Celtic Diary Saturday August 17: Fingers Crossed….

We’ll know today whether or not the Cluj result was merely a glitch or whether or not there are cracks appearing in the Lennon-Lawwell empire.

Frankly, after listening to the press conference yesterday, I think we may have a problem.

On the fiasco against Cluj, and the champions League exit,  he said;

“The feeling is one of disappointment, it’s something we all wanted,” 

“It’s something I’ve experienced before as a manager and player, and the players have. We are bitterly disappointed to miss out on it.

“We had the tie in our hands twice. 

Er, three times…this may be an indicator that he wasn’t aware that Celtic actually started the game in front…

Like he said after the game…

After half-time, we got the right response, but we shot ourselves in the foot with the goals we conceded. We had the lead twice and threw it away.” 

Three fucking times. We were in front before a ball was kicked.


I have to be honest, not acknowledging that makes me think his game management and tactical approach is flawed.

When you’re in front, you want to stay on front, an objective made rather easier to reach if you do not upset the balance of the team, which of course Lennon also said disrupting the midfield and the defence by putting MacGregor at left back..

“I can understand people wanting to have a stick to beat me with in terms of team selection but, while I’m not huge on stats, we scored three goals at home which I would have taken before the game. We had 20-odd attempts at goal and dominated possession. As a manager, you particularly look to attempts at goal because that’s when you know it is working.

But the bit he messed about with, the defence, conceded four… which is when you know it didn’t work. Those four goals conceded, he may wish to know, are why Celtic have dropped into a Europa League qualifier.

I didn’t think we played poorly, I didn’t think we deserved to lose. But we did lose it, that’s the reality and people can come back to me on that. But I have to look at the performance: first half below par, second half outstanding. So we have to marry the two.’ 

Second half outstanding, if you don’t count the three goals conceded…

Significantly, he also showed that he really hasn’t got to grips yet with exactly how much he has fucked up…

I have been in difficult situations as a Celtic manager before, in difficult situations as Hibernian manager before. I wouldn’t say this is a difficult situation.

He’s five games away from the sack. Possibly even less.

Either he wakes up and gets on with doing the job he’s paid to do, or he’ll be out on his arse wondering why he didn;t take the position seriously.

At the moment , it seems to me, judging from his words and his body language, that all he has to do is turn up and the team will get results.


Thats not how it works.

Ahead of todays game, he didn’t really offer anything at all to inspire either the players or the supporters… especially new signing Christophe Jullien… who appeared to be sulking after the Cluj game..

“He’s French, isn’t he? That’s a natural look.” 

That’s a stupid thing to say, but he’s Irish, isn’t he ?

He’s making an arse of this job, step by step, day by day.

I’m starting to think that he’s lost interest, for whatever reason, and is struggling to give a toss.


Then again, I’ve been wrong before.

Today, many expect a few fringe players to get a run out.

Though probably not in their natural positions.

Mikey Johnston won’t feature, he’s tired, having already played this week. Scott Bain dislocated his thumb, and will miss the game. It was quite a severe dislocation, as it ended up on the end of Scott Browns arm during the match on Tuesday.

Jozo simunovic will no doubt come up with some excuse not to play, and Calum MacGregor is waiting to see if Boli and Hayes report to the ground before deciding whether or not to ring in sick.

Genuinely, I’m a little apprehensive to see how Lennon will approach this game. Cup shocks can happen, and Dunfermline will be enthusiastic opponents.


I’d ditch this idea of bringing in fringe players, and use the game to offer some sort of continuity with the first eleven. They need a wee bit of confidence back, and more importantly, they need to get used to each other.

The honeymoon period is well and truly over, and we’re into the part of a relationship where one is questioning the long term commitment of the other…


The papers, of course, and those columnists who can earn a wee bit of extra money by offering their thoughts when there’s a chance to lay into all things Celtic are having a bit of a field day.

Especially the more fuckwitted amongst them… Charlie nicholas on the possibility of Olivier Ntcham leaving…

“The problem is that Ntcham is big chums with Edouard and he is their top goal scorer in big games.

“Now if Ntcham was to go, I don’t know how it would spark onto Edouard.

“He could be left saying I am kind of left here isolated and I don’t feel comfortable with that. 

Read that again…

I don’t know how it would spark onto Edouard. 

Well, whats the point in asking him then ?

He then added one of his own phrases, which shows why he should have an adult with him when he’s asked anything..

There is real danger sniffing around in the air at Celtic. 

Well, someone put their fingers up its nose.


This is how its going to be all season. One of the reasons I thought Lennon would be able to do the job after Rodgers headed south was his experience in dealing with the media agenda, and at the moment a shrugging of the shoulders and going into denial doesn’t seem to be working…

However, perhaps its some sort of reverse psychology, and he’s keeping a lid on it in public, and doing what needs to be done behind the scenes, privately. As a way of shielding the players from this weeks brouhaha

It’s certainly possible, but time will tell.

Starting today.

Time to get the collective fingers out…


Anyone fancy this ?


It’s not our competition, I hasten to add, but one on twitter. Heaven forbid whoever won it sat through the game flicking bits of saliva sodden paper at any of our clubs executives..

In transfer news, there isn’t any, regardless of what you’ve read in the papers. no Fraser Forster, no Birger Melling and certainly no sign of anyone that will set the pulses racing.

That Champions League exit means anyone who is any good won;t want to come here, and we haven’t got the money for them anyway.

Wages, new contracts, hotels and other running costs have to be paid, and all that money supposedly in the bank will now be used for that.


Perhaps we’ll feel better after todays game…




Yesterday, we had this…


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PC gone mad







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Pilot Lennon says the first half of the landing was outstanding


Please, do not make me laugh, I’m trying to hate the world after recent events! Brilliant!


Literally just laughed out very loud there! Excellent Frodshambhoy.

Mr C


John Murray


When they said she was thirsty I thought they meant fuel consumption


Caption ………

Russian General takes a leaf out of the Lenny book of tactics by deploying a MIG as a gunboat.


Sorry Henke, similar minds at least.




When asked why he thought a plane could be deployed as a boat, the pilot said
“Not as daft as Neil thinking Calum can be deployed as a left back!”


I know what I smell, its hunger, hunger for change. The support don’t just need reassurance, they need something tangible that will prove that the club is being run in the right manner, taking the right direction. Their stomach’s are empty, empty of hope, they need to be re-energised with confidence. Confidence that the manager is capable of picking the right players in their correct positions, confident that he will utilise the right team tactics, confidence that his game management will be able to see the game out. Confidence is self perpetuating, it feeds on itself. I smell a desire… Read more »


correct ralph, imagine someone said something about the irish/catholics etc

he needs to be removed before the real damage sets in

Steve Murray

Cool yer jets pal !



Pilot Monti reports to air control that this water is in fact pish

Lawwell’s new transport after he sold nine/ten in a row to the Huns

Patrick O Hara

Caption.David Attenborough–with our hidden camera we see something unique in biology. The Celtic supporting Big Silver Bird drowning his sorrows at his local watering hole after the Cluj debacle.


Caption : “Russian Air/Sea Rescue is indisputably regarded as the best in the world”

tony carlin"

Navigator to pilot. I telt yes you’d flood the engine wi too much choke!


Caption, Its the Don Fanucci airline, where everybody has to wetta theira beaks. (no breeks).

Congrats tomorrow to the Dundee Hibernian, (they too wore the Hoops) celebrating its 110 year historical game against Edinburgh erm Hibernian tomorrow. The first goal scorer received the prize of a bicycle donated by the Dundee Hibernian secretary. Dundee Hibernian, soon to be Dundee United. Two clubs Dundee and Dundee Utd. only yards apart, two scarves and its a home game every week, mon the Dundee, mon the United.. its a double sided scarf when they both meet and pray for a draw.


Caption. As new head of the airforce, Neil Lennon deploys the janitor as a pilot


caption jet nearly falls into the river of pish some celtic fans talk after a defeat

Mike, to confuse things where did Dundee Harp figure in all this? I’ve heard of Harp but not Dundee Hibernian. Did one become the other before they became Dundee United?


Devoy, I think you are referring to Lochee Harp. It was set up around about the same time and for the same reasons. The priests wanted the young men to take part in sport and to get them off the streets. But I think “The Harp” were/are a junior club.

There are a few certainties in this world, birth, death and Aberdeen getting punted out of Europe PDQ. 😉


I just googled it Devoy and you are correct, there was a Dundee Harp, it started in 1879 and finished in 1897. So it started before Dundee Hibernian. It ran out of money, but not before it recorded a 35-0 win over Aberdeen. Its secretary thought the ref. had miscounted and it should have been 37-0. I remember being told that my grandfather (who I’m named after) and his brother came to Dundee in 1911 and found work for a while. I never found out what happened to his brother, but I remember being told something about a ship for… Read more »

The Cha


the-shamrock.net has some good articles on Dundee, Lochee, Harp etc viz

TELEGRAM TAM: Dundee Harp and the Honest Mistake



Cheers for that The Cha will have a look at that.

we lost this game because we don’t have a settled defence

Bolingoli had played 7 games..6 wins, 1 draw. Set up an away goal.
Bitton had been steady enough in all this seasons games.

Lennon changed the side to accommodate Ntcham after Fir Park.
No Defensive upheaval issues to blame there…utter numbskullery from the Manager more like.


desi CS is a lost cause

I think he might be blind

he is now blaming kennedy

the fact Rodgers used him 11 times and it doesn’t work is even more damning on lennon

60k fans on Tuesday questioned it, we knew it wouldn’t work, and we knew to expect something like this when lennon got the job

lennon himself said he wanted to force ntcham into the side, but CS has the audacity to blame kennedy?


we lost the game because our players are not good enough. Plus what the fuck was broonie doing tam?

bitton is crap in defence, howere when we went ahead he should have come on for johnston who was by and large shite.


It is correct Lennon should take the blame of course but the real catalyst for the situation we find ourselves in EVERY SUMMER resides stairs looking down at him from high

Its a combination of both. Bitton is not a CH, but should have come on *in midfield* when we went ahead for jonhston, who was by and large minging.


but lennon rates him and morgan higher than near 100 goals in 3 years Sinclair

and yet again, for that reason, LENNON OUT


LENNON OUT *and* LAWELL OUT was my point. not defending Lennon at all.


pilot asks co~pilot ” has Oleg been drinking the hydraulic fluid again” ?


I didn’t think the Lenny appointment was the right one, it’s a statement by the board that we are downgrading starting with the manager. They’re clever enough to know that some fans are emotionally invested in all things lennon and we all admire his bravery as he stood up to threats. He appears like a matured Lennon in his disposition. I don’t think he’s matured tactically however which is the most important thing. Not moved with the times. Something good may come out of his appointment like the last time he was in charge like some amazing signings. I don’t… Read more »

The Cha

I think you overstate Lenny’s appeal as a manager.

Remember the appointment was sneaked out on the evening of T3 when fans were otherwise occupied celebrating said T3. Not quite burying bad news but certainly not setting the agenda.

Then there was no unveiling in front of thousands of fans.

The board are often, rightly, called out of touch but in this case they judged the mood of the fans correctly.

Fans can easily differentiate support for Lenny the man, under attack from the forces of evil, and the manager, who most perceive as not what the club need.

The Cha

“He’s French, isn’t he? That’s a natural look.”

That’s a stupid thing to say, but he’s Irish, isn’t he ?

Seriously, replying to an ignorant rascist stereotype with an ignorant rascist stereotype.

I know its meant to be ironic but you wouldn’t dare do it with other rascist stereotypes.

The Cha

D’oh, wrong bloody place again. 🙁


Caption – (Competition) PL – Nay, I canna see the ball either, put it out to the fans as a Spot The Ball, no one will win. (Point being? The board must believe we are thick as a rhino skin, not knowing the truth is simply they are!) HH!


Either he wakes up and gets on with doing the job he’s paid to do, or he’ll be out on his arse wondering why he didn;t take the position seriously.

wrong. This board will continue with Lennon until the end of the season regardless. They are that stupid. For 3 seasons now it has been the same old shite and nothing is being done about it. Lennon is their godsend


The press conference was shocking, Lennon is uttering Deila levels of garbage and defending the indefensible. After watching that it’s easy to see why things went so wrong at Hibs.

I hope there is some master plan at work. If we continue like this then I think there is a real danger that Lennon could lose the dressing room.

My line up that we’ll never see:
Jozo Ajer Bitton
Brown Ntcham
Forrest McGregor Sinclair
Griffiths Edouard

Or if we rest players:
Elhamed Hendry Julien
Connell Kouassi
Shved Johnston Boli
Aitchison Christie

Caption: Peter Lawwell becomes CEO of an airport.


Charlie, you’re comparing the loss players that wanted to go with ones that wanted to stay.


loss *of* players


Caption: Ntcham enrolls on an ejector seat course.


Celtic domestically have done brilliantly winning the treble treble but in Europe it has been a disaster. Brenda with his one trick pony, Lenny living on past glory. On Tuesday he should have closed the game down even after his schoolboy errors, but he could not see the problem. Broonie has flattered to deceive, in Scotland good, in Eutope a walking disaster. Sinc the Red Impscwe have been pathetic bar the Man City highlight. The board and Liewell are the main culprits, there is no forward or proactive planning always reacting. When KT was leaving they should have had a… Read more »

The Cha

Don’t agree.

Under Brendan (sic):

– Qualified for CL Group stage 2 years out of 3
– Euro post Christmas ditto
– Euro Group stage 3 out of 3
– Some great results; 5 past Bersheva & Astana, Anderlecht away, Leipzig etc.

The only tie, I can think of, that we lost that we should’ve won, was AEK.

That’s a decent record, if unspectacular and in keeping with our ever shifting KPIs which is either 2/3 or 3/5.


Hun terms again. ‘Brenda’ why not just say rat? Or snake?


Charlie, thanks for this. You’ve calmed my ire towards Lennon, who I always wanted to get the job. I blame Congerton and the board.


The board didn’t pick the side on Tuesday. That squad has more than enough to win convincingly

When you have the captain and manager having “a bad day” together… What would you expect from the rest of the team

Remember WGS and some of his bizarre media statements? Lenny, oh Lenny…Bgbhoy…don’t insult snakes by comparing them with Rodgers. Snakes eat rats! Twas Rodgers who landed us in all this shite.


Rodgers didn’t have to leave 12 games to go. But he was always going to go in the summer due to PL

Rodgers left us having won 7 out of 7 and set up for the next 2. Which Lennon did well in securing

But that is as far as Lennon should have got.

Rodgers left us with more money in the bank than ever before. He generated our highest ever turnover. Share price at its highest too I think?

This is a Lawwell and Lennon production. Not Rodgers


Disagree Rodgers scurried out to obscurity as he had planned all along. Man has no integrity


Caption: ‘Aw just f##king brilliant Broony. Did I or did I no tell ye after Tuesday no to touch a f##king thing….’


Mon the Hoops!


Edouard 3
Griffiths 3


Caption: “Och, don’t worry comrade Tim, from now on it’s plane sailing!”


Cha seriously
Astana, Bersheva, Anderlecht maybe, Leipzig reasonable.

How about the rest PSG, Barca Zenit Valencia, the last two we should be in with a shout.

The defence has been minging since Delilah, the snake rode his luck in Scotland but did not strengthen, Lenny had some bad results prior to Delilah, Neil will continue to do so.

Celtic are weakening under the current stewardship, the only one getting anything out of this is the slippery Dave


wee McCann getting a bit excited every time Dunfermline get the ball on radio commentary. Anyone would think he was a bitter wee Hun!

Wish big Paki would just give him the elbow smash across the jaw and twist of the neck like Arnie style in Commando!

Wee prick


Happy ever after at celtic park
lennon says to broonie use your hands
Desmond says to Lawwell that’s another year of selling our best assets. Here’s a grand
Obla di obla da life goes on ohhh
Celtic are the champions


I have a great idea, let’s compress 10 of the opposition players into their own box infront of their own goal by cutting in constantly. Then we can ask Bitton, Calmac and Christie to try and threat the ball through from 25 plus yards.


I didn’t get to see the game yesterday but I’m guessing it wasn’t too good. Repeating something which has failed and expecting a different result is one of the signs of insanity. Wing play is effective in creating space and great to watch, and we kept cutting in? It’s not completely new that, either. But how, just FN how have we got to these depths in such a short time? FFS, it’s like we fell off a cliff. I wanted NFL before many others, but he seems detached from what’s been happening. If he’d held his hands up after Tuesday… Read more »




Pukki scores again.


Not watching sounds painful. Refuse to keep Celtic tv going I now concede we’re being taken for a serious ride by a twit from a priveleged background


How could these bastards hurt millions of people. Basically fuck a big part of their lives up.


Just walk Lennon.


We’re going out on pens, forget about 9 never mind 10


Awaiting Charlie saiz with the possession stats

This is mortifying


FORREEEST 2-1. Thank Fuck!



Yoker Bhoy

YAAAAASSSSS!!! Nice one wee Jamesie. Looks like we’re still on course for the quadruple treble.


Oh for fuck sakes.

A huddle in the middle of the pitch after beating Dunfermline.

No words

Yoker Bhoy

Looks like the quadruple treble is still on course.


36 shots and relying on a deflection, I hope the forwards will get the same pelters that the defender’s have been getting!!


Huddles in the pitch after beating Dunfermline.

Long long season ahead. Though will be over before Halloween


Another mouth to feed signing a 19 year old. Why? Concentrate on the mess that this first team squad is in. Bolingoli is awful and Julien is a disaster. Fuck off Llawwell and take the manager with you.

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