Celtic Diary Wednesday September 18: Media Narrative Stokes Bigotry

Tom wood, who was once the deputy chief constable in the Lothian and Borders region, has been given a platform in the once respected Times of London, to gently stoke the fires of anti catholicism in Scotland.

As one would expect, his claims were picked up, without condemnation, throughout the Scottish mainstream media.

With Glasgow city council banning marches last weekend, which also enabked the “two sides of the same coin ” narrative to be trotted out, the former police high heid yin spoke out…

Well, with the marches banned he was probably bored.

“It’s a disturbing sight, Scottish police officers drawn up in full public order kit, flame-proof overalls, long shields, helmets and visors – not to mention dogs, horses and a helicopter. It’s the last thing we want to see and the last place our police men and women want to be. 

Not quite as disturbing a sight as grown men in bowler hats and sashes spouting their songs of hate, but unlike Wood, we can view that from the outside. As for the police, of course it’s the last place they want to be. Well, maybe not the last place, but they would rather wear their other uniform while they’re there…

Am I jumping to conclusions ? Perhaps even tarring them all with the same brush. Perhaps..but bear with me.

As we enter a new age of extremes, it’s a sight we have become used to on our television news but it’s usually happening in Hong Kong or Paris not the streets of Glasgow. 

He understands that the “new age of extremes ” includes vurilent anti-Irish and racism, doesn’t he ? Although in Scotland, it’s toned down to an extent and it’s called sectarianism, which is a much more user friendly term than racism or bigotry.

“It was the latest tedious eruption of Scotland’s shame, our endemic, chronic problem of sectarian hatred so deeply ingrained in our country or at least the west of our Central Belt. 

He is the former Lothain and Borders number two cop…although it appears he’s never been to Tynecastle.

“Much has been made of the need for new laws to deal with sectarian marches and we may well need to strengthen the regulation of these events. 

Er,  racism is illegal. As is bigotry, incitement, and most forms of violence.

“But one thing is clear, while sectarian parades should be limited, it’s plain stupid to ban marches, it breeds grievance and encourages illegal assemblies that are more difficult to police. It’s always best to know who, where and when.”

Mostly from him, it seems…it must have ruined his day out.

“We also need to look at the roots of the problem and question what divides us. And if we do that then we simply cannot escape questioning our system of religiously segregated education

A cunningly worded request to combat bigotry by closing down catholic schools, and by definition, removing catholics from the equation.

“I have no doubt that the provision for separate Roman Catholic education was a good idea 100 years ago, but is it acceptable that in the 21st century, we emphasise differences by separating five-year-old children based on their parents’ religion? 

“emphasise differences “…the only ones who take any notice of any differences are those who do not encourage , er, differences.

And pray tell, Mr Wood, what are those differences ? What is it you can see that no one else can, no right thinking man, that is ?

“Most advanced Western societies have, as a matter of policy, adopted strictly secular education systems – are they all wrong? 

Most advanced western societies have no problem with a diversified education system, but then again, most advanced western societies don’t permit open marches of groups or organsiations bound together with a hatred of a particular section of society.

And they certainly don’t give them a public platform to justify their intolerance.

Except, of course for catholics…or, as he really wants to say, those of an Irish background.
Those quotes are taken from the Evening times, deliberately, so i can show you the picture that accompanied the story…
Top cop calls for Catholic schools to be abolished to tackle sectarianism
Subliminal messaging, to link catholic schools to the problem of civil unrest ?
Stand back and consider what we have here.
A public servant, who attained considerable rank in law and order, has openly called for the closure of schools of a particular faith, and by extension, he is blaming that particular faith for the recent civil unrest in Glasgow.
How long before catholics are rounded up and put into camps for their own protection ?
If the right to education of choice is denied, how long before education itself is removed ?
Perhaps it would suit him if we all wore a wee cross on our clothes for easy identification ?
And, in order to prevent trouble on ther streets, one wonders if he’s already considered a 9pm curfew for those people ?
Hey, it’s been tried before, and it was the complacency and compliancy of those who could have stopped it that led to one of the greatest tragedies in human history.
I’m not exaggerating, this is how these things start. History doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it does provide indicators of how things usually end up.
I’ve got an idea for him, and all those who think that he’s got a point.
That includes the media outlets who provide this extremist with a platform to influence others, especially the Evening Times who genuinely asked readers what they thought of Wood’s statement…presumably because they are too fucking scared to offer their own opinion, a shocking betrayal of their own responsibilities.
Not so much an idea, more a sort of message.
Have a good look at yourselves this morning.
And ask yourself if you think Woods had a point.
Ask yourself if he should have been allowed to make that point in such a way that invited no criticism, even for the sake of balance.
If the answer to any of those three questions is yes, then I’m surprised you got this far, as you clearly don’t normally read anything that points out exactly what’s going on in certain circles in Scottish society.
But if you have, have another wee think to yourself, and consider the reality here, and that is that  institutional anti-Irish racism hasn’t gone away.
It’s merely adopted another face and another tone.
Best wee country in the world ?
Sure, but Catholics need not apply…
Now, read that all again.
Substitute the words ” Irish or “catholic ” with words such as Jews, Hindus, Moslems, Blacks, Asians or Protestants.
But I hope I you don’t, because that kind of means you got the point.
And I’ll tell you something else that has annoyed me immensely, Radio 4 are also in it.
Piss poor comedian Paul Sindha does the comedy slot at 6.30 on Tuesdays, with a mildly entertaining show about facts.
His favourite fact about Tommy Gemmell ?
That he’s a protestant .
I’m curious as to how he finds that fascinating, although that may be because he’s another ignoramus who discreetly encourages the myth that there are two sides to the coin of religious intolerance in Scotland.
I asked him, but he hasn’t replied yet.

I listened to your show this evening on Radio 4. I’d like to know why you claimed that your “favourite fact ” about Tommy Gemmell of Celtic is that he’s a protestant.

Surprising from an openly gay man who may well  be fully aware of the circumstances surrounding intolerance of the lifestyle of others.
There was no diary yesterday, I spent the day turning my loft into a safe room for when the anti catholic purges start, so we go back to Monday for this..
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Caption: look I’m not giving you money but I’ll buy you a hot drink! 



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Mike A

Caption: Right just got another bstrd Tory. Where’s my 61 sign? I see the posts about blaming Catgilouc education for sectarianism are appearing on Indy boards, often stared in innocent terms, my arse. Scottish Labour have tried for years to get rid of them ingniring the fact that they were founded to give us Catholics a bloody good education ( I know it’s bloody good because I helped deliver it for 35 years) without which we were discriminated against, officially. Why is it only in Scotland that Catholic schools are a problem, well add N I into that mix? Answers… Read more »


Did Charlie Saiz assist you with your attic conversion?
Who went up the ladder first….cough.


Caption: ” You are not entering free Garvaghy Road “


There were plenty of pictures on twitter of the lovely ex constable in full goat bothering regalia. The agenda just doesnt change and shouting down our paranoia continues.

tony carlin

I agree Mike. I lived in England and Germany when I was in the RAF. Never saw this claim that Catholic schools were an issue so why is it only an issue in Scotland?

Ray Berg

I lived in London for 28 years, my son went to catholic school,as I did in Scotland in the 60s , the difference being that parents of all denominations wanted their kids to get into a catholic school as they were so highly regarded for their education and discipline, that’s a fact.


Mike A. You lied about Labour trying to abolish RC schools.


Would that be the Orange Order Scottish Labour Party?

Jocks are bigots?never,most open and welcoming people ever put on Gods green earth.

Eh?what you on about?


Where are you from Tully ? Somalia. Away and troll some political forum I’ve had a gutful of your
Putdowns. What’s in it for you?


Caption New statue unveiled at the new Ibrokes site. The problem with the hate Irish/Catholic mantra is it is always portrayed as the morons, in truth it is the so called great and good that hate. It is standard that it is down to the Catholic schools and therefore community that engender bigotry, marching past a pineapple is a bit of fun, up to our knees in Fenian blood, a ditty, the Famine song a chant helping people find their roots. I have worked in the media and education there is a clear hatred for the socalled them, if it… Read more »


Kids all went to catholic schools in England
I see no sectarianism here

This is a response on Twitter to a Rosemary Goring article in the Herald re Catholic schools. ” What do u know of Catholicism? Have u like me ever visited 40 odd caring services under The Mungo Foundation? Job was IT but u could not fail to b impressed by the care/devotion offered to the aged/recovering addicts/downs syndrome etc. Do u advocate their closure? Visit them.” My point is the ignorance from which uninformed opinions are voiced. Catholicism has its failings as does any belief system not open to thought informed by experience, but it does emphasise the care for… Read more »


Surprised Adams or Jardine havent had a phone in on Radio Scotland yet about it. They never usually miss a chance.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Days until the rangers die


Caption: Sevco up the ante in their new “Going for 60” campaign

Tom Wood – same on thats a High heid yin of the Orange order?…but that wasnae mentioned by Herald group. Today they have Rosemary Goring echoing his stance…the same woman who edited Chruch of Scotland magazine. I actually bet you the Chruch of Scotland heid yins arenae happy about that, least they came out and condemned the orange order trouble makers last week. I for one do not worry about this country. It is these people ( and establishment) that are all terrified as they know a new Scotland is on its way and this is their dying last call… Read more »


Caption : The age Morales will be before he scores against Celtic.

Would Mr Tom Wood like to clarify how many ex and present keepers of the Queen’s law were asked on their application/interview process what school they attended?

“I, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of constable with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, and that I will uphold fundamental human rights and accord equal respect to all people, according to the law “


Fernando Rickesn has passed away may you rest in peace Fernando.


Well said RIP


Caption: 60? Going for 55 will be enough to kill them.

The Bahia Emerald

CAPTION: “I just felt it was a campaign I should support. Just because I’m the Grim Reaper, it doesn’t mean that I am blind to the dangers of speeding. Road safety is important”


British state puppets. That’s why a nobody ex-copper gets catapulted into the news talking bollocks, it’s a deflection.

Talk about history repeating itself. The British state are experts at stirring internal strife to ease their way.


The year is 2019 Mr Woods.Have Catholic schools impeded your right to March.Is that your problem. Do they stop you from dressing up in your Beatles outfit.Please give us a break.Concentrate on your job.


Caption: Due to over population Catholics over 60 will be euthanized. It’s just around the corner…..

Uralius… That’s a good % of ETims then 😉

An interesting set of observations from JJ

https://johnjamessite.com/ on Res12 and the Celtic Board.


Caption: I remember when that used to be ibrox son. Used to be a statue of Greig there now look.


My sister had MND and also passed away. It is a bastard of a disease. Please, if you see anything supporting it try not to pass it by.
Great diary today Ralph.


Sorry, supporting research into it.


Sevco’s accountant arrives at Ibrox with latest financial projections.


Caption: Grim Reaper slowly approaching those displaying confused signs of orange background? Obviously old Grimmy went to a Catholic school where Maths lessons were entirely focused on never using the numbers 1,6, 9 & 0 in combination.


Rest in peace Fernando Ricksen!
May God be with your family & friends today!



Caption: The countdown clock at Duff and Phelps HQ tells employees it’s now less than 2 months to another Ibrox payday.


Caption : “Aw FFS man! No back to Ibrox…AGAIN!”


Who stole the Golden Clugi. Was it Peter Lawwell to go with his heated driveway? or was it Cluji that stole the Clugi? Scottish fitbaw’s going down the pan…

I also have Catholic pals in both Canada and America and in both places Catholic (‘Parochial’)education is taken in stride and is often admired and respected but not offered up as an excuse for bigotry. Bigotry comes from the home and broader society but not from school.In Scotland, that bigotry is mostly directed toward the Catholic community but not vice versa that’s why “two sides of the same coin” approach will never work.


I have often thought that as you leave the M74 into Cumbria there should be signs saying “Catholics welcome”. Having lived and worked in Manchester and Cumbria it was and is so refreshing for people not to care or be curious about what school you went to. Anyway, a number of years ago I was driving through a middle England town and when stopped at traffic lights I saw a really big glass window at the side of a club. Curious, I looked closer and it said (name of town which I cant remember) Catholic Mens Club. I started laughing… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Daily Mail,page 21,yesterday.
SNP rocked by anti-Catholic row! Basically,SNP chiefs (OBs) have tried to stamp out religious beliefs and this has carried on into their “vetting” process.This has caused much angst amongst the RC community in Scotland.Any Tim that thinks an independent Scotland is a good idea for RCs,those of Irish heritage and Celtic and it’s supporters should think very,very,carefully……


Any lingering doubts about Scott Murray of the Guardian were dispelled on seeing the gem he included in the description of the PSG dressings room: “The dressing rooms. Some top-of-the-range wood panelling in the changing rooms at the Parc des Princes. High-quality cushioned seating also. A vague high-class whiff of Ibrox about the whole place. By the looks of things, the hosts will be playing in their gorgeous third-choice shirts, a vague Crystal Palace Team of the Eighties homage. (The blue and red stripes are vertical as opposed to diagonal.) Admittedly this comparison isn’t so clear when pictured from behind.… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

Boris reveals his Irish backstop alternative.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding

The sentiment behind the thoughts of that bigoted Masonic old fool are akin to those which were fostered by Adolf Hitler. Sane sentiment l, different era, different minority. Desimond, the new Scotland you speak of is a fantasy. Catholics are despised by the majority. 14% of the population identify as Catholic which equals a tiny minority. The anti catholic sentiment is either latent or blatant in the overwhelming majority of the rest of the population. The ruling party at that waste of space in Edinburgh want to eradicate Catholicism. Given the chance they and the rest will do so in… Read more »

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding

Typo above in first paragraph

“Same sentiment in a different era, different minority”


I attended an Irish Christian Brothers school in West Belfast in the late 50s & 60s. I could criticise the discipline a bit brutal but apart from frowning in “ foreign games” ( soccer) there was a clear respect other daubs message. In the part of Scotland I live in there is virtually no bigotry but I appreciate others especially in the West have a different experience. Funny thing experience I knew Charlie Nicolas in the late 80 s /early 90 s and he was good company, seriously prejudices against anything to do with Rangers as a Maryhill bhoy should… Read more »

Cole Burns

This old bigot should/will know where sectarianism starts. It`s obvious he is from bigoted paremts and had it drummed into him since his first breath in the stinking hole from which he came. I wonder how many Catholics he arrested between masonic meetings. I wonder if this old mooching, waste-of-space could explain how protestant children can go to separate schools without causing sectarianism. Wee Billy, Sandy and Harry can go from a nursery to different primaries and that is OK but when wee Billy and Michael or Paddy go their separate ways the Catholics are to blame for the hatred.… Read more »

Cole Burns

Paremts? I`ll make up a wee story and say that word means someone who brings up their children hating
anyone with a Catholic name.


You any sat nav tips?


Hope you pay the guy when your peeking into his site. 🙂


Well Celtic and European nights are like the box of chocolates quote you just don’t know what your going to get. Good luck to Lenny and the bhoys and lets hope we get a positive result HH


Peepul like Woods are not worth the talking about, he probably got where he was rising through the police ranks by riding the goat of the masons. While my grandparents were fighting on the Somme or Ypres his would be in Dublin wearing Black and Tan. While my parents were fighting in the desert, or France his parents would be in Belfast hiding in the “B Specials”. Fuckwits like him are a stain on humanity, they wear many different coats and colours. Racism is not only found on the streets of Scotland where they parade weekly, they are found everywhere… Read more »

I found JJ’s analysis pretty accurate in terms of what is taking place and based only on what was said on E Tim’s.

All grist to the same mill.

His article did produce the nothing will happen mantra in the comments. To which I responded.

“As long as the Celtic Board have no appetite”

Why not say “As long as Celtic supporters have no appetite “?

Stop passing the buck. You either want an honest game or you don’t.

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