Celtic Diary Wednesday September 18: Media Narrative Stokes Bigotry

Celtic Diary Wednesday September 18: Media Narrative Stokes Bigotry

Tom wood, who was once the deputy chief constable in the Lothian and Borders region, has been given a platform in the once respected Times of London, to gently stoke the fires of anti catholicism in Scotland.

As one would expect, his claims were picked up, without condemnation, throughout the Scottish mainstream media.

With Glasgow city council banning marches last weekend, which also enabked the “two sides of the same coin ” narrative to be trotted out, the former police high heid yin spoke out…

Well, with the marches banned he was probably bored.

“It’s a disturbing sight, Scottish police officers drawn up in full public order kit, flame-proof overalls, long shields, helmets and visors – not to mention dogs, horses and a helicopter. It’s the last thing we want to see and the last place our police men and women want to be. 

Not quite as disturbing a sight as grown men in bowler hats and sashes spouting their songs of hate, but unlike Wood, we can view that from the outside. As for the police, of course it’s the last place they want to be. Well, maybe not the last place, but they would rather wear their other uniform while they’re there…

Am I jumping to conclusions ? Perhaps even tarring them all with the same brush. Perhaps..but bear with me.

As we enter a new age of extremes, it’s a sight we have become used to on our television news but it’s usually happening in Hong Kong or Paris not the streets of Glasgow. 

He understands that the “new age of extremes ” includes vurilent anti-Irish and racism, doesn’t he ? Although in Scotland, it’s toned down to an extent and it’s called sectarianism, which is a much more user friendly term than racism or bigotry.

“It was the latest tedious eruption of Scotland’s shame, our endemic, chronic problem of sectarian hatred so deeply ingrained in our country or at least the west of our Central Belt. 

He is the former Lothain and Borders number two cop…although it appears he’s never been to Tynecastle.

“Much has been made of the need for new laws to deal with sectarian marches and we may well need to strengthen the regulation of these events. 

Er,  racism is illegal. As is bigotry, incitement, and most forms of violence.

“But one thing is clear, while sectarian parades should be limited, it’s plain stupid to ban marches, it breeds grievance and encourages illegal assemblies that are more difficult to police. It’s always best to know who, where and when.”

Mostly from him, it seems…it must have ruined his day out.

“We also need to look at the roots of the problem and question what divides us. And if we do that then we simply cannot escape questioning our system of religiously segregated education

A cunningly worded request to combat bigotry by closing down catholic schools, and by definition, removing catholics from the equation.

“I have no doubt that the provision for separate Roman Catholic education was a good idea 100 years ago, but is it acceptable that in the 21st century, we emphasise differences by separating five-year-old children based on their parents’ religion? 

“emphasise differences “…the only ones who take any notice of any differences are those who do not encourage , er, differences.

And pray tell, Mr Wood, what are those differences ? What is it you can see that no one else can, no right thinking man, that is ?

“Most advanced Western societies have, as a matter of policy, adopted strictly secular education systems – are they all wrong? 

Most advanced western societies have no problem with a diversified education system, but then again, most advanced western societies don’t permit open marches of groups or organsiations bound together with a hatred of a particular section of society.

And they certainly don’t give them a public platform to justify their intolerance.

Except, of course for catholics…or, as he really wants to say, those of an Irish background.
Those quotes are taken from the Evening times, deliberately, so i can show you the picture that accompanied the story…
Top cop calls for Catholic schools to be abolished to tackle sectarianism
Subliminal messaging, to link catholic schools to the problem of civil unrest ?
Stand back and consider what we have here.
A public servant, who attained considerable rank in law and order, has openly called for the closure of schools of a particular faith, and by extension, he is blaming that particular faith for the recent civil unrest in Glasgow.
How long before catholics are rounded up and put into camps for their own protection ?
If the right to education of choice is denied, how long before education itself is removed ?
Perhaps it would suit him if we all wore a wee cross on our clothes for easy identification ?
And, in order to prevent trouble on ther streets, one wonders if he’s already considered a 9pm curfew for those people ?
Hey, it’s been tried before, and it was the complacency and compliancy of those who could have stopped it that led to one of the greatest tragedies in human history.
I’m not exaggerating, this is how these things start. History doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it does provide indicators of how things usually end up.
I’ve got an idea for him, and all those who think that he’s got a point.
That includes the media outlets who provide this extremist with a platform to influence others, especially the Evening Times who genuinely asked readers what they thought of Wood’s statement…presumably because they are too fucking scared to offer their own opinion, a shocking betrayal of their own responsibilities.
Not so much an idea, more a sort of message.
Have a good look at yourselves this morning.
And ask yourself if you think Woods had a point.
Ask yourself if he should have been allowed to make that point in such a way that invited no criticism, even for the sake of balance.
If the answer to any of those three questions is yes, then I’m surprised you got this far, as you clearly don’t normally read anything that points out exactly what’s going on in certain circles in Scottish society.
But if you have, have another wee think to yourself, and consider the reality here, and that is that  institutional anti-Irish racism hasn’t gone away.
It’s merely adopted another face and another tone.
Best wee country in the world ?
Sure, but Catholics need not apply…
Now, read that all again.
Substitute the words ” Irish or “catholic ” with words such as Jews, Hindus, Moslems, Blacks, Asians or Protestants.
But I hope I you don’t, because that kind of means you got the point.
And I’ll tell you something else that has annoyed me immensely, Radio 4 are also in it.
Piss poor comedian Paul Sindha does the comedy slot at 6.30 on Tuesdays, with a mildly entertaining show about facts.
His favourite fact about Tommy Gemmell ?
That he’s a protestant .
I’m curious as to how he finds that fascinating, although that may be because he’s another ignoramus who discreetly encourages the myth that there are two sides to the coin of religious intolerance in Scotland.
I asked him, but he hasn’t replied yet.

I listened to your show this evening on Radio 4. I’d like to know why you claimed that your “favourite fact ” about Tommy Gemmell of Celtic is that he’s a protestant.

Surprising from an openly gay man who may well  be fully aware of the circumstances surrounding intolerance of the lifestyle of others.
There was no diary yesterday, I spent the day turning my loft into a safe room for when the anti catholic purges start, so we go back to Monday for this..
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