Celtic Diary Monday September 16: More Revelations, and Res 12 Clarification


Who’d have thought it ?

Neil Lennon has revealed the club did try to bring in Victor Wanyama on loan after all…

“There was interest but it never got off the ground. 

“Could we look at it again in January? We’ll have to wait and see.

“We might not want to with the balance of the squad now, as well as the affordability.” 

This was revealed in the Sun newspaper, but won’t come as a surprise to regular Diary readers, who are well aware not only of the attempt to bring in Wanyama, but why it never got off the ground… ( diary, sept 3)

One other who didn’t leave was Scott Sinclair, which meant his wages couldn’t be used to pay the £40k or so a week it would have cost to borrow Victor Wanyama for twelve months, so despite all the activity yesterday, having been talking to Wanyama about a move north for three weeks, you can probably understand why Neil Lennon will be feeling a little deflated this morning.

Tottenham wanted Celtic to pay over half of his wage, which in some eyes at the club, didn’t represent good value.


Sometimes when we make things up, we’re quite close to the mark.


At least when we do, we like to think it’s of interest to those who take time out to read this page, and we ony wish we had access to stories such as those that end up being reported in the mainstream papers.

Stories such as the one where a player went out for a meal with his girlfriend..

Celtic star Ryan Christie posts pic of hot WAG as they dine out after win

Christie toasted Hamilton victory with a glass of red wine 

Riveting stuff, which no doubt will shift a few copies of the Daily Star.

Fortunately, the Star has a style which means you only have to read the headline to get the content of an article…

Celtic legend Kris Commons reveals what Scott Brown told him about Odsonne Edouard

Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard will be better than ex-Hoops man Moussa Dembele 

A couple of hundred words later, and you learn that Scott Brown told Kris Commons that Oddsone Edouard will be better than Moussa Dembele, something that most Celtic supporters were already aware of, well, at least more than optimistic about.

Over at the Sun, Hatem Elhamed has made a surprise revelation…


Elhamed reckons Celtic can go far in Europa League – and is ready to play in any position to help achieve that.

Well, as long as its in defence. He told the paper..

“I also played 45 minutes at left-back against Slovenia, as well as playing in the middle. So I feel I’m capable of playing anywhere in defence 

It doesn’t matter to me whether it is right-back, left-back or central defence. I’m confident I can make the right decisions regardless of what position I play in.

“I felt I did well for the national team and it has been a good start so far for Celtic. I am happy to switch positions if required.

“The derby was a great experience for me. I played two different positions and I want to take the confidence into Thursday.

“The atmosphere was tough but I feel I adapted well. That game with Rangers was one of the toughest and biggest of my career.” 

Outwith the mainstream media, Alan Hutton has been speaking to Football Insider about Fraser Forster..

A player that’s coming and knowing everything about the club – this is what I’m talking about,” Hutton told Football Insider. “He knows everything – he’s played in Old Firm games, he knows about European nights and stuff and what the fans are like.

“I expect him to really be dominant, to be honest with you. He was an amazing keeper for them in previous years, he’s went down South and obviously decided he needs more game time and come back up to somewhere he knows.

“I really expect him to do well.” 

Ah, good. That’s eased any worries I might have had.


The point here is that there is a lack of news, merely opinion, said Ralph, giving his opinion.

This could be for a number of reasons, though I’m leaning towards the idea that quietly, and without any fuss, the club has tightened up a wee bit on media relations, and there is very little coming out for them to write about.

Or, of course, they could just be lazy hacks who can’t be arsed trying to get any stories.

Or both.


One interesting snippet, though not in itself exactly a revelation, comes from the Sun..


Nir Bitton looks set to be offered new deal at Celtic with Lennon planning talks.

NIR BITTON looks set to be offered a new deal to stay at Celtic.

The Israeli international is out of contract at the end of the season. 

Whether you agree or disagree with Biton getting a new deal is irrelevant, what’s important here is that Lennon, not unlike Rodgers before him, is wasting little time in getting the players he wants to keep new deals, which will keep them happy and give him an indication of who really wants to hang around for the ten.

Expect improved deals for Edoaurd, Forrest. MacGregor  and Ajer.


Lennon is also putting his own team together off the field, with former player Darren O’Dea landung a coaching role, which was confirmed yesterday by the player..

“It was an extremely tough decision to leave Motherwell as I have loved every minute of my short time at Fir Park

“However, this was a big opportunity that presented itself unexpectedly and I felt I had to take the job. 

and by his former club, Motherwell.. although somewhat huffily…

Motherwell FC
Darren O’Dea has left Motherwell to take up a coaching role with another Scottish Premiership side. 
It looks like the manager has a plan, and he’s now putting it into action.
And so far, it’s working.
Saturday in Glasgow saw a protest by the Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination, after the council told them they weren’t allowed to march past chapels and spit at priests any more, a significant part of their cultural heritage.
Suddenly, the freedom and enlightenment of the 21st century appeals to them.
I suppose it’s good that they’ve caught up with the rest of us where civil rights are concerned, although it’s clear they don’t understand that they already have them, like the rest of us..
Unless they just got all confused and have decided to become civil, which would be a refreshing change.
It’s odd that they have only just noticed a lack of civil rights for their religion, after going around for years denying the rights of others..
On a serious note, the Sun may well have put paid to all of the “point scoring ” from the other side of the river where child abuse is concerned..

Victims of vile football paedos Harry Dunn and Gordon Neely suing clubs they were linked to – including Rangers, Hibernian and Dundee United

Now make the connection and see who was working with them at more than one of those clubs, and you might understand why the media and politicians were only concentrating on Celtic Boys Club.


Whoever is to blame, and wherever this abuse took place, it cannot be treated as anything other than a nationwide scandal.


The Sun, for the second time in recent weeks, has broken the accepted media narrative to get a story out there.

About time, and whatever you think of the paper, maybe there has been some kind of editorial shift…


Yesterday, we had this…



Puggy67 September 15, 2019 at 1:08 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: And when the fixed odds coupon and TV remote were packed the ‘what I did with Daddy at the weekend’ project was complete.

A further note on Resolution 12..yesterday, this question was asked, and duly answered, in the comments…
Steve Naive September 15, 2019 at 1:20 pm · Edit · Reply →

On the Res 12 petition, can anyone sign in person or is it just shareholders ?

  1. Auldheid September 16, 2019 at 3:49 am · Edit · Reply →


    Your question allows an opportunity to clarify the process at play.

    In 2013 over 100 shareholders signed up to Res12 which in short asked Celtic to get UEFA to investigate the UEFA 2011 licence granting process that awarded Rangers a licence for the CL in suspicious circumstance relating to overdue tax as administered by the SFA.

    Sufficient information was posted on the internet in summer of 2013 to back the suspicion that the rules were circumvented to grant and retain the licence Rangers obtained.

    By placing the resolution sufficiently in advance of the AGM it had to be included in the AGM papers as Resolution 12 and so too did Celtic’s response, that in spite of emerging information, was that an investigation was unecessary because Celtic had asked SFA questions in Dec 2011, the answers to which they accepted.

    The emerging information called that into question and an adjournment was agreed before the AGM itself on basis further investigation would happen but at Celtic’s insistence it be confined to Scotland.

    That investigation has taken place since then and as result of working via a legal agent,a growing understanding of tax collection process, UEFA rules and court testimony in 2017 and more documents being volunteered, led to an impasse that should have been addressed at last AGM but didnt because the discontent was only expressed from the AGM floor because Res12 was still in adjournment and not on the AGM agenda.

    To stop that this year Res12 needs to be reinstated with all of what has been uncovered since, hence the request for enough shareholders to sign up in time for the matter to appear in the AGM report to all shareholders along with Celtic’s response which can then be debated and put to a vote.

    Non shareholders are not deliberately excluded it’s just that the only way to get accountability is via the AGM process where The Board give an account to shareholders of their custodianship.

    What Celtic’s response might be is unknown but all supporters will read or hear it and if it’s more of the same then there will be time before the AGM to seek wider non shareholder support via a petition for match day attendees to sign for which help will be required.

    Hopefully it will not be needed. 


It hasn’t gone away, you know.





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Brian (not the messiah)

Steve Naive…to answer simply. yes only shareholders can sign.

Caption. Boris sets a considerably low benchmark


Caption: ‘Brexit. F##k Brexit. It’s these Resolution 12 bastards I’m worried about’.

tony carlin

This wins for me. Brilliant!


“listen, I’ll change yer nappy later”

May God shine on Auldheid and the rest of the resolution 12 bhoys.

female…Jacob Reece Mogg told you to act like the Hulk…not a sulk.
Boris….he has done me up like a kipper again.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: look I’m not giving you money but I’ll buy you a hot drink!


Caption – ‘Don’t take it personal Boris, the Celtic support hate anybody who are discriminatory, violent, foul mouthed bullies who think it is their divine right to control unquestioned.’ HH!


Caption: “And what did Her Majesty mean when she said she’d rather have Michael Fagan in her house than me?”



I’m pregant.


or pregnant. or however this bloody keyboard spells it

honestly I think it used to belong to the cop in allo allo somethimes

Hoop hoop hooray

Front bench to park bench eh Laura?

Gerald Ratner must be proud of me.

Mike A

Caption. Let’s be honest Boris. It’s quite simple. We are all fucked.

Mike A

Caption. It’s quite simple Boris,. We are all fekd.

sfa unfit for purpose

SO Boris , in order to continue you will need to shag sturgeon and forster.

sfa unfit for purpose

But don’t worry , both of them prefer a Strap On .

Steve Naive

Thanks lads. I get how that to even get it debated at the AGM, it has to be shareholders . I’m not but I know supporters who are. As CS states, the feeling that the PLC are against any kind of action, even when presented with the evidence, makes them think that it’s not worthwhile. Sadly, whist pleased with the performance, the unbridled joy at the recent result allows the board to continue in this vein. A greater joy would be their complete demise.


There is being against any action but giving the impression otherwise and more that needs explanation.

It’s not limited to shareholders either.

An explanation of their behaviour will be required.

To add shareholders who have signed up were given ample justification for doing so.

I doubt any are deluded.



Stevie G has a plan Bojo, blame everyone else

Res 12. Should be a the top of thecAGM agenda

Those mugs are not Protestants, they are bigots.


Same thing as far as i’m concerned!

The Cha
The Cha

So, if we hadn’t extended Sinclair’s contract to not even sit on the bench, we could’ve signed Wanyama.

And still there’s people who don’t consider Peter Lawwell as the greatest football administrator there is.

sfa unfit for purpose

The fact that this ‘story’ is out there means we are trying to manipulate Sinclair to move through the press.
That’s reprehensible , but combined with trying to turn fans against Sinclair with his wages holding back a Wanyama move. F’cking disgraceful.

If we wanted Wanyama we would have put an offer in , trying to say we didn’t have the money is ridiculous.

These are the type of questions that fud Lawell should be made to answer.


sfa unfit for purpose

These are the types of moves Sevco use to unsettle players they don’t want or to explain why they didn’t sign certain players.

Is that where we are,, using King and Traynor type tactics.

SO angry with this crap….

The Cha

D’oh, posted in wrong place again, as not a reply to Monti, what a zoomer (me, not yer man. 😉 ).

I’d imagine Sinclair is independently wealthy, hasn’t got an international career to worry about and has faced this situ before at Man City, Chelsea and Villa.

In what parallel universe does that equate to a guy you can force out like he was some frightened wean?

sfa unfit for purpose

Is this for me Cha ?

Brian (not the messiah)

That is a bigoted comment if ever I Saw One Monto. Big jock was a protestant….are you saying he was a bigot?


I wasn’t being serious m8…….calm now.

Patrick o Hara

Kuenssberg advises homeless Hulk about the Incredible lack of social services available under the Tories.


Listen Boris fags and Buckie in coffee cups are how I get through this shite ..noo lend me yer comb before the camera man arrives..awe shite you don’t hiv wan dae ye..


Back res 12,sack Lawwell.Back the team.

Why worry get fans from every other club in Scotland to sign an online petition why they got a license in the first place and why they were allow to keep tainted trophy’s after they were caught out for CHEATING

sfa unfit for purpose

Auldheid , im a shareholder who didn’t respond to your initial request a few weeks back.
How do i ( and any other shareholders who haven’t stepped up ) get my info to you ?


I posted Auldheids E-Mail addy, but it came up “awaiting moderation”.

sfa unfit for purpose

How do you get to be political editor at the bbc when you are such a true blue conservative.
She hates Corbyn , and that twisted coupon of hers becomes even more twisted when she mentions Corbyn.

And the wine bar scene she did with Boris a few months ago suggests these 2 have been f@ckin for a while…
Not good for impartiality .

sfa unfit for purpose

How did she get to be political editor at the BBC while being a true blue tory ?
And she hates Corbyn , that twisted coupon of hers becomes even more twisted when she has to utter his name.
And the wine bar interview she did with Boris a few months ago suggests these 2 have been f@ckbuddys for a while.
Impartial my arse.


Its scandalous that a licence to participate in the 2011-12 C.L. qualifiers was given to the Huns, particularly when you learn that those responsible for the good governance of Scottish football were willing assistants to the Huns. Make no mistake it cost our club a lot of money, that to me was fraud. Petrie the now President of the SFA was the person responsible, the chairman of the licencing committee, the main man in facilitating the licence. Then you remember the not so secret 5way agreement, a secret agreement that to this day has a big part to play in… Read more »


Where in my post do I say that the currant Celtic board want to pursue Res.12, its abundantly clear that they do not want to pursue it. That is the whole point of returning it to this years AGM, to force them to listen. What are we supposed to do? run up the white flag and surrender, no thanks. I have and will continue to support the Resolutioners till these cheats are brought to justice.

One of the points of this exercise was to tell major shareholders not only have they smalller shareholders to consider but as Directors deliberately misleading them is simply unacceptable.

We didnt go into a gun fight with a knife.

Sinclair is being treated badly by our club. I hope Lenny isn’t part of that. Sinclair has scored 42 goals in two seasons, with numerous assists. On his game, he is one of our best. He got lumps kicked out of him last year especially. He is a game winner and can score against anybody when the chips are down (remember Pittodrie?) He should be starting every game on the left wing until Johnston/Hayes/Morgan etc can produce every week. If he is on our payroll, he should be playing.What’s up Lenny? What do you know that we don’t? Us Celtic… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose



Look I know barbers are scary and well with those big scissors and all those Sweeney Todd stories. But if you don’t do something soon I’m off to mummies and you know what that mean??? No more spankies for you !!!

What the fuck +no Monti rant today hope your ok

A… There’s always tomorrow


Watched man city v Norwich and again defenders woeful in.possession get it up the park quickly all this you have to play the ball nonsense costs goals. I saw it creeping back in to our play on Saturday hooe it doesn’t continue.


I’m sure there is a need for it Charlie I would say when we are 3 up and 5 minutes to go 🙂


Caption: Prime Minister was that the biggest case of shitiing it in front of a tiny Luxembourg crowd since Pedro Caixinha?

@puggy. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 … David Camerons display of failure on ITV news was a pathetic attempt of faux contrition… Yet another tory twat on display

pugy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 … David Camerons display of failure on ITV news was a pathetic attempt of faux contrition… Yet another tory twat on display


Eton rifles weered I couldn’t tire of slapping the Grease Mogg fecker

Charlie Salz

The reason they dont give a monkeys is they think they are dealing with sheep who dont give a monkeys how they are treated.

This is an opportunity for the sheep to prove them wrong but going into a game where you think you will lose more or less guarantees you will.

Last name on the team sheet for you.


“You love the game” and you watch it on T.V. yet you know that you are watching a bent game. You have no interest in trying to clean up the game. You don’t go to the games, you don’t contribute to it, yet daily you comment on it on Celtic websites. You make comments on playing systems, tactics and players, so you take enjoyment out of it, despite knowing that it is governed by a cheating body, a body not fit for purpose. You are emotionally attached to Celtic, but have no interest whatsoever in seeking justice, for the club… Read more »


What about the millions of pounds our club was cheated out of when they were helped to cheat to get into the 2011-12 C.L. qualifiers, does that not count? or the titles and trophies that they won by cheating, do they not count. What about the fact that they are still cheating by hiding behind the 5way, does that not count? The whole point of Res.12 is to hold the governing bodies to account and to clean up Scottish football. If that doesn’t matter then what’s the point of Celtic and Scottish football, its lifeless.

Nothing Cameron has said contradicts All Out War by Tim Shipman which is the story of Brexit.

A book that makes you angrier the more pages you read.

Cole Burns

Maybe if Celtic got a few thousand claims in from the fans who were robbed watching fixed games they would get their finger out.

In my own and my son`s cases we must have been conned out of more than £10,000 during the thieving seasons.

It would be interesting to establish if Directors in pursuit of upping the share price acted honestly with shareholders whose holdings were as much sentimental and emotional as financial.

The Cha

Interesting but I’ve never known the judiciary or other authorities to go a bundle on sentiments and emotions!


Hopefully very soon the worm will turn and it will say, the SFA under Regan with all his cheating helpers that colluded together to CHEAT our club and that we want justice. I don’t give a monkey’s fuck about for the good of the Scottish game, this sheep wants justice. Its not only about the past, its about the present and the future. It happened before and that was a proven fact, but is it happening today, can it happen in the future? It will, if we do nothing, this worm has turned and I want justice, the titles removed,… Read more »

At Rennes:
No predictions.


Devoy sadly I don’t think we will see Sincy start.
Neil may go like for like against them.
Ajer Jullien El Hamed
Rwb Bauer Lwb Boli
Forrest Christie Ntcham

The Cha

Sinclair isn’t coming in from the cold for this game, which will probably be a tense, high pressure one but hopefully not too torrid!

If he doesn’t get game time against Killie on Sunday or Partick next Wednesday then its difficult to see when he will.



Boris your just like my bosses, whats that Laura? lying bastards if im honest


You didn’t reply to my question if you liked head & or heels?


Celtic, The Shampoo of Scottish football, Head and Shoulders above the rest.
We love you Celtic, of course we do,
So wash your hair with Success Shampoo.
We love you Celtic we do,
Oh Celtic we love you!


World first! Prick probed by fanny.


Res.12. The Flash Ah Ha, The saviour of Scottish Football,

Cleans up the impossible.

Charlie Saiz Have you read the Res12 Archive? https://www.res12.uk It’s not that Celtic did nothing, it’s why. It’s why after saying they needed a Dougie Dougie moment to bring about a more professional SFA they failed to act on the evidence that could have been used to that effect. Like you I stopped contributing the more the evidence made clear. A number of shareholders felt it wrong that a club guilty of ten years industrial scale cheating that they paid good money to watch, particularly in the years titles were lost by a point, went unpunished in sporting terms. There… Read more »


Sadly Auldheid our board has the lure of 9 and 10 in a row in its favour. I’m sure if sevco had won the title in the past 2 seasons then holy war would have broke out. We should have from our position of power have took up the smoking gun and fired right through the heart of the sfa. Other clubs have failed also too many sooking up to the sevco cash cow that comes to their stadiums. It was a lovely place without them now look what’s happened not just at the football grounds but in society in… Read more »

wisnae me

You have to repost this for today’s diary.

Paddy Mo

“And when you wake up, you’ll remember that you’re a dickhead “


Seen a clip with the guys from feynoord discussing the game against sevco.
When discussing the Ryan Kent signing they said who a guy they bought for punching Scott Brown
A facist club hated all over the world apart from other facist clubs. 🙂


New detergent launched in Scotland called fuckit.
If Ajax doesnt brighten it and Persil doesn’t whiten it then fuckit.

sfa unfit for purpose

A mate met up with Lubo Moravcik at simon Donnelley’snew pub called MCNAMARAS in fuengirola last week..
40 euros a ticket …… ouch

murdo mcleod and a few others were there too.

So Lubo tells a story about Frank macavennie , He asks frank where the best place he ever ‘ made love’ was . Frank thinks for a minute , then says kitchen counter !.. had a few bent over a kitchen counter , best ever.
Lubo says . kitchen , that’s it. That’s no very exciting ?

Frank replies , Aye , But in B + Q !


I’m not finding that remotely funny……

Yoker Bhoy

A very good preview for Thursday’s game packed with interesting detail.


Charlie Salz

This only began because it was encouraged.

If supporters are happy to be betrayed then that is the end.

My mistake was thinking we were more than a club.

sfa unfit for purpose

No mistake in my book.
We should always aspire to be more than just a club.

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