Celtic Dairy Thursday July 18: On To Estonia

Everybody seems to have something to smile about this morning.

The glass half full fans will be looking ahead to the second qualifying round, and next weeks clash with Nomme Kalju of Estonia.

Then there’s the announcement that Israeli right back Hatem Abd Elhamed, who , of course, will slot straight into the team as he is clearly better than anyone we’ve ever had in that position.

All i can see about him of any interest is that

He made his Israel national football team debut on 10 June 2019 in an Euro 2020 qualifier against Poland, as an 82nd-minute substitute for Nir Bitton.[7] 

An astonishing example of history about to repeat itself.

I’ll withhold judgement until we see if he’s worth the two or three million pounds that Celtic are reportedly paying for him. The last player that came from that agent was Rami Gershon, who settled down in the treatment room.

But it does look like it’s happening.

הפועל באר שבע וסלטיק סיכמו על מכירתו של חאתם עבד אלחמיד

על פי הסיכום באר שבע תקבל קרוב לשני מיליון יורו על הבלם, ובונוס של 300 אלף

יורו אם הסקוטים יעפילו לליגת האלופות. אלחמיד ישתף פעולה עם ניר ביטון. אוראל

דגני או איתן טיבי מועמדים להחליפו

(If it helps, read that from right to left )

We did hear a while back that we were signing someone on Thursday, we just didn’t know which Thursday

And then there’s Lewis Morgan…another outstanding contribution, and he could well turn out to be the star of the show this season.

And think of the money we’ll get for Scott Sinclair, who having seen his new hair colour last night, I am more and more convinced I saw him in Stoke on Monday, or it might have been Tuesday.

Or I might have been wrong. I usually am.

I was going past the police station and the court so I wasn’t hanging around to check.

The glass half empty fans have found their latest scapegoat. Bolingoli Boli, just two games into his serious Celtic career looks strong, fast, enthusiastic and importantly demands to be involved in the game.

However, he’s finding out what its like to play in front of the greatest fans in the world, with criticism heading his way after he didn’t score a couple last night, and forgot that he was supposed to be a left back for pretty much most of the game.

Then again, he was only doing what he was told..


This UEFA match app looks like providing considerable entertainment as the season goes on.

They weren’t the only ones to get it a bit mixed up..


Though the SMSM are refusing to be outdone..



They probably think the Celtic support is as dumb as the support of a local rival..



As for the game itself, there was never any doubt about the outcome, despite the Bosnians drawing level after the energetic Ryan Christie had given Celtic the lead.

Calum MacGregor sealed the match on the night to give Celtic a 5-2 aggregate win.

It’s off to Estonia next, but before we get all carried away, it’s worth looking at the potential opponents for Round 3, the draw for which will be made next week…

There’s only one guy to ask..


  • Moravcik67


Results tonight mean Celtic will play one of the following in QR3.
Cluj / Maccabi Tel Aviv
Ferencvaros / Valletta
Dundalk / Qarabag
Red Star Belgrade / HJK Helsinki
Maribor / AIK  
Anyone but Dundalk. My hair loss started in 1979…during the second leg against them ..
Success at that stage , and we’re on to the play off..

If the remaining seeded teams progress in QR2 and QR3 we would be facing one of
Young Boys of Berne
Slavia Prague
Could be worse, I suppose.
Back to potential incomings, and Danny Simpson, a 32 year old defender and a free agent now that his contract at Leicester is up, could be set to join the club and be given a two year £30,000 a week deal…
I’d like to gauge supporter opinion on this one, so lets do a wee poll..I’ll go first
Image result for fuck off
On 20 May 2015, Simpson was found guilty of assaulting his then-girlfriend and mother of his child Stephanie Ward on 28 December 2014.[32] He was sentenced to 300 hours of community service.[33] On 12 May 2016, his sentence was reviewed in light of press-intrusion into his community service, and replaced with a 22:00 to 06:00 curfew for 21 days.[ 

Leicester City ace Danny Simpson sparked bitter rivalry between two women he chatted up during his 30th birthday night out – taking one to bed before the other found him naked with her ‘rival’

A pal said: “The first woman had spent the night flirting with Danny and hit the roof when she found him in bed with another girl.

“She opened the door to find Danny naked and blotto and in a compromising position with her rival, who was in her undies.

“The jilted girl had the shock of her life and stormed out.”

Simpson is embroiled in a row with ex Stephanie Ward, 29 — who he was convicted of throttling 18 months ago — over access to their daughter Skye, five. 


Not the sort of guy who should be wearing the hoops.


Elsewhere, and it looks like Ruth Davidson has found something else to secure Unionist votes..

Celtic Boys Club abuse: Ruth Davidson joins calls for inquiry

This is from todays Times, and it’s written by Marc Horne, a persistent campaigner for an enquiry into abuse, but curiously only at Celtic, when there’s a considerable amount of evidence that those cromes were endemic during the period in question.

Horne has written several pieces for the paper on the subject , all of which condemn Celtic, and one feels that the former Scotland on Sunday man could perhaps gain a little more credibilty and perhaps even increase his chances of attaining justice for all victims, of all clubs and institutions by perhaps doing a wee boit more research on the subject, such as who employed who at several different clubs, and perhaps even join up the connections to recently convicted paedophiles south of the border.

As for Ruth Davidson…now that she’s a parent, I’m surprised that she, too, isn’t calling for a wider investigation.


Just yesterday, we noted that the Times had become the first newspaper to refer to the new club at Ibrox as a new club, and it appears that some of the fans are being told this as well…by the new club.


I’m sure he’ll work it out…

Meanwhile, one wonders if they have started something..




First match back in competitive football will be on Saturday 10th August 2pm ko Belfast Celtic v DC 
Er, oops.. we had a message from someone who knows..
Just in case you aren’t aware, this crowd aren’t ‘Belfast Celtic’ they’re a team called Sport and Leisure Swifts – they have no connection to Belfast Celtic whatsoever and the Belfast Celtic Society have refused to back them. They are basically Belfast’s Sevco – trying to steal another team’s history. They’ve just stolen the name and rebranded.




Yesterday, we had this..

Owen Mullions July 17, 2019 at 3:56 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: ‘Chris Jack and Keith Jackson relax at home by wallowing in Jabba’s pish. 




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1 year ago

Boris lays out his brexit path

Paddy Mo
1 year ago

“Ibrox Way” hits teething problems.

1 year ago

Caption : Just leave it, we’ve got an order for a memorial wall somewhere in Glasgow….Oh, wait the now…

1 year ago

Chris Jack: Well the path was ok when I left it, I asked the subby to finish it. Nowt to do with me.

1 year ago

Lawwell`s hangin` £5million for 2RBs…28 & 32 year olds.
Who`s to grab their hammie first?

Davros pops-up outside The the Louden Tavern.

sevco K9IAR FC.

George Lazenbhoy
1 year ago

I do like the brick pattern.

1 year ago

Celtic FC SLO

Confirmation the away match against Nomme Kalju will be played at Lilleküla Stadium on July 30.

Arsene Parcelie
1 year ago

We’re on the one road sharing the one load
we’re on the road to God knows where
We’re on the one raod
Maybe the wrong road
But we’re together now who cares
North Men, South Men comrades all
Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Donegal
We’re one the one road… ah fuck

Arsene Parcelie
1 year ago

“We’re on the one road sharing the one load
we’re on the road to God knows where
We’re on the one road
Maybe the wrong road… ah now, look at that there.”

1 year ago

.caption,sevco pop up road to nowhere does its job

1 year ago


Ground worker 1 to ground worker 2 – “I know it looks all pissed up, but Mr King has confirmed it looks perfect to him”.

1 year ago

Caption: Narrow Water garden SOS

Honest hoops
1 year ago

Caption; and this is the reason why the knuckle draggers took the wrong path in life…

1 year ago

Pop-up sevconian shop disclose a £75000 profit…

Danny boy Sturridge tae sevco FC, 7 games into the initial part of the journey of the Scottish Football Premiership.

sevco derriere FC.

1 year ago

We are the Pavement.Splitters!

sevco Loretta FC.

1 year ago

Campaign caption:
Drinkaware,drink Fosters.

1 year ago

When Ruth Davidson laughs the Moray Firth dolphins tell her her accent`s shite.

1 year ago

So, at right back, we get rid of a 32 year old WC quarter-finalist, 8 in a row and treble treble winner to bring in a 32 year old wife beater?

At left back we’ve got a guy that, when he joined, said he wanted to emulate Boyata and it showed last night.

Time for a back three, I think.

Caption: “Honest, boss. There was an earthquake”

1 year ago
Reply to  Doc

did he beat your wife?

1 year ago

caption,Brendan Rodgers Paving.
Great for a job half done.

1 year ago

Recruitment at Celtic is utterly shambolic!

1 year ago


Fopreman to Paving Team ” When Ah sed tae wurk aroon the tree Ad didnae meen Right Feckin Roon it.”

1 year ago

“But Boss mah Local Meenister saiz everywan walks a different path in life. So ah thoat ahd help em

1 year ago


Another example of Timmy at work, when a previously unseen fenian lamppost emerges to knowingly break up a loyal orinj walkway!

1 year ago

The Road to Hell is paved with Skewed Projections.

1 year ago

Dave King denies budget constraints have affected development of the new Ibrox Walkway.

1 year ago

£26 for the next home euro QUALIFYING round?
Erm, fuck off Lawwell!

Our club is being run woefully!

1 year ago

Caption: ‘ 18 Bricks were blew to bits, down by the narrow water ‘

1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

Monti, a mhan of my own heart, although we don’t always see eye-to-eye. Aye? Here’s an addendum to your caption.
“And the 18 Brits whom were blown to bits,
Had wandered off the ‘narrow’ path,
Their ‘leaders’ knew but still they threw,
Some ‘comrades’ sacrificial,
Just to themselves anoint, at Warrenpoint, an’er medal,
HH up the ‘Ra, where would we be without you?

1 year ago

Follow the Orange Prick Road. Follow the Orange Prick Road.
Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow the rainbow over the stream, follow the fella who follows a dream, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Orange Prick Road.
You’re off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of ‘Ox.
You’ll find he is a whiz of a Wiz! If ever a Wiz! There was.
If ever oh ever a Wiz! There was The Wizard of ‘Ox is one because,
Because, because, because, because, because.
Because of the wonderful things he does.
You’re off to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of ‘Ox.

1 year ago

Caption: Just in case the “rangers” ARE coming.

1 year ago

Myself being threatened with ‘life-or-death’ stuff is not new. Not even mildly considered.
This, however, IS new.
Apparently I’ve been humming, whistling, singing et al a ‘wee ditty’ about “always find me in the kitchen at parties” to such terminal effect that my wife said, verbatim,: “if you so much as BREATHE that fuckin’ thing again I’ll not be responsible for what my uncle ‘Don’ Giovinnie will do to you, UNLESS you tell us who started it.
Of course, tough as I am, I resisted ALL torture, UNTIL they put the wine gums just out of reach. OKAY, okay, it wiz Pug and his postcode is GY67. May God have mercy on his sole and may he be banned from Dover for ever. Perhaps even longer. (thanks Spike Milligan, often in my….er…what were you called again?)
PS, see, just fn SEE, if big Chris Jullien is injury-prone, and his history indicates this, there will be no fucking hiding place (other than the place to recieve one) for ANY fucker involved, bar none. And b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

1 year ago
Reply to  TicToc

Apologies TT all I can say in my defence is

Win or lose
sink or swim
one thing is certain
we’ll never give in

Side by side
hand in hand
we all stand together

1 year ago
Reply to  Puggy67

HaHaha, Puggy67, I just love that. Where TF wid we be without your good self?
I wiz gonnae say ‘guys like you’ but ah remembered sumfinn aboot: “damn few an’ they’re a’ deid”
Point is (to spell-out the obvious to our resident half-wits), you’re a very witty, interesting, funny (by humour) person and a huge asset to eTims. For that I thank you. I hope we ALL do.

1 year ago

Caption: Only in Govan, whence the continuation myth is sucked up by the illiteratti and they ‘pledge’ a further £ pound to help “our Dave, The Saviour” get rid of the “Fenian Lampost”

FFS, is “gullible” enough?
Rhetorical Q, A is Naw!

1 year ago

RIP Bobby Jordan, a dear old friend and comrade who introduced me to this lovely, rebel ballad when we were still primary-school children. It wasn’t by the Wolfe Tones, they weren’t around then, but it was equally radical, rebel stuff.
In memory I say, “Fuck the Queen” as we used to stand in the Jungle (later in life) and sing: “For we’re all offtae Dublin in the Green, fuck the queen, where the helmets glisten in the sun, fuck her son…………..


1 year ago

Caption :Sevco walkway takes shape. Bent as ever.
I was directed to a piece by my m8 to John James site yesterday. Looks like sevco with the aid of their friends at the sfa are rule breaking again.
If the guy is right then once again sevco are flaunting the rules assisted by the sfa.
It just wont stop will it ?
C’mon Peter step up to the plate.

1 year ago
Reply to  jimmybee

You will not get any help from him Jimmy, no fucking way, this is the man who led the Res.12 bhoys right up the garden path. For WHY?
We have one more chance to FIX it, lets get fully behind Auldheid and get it fixed, or the permanent fix will be in..

1 year ago

Caption: Why bother, as friends, family and love child’s (plural) are his free gift to the many. How’s the 2Sister chicken factory gawn?

The annual Red Pus competition takes its usual course as Scottish fitbaw gets it annual kick up the arse, as reality dawns and our so called premier teams get gubbed by junior teams from around the lesser nations of Europe.
£7.00 mill. for McKenna, haw haw haw. Scottish Premier teams are just like its governance, give me a P. give me a I. give me a S. Give me a H.

The bhoy with mcgrain in his side
1 year ago

The fenian lamppost strikes again…

1 year ago

Fucking kilmarnock are embarrassing

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding
1 year ago

Celtic Dairy?

We selling cheese?

1 year ago

The cries were heard…”To the Tube.”

sevco`s home end today in the courtroom were empty with still 12 minutes to go.

1 year ago

These hospital wards, are a’ drab lookin’ joints,
But the ceilin’s is a’ I can see,
It could dae wae a wee touch of paper an’ paint,
But then again mibbae that’s me……….
Oh sergeant is this the adventure you meant……?

Thank you Billy Connolly for telling it as it is.
Is it just co-incidence you’re a Tim?

Preposterous at 3 o’ clock to be a bladdered mhan,
I just wish that I was one of those,
who went and smashed the van.

The scum whom rule our every move,
The rich and famous too,
Should be reduced to on their knees,
And hear the Tims tatoo,
They showed us well, as our songs re-tell,
Them bastards they’re not new,
And just as we should’ve done to their parent,
We’ll visit them in blew! (not to be confused with blue)
HH The semtex’s here,
What TF do we care now?

1 year ago
Reply to  TicToc

has heaven an off door?

1 year ago

Are youse no coming across as feirt? Call yourselves.

Celtic to sign Knickerbottom.

So hard to find,Lord.They`re to wipe.

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

Accept though ,mammy.

1 year ago


Was he?
Could`ne cross though he could.

Right and center.WE`RE ALL

1 year ago

A Letter to U.

And who do you think were there?
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker,
And all of them gone to the fair.

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