Celtic Diary Thursday July 25: New Look Celts Find Their Way

There are those among us who will find something to moan about after Celtic negotiated a tricky home UCL qualifying game with aplomb, but try not to listen to them.

It finished 5-0, with Kris Ajer, Ryan Christie twice, Leigh Griffiths and Calum MacGregor finding the net. Finding the net quite well, too.

Kalju set out to frustrate, but Celtic simply overwhelmed them.

Not only does it mean progress in the UCL, but the new forward thinking style augurs well for the domestic season, where virtually everyone Celtic will play sets up to frustrate.

Lennon sprung a surprise when he opted to play two up front, and it made a difference. Although Oddsone Edoaurd didn’t score, he put in a performance that enabled others to use the space he created.

He hinted afterwards that this may be the norm in the weeks to come..

It’s good to have two goalscorers in the team. Why have one on the bench? You can tweak the formation and although Odsonne didn’t score, I thought he was fantastic.” 

The manager then explained his decision to remove my man of the match Ryan Christie , who had been booked, but was looking for his hat trick..

Ryan Christie’s set-play and delivery was fantastic. His penalty was great.

“He was annoyed at me taking him off because he was on a hat-trick, but he was also on a booking. He’s in a good place right now and, hopefully, he can keep going.

“Ryan also had a great delivery for the goal, which broke the deadlock. It’s an aspect of the game we can definitely make better.” 

Then he went back into happy mode..which is where we all should be today.

“I can’t ask any more of the players. I thought the second-half we were very good. We took a bit of time to get going, but once we got the goal we really went for it.

“We got five goals, a clean sheet and that’s a nice luxury to have. We can perhaps have a look at the wider squad over there now.

”I’m pleased and a lot of hard work goes into it, as well. Looking ahead, again, we have another week’s work and we’ll be sharper and fitter. The competition will be stiffer in the next round, but we still must travel to Estonia next week.”

Lennon also had praise for comeback man Leigh Griffiths, who scored direct from a free kick, something Celtic don’t do very often these days..

“I’m delighted for Leigh,”

“There is an amount of anticipation whenever he stands over a free-kick because we know what’s he’s capable of.

“It was a great finish, and to be fair, the reception he’s got from the players, the supporters, the club, makes me very proud. He can be very proud of that too, and it’ll do his confidence the world of good.” 

Griffiths seemed rather pleased about it as well..

“You can tell by my reaction how much I enjoyed it,”

“Words can’t describe how good a feeling that was when the ball hit the back of the net. I had a great feeling as soon as it left my foot and got over the wall. Scott Bain said that from his view behind me, he just knew it was in. I’m absolutely delighted.

“It was emotional. My last goal for Celtic was a free-kick away to Hamilton, sot was nice to get another one. I would have taken a one-yard tap in, if I’m honest. It’s nice to be up and running and I was delighted to get back on the scoresheet.” 

“It’s up there with the England goals, if I’m honest, right at the very top,” 

“I tried a free-kick earlier in the game and it didn’t quite come off, but Broony almost scored from the rebound. Big Jozo said to me just before I hit it, as soon as I get it over the wall, it’s going in. Sure enough after it goes in, I celebrated with him and he said ‘I told you’.

“So much hard work’s been put in, not just by me but the backroom staff and everybody connected with me who have worked so hard to get me back on the pitch.

I can’t score goals without my team-mates so the biggest thank you goes to them. Hopefully that’s just the start. That’s me up and running now in the season and, hopefully, there’s more to come.” 


that steward can barely contain his joy.

Dare I say it ? Griffiths  sounds as if he’s grown up a little bit as well..

When Bolingoli Boli picked up his customary injury around the half hour mark, Lennon added to the positive approach by changing to three at the back, and adding Mikey Johnston to the team.

Before supporters criticise Boli, bear in mind he would have thought he was here to replace Keiran Tierney. The news that Tierney may not be going after all will have made him feel a little insecure, and his response appears to be to try just a little too hard. Don’t get on his back. He’s got plenty to offer, he just needs to relax a bit.

Put simply, Kalju couldn’t cope.

It’s unlikely Celtic will lose by six clear goals in Estonia, so we can maybe can all relax a little again.


We might even finally get to see this guy…

alt description

Hatem Abn Elhamed was finally unveiled and he’s the fourth signing of what some are calling a “slow ” window…

There are all sorts of names being thrown around, and all sorts of tittle tattle out there baiting the clicks.

But don’t worry, the heat means our army of alkies are drinking even more, purely, of course, to bring you the stories as they make them up.

You should respect their sacrifice.


One place to look for any potential Celts will be at this weekends closed doors friendly with Manchester City under 23s…a chance to give some players more game time, and a chance to see which of Manchesters finest will be wearing hoops after the window closes..


With another financial crisis looming at Ibrox, the media continued to ignore the possibility of its causes and effects, and instead concentrated on the new initiative to ensure “rangers ” are a club open to all..

Neil Cameron: Rangers couldn’t ignore how their support has changed

He became the first person in semantic history to ask a rhetorical question…and then get the answer wrong when he asked if the Rangers support

Are they anti-Catholic or anti-Irish? No, 

He claims..

There are 10s of thousands going to games every week who would rather some of the old songs weren’t belted out. They cringe when a chant goes up about the Lisbon Lions dying. They are less than proud of what led to 2012, and quite a few things which happened afterwards. 

Might have helped if you had told them what really happened in 2012.. oh..you did

Image result for rangers rip herald

Maybe you should have stuck to your story.

As for the tens of thousands he claims who don’t sing the songs, or spout the hatred, perhaps he should turn the sound up on his telly…he might catch them before the tv companies mute them.


And of course, if there is no problem, why the need to address it with their new campaign ?


Another top level investigation from a top level hack at a top level newspaper…


Though they aren’t the only ones helping an old friend in need..

Peter Lovenkrands’ Rangers youngsters will play Manchester United in a friendly match this Saturday – and it will be broadcast live on the BBC.

The two Development squads clash at 5.30pm to kick-off the prestigious SuperCupNI.

BBC Northern Ireland will show full coverage of the glamour match in the youth competition at the Showgrounds in Coleraine.


Yesterday, we had this..


R.St.Parsley July 24, 2019 at 4:11 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Mrs.Bunny: I spy with my little eye something beginning with S. Mr.Bunny: Is it stars? Mrs.Bunny: Naw, it’s that shithole where the Huns play. Ah telt ye no’ tae buy a flat in Govan!







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Caption: Contestant obviously didn’t see any of the original “Golden Shot”… Bernie, the bolt…

Ralph…caption entry straight to the other place ffs man

BTW Thanks for recycling the bouncing girl…lovely…


That’s a bouncing girl.gif, here’s THE bouncing girl.gif.


comment image?itemid=13532183


Awaiting moderation

Uralius.I saw the bouncing girl first.. not a gif but a gtf..

Last nights game, for the most part, was a joy to watch…


Neil Cameron gets what Neil Cameron deserves.

John McCloy in tasmania

Stevie gee for the off.

John McCloy in tasmania



Caption: Leave means leave.


The tank reverses aye?


Caption: The tank camouflage range by Hummel.

Great performance and team spirit last night. Still short of a bit of dig for the SPL battles ahead,a couple of cage fighters for Hearts etc we can beat that lot with 9 anyway.


Caption: Don’t know who he is but someone needs to be fired after the Ashley victory our fans will swally it if we say he’s the one HH

Pat Higney

Caption: Celtic fans group announce latest idea to reach a suitable height to find out if the rangers, are indeed, coming!

Great performance last night by us , on boli I think there are better options on the left tbh , the performances of him and Johnston were night and day. He may come good as a left back but as a winger he shouldn’t be near the team with the options we have


Caption: Naw honest, am no hiding anything under ma jaiket.


Caption: Paul The Tim looking to cut the cost of the away trip to Tallinn

Brian (not the messiah)

Caption: hun cannon fodder


Caption: Stevie G shows Lafferty, Dorrans etc. the door at Ibrox.


Hunger in football, that great motivator to do something better and to win and win and win. Hungry to be successful, to create their own legacy, hungry to make history. New additions to the team provide a freshness and to make the team more competitive. Nomme nom nom, a burp on the road to the riches of the C.L. qualifiers…



Armed forces day at ibrox starts with getting fired from a cannon..

Can(n)on White gets his own back ..

British Navy prepares for retaliation on Iran for tanker seizure.


Thank tops back in fashion


caption silly billy mc billy asks to see a balls eye view of a griff free kick


Caption: Shopping at TK Maxx. You see a nice jacket and pick it up for a look only to discover some dick’s put a tank on the back of it.


Caption: Charlie Saiz tank commander!


You missed a W 🙂


Caption: Kyle:” s••t Gerrard meant it when he said I have arranged for you to leave pronto.” Just reflecting further in last night’s emphatic win and what a shift Odsonne put in. Lenny has to be careful with changes next week so that we don’t have one of these they have never played together scenarios but Elhamed and Julian should be out there, maybe rest Brown, McGregor, Christie and Forrest with Morgan on and Scheved at least on the bench.


BoJo P.M. Get me out of here!

Good performance last night, on a different planet to Kaluj. Christie pure class and Brenda was lapping him to Aberdeen if we got McGinn.
Still,need a quality defender, Simo and Ntcham hopefully will get moved on.
Love the knuckledraggers trying to justify the King, the deluded fools


“and that means quite simply they will be difficult to break down.”

LOL, on the money as usual.


CAPTION…. DCK Tae The Fat Controller, “Look yah fat Penpushir. Ah telt ye tae set aff a big Squirell tae take the heat oot frae the Ashley Shit”. Jabba tae Mr Cunningham-King ” Ah telt ye tae leave it way me Sur.( title in the post frae wee Betty), Av goat ra Pramgaurd Bunnies an the Crumbledome Din oanside wae this. We blame thon lanky TA guy frae accounts. We stck this fottie oan thon Interwebby thing an say this is wot happens tae people who urnae Ra Peepul. We say he’s bang tae rights Guvnor as he’s the son… Read more »


Agreed m8 all looks promising we do however need back up in case 1 gets injured.
Great to see forward passing last night when you have a solid 3 at the back and Tierney down the left Morgan Forrest down the right Brown Christie
McGregor in the middle all looks not as bad as we thought. Morgan Johnstone Hayes Shved Sinclair all to come in Rogic Ntcham Bitton Dembele Henderson all to play their part its all coming along nicely. Keep hold of Tierney and McGregor is now crucial to us.


” Tierney isn’t critical to how we play “?

FFS Nurse….quick.


You are a clown, you know nothing about football.


I think Neil Lennon would have said the same to you as i did.


No tetchy, just correct in what i’m saying!
If you seriously think Celtic aren’t missing KT in the side, i’d suggest you are possibly stupid.

Patrick o Hara

HELP please on something entirely different. I am an easily confused 74 year old Celtic supporter and this news flash yesterday has left me panicking “Boris Johnson is assembling his cabinet.” Is this a subliminal message that BoJo is trying to poach Kristoffer Ajer for his team?. I need to know.( I wonder if,as usual,there will be a few screws missing.) Can anyone help me understand what is/isn’t happening with our defence?


The two strikers i religiously called for, you told us all that ” no one plays with two anymore “, now Lenny looks to be going with two strikers, you are saying this is better?


The Cha

You suggesting that he puts “cluless cunt” in “clueless cunt”? 😉


Brendan had Edouard & Griffiths but the mix wasn’t right in his system, you know the same system that won every trophy we entered for three seasons.
He would have went eventually with Moussa & Edouard, which would have been devastating.


Nope, my point


..was & is, that in domestic football,Celtic should go with two strikers.


You obviously can’t read, which for someone being in the British army attic regiment, doesn’t surprise me.
Are you denying you questioned me when i wanted to play two up front?


I haven’t and will never come round to your way of thinking, simply because you can’t grasp simple basics……i however, can.

I don’t particularly care if it’s a three or a four at the back, i have always said Celtic should play with two up front, especially domestically.
Remember our greatest ever side, the side that showed europe how to play sheer, beautiful, attacking football, played 4-4-2.

It’s about players, not systems.
Now sit down, face the front & listen & learn……son.


You’ve been to Balmoral then?
What did the butler see?

Sweep sweep….


You sure now donkey lad?


The huns novel way to persuade potential loan signings to sign.
It’s a tankless task

Patrick O Hara

Thank you Charlie Said. You have made me laugh out loud.

Patrick O Hara

I should explain that I normally fitter. I love tittering but laughing out loud is good as well!!


Caption: ” Fuck “



Do you require expensive corrective surgery for your hunchback?
Are you looking for value for your hard earned cash.?
If you’ve answered yes to these two questions,
then look no further than Tanko. We simply blow away the opposition.


Not exactly Leipzig levels

First half was poor. Didn’t see the second half but better from what I’m told.

Let’s not kid ourselves on that the level of opposition was anything other than Dundee/st Mirren

The Cha

Nor Valencia away despite the defeat given the quality of oppo.

So, not the best this year but probably the best this month. 😉

We put 5 past infintely better Bersheva and Astana.

A lot of fans were saying before last night that Sarajevo were a better side and this seems to have confirmed it.

It was the level of performance we need and improve on for the infinitely harder tasks to come.


Aye, but we know Brendan was a tad poor tactically.


Cha, I was going to respond to you but CS had already got there. I’m not taking sides here. Much of what CS states is how I saw it too. Albeit we were a wee bit ‘rusty’, as is the norm for this time of year, we had efforts stopped by a mixture of luck and skill by their ‘keeper, prior to our excellent opener. One or two great defensive blocks too. And Jozo stopped a cert goal. It could’ve been 6 at HT. We’ve played 3 won 3 and with a good chance of making it 4/4 if Lenny… Read more »

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


If Carlsberg did Armed Forces Day at Ibrox……


I’m tipping 3-0 progress in Luxembourg this tie isn’t over


Caption: Promiscious Archbishop accepts he’s had a good run but admits he should have been fired when he was a Canon…


Caption: Charlie Saiz on his graduation from Blackpool uni.
Honors in beung a sherman tank.




A support like nae udders, all Tims are brudders from different mudders. The Celtic Foundation, WOW-WOW-WOW. The many great BHOY’S doing sooo much for sooo many. Take a bow Bhoys. Hector Bandido: The all seeing eye of E-Tims, Mr. Grumpy, but with endearing qualities. Sadly age is catching up with him in the retirement home for auld bloggers. “Its a struggle say’s he, to change my nappy every morning, but needs must. But I can alway’s moan about the board, team club, its what keeps me gawing. He sits quietly each day doing his crossword, phoning his friends, “Haw, when… Read more »

Caption,Try the new Sevco Back scratcher.
Available at all S D shops


Caption: Sevco deny being under pressure to offload high earners after court defeat.


Can you stop calling him ” the wee man “?
His name is Leigh.


Monti, ah call him ‘the wee mhan’, is that a’right wi’ you? 🙂 Whae gi’es a fuck?
BTW, ah’ve a serious confession to make: I know ah wisnae the first on here tae use them wee ‘smilies’, hence ah’ve been serially plagiarisin’ ever since, er, em, I plagued* (TM*) them. 🙂 SO, thanks to whomever introduced them tae eTims as it’s a far better day when we ALL use them as we dissect, argue an’ rip the pish out of one another. 🙂

Monti.. Wee Leigh might do well in Chinese football 🙂


I’m taking my 3 year old to the Celtic Festival on Sunday, his first real Celtic experience of many more to come I’m sure. If anybody goes along today I’d appreciate a wee guide about where I should try and visit.


Take the wee guy into Turnstiles bar on London rd, a proper Tim drinking watering hole.
Parkhead rfb live 🙂


Caption: Southampton £10m keeper hung out to dry.


Caption: The right thing to do if you wake up from a drunken stupor wearing the third kit.


Society is far more open these days and you simply don’t need a pink arrow pointing to your groin, save £58 and strike up a conversation about musical theatre or running a boutique hotel.


Interesting stuff, CS. I’ve never been stats oriented but they do tell, at least part of, a story. I was quite surprised (FN shocked) that Big Yogi got 189 and is our 7th top scorer. If he’d added the ones that got away, Aye far away at times, he’d have outdone Jimmy McGrory (of the Celtic). Just a wee reminder to KT what he might be giving up if he, indeed, ends up in North London. To KT either way, it’s been a privilege watching you since RD gave you the nod, but Kieran Tierney of the Celtic, future Captain,… Read more »


We hope Leigh scores as many goals as he can, this hasn’t changed.


So please Monti, just what the fuck are you saying with that styoooopit comment? “We”, is that the royal wan? WTF?? And both you and CS, how can you both be so unnattached to the response you’re trying to give? FFS, I love this site but it doesn’t half ‘take you to the limit’ as your (my) comments are either lost or misconstrued! WTF? Fleetwood Mac could safely take me to the limit, but annoying creatures best stay TF away. HH PS, I have a security system which means I have to log-in and scroll comments to stay in the… Read more »


Yogi was scapegoated for the defeat by Feyenoord.

After his defenestration to Palace, he was denied the Goal of the Season for the wonder goal by panellist … Jock Stein.

Never happened, of course…


3 out of 4 moderate comments “In Moderation”?
Now that is fucking immoderate, n’est ce pas?


Copied from JohnJames site today, 26 July 2019. JJ has serial haters on here and that’s their prerogative; IMHO it’s worth trying to understand things in some depth before employing disparaging or merely witless assertions. “Let he whom is innocent among you, cast the first stone….” Springs to MY mind. My hatred of ‘religion’ is not based on biblical views and truths. It’s based on the incontrovertible fact that ALL ‘religion’ is MAN-MADE and hence carries mankinds toxicity. From JJ: “Why does Ibrox celebrate the forces who engaged in a ‘Dirty War’ in Ireland? Why do these forces almost to… Read more »

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