigots and racists would have something to say about that, so they are going to give them a free, probably red, hand to do so.

A spokesman for the police said..

It’s all part of a new Liberal outlook on law enforcement, if it works, people will be allowed to carry knives, guns and loot shops owned by catholics in order to keep the peace. ” 

Well, he said he was a spokesman for the police.

STV reported it as objectively as any one else…

Glasgow marches to go ahead in fear of flute band reprisal

The council stated it has been put in an ‘impossible position’ after advice from the police.

Glasgow City Council has given the go ahead for four public parades this weekend in fear that flute band marchers will react violently if they are not allowed.

The council stated it has been put in an “impossible position” after Police Scotland warned there could be “serious disorder” if the Pride of Govan Flute Band procession – which will have 800 marchers – is prevented to go ahead on Saturday.

The police stated they would be able to police it either way.


The flute band has invited supporters to join its parade, warning the marchers to conduct themselves in a “dignified manner”.

Last week a number of parades were scrapped.

The Public Processions Committee’s u-turn came in the wake of sectarian violence and disorder across the city during marches on August 30 and September 7.

On Thursday afternoon, the council confirmed it would not hold a committee hearing on the upcoming marches following advice from the force.

The council has asked the flute band to withdraw its notification, which so far it has refused to do.

The local authority is also asking other groups not to counter-protest. 

A council spokesman said: “The council has been placed in an impossible position in relation to the parade in Govan.

“Police Scotland has said that should the procession not go ahead, many of the 800 people due to take part will react angrily – which could lead to violence and a significant impact on the local community.

“We deeply regret that the wider community in Govan will be subject to this disruption. However, police have made it absolutely clear that this could be made worse if these people are not allowed to march.

“The council has asked the organisers to voluntarily withdraw this notification, which they have refused to do.

“Today, we are directly appealing to them to reconsider that decision and think about the impact of their actions on the community in Govan and on tensions across the city.

“We also call on other groups not to mount protests against the march.” 

In other words, and this is remarkable, the police have effectively told the council that they will not do their job, which is to prevent disorder and protect the public, should the contentious parades take place.

Iain Livingston is the man responsible for Police Scotland, as he is currently chief constable…

Livingstone joined Lothian and Borders Police in 1992, rising swiftly through the ranks and eventually becoming head of that force’s CID branch[5] and Assistant Chief Constable for Crime.[9] He graduated with a master’s degree from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York, where he studied from 1998 as a Fulbright scholar;[2][9] he also served secondments as a special investigator with the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, was part of Lord Bonomy‘s review of corroboration for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland, and has sat on the Scottish Sentencing Council.[5]

He was suspended and demoted in 2003 after an allegation of sexual misconduct after an event at Tulliallan Policing College three years earlier,[10] but was cleared following an internal misconduct hearing[11][9] and later reinstated to his previous role as Superintendent (the youngest officer of that rank in Scotland at the time) following an appeal.[5]

When Lothian & Borders was amalgamated into the new Police Scotland force in 2013, Livingstone was named Deputy Chief Constable for Crime and operations.[9] After being overlooked for the Chief Constable job when Phil Gormley was appointed as the successor to Stephen House in late 2015, he initially remained part of the force executive but in summer 2017 announced his intention to retire in the coming months.[12] He then accepted a request to reconsider his decision after several allegations of misconduct were made against Chief Constable Gormley and the latter was placed on special leave;[13] by September 2017 Livingstone was leading the force on an interim basis. When Gormley resigned in February 2018 to contest the allegations, Livingstone became the frontrunner to succeed him formally.[9][14] The role as Chief Constable from 27 August 2018 carries a four-year term and an annual salary of £216,000.[8 

Lothain and Borders police ?

Hang on…

The Catholic Church has hit out at an ex-police chief who says Roman Catholic schools should have no place in modern Scotland if society is serious about tackling sectarianism.

Former Deputy Chief Constable Tom Wood says religious segregation in schools is no longer appropriate and that it lies at the root of the country’s problem with sectarianism.

His comments followed two consecutive weekends of chaos in Glasgow that saw Republican marchers clash with Loyalist protesters.

Ugly scenes led to Glasgow City Council imposing a ban on parades, leading hundreds of Unionist groups – including the Orange Order and Apprentice Boys of Derry – to gather in George Square in protest on Saturday, September 14.

Wood went on to compare the scenes to that of Hong Kong or Paris, while branding the parade ban “stupid”. 

Ah, it’s probably just a coincidence.

Woods and Livingston did work together, and attended several functions representing the old Lothian and Borders force.

Google it. I did.

But perhaps more relevant is this, from the Clacton and Frinton Gazette, in June of this year..when it appears Livingston was quite keen on protecting the public..

Police Scotland’s chief constable has argued protection of the public takes priority over data privacy.

The force is calling for a “fundamentally different approach” to data protection and confidentiality, with “consistent common sense” rules about sharing people’s information.

Speaking at the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) board meeting, Chief Constable Iain Livingstone said the force faces challenges implementing general data protection regulations (GDPR) because of issues balancing privacy rights with fulfilling their duty to protect vulnerable people.

“My priority is, and will remain, protection of vulnerable people from risk or threat of harm,” he said.

“I’m committed to supporting officers and staff who act in good faith when balancing protection with regulatory compliance.”

But not if they live in Glasgow, it appears.



Meanwhile, at least “rangers “, a club often associated with those who will be marching on Saturday , are doing something about one of their players who spat at an opponent last night during the Tunnock Cup clash with Ballymena United..

RANGERS flop Eros Grezda faces a full-scale club probe after being accused of spitting on an opponent.

Ballymena players have claimed the winger spat on Andrew Burns, which led to several angry reactions, including Grezda squaring up to home skipper Jim Ervin.

A spokesman, well, he had a scarf on , said

Players need to know that spitting at opponents is out of bounds . That’s what priests are for. ” 

Which brings me to this weeks Etims

Knob of the Week 

After an act of craven cowardice in the face of intimidation, and a dereliction of duty that should lead to calls for his resignation, or dismissal, there can only be one winner..

Image result for tom wood police Iain Livingstone police


A disgrace to the law enforcement community, but a positive friend to those who seek to bring anarchy to the streets of Glasgow.


Yesterday, we had this…


Tim Smith September 19, 2019 at 11:27 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Crucifixion? First on the left, one cross each. 





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Alan D

Caption :Amsterdam looked better in the brochure

Can we appeal the second yellow for Bayo, how does that work in Europa League?


I don’t think you can appeal yellows.

Stevie D

Did he actually show a second yellow or was it a straight red? Not that clear from the footage.

Stevie D

In any case; why no free kick or medical examination for a “head injury”? Isnt this mandatory now?

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Police Scotland put the first Catholics in there ‘safe space’ for their own good!

Dziekanowski's nightclub child



“Celtic fell behind when Kristoffer Ajer clumsily felled an opponent in the box” Clumsily? I hope you’re at the wind up? I rate Ajer highly but he’s always got his hands on people. Befroe the penalty he was doing it and for the penalty he had the Rennes players arm in 1 hand, his shirt in the other, and then tripped him as he went past. He needs to learn that if he’s going to grab a player, to grab and let go a lot more quickly than he currently does. As for the marches this weekend and the Police’s… Read more »


Well said!

Yoker Bhoy

What a brilliant tackle from Johnny Hayes, yet another cult hero at Celtic Park. When he finally hangs up his boots a glittering Hollywood career in action movies awaits him. He’s got the mean look, the tatoos,the all-action style, he’s got it all.
“My name is Johnny fkn Hayes” 🙂


L’Equipe thought Celtic were the better team and gave Celtic higher overall scores than Rennes, they even put the teams’ average scores on the graphic, with Celtic getting 4.7, and Rennes 4.5.


Another mature Diary, Practice makes Purfect. I was very proud of the team last night, very proud, some of our attacking play was absolutely brilliant. Defensively quite solid apart from one glaring mistake. I recall a 34 year old player raising his arm in the box to concede a penalty in a European competition, an aberration, but hands up those who never make a mistake, ever? Speaking to my son last night early in the game, it seemed to me that young Kris Ajer was carrying an injury, he looked off the pace, but in the true spirit of the… Read more »

Wee reminder that there is a dayooooot planned for tomorrow in McChuills. Completely informal,just come along and have a few beers with like-minded Celtic fans from various sites.

All welcome,as always!


PS-that includes you,Monty. You can get my mobile number from BGBHOY


mick I lost my phone few months back

you still got my email?

Only your work one.

Mail me on




Not going to make this one m8, but i’ll get a hold of your number for future sessions.
My other half is working Saturday & Sunday, so i’m on victorian dad duties 🙂


Nae luck!


Caption: Catholic Churches in Glasgow prepare for marching season

Caption: Do you think we are safe here from any Morelos shots on goal?

Patrick Street

As Rangers further restrict the ticket allocation for Celtic fans at Ibrox they are forced to dig deep into their financial resources to improve the security arrangements.


Caption ; “In order to facilitate a free-flowing, trouble free, Orange Festival Parade. Police Scotland arrested some well known Republican extremists from outside Asda, In Govan.”
Chief Inspector Iain Livingstone commented ; “After we arrested these 4 thugs, Asda completely emptied, and stayed empty for 6 hours, meaning that the oppressed Protestant Family Jamboree passed without incident, allowing a fun day indoors for the whole of the local community”


Caption: “I’m tellin’ ye Aggie. The doors f##king open. We can walk right oot. Naebody’ll stop us. Aw for f## sake, naw Aggie ye canny go for a pish first”

Sent emails to various authorities re the “Marches”. Got this on the Scottish Parliament web-site:

The Scottish Parliament: Making a positive difference to the lives of the people of Scotland.

Presumably only to selective people.


Whitearra, you missed the point even though it was there in front of you, albeit without capitalisation: “The Scottish Parliament: Making a positive difference to the lives of the people of Scotland.”

“the people” they said,they just didn’t clarify which people.
‘Crafty’ bastards, aren’t they? It’s not done by accident. They’ll laugh at suchlike ‘doon the ludge’ daily.

Stevie D

I get you Tic Toc. It’s just rubbing your nose right in it, eh?

Stevie D

It’s like Willie Waddle saying “We’ve never had an anti-Catholic signing policy. We’d’ve signed one long ago if we could’ve found one good enough.”


Exactly Stevie, they just love to rub it in, a typical trait of their supremacist thinking and bullying behaviour. They only exhibit it when numerically stronger as they’re really capitalist scumbags without balls. But we’re ontae them. It’s no accident that Socialism is put down by the press et cetera (well the owners of the press) but their time is coming, coming to an end. In my view much of it is a by-product of religion, leading to sects and sectarianism. The OO cannot exist in a secular environment as it would be seen through and dismissed out of hand… Read more »

Stevie D

I agree with most of that Tic Toc; but would argue that orangesim isn’t so much “pro” anything so much as “anti” everything. I’ve known several of these clowns in my life and it’s always come across that they’ve rarely been christened or initiated into any faith whatsoever. To them being a “good proddy boy” just means no being a pape. I know your feelings on religion and I respect them but really . . . they are just full of irrational hatred, aren’t they?


Stevie, you’re probably spot on; anger and hatred and nothing more. I first saw (on Phil Mac’s site I think) a close-up pic which centred on the ..ANGER.. in the middle, ANGER FC indeed! On happier things, it was a very good result today after going 1 down. Good to see Boli must be made of tougher stuff than most as he wasn’t expected to play today and yet him and Bauer both involved in creating goals. We’re in a great place just now and barring catastrophic injuries we’ve cover all over the park. Aye, another great day to be… Read more »


yeah cos the UK has done a wonderful job of controlling the OO and their scummy associates in Scotland and here in Ireland.

catch a hold of yourself, Charlie.


but according to Loyalists, things have never been as dangerous for them. their Kulture is under threat.

the masons in the police have advised that they cannot control the Loyalists thugs if the marches are banned. it would be some brave Govt decision to go against the advice of the police force that would then be expected to deal with the consequences of a decision that they were advised not to make anyway.

the Scottish govt do not currently control the security forces of the country so they cannot face down the Loyalists.

the Masonic police are the issue here.


It’s the fecking Union that’s the problem a free Scotland and there is no SNP you don’t need one.

Stevie D

Spot on Puggy. Get independence and the SNP has to split into factions. Then we get the kind of government we always voted for but instead always got the kind of government the Home Counties voted for. Socialism no Tartan Army areseholeism!



Stanna stair lift installed in gazzas new theme park ..grannyland

Albert Kidd

Violence is the answer to everything with that mob. I’m praying for a sinkhole on Saturday.


With spikey railings!


One of the things that really annoys me about the hun support is their songbook, which basically is centred around killing Catholics & specifically Irish Catholics.
Look at the timing as well, the football world rightfully offer condolences to them on losing Fernando Ricksen, the guy has just passed away, yet last night they were at their typical bigoted best, ” #@$: Bobby Sands he’s deed ” & all other stuff?
What on earth is wrong with these clowns?
They have nothing but hatred in them, it eats at them, they are a mess!


Caption: My lace needs tied but I’m fear to bend over wi’ all those ETimmers over there in McChuills.




Caption: Turnout for the CVA pot.

Monti, good points. We truly mourn the loss of a fellow human being to a terrible disease which can hit any of us. Fernando Ricksen was a young man who would have had a full life ahead of him. It was the same disease which took Jinky and may take some of us too I recently lost a friend to MND who was only in his fifties. It is a horrible way to die. Perhaps one legacy of Fernando Ricksen’s death would be to make this new team’s fans more humane, tolerant and kind…now there’s a REAL legacy! Football: sometimes… Read more »


Caption…given loyal get ready a day early for the bigot bunch.However,snow forecast ruins walk.


Just walk this way Renee, you wont see me, follow, follow you. 75,000 people signed a petition to ban any further Orange Order walks in Glasgow, but the council will not take much heed, because they must all reside or have business’s in Glasgow, 15,000 voted for them to stay, this after the disgusting attacks on Canon Whyte. The council is the facilitator of freedom of assembly legislation set by the Scottish Government and under the European civil liberties act. So, much of their hands are tied, my own contacts with the processions department have always been sympathetic and courteous.… Read more »


What do you expect when you do not have a St Patricks day parade or a proper monument to An Gorta Mor in the city that so many Irish came. Celtic like our Irish ancestors are hated still by the masons and orangeman who thwart our rightful place to take our place amongst the nation’s of the world. An independent Scotland didnt have to be Snp led,win the independence vote then vote in who you wanted. A huge oppertunity missed and no one in England from the other communities like the Turks poles Romanians cant believe we didn’t vote for… Read more »

They scumbags couldn’t or wouldn’t show gratitude to Celtic and it’s supporters after the Ibrox disaster,who aided the injured and dying and gave loads of support financially.so much so their own board tried to weasel out of compensation.no chance now of compassion from the Huns.A lot of Catholics are afraid of ethnic cleansing in an independent Scotland because of the Masonic Hun coppers and Orange order love in

sfa unfit for purpose

So a Glasgow city council ‘ spokesman’ states that police Scotland have told the council the parades Must take place , or else the marchers may become angry?

Why are tv and papers not all over this .

Liks CS said this country is a white glove away from us catholics having to have an identifying mark on our clothing before we leave the house.

sfa unfit for purpose

Intelligence has also been received that many of the loyalists groups taking part in the planned parade have travelled some distance and incurred costs around accommodation. It also indicates if the parade is prohibited there will be extreme anger and significant potential for disorder from the loyalist community. Given the parade as planned consists of 800 persons, our assessment is that many, if not all, will take to the streets in some form of protest against any prohibition. Again, and based on recent experiences there would be a likelihood of violence and/or disorder at any such protest. This is from… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

The events of Friday 30 August 2019 and Saturday 07 September undoubtedly caused significant disruption to the life of the community along with damage to a number of vehicles and street furniture. The full value of this is still being ascertained. There is no reason to expect Saturday’s events will be as severe as experienced previously given the voluntary reroute of the parade. There does exist a risk to disruption to the community from disgruntled loyalist supporters should the parade be prohibited. In any event, regardless of the parade going ahead or not, a suitable policing operation is in place… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

I have discussed this submission with the Assistant Chief Constable for the West of Scotland who supports its submission.
I trust this report is useful to inform your decision and I remain available to the Chief Executive to provide additional information if required.
Hazel Hendren
Divisional Commander
Greater Glasgow Division
This is available to view on the Glasgow city council website.
Part of it reads like we have all these police ready for overtime and we are not changing it in case they get angry !
When are the SNP going to get involved ? lol

sfa unfit for purpose

im on the phone to Glasgow city council

getting the runaround

women gives me n
her view of why thet are going ahead.

then I am put through to voicemail of a Gorgon Fulton and asked to leave my name and number , which I have.

sfa unfit for purpose

gorgon..lol gordon


Right I’m assuming that bands called Pride of Derry aren’t gay so based on their own logic if they love Derry so much why don’t they go home?

sfa unfit for purpose

Right council gave me the runaround , but got throughto the Glasgow city council press office.
Spoke to a nice lady , wont put up her name as no need. she took me through complaints procedure. also told me the council chief executive and a few politicians took the descision to allow this weeks parades.But ultimatly could not answer why the Glasgow city statement contradicts the police Scotland statement.

More to this than meet the eye , the all seeing eye !


Good result last night, bar the mason in the black from Espagne, probably a buddy of the Dallas senior. Regarding the knuckledraggers, there is a real fear of these people, the violence is caused by them, they are the peepul, these are there streets, they are the morons that getvscrewdcat every opprtunit you by their overlords. Last night watched a bit of the mighty Rankers, amazing the amount of orange worn in the stands, also the usual chants of hatred sung. People are out of touch that believe if there is an independent Scotland they will take over. They are… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

Cartvale I think you are on the glue lol.

Loyalist mobs are roaming Glasgow totally free of police scrutiny.

They had a ‘smash a Fenian’ march , a march not allowed under police and council guidelines that went ahead with no arrests and a police cordon to ‘pretect’ the marchers….

They then disrupt and riot at republican marches , because god forbid catholics should be allowed to march in Glasgow.

If this continues the rest of the year , west of Scotland is going to become more scary for non protestants.


You heard of hitting back….only harder?

sfa unfit for purpose

I did answer ,but its gone and will probably return in 3 hours , so I don’t want to repost it…
cluttering the airwaves

sfa unfit for purpose

tried it 3 times so it’ll be all over here , sometime

sfa unfit for purpose

If you mean by following ‘ their’ example and causing riots with angry mobs at loyalist marches , then no . I don’t think hitting harder is the answer here. If , big if , the police , councils and ultimately the Government follow guidelines and existing laws then I see no reason of a repeat of Smash a Fenian marches and things of that nature. I think there is plenty of legislation that makes that sort of thing unlawful and illegal , which should result in organisers and attendants of these gatherings being suitable for some sort of prosecution.… Read more »


By any means necessary!


Caption: Killie rebuild their disabled enclosure in preparation for the next rANGERs visit.

sfa unfit for purpose

Hamilton accies new stand passes the SFA thorogh inspection


sofa unfit for purpose

Glue is not a bad idea for the streets these Wxxkrs walk on


sfa unfit for purpose

If you mean by following ‘ their’ example and causing riots with angry mobs at loyalist marches , then no . I don’t think hitting harder is the answer here.
If , big if , the police , councils and ultimately the Government follow guidelines and existing laws then I see no reason of a repeat of Smash a Fenian marches and things of that nature. I think there is plenty of legislation that makes that sort of thing unlawful and illegal , which should result in organisers and attendants of these gatherings being suitable for some sort of prosecution.

Steve Naive

Jimmybee, fundraising still ongoing for a memorial “The Tower of Silence” to be erected in the grounds of St. Mary’s , Calton and also at Carfin Grotto.


I’ve been to the Carfin Grotto a few times.


Target £80,000, so far got £58,000. If only some would only eat one pie instead of six, then I’m certain that they would reach their target quicker, waists would shrink and climate change would slow and the World would be a safer place..




I live just down the road from it m8.
It’s the public who are funding the memorials not the council. Shameful.

Stevie D

Once as an altar boy carried a cross round it in the pishing rain. Cant remember for the life of me how it happened. Didn’t even know where I was.


Sounds like you’d been on “The Lanny”. 🙂

Many years ago a good Tim Pal, who’ll remain nameless, during a ‘spree’ got a sudden and terrible urge to ‘cleanse his soul’. He climbed the boundary railings of the church and woke up the PP asking for him to hear his confession and offering money for ‘the plate’. Not seeing the funny side, the PP promptly set the dogs on him. So he had to quickly take his leave, taking his money back too! The Ragged-arsed Would-be Penitent Philanthropist, perhaps?

Stevie D
Stevie D

Sadly quite possibly


Forgive yersel’ for EVERYTHING and laugh!
‘And let he among you who is innocent cast the 1st stone, eh?’
HH If ah wisnae a Tim ah’d sure as fuck want to be! It’s magic you know-o-o, it’s gonnae be 9 then 10 in a row! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and 🙂


Stevie @ 11.16 AM.
I replied but it’s been snaffled.
Mod please put it up. Thank you.


Steve the grotto has had a memorial to the Irish since 2001 m8 a lovely day out to get away from it all. Of course built by parishioners and of course the Irish polish and Lithuanians.
I was in the Ancient order of Hibernians in Cardin and we had some great processions to the grotto.
We also had to do our duty and protect it on the eve of the orange walks. No one dared enter the grotto those nights.



An Gorta Mor. I’m lucky to be here at all since my great-grandfather’s parents both died in the Great Hunger. He and one sister survived in rural Limerick at the height of the Great Starvation. Jimmybee, good post. God bless ye…

Desmond and The Dekkers

caption: “haw Senga when ye said a night oot way the girls and a few bars this wisnae quite what ah expected hen”


I often go in and just sit for a bit.. Before big games I say a wee prayer. Should’nt really but He is on our side.
The Bend It play looks good but 22 bucks ? Could get a programme and two pies for that on Sunday


Two pies?
You not having one then? 🙂


Keep doing that m8, it’s important for the soul!

Hail Mary full of grace!


Celtic v Kilmarnock








If the club and or Lennon would not contradict themselves by saying he will be out for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden he’s fit for the next game?

Remind me, when was the last time he was picked ahead of Bayo?


Evening bg, all well?
Have you got Andy a new, thicker tartan blanket, i hear there’s a change in the weather coming?


Suppose he could share Mike’s! 🙂
Not that Fermers like to share much…..ken.


Haha. He is past the tartan blanket stage

Think he’s away getting his picture for his bus pass


I could use that as his carer 🙂

Ooh young man 🙂


Terry Fkwit^


At least we know the way to Celtic Park without the use of Google…..ya fanny!


Caption: In New York Jeffrey Epstein’s estate has a garage sale.


This is also a very welcome addition to the grotto. Carfin Grotto honours persecuted Scots with new altar Carfin Grotto Carfin Grotto Published: 09:59 Monday 19 August 2019 A new altar has been installed at Carfin Grotto to honour the Scots forced to practise their Catholic faith clandestinely through two-and-a-half centuries of persecution, from 1560 onwards. The altar is named after the secret seminary in the Braes of Glenlivet, which operated from 1716 to 1799, in contravention of the Penal Laws against Catholicism. The laws forbade the celebration of Mass in Scotland; priests were prohibited from being in Scotland at… Read more »


Good stuff!

Stevie D

Am I right in saying Billy McNeill was descended from Lithuanians? I know they’re quite well represented in that part of Lanarkshire.


You are m8

Stevie D

Cheers mate

Stevie D

Somebody told me there was a Lythuanian club in Bellshill, like the Buffs in Glasgow. Is that right?


There is Stevie. Well Used by the community still.
It’s just across from the Holy Family church which hosts many of the Lithuanian community descendants


But it’s in the neighbouring village of Mossend not Bellshill. Big Bollyhad a pub There as well the halfway house many many years ago allknocked down Now.




A few nights out being planned for a statue to Billy McNeil in his hometown of Bellshill.
Now that is another project worth supporting.
Beaton will look out the crown bar window and see Billy and the big cup every fuckin day 🙂

sevco FC de jure and place 4 gutsy pioneers from their Willamina FC on the bench.

You mad about ETims or just plain mad? Why not buy the t-shirt at http://etims.spreadshirt.co.uk/