French Fancies – The Etims Rennes Review Podcast

Desi, Ralph and Hector and joined by Monty Burns all the way from lovely Brittany as they discuss Montys Stade Rennais experience at the Roazhon Park firsthand and we all look back at the games highlights, of which there were several, the lowlights, of which there were a few, and the referees mental decisions, of which there were plenty!

Other topics discussed include the up coming Foodbank Collection, Res 12 developments, Fernando Ricksen passing away and just what will it take for Hector to get as many Tattoos as Johnny Hayes!


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11 months ago

Finally common sense coming through from you guys and seeing what Lenny can do and also remembering what he did for us the last time he managed us! I said in February when the previous manager fcuked off that only Lenny understood what ten in a row means and only he could deliver, not a nice pedigree manager who would look on us as a project……..

11 months ago
Reply to  Denny

Common sense ? Bloody hell, we’ll have to re-record. Our credibility is at stake here.

11 months ago

Did NL not get a draw v Rennes about 10yrs ago as he built a team that became competitive in Europe?

Last night was the kind of performance I like to see in away games in Europe, not watching through half open fingers as we get gubbed in the CL.

I hope he is following a similar path again.

11 months ago One fur Monty, Whip it, Wooohooo

11 months ago

Good stuff again Bhoys!

11 months ago

Maybe tell wee Stevie in IT that the last two Podcasts are regularly cutting out for a few secondary throughout the podcast.
Like Charlie Saiz, it’s a little annoying.

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