Celtic Diary Thursday August 8: One Foot In The Play Offs

And as long as its not Bolingoli Bolis right foot, we should be fine.

Thats a little unfair, the new left back suffered in a Custeresque way last night as Cluj quickly worked out that backtracking wasn’t a particular strength of Lewis Morgan.

Celtic earned a 1-1 draw in Cluj last night which sets up an interesting evening in Glasgow next Tuesday.  James Forrest cancelled out the Romanians first half opener when he drilled a low shot in off the post to prevent what could have been a collapse by a nervy Celtic side who didn’t seem to click until Olivier Ntcham replaced Morgan, who will have better games, and solidified a somewhat soft left hand side.

The inclusion of Morgan surprised a few supporters, but given that Mikey Johnston was injured and Scott Sinclair is earning far too much money to be included in this seasons cost cutting squad, Lennon was left with little choice.

In the Diary yesterday, we pointed out that our opponents relied heavily on set pieces for their goals, and we’d like to take this opportunity to clarify that we meant their own set pieces, and not ours, as their opener came from one of our corners , like so often in Europe over the last few years.

Clearly Lennon has a lot of work to do with the defence, who in their defence have only just met each other.

Thats a direct consequence of losing a full first choice back line from last year…Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic and now Tierney.

We’ll publish a separate article on the sale of Tierney to Arsenal later. Otherwise it will overshadow a gritty performance against a more than decent side away from home in Europe.

It’s a results business, and the players eventually got down to business and got a result.

Image result for well done gif

Can you imagine the meltdown if Celtic had lost, and then the Tierney news had broken ? Makes you wonder if the Athens result last year had a bearing on how enthusiastic Lawwell and Rodgers were in talking him out of a move to Everton…


After the match , Lennon seemed more relieved than delighted…

We’ve got to be delighted with the away goal,”

“I thought we looked good moving forward throughout the game. I was delighted with our attacking intent, and I thought we defended resolutely throughout the game as well. You have to give Cluj credit, they scored a fine goal on the counter-attack.

“But our reaction was superb, with Christie and Edouard playing brilliantly throughout the game. They always looked like they could score. And, of course, James Forrest is a big-game player and he’s popped up with another crucial goal for us this evening.” 

He usually does…

For me this is the real Celtic man in the team. Year in year out he’s there and ready to go again doing his thing quietly and when he goes he will be the most decorative Celtic player in living memory. 
And he can control the ball merely by looking at it..

Another bright spot in last nights game was the performance of Hatem Abn Elahmed, who looked sharp, composed and above all intelligent. He, along with Jullien and Boli will be under the spotlight as part of Celtic’s new look defence.

A thought that  didn’t seem to bother him.


It’s transfer deadline day, and despite my frantic efforts to delay the teams return from Romania they’re all back, and they’ve all got mobile phones.

With several players already gone, and a couple more certain to be gone today, there will be a few nervous fans out there as if any English clubs are going to move for MacGregor, Rogic or Ntcham, it will be now.

Whatever happens, we still have a core of players who want to play for Celtic, and who the manager wants to pick for Celtic.

And the squad is still far, far stronger than anything else in Scotland, which we must bear in mind as we head for a second ninth succesive title, tax paid.

And who knows….

Sky Sports Premier League
Spurs are open to allowing midfielder Victor Wanyama to leave the club on loan today

Keeping our affairs in order off the field, such as paying tax and national insurance, means that politicians don;t mind being seen with you…

Jeremy Corbyn
On a plane to Romania today I bumped into

fans who invited me to join them watch their team play

. So I did.

impressed along with Celtic’s discipline and determination. Great match and Celtic got a vital away goal to take into the second leg.


The Conservative board at Celtic were aware of this, and offered him a lift back to his hotel..

Image result for man forced into car at gunpoint gif

He’s a brave man, and no doubt some Unionist politicians will use this as a stick to beat him with, so he’s gone up in my estimation, and since there’s still no sign of Nicola Sturgeon allowing me to stand as SNP candidate for Stoke South, he may yet get my vote.

Though it does seem sort of ironic that he watched our left wing collapse in the same way as his own party’s…


Meanwhile, over at the Herald, there was further evidence that it might be time for them to hire some real journalists, with a mind of their own…


That was last week, and then this week…


He really will play any tune you ask him to…



It appears that Alfredo Morelos has been the subject of a bid from West Bromwich Albion, which has been rejected.

The offer was reported as being £10m, a staggering devaluation in just a few short weeks.

They need to sell him.


Which will keep us amused for a while…


On a more serious note, you’d have thought they’d have run out of squirrels by now…

The Times Scotland
Celtic FC’s failure to apologise for systemic sexual abuse at its feeder club is damaging survivors, a psychologist who gave evidence against one of the paedophiles has said

This comes after Chelsea apologised for the behaviour of one of their coaches, now deceased, Eddie Heath, who abused youth players around thirty or forty years ago.

The article is another in a long line of “It was only Celtic ” pieces from Marc Horne, who despite working for a “quality ” title, appears to have forgotten to be objective about the issue.

As we have seen, Rangers employed a number of coaches who were also involved in such crimes, yet the media have been rather reluctant to comment.

Will they encourage other clubs to follow the lead of Chelsea, and apologise for now deceased offenders who never got to face trial ?


Yesterday, we had this…

Image result for leigh griffiths scott brown

Puggy67 August 7, 2019 at 9:06 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Leigh wins the ‘correct pose for the 3rd kit photo-shoot’ competition. 


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Caption Broony: Has embdy seen that daft cant Bolingoli? McGregor: I think Lenny is putting his boots on the right feet.


Caption …

“Broonie thinks”

Is he listening to Tina Turner …mmmmmm

Arsene Parcelie

Leigh loses the ‘correct pose for the training kit photo-shoot’ competition.




Caption: £75k a week? Bastard!


oh what a beautiful morning bring back big vic celtic you know it makes sense

the real Anton Rogan

Caption: Kieran who?

Disappointed in Tierney to be perfectly honest. Really hope hr just goes and does not do a ‘I really really love Celtic’ tearful farewell as he thinks about the cash. And please spare me the ‘he is only looking after his future, it is a short career’crap. he earns as much at Celtic in a month as the average punter earns in 4 years. Clearly he is a supporter but it does not mean that much to him. But the real kicker is signing for Arsenal to battle it out for a Europa League spot. He could have played until… Read more »


By what standard can you criticize someone for ensuring their financial future and playing in a league that is much better in terms of quality ( at least the top siz sides ) from playing to refereeing. So yes he is looking after his future and if he does well at Arsenal who knows where he could end up. Yes he is a Celtic supporter and has played for the club without reservation and probably when injured. Its a bit rich for armchair Celtic fans to deride this young man for taking an opportunity. I’m pretty sure many fans would… Read more »


ensuring their financial future? is 25 k a week for 6 years not doing that?


Exactly another badge kisser that flecks off at first chance hope he fails his medical.


75k a week for 5 years – you’d turn it down then?


if I was on 30k a week at Celtic? 100%

2 leagues away from 10 in a row?

Paul McStay, what did he knock back in the 90’s? and for what?


So would I. But to be honest 12 months of KT wages at Celtic and I’d be set for life.

Soulless,balless,greedy and insulting to every true Celt that’s ever sacrificed anything for the love of Celtic!somebody should stick one of them megaphones right up his ronson and yours


75K a week is better – what would you do? leave 50K a week on the table? don’t be fucking daft ya clowns. Good luck to him. You really are a bitter little ungrateful people. You really think that of KT? sad fucks




tully.. It’s obvious that you have stayed on the bottom rung of your own ladder

DJ Smyth

My biggest problem was Tierney telling us almost weekly how great a Celtic fan he was . How others dream about playing in English Premiership , yet he just dreams about playing for Celtic . He talked about 10 in a row . But Tierney was all talk . He has started the break-up of a Scottish back bone of a good Celtic team . How difficult will it be for Celtic to hold on to Christie , McGregor , Forrest & Griffiths . I think he exaggerated the affects of his injury to force his release . I wish… Read more »


Fuck Tierney. Another one of those badge kissing pricks who fucked off at the first chance. Everyone who follows this site would give everything to pull on that shirt and play in Paradise even only once, never mind being paid a weekly wage higher than the average annual salary in the UK. Want to know what a genuine Celtic man is? It’s players like the King of Kings who Ferguson wanted at Man United and said he wasn’t interested because he owed Celtic. It’s Scot Brown who when linked with Newcastle said ‘Why would I want to play for Newcastle… Read more »

Patrick o Hara

Caption. Gang of six plot the Great Training Robbery.


Oh its a big day for Jeremey, The man from Laramie, as Jeremey Kyle takes to the stage, his show today focus’s on animal sex. Lady Gagging steps up and states “I once had sex with a dromedary” but it took the hump. £50.00 million, just loose change to the Lion King, just think we could buy the SFA-SPFL-Huns- and every player in the Scottish league, we probably will see three of them arrive shortly, McKenna, O’Donnell and young Greg Taylor from Kilmarnock F.C. Castagne, nay chance, Scottish football died years ago and all ambition at Celtic died on the… Read more »

Hartson's Comb

“Though it does seem sort of ironic that he watched our left wing collapse in the same way as his own party’s…”

Bravo, Ralph! Best line in the diary for some time!

Paddy Mo

They tunez are shite, Kris

Greg Taylor? Reminds me of signing John Dowie when Dalglish left? An insult. Should be nowhere near any of these SPL plodders. “5 million in the bank with about 3 or 4 million spent. Are Celtic a serious CL club, clearly not. Our players are signing for ‘big’ clubs which have not qualified for the CL in years. Clearly the decision is not only based on ambition. We await Celtic’s response.


Sorry to see KT go although I would have worried if he couldn’t work out the difference between Arsenal paying him north of £75k a week and Celtic’s top offer. Spoke to a guy who stood beside him at a Partick Thistle game and he said he was a nice lad and Celtic daft but obviously too sensible to want to play against Hamilton and Ross County plus the stupid plastic pitches as opposed to the Etihad, Old Trafford etc, thanks KT always one of us.

BJF… My thoughts exactly… Fair play to the guy

DJ Smyth

BJF , ungrateful wee pup , turning his nose up whilst getting £30k + per week .
When he started at Celtic he had to be taught how to blow his nose . Celtic coaches bought him from a nobody to someone who thinks Scotland isn’t good enough for him . Kieran you should have shown some respect & gratitude to the cllub that made you , but more important to the thousands of fans , especially the young Bhoys & ghirls who adored you . Ten in a row your arse

Mike A

Caption: Broony, “Right, which one of youse farted?”


Good luck to young Kieren . You take the better job all this loyalty shit is a croc. You’re a professional you take the better job. He’s been sensational every miniute he’s played. Not a snake a genuine talent who deserves to showcase his wares in a better league. Anyone who criticises isn’t a true Celt.

DJ Smyth

Lancelt He learned a lot from Rodgers. Two rats from the one nest

DJ… Get a grip of yourself… Sorry…
You probably do it regularly

DJ Smyth

Is that what happened you Weeredc

DJ…yes…until I needed glasses …

Level 5 plant

Better job than playing for Celtic? You aren’t a true Celtic supporter pal


Well, I’m a Celtic fan I don’t know if being a true Celt is holding someone back from a job south a much better salary. It is about the money and the guys at Celtic who claim they won’t play anywhere else aren’t good enough to go higher. If Tierney was offered 10-20 k more to join Arsenal. I think he would’ve stayed Now he’s the chance to set himself up for life. That’s too good an opportunity to knock back. How many of these ex players are doing ordinary jobs like taxi driving or on a building site. Or… Read more »


Caption: Can anyone see the Rangers coming?


Don’t remember dalgleisjh copping shit when he went to Liverpool or Larsson to Barca or van dijik to Southampton We should be proud we’ve bettered players and take heed that we play in a comp stifled against Murdoch’s billions. It’s a shame our club with its massive history isn’t amongst the big boys anymore there lies the problem. Ajax and others have to sell on until the game reaches a natural balance and a European league is formed we are doomed to being a position to strive to punch above our weight. The situation can’t last too much longer a… Read more »


Tierney Dalglish Larsson.

This Tierney dude gets better by the hour


Ian. This bubble will burst down south. Sky, BT and most other PPV companies are feeling the pinch. It is simply not sustainable and I would imagine the shit will hit the fan when the next TV deals are up for renewal.


Kenny didn’t leave us in the lurch as we were going for 9 in a row.


when KK left we dropped 5 positions in the league, which was much stronger then.

KT who?

Mikey……Jeremy Corbyn is up in hospitality with a few bhoys…
Broonie…..can he play left back ?


he only went down today

he will pass the medical


Im happy enough with the money for him

Moussa leaving for me was a far bigger blow, and were getting more money

C S…it’s a pain in the groin innit?


Caption: As long as I’m here bhoys you’ve nothing to fear.


Aye well, that’s the thing, you see players make an elementary mistake and the criticism is well over the top and it sticks in the mind and so for every mistake the player makes, it only reinforces your belief that the player is mince, cannon fodder to be abused at every game. You never acknowledge the good play that he carries out, it just feeds your negativity. I see it in blogs every single day, the thing is that different supporters have different views on different players “oh he’s a good player” no, he’s rubbish, the view is conditional on… Read more »


All players are human and every human on earth makes mistakes and he wasn’t alone in making a mistake, different conditions underfoot, the wrong studs, the grass being longer, it doesn’t matter how experienced the player is. I saw it happen to players last night, who looked like they hadn’t played football for months, it could even be pressure, even for an experienced player. They say the older you get, the more you feel pressure, its a big weight on the shooders of captains, knowing that the younger players are looking to you to show calmness….

Dalglish was 26 when he left for Liverpool. He had given Celtic 10 years since he signed. KT does not deserve any abuse at all. however, I really hope that there is no ‘I really love Celtic, Celtic are my first love’ Brendan Rodgers rubbish and he just leaves. No ill will, just a lot of disappointment, especially when considering where he is going. A team who struggle to get in the top 6. A team who are on the slide. They are not in the same league as the top 5. Spurs are now a bigger club. For his… Read more »

Tam the tim

Dalglish was booed by some when he played in Jock’s testimonial. Let’s not forget, Liverpool didn’t make him a better player. The man was great before he left us and for a pittance.



Broony; Griff, would you fuckin shut up about that away top photo shoot!

And the winner of the Different Strokes impression contest…is BROONY!

Plus Dalglish was 10 years at Celtic about 7 in the first team. Tierney has been in the first team for a wee bit over 2 years. No way would i ever boo the man but what he does is of no interest to me. I only watch Celtic and have no interest in how ex-Celts are doing.

Sad to see Kieron go but it seems like he wanted to go and Arsenal were his choice, not a bad one for me, being from Ballymote in Co Sligo, Eire and having worked in the building trade in London for a number of years and residing in the N.W.2 area I was always told that Arsenal always were the ould Paddy’s football team in North London and that was good enough for me. Plus, Arsene Wenger was one of the best football managers, if not the best manager the UK had seen in many years imho, he certainly turned… Read more »

DJ Smyth

Francis Gerald Allen , The referees for our qualifying game have been appointed by Hugh Dallas , who gives them a motivational talk before the match

He’s away where?blowhard made out he was a bigger Tim than the rest of us put together


bigger than you that’s for sure “jockland”

No chance arsewipe

Jockville arsewip


Club I.O.U. Flying along on a wing and a prayer mat, Close Brudders, soft loans, hard loans, soft boiled egg loans, loans from Goldfish, loans are U. Loan this player that player and the udder player. Loans are Us. But yet More-aloss’s has attracted two ten million pound bids, which the club have rejected. FFS. Desperation abounds, how stupid do they think we are?

“This newspaper understands” is coded wordplay for this is pure pish, but carry on reading. Jack in the Beanstock carries more truism than them… mind you Jack and the Beanstock is less entertaining…


So the world some of us live in is this: all Celtic players should stay at Celtic no matter what. especially if they are supporters then somehow they have a moral obligation to pass up any other offer? the no transfer club? what fucking world do you inhabit? He’s making more than me so he doesn’t need to make more? – that’s his decision like it is yours to change job. get a grip and grow up. He did a great job for Celtic he is a Celtic supporter and now he is off to make a huge name for… Read more »


Caption: ‘Where’s Scotty?’


Caption It wisny me that farted. I can understand KT leaving for the money, as today loyalty has gone,but Arsenal a mid league Premiership team. He will end up playing for a team that will be lucky to win any silverware. Again I hope the Board spends cash to bring in some defensive quality, we were abysmal at the back last night, othe areas were good, McGregor, Eddie, Christie, Jamsie excellent. As for Boli and Morgan a we bit to go. The desperation and incredible crap being spewed by the press to justify the Orlks is pathetic. It seems ok… Read more »


Caption: Bitton: The grass is longer at Tynecastle.


Caption: Leigh: Master is it time for me to leave?
Broonie: When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.


This time last year, Paddy Power had already paid out on us winning the league. This year, we are 1/3, a huge change from the 1/33, 1/50 and 1/66 we’ve been in previous seasons. Sevco are 9/4 this year, as a comparison, Liverpool are 9/5.

To win the double we are 19/20, sevco are also 19/20.

Are we progressing or are the bookies wrong?


Sorry Kieran, you say you lived your dream, your dream should have been to see the job through, deliver the ten, we need all our best players, would two more seasons have been too much?
I’m gutted, i’m not going to pretend otherwise, i loved the guy.
I’ll get over it but just not the day.




75 grand….f+vuck you


write KT a letter maybe you can persuade him to stay with your murdering bastards argument.

you know we need to keep up the murder and cant live without it.

free HAMAS!


The only thing that is murder on here is your patter ya fkwit!


Another quality player out the invincibles are slowly moving on. We’ve had a great time with them all but it is what it is nothing lasts forever. For all young hoops fans out there only put your name on the back of the shirt for you are the ones who will always be there. Good luck to KT he gave us his all thats all we ever ask for. Give Boli a chance the bhoy might be trying too hard and it’s not coming right for him yet,have patience,support him and the players we have. I’m sure if social media… Read more »


Two more seasons could have been done Jimmy, he’d only be 24?


sniffing cocaine off whores arses does have a certain appeal. ask the last legend who went to arsena after 2 full seasons.


Mate he plays for Arsenal now, he doesn’t need to pay for hot chick’s asses to sort his cocaine off of.


That is funny haha


Why is the club getting abuse for stating the facts? It’s been said for a year now he wanted away?

25million and thanks very much.

Left far too soon to be a legend.


Caption : What the fu@k……..we’re buying Morales?



Now just bend over that seat and I’ll ram this up your arse.

Salad queen

Sorry to see that Kieran has left us. Wrong time,wrong club should have phoned knob head nicholas
Or was he pushed?


another uncle tom in the making


I see sevco just stuck four past a team rated 110 places above Cluj.



Jimmybee… I wonder if some of these in here will blame that on KT now


I know m8 🙂


I don’t like to see inferior teams outperform us.


Treble treble doc I don’t think they have out performed us 🙂


I’ll accept anyone’s disappointed and criticism of KT’s decision to leave. What I won’t accept is that you think his love for the club is fake. Fuck badge kissing and photo-shoots. He had his teeth pushed through his lip and came back to celebrate. That’s what a fan does not an employee.

What a shower of ungrateful bastards we have on display in this thread. KT gave his all for Celtic. Gave the fans his all for an invincible season then the treble treble. You miserable shower of cunts should be praising the guy for raising His sights to go on to his future career.
Kieran Tierney Should have been afforded a hero’s send-off instead of the bilge that runs through this page… Miserable bastards

Ralph… One went to the darkside please bring it into the light again

DJ Smyth

If he was pushed it was because he asked for a push . If he hadn’t asked for a move to Arsenal this summer , after wanting to go to Everton last season then he would have been toed

D J… Do you have Anything positive to say.
Your glass is never half empty… It’s non existent


Here we are with the opinion police again. Guess what it’s DJ’s opinion. HIS OPINION! Giving him grief for it is daft, if you don’t like it, provide a counter argument and try to change HIS OPINION. I would like to think most people who post in E-Tims would at least be open to a discussion. Very few take an ignoring stance. Unless of course the next post contains P-I-S-H!

Uralius… My strident counter argument went awol


Welcome to the opinion police 🙂


Police 0 New Lodge 1

Monti..I drove past both water cannons which were about 500 yards away… Fucking madness

Monti..I drove past both water cannons which were about 500 yards away… It’s madness

I wish him every success its6 a great chance for the lad 🙂


Caption: Leigh ‘Cap do you think Jeremy Corbyn coming to the game coupled with John McDonald giving the green light to a second referendum fundamentally undermines Scottish Labour’s standing amongst the Unionist minded Scottish left wing voters?
Broonie: Aye

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