Celtic Diary Saturday August 24: Now We Know Why Celtic Are In Crisis

We’ll come to that in a minute, and you’ll see why the media have focused on tom Boyd for a week or so, and how his comments were lined up to make a case for the two sides of the same coin argument, but they have been forgotten now,and you’ll see why…but first,  the news from the ranch…

Jack Hendry looks to be the next Celtic player to follow the first dozen out of the door as the austerity programme begins to bite even further.

The initial exodus, which was mostly players who were out of contract took place as soon as it could, after the season ended, and the second one, with only a week or so of the window to go, is more or less underway.

Several Scottish clubs are interested in taking the defender on loan, and its a loan because the lad does have a future at Celtic, he just needs a wee bit of time away from the pressure of Celtic Park to get back on track.

With Kilmarnock doing such sterling work on Kris Ajer a couple of years ago, and Greg Taylor telling everyone who’ll listen that he thinks he would look great in the hoops, it doesn’t take much to work out what will happen next.

Taylor didn’t train yesterday, having decided to save his next training injury for the lush carpets at Lennoxtown.

Anyone else on the way out ?


Anyone else on the way in ?


Anything likely to get us all tingly ?

Nope, we don’t do tingly any more.


Manager Neil Lennon talked of a significant change in the attitude of the support to new players, without actually criticising the support, he kind of asked them to be a little more patient with the new players, who have looked a little rabbity in the headlights at times…

“The expectation here does take your breath away – more so than ever.

“I have noticed a discernible change since I came back and I don’t know how you can prepare a player for that. Especially when you come from a different country, a different tempo of play and a different climate, as well.

“But they showed a bit of character on Thursday night which pleased me. 

It pleased all of us.

“I have told them a few stories about my time as a player. It isn’t exclusive to this group. It has been like this for aeons.

“It wasn’t always a cakewalk for me, either, it wasn’t always a cakewalk even for the great players here. Everybody got a touch of it now and again.

“I brought that pass back up for them. I wasn’t too chuffed about the reaction to that one. I dealt with it by getting angry.

“Look, it happens. They don’t mean it. It is an instinctive reaction at times because they want the team to do well.

“While it is not nice, you just have to accept it sometimes and deal with it.” 

In fairness to Lennon, when our support are a little jumpy, as they are now, down largely due to an incessant Celts in Crisis campaign from the media, there can be little doubt that no other manager would be able to talk a player through what its like to play in front of the greatest fans in the world.

However, it can’t be nice for a new guy to face the kind of vitriol that has been dished on Jullien and Boli after just a couple of weeks in the hoops.

What we need to remember is this squad, and there will be one or two more changes, have just net each other and are just getting to know how each other works.

For those who disagree, consider the case of Teemu Pukki. He wasn’t given any sort of time to get used to things in Glasgow, and was bombed out after just a few games. Now he’s this seasons leading goalscorer in the English Premier League, and whilst he’ll probably be overtaken, he will still go from strength to strength.

Patience is the key, we are where we are.


Whilst we can rightly argue that it should not have been like this, and the squad should have been worked on from January, there are circumstances that have put us where we are.

The important thing is that so far, there has only really been one lapse that has been costly , granted a big one, but we’ll survive, and as a team they do look as though they have come through it.

Thats despite all the changes, and all the internal problems that have been ongoing since around last Christmas.


Which leads us to the Hearts game tomorrow, which would have been today if not for Cluj…

Another three points and a scintillating performance ?

You’d like to think so, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be so.

A chance to try a few different things, such as formations and faces ?

Perhaps we’ll see Shved and Griffiths, and it’s almost certain Nir Biton will start, probably in place of Scott Brown, who seems to be toiling, even this early, but then again, that may be a combination of both mental and physical effort catching up with him.

It’s been a fairly intense start to the season, and maybe now a little bit of the pressure can be released, and the team should be a little less afraid of making mistakes.



Unless you were on the moon yesterday, you’ll have noticed that “rangers ” were told by UEFA to close a section of their ground as a result of yet another instance of racist or sectarian behaviour.

There’s a powerful piece on this from Auldheid that will be on here at 1pm, so I’ll just limit myself to the reaction, rather than the serious points that this ban raises.

The reaction shows that their support, their club and their pals in the media have completely missed the point.

The club released a statement.

RANGERS has been ordered by UEFA to close a section of Ibrox Stadium for the return leg of the club’s Europa League play-off tie against Legia Warsaw on Thursday, August 29.

UEFA has ruled that a group of Rangers supporters were guilty of racist behaviour – which includes sectarian singing – during the match against St Joseph’s at Ibrox on July 18.

Our supporters have been asked repeatedly by the Club to refrain from indulging in this, and other forms of unacceptable behaviour. Sadly, the warnings have fallen on deaf ears and the actions of this minority will cause the Club and the majority of good and decent Rangers supporters to pay a heavy penalty.

UEFA has ruled that a section, or sections containing no fewer than 3000 seats must be shut off during the club’s next European match, which is the home match against Legia Warsaw. The area, or areas to be closed will be announced in due course and the Club will do its best to restrict the impact to offending supporters. 

they probably could have worded this bit a little better…the offending supporters are the one’s who got them into this mess, so why would they want to restrict the impact on them. One tends to think this statement was somewhat hastily put together.

Unfortunately a significant number of supporters, innocent of any wrong doing, will be unable to attend next week’s match. This is deeply regrettable to all at the Club and we hope that the guilty parties, who attracted the attention of UEFA might reflect on the damage their unacceptable behaviour is causing Rangers and their fellow supporters.

If any individual supporter is unable to behave in a civilised manner then please stay away from Ibrox and our Club. You are harming Rangers and that is something a genuine supporter would never wish to do.

Rangers chairman Dave King stated: “Rangers is a club open to all and we will continue to convey this message at every opportunity through our Everyone Anyone initiative.

“Rangers has players and supporters from many religions, cultures and backgrounds but we are one and the same when we gather to support our club. If any supporter cannot accept that then Rangers is not the club for them”.


The Anyone Everyone inititave now looks like it was brought in purely as a respnse to this charge, which they would have known about for some time, as indeed would the media, so one wonders why it wasn’t reported on before, and why there seems to be an element of surprise at the punishment.

The media were quick to condemn the actions of the fans, and praise the statement from the club. Not because their songs of hatred are unacceptable in any civilised society, but because it harms the club, which itself should be unacceptable in any civilised society.

Tom English, who really is losing credibility by the hour, said;

Strict liability at work. Strong response from Rangers. A serious deterrent now in place with the possibility of full stadium closure if sectarianism continues. This is how it should be done.

Strong response ? All they did was say it harms the club. no condemnation of racist and sectarian behaviour. No words at all about the element of their support that resides in the seventeenth century.

Still, he does say it’s how it should be done…though clearly not in Scotland , where the same offences are committed by the same people at the same place.. and his message, don’t do it, because you’ll get your stadium closed.

Not because its a symptom of a diseased mind, but because it’ll get your stadium closed.

a sentiment echoed by chris MacLaughlin, also of the BBC..

Chris McLaughlin
#Rangers message to fans: If any individual supporter is unable to behave in a civilised manner then please stay away from Ibrox and our Club. You are harming Rangers and that is something a genuine supporter would never wish to do. 
All about harming “rangers “…instead of calling them out for what they do.
Show Racism the Red Card, now you’d expect them to call them out, wouldn;t you ? After all, isn;t that why they were set up ?  On twitter, they describe themselves as an..
Anti-racism educational charity utilising the high profile status of football & football players to help tackle racism and sectarianism 
Okay, guys, go for it…

ShowRacismtheRedCard | Scotland

UEFA has found a group of Rangers supporters guilty of racist behaviour – which includes sectarian singing


“Rangers has players & supporters from many religions, cultures and backgrounds. If any supporter can not accept that then Rangers is not the club for them.” –

Yeah, that’ll teach them.

That charity is a disgrace. Full stop. They just quoted “rangers “, instead of condemning them…which cannot , by any stretch of the imagination, be described as..

 utilising the high profile status of football & football players to help tackle racism and sectarianism 
and then there’s the fans…who kind of proved my point… from the downright stupid..
through the defiant… and, er, stupid…
to the revolutionary…
to the paranoid…
to the dangerous..
Image Image
Banned from the ground ? They should be rounded up and banned from society.
I’m sure the media, the SFA and the governmnent will be releasing their statements soon to remiove any doubt about what the real problem is quite soon.
And no doubt the board of that club will condemn their fans for what they are.. and stop making excuses..
And the police, well, surely they’ll be taking the suggestion that someone should be shot dead quite seriously… especially as the hordes have turned their attention to Gary O’Hagen, the UEFA man who reported the singing… he’s on the board of Kilmarnock, and thy’re trying toi attach the punishment to some sort of retribution for their behaviour at Rugby Park..
Inside The SPFL
The snide undertone here is clear, obvious & dangerous, the UEFA delegate at the game wasn’t acting Kilmarnock CEO until the following week & the game was 17 days before Rangers fans caused havoc at Rugby Park. Own it & condemn it, don’t act like you’ve been unfairly targeted. https://twitter.com/4ladshadadream/status/1164940370041540608
I’m sure the police will be all over this, before someone gets hurt. Like they did with  John Beaton, which whilst  a nonsense, shows they take this sort of thing seriously.
This is serious, someone could get hurt, or worse.
Of course, one of their fans, in his defence , did admit to it being an ongoing problem…


Replying to

Both clubs are just as bad as one another let that be a lesson that UEFA will not put up with it hopefully this is a wake up call to all who call themselves fans
He meant both Ibrox clubs, right ?
Think about this, a summary from KDS forum.. because let’s face it, the media won;t mention it..
Stolen from KDS So far this season
‘rangers’ have:
Breached an entry gate.
Invaded a pitch
Wrecked a disabled area
Nearly had a theatre closed down
Had an employee butting a Hibs Supporter.
Had a Uefa partial close down of their stadium.
Just 2 league games into the season
Still, they’re fighting back, employing whats clearly one of the nations finest legal minds…
Lets take this to ridiculous levels of logic for a moment. Indulge me. How do they know it was Rangers supporters singing these allegedly racist songs? This exposes the stupidity of the sanction. A fine? Yeah that makes sense. But to close out 3000 innocent supporters?
The the police, Scottish government, and the SFa cannot ignore this incident and its possible consequences any longer.
But there’s a feeling they will…because they have for several decades…
Back then, though, journalists were journalists, and not afraid to tell it like it is…
Image result for ian archer rangers
Image result for ian archer rangers
Caption comeptition from yesterday..
Puggy67 August 23, 2019 at 10:13 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Can the Marvin Comperr salary authoriser please report to reception.Thank you.



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Right Stevie, don’t laugh, say after me “ greatest fans in the world”

tony carlin"

Caption: Jabba. “Git yer hauns aff me ya fenian bassa, then we can talk about how to defeat bigotry in the club”

Honest hoops

Caption; I’ve said before Stevie…I can’t shake your hand in public because of my goat commitments…

Patrick O Hara

Caption. Richard the Second and Richard the Turd meet at the Shite Polishing conference.

Clare Whyte`s to commentate on Celtic TV.

2.High-top me.

Matt gallagher

Ok, what do I say next?

Puggy67`ll be the first mhan on Mars.


Careful Stevie that floor on the way to the bathroom is quite slippery


Caption: SG- ” Jim, have you anything to declare “?
Jabba-” Yep, i’m a fat bastard & it was West Ham fans “

Don’t worry Stevie, I will let it be known that if Lennon brings up captaining league winning teams I will blame Brendan and not your slip ups. But I cant call him a rat, you know that.

The Bahia Emerald

Caption: Winston Smith finally meets the Director of The Ministry of Truth


Caption: Listen fat boy have a swatch of me YouTube video punching fuck out a scally and getting found not guilty then you let me brief write the press releases.


From there very arrival here in Scotland, our forefathers were welcomed by racism and sectarianism, its not new. Neither is it confined to just the one club, as we witnessed in the game against the Fife bigots, Dunfermline. In a week when Glasgow University agree to pay in conjunction with the university of West Indies, some £20 mill. after the links to the slave trade and Glasgow in particular’s involvement in it. At its height in the mid war razor gangs, with Billy Fullerton and his “up to his neck” ditty. Scotland’s open sewer of racism and sectarianism linked to… Read more »


Spot on


Well written mike


caption: gerrard joins in on “pat a twat” day


Henrik walks from Helsingborg citing ‘ fan abuse’



Strict Liability would be used as stick by the people at SFA and SPFL who run their organisation and it’s policies to the benefit of one club. Look at the OBAF practise, a special police unit filming Celtic fans home and away, dawn raids lifting Celtic fans and the only witnesses being Police Officers who were offended by the songs.

We cannot trust a points dedustion to stop the Ten


Bigbhoy, We cannot trust the SFA-SPFL-The Lanarkshire refereeing society, full stop. Even the Scottish Football Supporters Assoc. don’t want Strict Liability to be introduced and neither do I. But, something needs to be done and seen to be done. Every single week we hear the “songs of praise” to King Billy, fuxsake they even stand on a disabled stand, stab opposition supporters, cause havoc around the towns and city’s of Scotland. No-one wants it, the clubs or the supporters, strict liability and they don’t want it for a reason, because it will hurt them and their pockets, big time. But… Read more »


Caption : ‘Now you see Jim, me white chevrons used to be there, but now they’re not…..I not avin’ you on Jim…….They were right there…but now there’re not….’

Caption: Hey I’m not the Breadman! Step aside!

You’re sure you don’t even have a pound for a trolly mate?




Caption: Hey Stevie, can you cover up the Hummel chevrons on my sleeve in case big Mike sees this picture.

sfa unfit for purpose

I’VE had a good look , but I cant work it out. Are my chevrons right ? or is this tracky a knock off ?

The Cha

Forster’s snaffled number 67, so he can’t come back. 😉

I’d imagine we should be able to compete with Brugge if that’s his only suitor but perhaps he wants to go back to Belgium for personal reasons.


Caption ..HEY Jim if our thick necks stop their songs of hate.They have nothing left to sing. Calling someone a Peado is neither racist or sectarian.

sfa unfit for purpose

He looks like a guy who wants to be back in Belgium .
Comfort zone maybe.
Don’t think there is any chance of Lawell even thinking about this. And that there is our main problem.
Lawell OOT

sfa unfit for purpose

Although got to agree we should be jumping on it. The boy is obviously looking for game time somewhere. He wont get international games if he isn’t playing regularly. Over to YOU PETER …..


The Nazi’s invaded Poland on the first of September 1939. They went back on a jolly last week. The fun they had singing in awe that…
Wonder if the BBC reported that?

Anthony Martin

The game at Ibrox next Sunday will be a pot boiler and we will hear the full plethora of hatred at full volume. What will the SFA and the SPLA do about it? Yes, absolutely nothing.


They will seek an investigation into West Ham.


Caption: You rub mah chest while I fiddle with my change


Smashing craic on Radio Scotland today with Michael Stewart digging up the orange strip and wee Deek Ferguson and Billy Boy Dodds having kittens. There is no link to the OO it’s all about the Dutch players. And the thought hadn’t even occurred to Deek. They play flute band music on their phone when you’re on hold. A guy I worked with who has no interest in football held it up to me and said listen to this pish. They are fucked and they know it.

The Cha

Getting pig sick of Lennon continually having a pop at the fans.

To say that fans shouldn’t express their frustration at players during big games ignores the big picture ie its complete mismanagement not to have a settled team (and players) for our biggest games of the season.

Anything else is just a distraction but, hey ho, I’m sure everything will be fine for the Right Said Fred Cup and who needs the Champions League anyway.

The Cha

D’oh, wrong bloody place again and not a reply to anhything above. 🙁


Don’t get the constant knocking of Neil Lennon, he is OUR manager & we ALL need to get behind him, it really is that simple.
He may not have been everyone’s favourite choice but so fkn what?
Get over it, get behind him or f&@k off!

The Cha

Its Lennon that’s constantly knocking the fans to the delight of the MSM.



The Cha

Agreed and I hope he cuts it out. 😉



Meeeh, you know us scousers can’t resist somebody else’s wallet.


Caption: Gerrard: Master here is Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.

Jabba: You weak minded fool he’s using Jedi mind tricks!

Level 5 plant

Caption, Now fat bollox, we have decided to close the section you sit in because of the number of seats your day arse takes up!

Level 5 plant

fat arse

The Cha

I like the idea that Jabba has different arses for different times of the day!

Pat Higney

Caption: Stevie and Jabba practice their moves for ‘Strictly Hun Dancing’

A Big Nope….. Bo Jo wasn’t my choice. Brexit wasn’t my choice,should I get behind them as well. I don’t think so. The criticisms I had of NFL’s appointment were that it was the cheap option, Pl would now have his yes man to defend the downsizing and the “failed” recruitment squirrels and not least the fact that he hadn’t improved as a Manager / Coach / Tactician since his first spell and has unanswered questions about the reasons for his departure from Hibs. He has an Industrial era approach to man Management. All these things have come to pass… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

Caption. Thats it stevie boy , rub ma third nipple

Yoker Bhoy

Longish post been binned.


Whit? a pure disgrace so it is! I’m away tae bring the bale’s in. Keep it lit Yoker, two day’s of sunshine purrfect. COYBIG.

Yoker Bhoy

Morning Mikey. How’s the craic? Naismith, Walker and Souttar won’t make the Hearts team today but they have made a few decent signings in Damour, Whelan, Halkett and gaokeeper Pereira, who is on Loan from Man Utd. Don’t expect them to do much at Paradise though, where they haven’t won for over 12 years. If our midfield and front men are firing on all cylinders we should rifle at least 5 past them.


Morning Yoker, I’m a busy bhoy today, trying to get a lot done in the 2-3 days of sunshine after weeks of rain and showers, so wont be posting much. I read that McKenna tore his hamstring so that will be a big blow to the sheep. Greg Taylor the Killie full back looks like he’s coming to Celtic. But I’m saying my prayers after my cocoa that big Vic. is coming home. Hope your good mate and hope you enjoy todays game. Keep on posting your thoughts they are much appreciated. Awerabest.


Rub my chest with BIG VIC. ooooh aaah Wanyama!

Yoker Bhoy

Cheers Mike, enjoy those scarce sunny days up in Scotia. They’re like gold. I’m fine and making the most of the nice long summer. Spanish footie has started up again and today Betis will be visiting the Nou Camp. I don’t hold much hope for them but it should be entertaining to watch anyway. Didn’t know that about McKenna, that could maybe just affect the possibility (if there was one) of him signing for us. Personally I think he’s a decent enough centre back for the SPL but not good enough for Celtic. It’d be incredible if Wanyama were to… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Reply blocked Mike but’ll probably come through now as my original long post is now up.


Caption, Are yeh feline frisky?

Not sure who’s fit today but:
Elhamed/Ajer fit? or Simunovic/Jullien/Hayes
Jullien is good in the air, something missing from our game where we sometimes get 10-15 corners. I’d prefer 3 at the back:
wingbacks: Forrest/Hayes
holding mf. Brown/Bitton
Christie in front of those two then
Edouard/Griffiths up front For me 3-0 to the bhoys seems about right. Let’s support our team and Lenny today. Hail, hail



I like yer nipple even though it’s a bit off.

Can you do something about these chevrons though?


Bayo starts?
Hmmmmmmm……not sure about that Lenny, Edouard & Griffiths are ahead of this guy, make sure you have got it right today Neil.



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