Celtic Diary Wednesday July 24: Nomme Kalju-All You Need To Know

Celtic face Estonian champions Nomme Kalju tonight in Glasgow in the second of four ties which , if successfully negotiated, will lead us to the promised land of Champions League group stage football.

The game will be live on Celtic TV, and all subscribers will be able to watch it, with no hidden charges.

So, what do we know about Nomme Kalju ? And is this going to be as easy as it looks on paper.

The Estonian season is twenty games in, with the side currently lying in fourth with forty points from those games, and over the last month they’ve struggled a bit, with only their win over Shkendija to put a smile on their faces.

Fri 28/06/19 MEI Tammeka 0 – 0 Nõmme Kalju More info
Fri 05/07/19 MEI Trans 1 – 1 Nõmme Kalju View events More info
Tue 09/07/19 UCL Nõmme Kalju 0 – 1 Shkendija View events More info
Tue 16/07/19 UCL Shkendija 1 – 2 Nõmme Kalju View events More info
Fri 19/07/19 MEI Nõmme Kalju 1 – 1 Paide


From Celtic’s point of view, this means that the Tallinn side will be ahead of us in terms of match fitness.

One thing that does stand out is that since January, they have only conceded three goals on two occasions, to Valengera and Molde , and that means quite simply they will be difficult to break down.

On a week to week basis in Scotland, thats something Celtic are familiar with, and hopefully the likes of Ryan christie and Mikey johnston will have a role to play.

What Celtic must do is , and this cannot be overstated, is keep their discipline at the back. difficult with an unfamiliar rearguard, but it might be worth asking Scott Brown to play a little deeper than usual.

Not what you would want in a home tie, of course, but Kalju won their first round match away from home, having lost the first game in Tallinn.

Scott Bain should keep his position, and Kris Ajer and Bolingoli Boli will be either side of Nir biton and Jozo Simunovic. It’s a little bit of a risk to play christopher Jullien in this game, as Boli isn’t quite sure where he’s supposed to be, Ajer does know, but likes to go on his runs, and Simunovic doesn’t understand tactics anyway.

biton has inherited the role of organiser from Mikael Lustig, and the experienced though sometimes a little too laid back Israeli should continue there for now.

Scott Brown slightly behind link men Ryan Christie and Calum MacGregor, with James Forrest and Mikey Johnston on the flanks supporting Oddsone Edoaurd would be how I’d do it, but Neil Lennon may favour the impresive Lewis Morgan, but perhaps it would be better to bring the youngster on later, along with Scott sonclair and possibly Leigh Griffiths to refresh the forward line.

Oh, and by later, I don;t mean after 85 minutes. Lennon needs to make changes when they need to be made, not when he feels like it.


See, piece of piss this management lark.

Image result for kirk mccoy nodding gif


The Celtic Festival  has now sold out its  Saturday tickets. I still think the one proposed by Desi Mond elsewhere on the site had much more potential, but it appears the original one could be a success.

For those disappointed at missing out, there’s always First Team Friday to look forward to..

WITH just days to go until we launch the Celtic FC Festival in association with Magners, Glasgow’s green and white have been snapping up their tickets in huge numbers to celebrate all things Celtic this weekend!

Tickets for the Saturday have now SOLD OUT! But fear not – tickets are still available for First Team Friday and Sunday of the highly anticipated event.

Supporters can head to the SEC this Friday morning, as your manager, Neil Lennon, cuts the ribbon to kick-off the celebrations! Book your place for day one, and you’ll be amongst the first to see the Treble Treble winning Celts in the new 2019/20 NB Third Kit, with TEN of your first-team favourites scheduled to appear!*

And we still have the Lion’s share of fun planned for the Sunday, with not only our heroes from ’67, the Lisbon Lions set to appear, but also our first-team stars taking part in the fun too:
– Super striker, Leigh Griffiths
– Treble Treble hero, Scott Bain
– New Bhoys Bayo and Boli,
– The young team of Mikey Johnson and Daniel Arzani

As if all that wasn’t enough, throughout the weekend we have plenty more FREE fun for all the family with football challenges, interactive exhibits, the Eden Mill Gin Bar and the Magners Fanzonepacked with live musical acts to keep you entertained from start to finish!

Priced at £15 for adults, £12.50 for concessions, £7.50 for juniors (aged 6-16) and completely FREE OF CHARGE for kids aged under six, visit celticfcfestival.com to book your place and find out more.

We look forward to seeing you there as we celebrate Glasgow’s green and white!

*Player availability may be subject to change. 

That last line should give the more paranoid amongst us something to fret about.


Or could it be that a new face will be revealed ?

Hatem Abn Elhamed is awaiting a work permit, and despite assurances he is a right back, it appears he has hardly ever played there. Hopefully he’s just back up for whoever we’ve really got our eyes on.

Lennon told Celtic TV;

We’re close to bringing in some more players so the squad is getting stronger all the time” 

The trial for Danny Simpson, the freebie from Leicester, didn’t take place after all. Lennon says its because he’s close to getting the player he really wants for that position, whilst we hear the player heard the word “trial “, panicked and ran off out of his back door, jumped the fence and is hiding in a disused shop somewhere.

The English transfer window closes on August 8. Thats significant because some of our targets may well be hanging on for that big money offer from Brighton, Bournemouth or some other non entity that they can put in a half arsed effort for a year or two.

Those who don’t get that will be up for their own plan B…make a name for themselves so that they can get that.

And there’s always Manchester city reserves…


Now, as one reply stated yesterday, this is indeed a Celtic Diary, and perhaps it should concern Celtic, and not that rich vein of comedy based at Ibrox.


But the key word is “Diary “…its not a news service, it’s not a match report, it’s a collection of whatever nonsense that flies through my head in the morning that i think may entertain, amuse, inform or merely annoy anyone who reads it.

Thats why “rangers ” get a mention.

Serious, thought provoking  stuff, like Auldhieds comment on CQN..

Whilst I appreciate the sentiment of keeping a fool in charge of Rangers I cannot reconcile that with keeping fools and liars in positions to cause widespread damage to society.

 These are the people ok, People of the Lie (read M Scott Pecks book of that title).

 Plausible physcopaths who live in an unreal world that they think they can make real.

  At a Res12 meeting two Christmas’s back I said Celtic were dealing with a criminal organisation and if that reality hasn’t dawned on Celtic by now (and other clubs who have turned a blind eye) then the game, like the wider UK society under Boris and his gang, are heading for hell in the same hand cart as Trump.

 Where is domestic fair play? Where are the stiffer rules on independent licence policing? Res12 was intended to provide leverage to make that happen. A Dougie , Dougie moment writ large. Why wasnt the lever pulled?

  What if Rangers Ltd go bust again? Will it be rinse and repeat and will those responsible for protecting the name of Scottish football repeat the insanity of the 5 Way Agreement in the hope doing the same thing will produce a different result?

Bear in mind, this is a club/company that has cheated you, me and everyone else connected with Scottish football, and whilst they may feel they have got away with it, its important that the rest of us remind them that they haven’t, and have a jolly good chuckle at their expense while we’re doing it.

Like their statement yesterday, in defiance of the court decision that means Mike Ashley will have a few more quid in his pocket..

RANGERS would like to reassure supporters that matters concerning the litigation currently being brought against it by SDI Retail Services Limited are not as reported.

Rangers was disappointed by the terms of the recent court Judgment but respects the decision of the court and will meet any financial award made by the court.

No such award has yet been decided and at this stage Rangers does not even know how much will be sought. Contrary to some reports, the Judge has not determined that the contractual cap on damages will not apply.

Rangers would also like to reassure supporters that no steps have been taken to stop supporters being able to buy this Season’s Replica Kits. 

In fairness, their support believe they are still the same club, so little wonder the club/company think they’ll swallow that nonsense.


But are they ?

Well, on the whole,  yes.

But one or two naively demanded ” answers “-without supplying the questions, of course, from a national newspaper “hotline “…

Angry and confused’ Rangers fans demand answers after club lose Mike Ashley court case – Hotline

Tony Haggerty took your calls as punters made their voices heard to the Ibrox board. 

Mike Ashley’s court victory over Rangers brought some angry Bears on to the Hotline.

A legal judgment deemed that the Light Blues could owe Ashley’s millions of pounds because of a deal over merchandising rights also had some other fans from the East end of Glasgow cock-a-hoop. 

A national newspaper ..itself partly responsible for the anger and confusion as it previously reported that Ashley had been defeated…has just been given a story.

In fact, people are phoning them to ask what is happening at Ibrox.

Yet that paper shows little or no interest in doing a bit of legwork and finding out.

Only in Scotland.


Recently , the club/company announced a policy that is designed to remove sectarianism and racism from their CV, presumably to attract more sponsors and remove itself from the stench of toxicity since Dave king walked through the door. Though it may be a little late of thats the plan.

Penalties can be severe for those who flaunt the new rules, which are actually the laws of the land, but somehow thats been overlooked, including this..


Which prompted a number of observations…


  • burt


“Tried to make me go to rehab and i said no, no, no surrender “” 
Isn’t the NHS already creaking under the strain… ?
Or perhaps the club/company will pay the bill..
Or perhaps it’s just more bullshit from a club/ company that specialises in it.
Yesterday, we had this..
Image result for dave king peter lawwell
Whitearra July 23, 2019 at 11:26 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption : Now dearie, under Everyone, anyone, if you’re a Catholic you should really be over there, below where they’re throwing lighters, golf balls and bags of pish…… 

today, it’s those bunnies from forest Friends again..far and away the funniest feed on twitter…


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D'Fhinnein Mick


Haw,doll. Can you see the Rangers coming?


Caption: Are the rangers coming?

Rob O'Keeffe

Don’t know mck,but for comedy brilliance they are brilliantly orgasmic…..

George Lazenbhoy

Caption: honey, come quick the neighbours are going at it like bunnies again.


Caption “FFS,not this again. As I say every summer, you’ll need to book time at Jodrell Bank to have any chance of seeing the rangers coming”


Caption : “What you looking at Lily?”

“The moon Billy. It’s blue! A BLUE MOON BILLY! We’re gonna win something this season I tells ya!”


How does the morally bankrupt SFA @ SPFL stand with the knowledge that “Rangers” in liquidation left its suppliers with no chance of recovering much of its money? It could be said that, that was a victim less crime, but that would be wrong. Every fraud or tax evasion has a cost to the victim or to the public, you never ever hear the victims questions. Where do the morally bankrupt stand sitting on the side-lines watching the debts pile up again, the favoured ones being run on a whim and a prayer, when do they act to challenge that… Read more »

Patrick o Hara

Caption. Quick look!!! It’s the Lesser Spotted Bayo!!

Caption… Are you peeping at Tom again?..

Honest hoops

Caption; Madge…will you stop obsessing with Celtic cause we are the peepil…what are they doing anyway??

Tim Buffy

Ralph. Tonight’s game is not live on Celtic TV to subscribers who live in the UK or Ireland. They only get the usual delayed showing.

Caption “Mon Honey Bunny stoap spying on oor neighbours goan at it like rabbits and get back tae making ma toasties”


Caption: Quick! A Moonbeam!

Mike Annis

Caption. Look darling Lang lugs, they’ve elected Boris Johnson to lead they humans.
Don’t be silly dearest lettuce chewer, not even humans can be that stupid.


Caption: ” Theresa, they’re still not matching down Garvaghy road “


And they nevver will again.



Monti… It’s on their wish list still 🙂

Look at that billy nimmo Smith on a white unicorn

The Cha

“It’s a little bit of a risk to play christopher Jullien in this game”

This should be the easiest of the, hopefully, 6 games we’ve got remaining to qualify for the Champs League.

If we’re not “risking” Jullien for this then when exactly are we going to?

I noticed that Shkendija lost at home to the Luxembourgeoise F91 Dudelange so the Nomme Kalju result against them doesn’t look that great after all.


Good to see the club has not lost its sense of humour. ‘Announcing’ a right back who has played that position 3 times in 3 years. Allegedly signing a defender for 7 million but is not fit a full 3 weeks later. Is it just me who is dreading this season??

The Cha

5 new starters I believe.

The only way that’s happening if we sell Tierney, McGregor, Ntcham etc and spend a fraction of it on new recruits.

£7m apparently on Jullien, half as much on Boli and half again on Hatem.

At this rate, even in their distressed state, Sevco will be competing with us to sign players!


Just like last year and the year before? Maybe th season will go well like the last three years at least domestically.


Caption: Mrs.Bunny: I spy with my little eye something beginning with S. Mr.Bunny: Is it stars? Mrs.Bunny: Naw, it’s that shithole where the Huns play. Ah telt ye no’ tae buy a flat in Govan!


Kyle Lafferty has left football to pursue another career in the Porn Industry, he will act under the name.. Rusty- Lusty- Dirty and Dusty.
Its been a while since he scored…


He’s a failed porn star Mike he kept going down when there was no one near him.


He fakes getting head. Just ask our Charlie Mulgrew.


Surely you mean Charlie’s great at withdrawal?


Henke, I’m a bit worried about you, you’ve started talking an awful lot about men’s arses, are you getting enough?
I’m a bit worried about myself, I keep on getting these filthy dreams about Jackie Bird and sticky toffee pudding, I woke up this morning feeling ravenous..


Welcome, welcome Hatem Timothy Castagne Abd Elhamed… O’Donnell.

Mike… Is he on 3 wages?




Good to see Lenny agrees with my team selection lets hope for a 4 goal victory as well 🙂
Goid luck to Griff tonight show us what we’ve been missing m8.


Scott Bain starts in goal with Celtic appearing to be fielding a three-man back line of Jozo Simunovic, Nir Bitton and Kristoffer Ajer.

Captain Scott Brown is at the base of the midfield with James Forrest, Callum McGregor, Ryan Christie and Boli Bolingoli charged with supplying the front two of Griffiths and Edouard.

Craig Gordon, Christopher Jullien, Johnny Hayes, Olivier Ntcham, Lewis Morgan, Mikey Johnston and Scott Sinclair are all on the bench.


Yesssss 2-0 to the Celtic. Ajer and Christy penalty. COYBIG.


Yessss 3-0 Celtic scored again, Griffiths, Super Leigh…

Yoker Bhoy

I’m quite enjoying this actually. 🙂


Two more even if they score should be enough. Progress is the target.


No quite as bad as some are saying….


Caption: When Mrs Rabbit stated she’d seen the Great Bear straddling Uranus her husband’s response was somewhat unexpected.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


“Margot, would you please stop with the binoculars?”

“But Clarence, I’m intrigued by the amount of Sevconians making their way to The Debt Star! It’s got me thinking, it’s amazing how many ugly people manage to meet other ugly to fuck!”

“Anyway, it’s almost kinky, now Clarence be a dear and go get my hitachi from my toy drawer…….”


After they announced stadium man of the match the camera switched to Leigh and I’m convinced he said, “it was never me.” 🙂 Don’t worry wee man! knock in another few and everyone will stop it.


Uralius, the ‘wee mhan’s’ goal was such a thing of beauty for every reason a Tim may imagine, that whether or not he said that, and whether or not it’s right, he EARNED what he has with our supporters and he got CP bouncing. But, given Celtic TV’s abominable offering to Celtic FC fans, it was almost missed by the cheap-skate camera work. Indeed, 1st time round I thought the wee mhan may have scored the opener as I know he’s great with his head, even for a wee mhan…..oh, ffs -if this fn thing ‘burps’ again it’ll be aeronautical… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

The best attacking display from a Celtic team that we’ve seen in a good while, almost a throwback to some of our great teams from years gone by with total dominance and wave after wave of attacks. The 5-0 scoreline totally flattered the men in pink but it’s important not to get carried away – we’ll face a much stiffer test in the next round. There were so many fine performances throughout the team that it’s difficult to single out individual players but the likes of Christie and Mikey Johnstone just seem to get better and better with every game… Read more »


Aye Charlie I can’t wait for the fitness training to be replaced with the technical shooting training. Could’ve been 9 tonight with a wee bit more composure.


This manager job is easy 🙂 if you don’t have a right back play 3 at the back good wide players will always do a job in defence and attack and we have plenty at Cetic.
Well done Lenny and the bhoys HH


Hope Boli doesn’t get too used to the medical staff. I wouldn’t mind seeing them there must be a right stunner in there.


I’ve noticed it a lot with players that we get from France and Belgium. It seems to take them a bit to get used to the changeable surface in Scotland. One minute it’s waterlogged, the next it’s fine, the next it’s just a slippery surface. I guess the surface is less predictable in Scotland.


I only got to see the first half, the lambs broke out their field and tried to escape, but Shep brought them back out the tattie field. A new field of grass/clover but that wasn’t good enough for them. But what I did see was good players playing in a system that suited the players for the positions that were available. It was good to see a highly motivated group of players, playing faster than previous, moving the ball upfield quicker and creating more chances. The highlights were, a headed goal from a corner, a well executed penalty, a lovely… Read more »


And right on cue, turns out it could be true… ^



Are you spying on them doggers again ?

Shut it flopsy



I can still see dixies penalty circling the moon


First rate performance from Lenny’s team last night though I had said Sarajevo might actually have been the tougher of the two ties. Their keeper did well, Christie was awesome and the man of the match never Leigh but we saw what we were missing without him and when he builds up we will see him back to his best. I can’t understand all the negativity, this might not last let us enjoy it now. Well done Neil Lennon and his squad.


Charlie Saiz,
Do you never tire from talking fkn pish?

Proving your worth can hinder your game.Leigh Griffiths off the ball was good to watch.Him and Eddie split the defence.
That free kick,from there.Woof! Sweet.

The Nomme Kalju assistant coaches spent the game watching and listening to Lenny on the sideline.Expect the same away.

Hunny bun.I`m reading the quote from Anas Sarwar,Frank McAveety and Pauline McNeill;”Glib,we have a cultivated problem” in The Sun not on it.

sevco milk lemonade answers FC.


Caption: Male: Whit ye daein’ hen?
Female: Spying on the Marches.
Male: Why’s at?
Female: Trying to figure out how they play the flute with that pointy hat.

God give us a few players who can tackle a fish supper…Hail Hail the genetic wee bassas.

Orbuculum time.

Peter Lawwell comes third in a Peter Lawwell look-a-like at The Celtic Festival.

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