Celtic Diary Sunday July 14: Tittle Tattle Goes Mainstream

Yesterday was a strange day.

First one hears that it is unlikely that Keiran Tierney will be going anywhere, largely based on Neil Lennon publicly talking about his dodgy hip, only to be followed late at night by Sky sports claiming Arsenal were ignoring the obvious pitfall of signing someone just out of surgery who has further problems and had bid £25m for the left back.

Oh, and in between the players had a jolly good run around which kept them on the road to full fitness in time for next weeks qualifier against Sarajevo.

Where shall we start ?

Oh, lets get the Tierney tittle tattle out of the way.

With all sorts of stories flying around, including some from our own pish stained army of informants, it’s difficult to ascertain what is really going on.

First, his fitness…Neil Lennon said on Friday..

He’s still injured and he’s rehabbing.

“He had a double hernia and he still has the Osteitis pubis problem so it’s a slow burner that one.” 

The diary has mentioned this probelm in the past, but it’s important maybe to refresh ourselves on what it is, what the prognosis is, and what treatment is available.

This is from Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine website…

Osteitis pubis is an overuse injury affecting the front of the pelvis at the symphysis pubis joint. The symphysis pubis joint joins two of the main bones of the pelvis and is made up of the pubic bones (portion of the pelvis), cartilage, a joint capsule and joint fluid. The ends of the pubic bones reabsorb, or slowly dissolve. The cause is unclear, but it may be a reaction to stress or a stress fracture of the end of the pelvic bones (the pubis symphysis). 

The cause of osteitis pubis is not fully understood, but it is believed to be due in part to excessive or repeated stress to the pubic symphysis with vigorous activities or from repeated tension of muscles that attach to the area. 

Does anything increase the risks ?

  • Sports that require repetitive kicking, such as soccer or football kicking 

Symptons ?

  • Pain, discomfort or ache, tenderness and swelling at the front of the pelvis at the pubic symphysis
  • Pain possibly extending to the groin, inner thigh or lower abdomen
  • Symptoms that start slowly and gradually following activity and progress to constant pain
  • Pain worsened with pivoting on one leg, kicking a ball, sprinting, jumping, climbing stairs or suddenly changing direction while running
  • Pain worsened with stretching, particularly separating the legs and thighs or with bringing the thighs and legs together against resistance
  • Weakness when bending the hip or kicking
  • Occasionally, clicking in the front of the pelvis
  • In some cases, the condition may be present on a x-ray, but is asymptomatic 

Treatment ?

Initial treatment consists of medications and ice to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Modify the activities that initially caused the problem by eliminating those activities or substituting them with other activities that do not cause symptoms. Stretching and strengthening exercises of the hip muscles are important. These can be carried out at home, although referral to an athletic trainer or physical therapist for further evaluation and treatment may be helpful. Cortisone, by injection or orally, may be used to relieve the symptoms and inflammation.

Surgery is rarely indicated. If symptoms persist despite at least 6 months of conservative treatment and the patient is unwilling or unable to give up provocative activities, surgery may be necessary. Surgical options include fusing the joint (removing all motion at the joint) or cleaning out the joint and removing inflamed or scarred tissue. 

The all important question, though this does depend on what treatment the player has had, or is receiving, and how long he’s been having it, is when will he be all better ?

Often, this condition resolves with rest and avoidance of the exacerbating activity. It may take 3 to 8 months or more to return to sports. 

Would you send £25m on someone with this condition, and pay him around £80,000 a week ?

That, of course, hasn’t stopped the specualtion, which hurled itself into a frenzy last night..

It all started with Sky sports, who tweeted and broadcast..

BREAKING Sky sources understand Arsenal have made a bid in the region of £25 million for Celtic left back Kieran Tierney. 

Around 9.45 last night, which was dutifully followed up by a mainstream media more concerned with not missing the story than actually checking it.

Such as the Record..

Celtic are mulling over a second Arsenal bid for Kieran Tierney which will take the deal up to their £25million asking price.

The Gunners had their first move for the Scotland full-back rejected three weeks ago. 

Now they’ve come back and upped the ante from their £15m opening salvo – and Peter Lawwell and the Hoops board are contemplating their next step over the weekend.

MailSport understands that while the deal doesn’t give them the up-front figure they wanted, it does reach the trigger figure on appearance-based add-ons. 


The BBC…Chris MacLaughlin…

Arsenal have approached Celtic with an improved bid in the region of £25m for Scotland defender Kieran Tierney.

The Scottish champions rejected an initial offer of £15m from the English club last month.

If the deal goes through, Tierney, 22, would become the most expensive player in Scottish football history.

The left-back, also linked with Napoli, is recovering from a double hernia operation after being restricted to nine appearances in 2019.

A £25m move would top the £19.7m Celtic received when Moussa Dembele joined Lyon in summer 2018.

Tierney has won four league titles, two Scottish Cups and two League Cups after coming through the Celtic youth system. 

Remember the “story ” that concerned John Beaton ?

How a Press Association tweet about abusive text messages morphed into a story about death threats, leading to all sorts of opinion pieces  about referee safety and so on ?

See if you can see a pattern here…this from the Record again.. published at 12.01 today…

Where Kieran Tierney will rank among world’s most expensive ever left-backs if Arsenal seal £25m deal

In the absence of clear, cold facts surrounding the story, we have moved to discussing it as if it were a fact, thus deflecting from the point that there have been no statements from either of the clubs concerned, and nothing from the player.

There has also been nothing from our own pish stained fellows, who I’d certainly trust way, way ahead of any of the hacks who have destroyed any credibility within our own media.

In comparison, when the offer for Tierney was accepted last year, there was nothing short of rage on various apps on my phone, all of which indicated several footsoldiers had heard the same thing.

This time, nothing.

So pardon me if i refuse to get all excited.


Another example of hpow the media works came from Chris “Union “Jack, who was found to have told a fibber or two in one of his puff pieces for the Evening times, which was pulled, but not before his credibilty was confirmed as what we always figured it was.

A big fat zilch.

This is the piece..

this is his piss poor explanation..

Chris Jack Retweeted Scratch the Upsetter

These quotes/pars had nothing to do with me and were not my error. It was filed by a freelance and wrongly picked up by the desk. It shouldn’t have been used but I didn’t file it. Thanks to those that piled in with abuse, questioned my professionalism and want me sacked though.

Presumably the same freelancer who perpetuates the same club myth throughout the Scottish media where “rangers ” are concerned.

He is a rascal, whoever he is, but he certainly would qualify as one of the highest paid journalists in the world given the amount of , er, news, he appears to be responsible for.


So where exactly are we with Tierney ?

As far as I am aware, he needs rest and recuperation, and Neil Lennon has promised him that.

Thats not to say thats he’s staying, far from it, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

Thats also not to say there hasn’t  been a £25m bid…there might have been, but when Sky “sources ” and piss poor Scottish hacks follow it up, then there is always going to be a grain of  doubt in any right thinking mans mind.

And mine as well.


Yesterday, we had this…

Puggy67 July 13, 2019 at 10:48 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Hope I’m not sitting beside some big fat bastard. 



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# Me Too, Make me a Celtic for life.

Hopefully it’s just another case of bullsh*t reporting and KT is going nowhere but I’ve a bad feeling there’s something to it and he may well be for the off , If he is away then I’d prefer it was done soon so as we can get a replacement in but as I said hopefully it’s a load a sh*te ✌️


Caption : “Careful mate? That rifle has a ‘Hare’ trigger.”

D'Fhinnein Mick

Expectation management in full flow on some sites. Not here,I might add. Disgrace.

We see a great player,a potential legend. The board see pound signs.

Mike A

Caption:” Shall I make you a snow angel?” . “Make it any angel mate, you’re going to meet one.”

Cross Hare has hunter in cross hairs.




Hare today, gone tomorrow.


Ralph you had a really well argued and evidenced case for Tierney not being fit enough to leave. It is a bit of a change for this site to start indulging in facts, not going to cut much ice with some of our posters. Anyway I take it Tierney’s off then, a shame but he goes with our blessing a real Tim through and through. I didn’t partake of the pre season friendly yesterday not my thing, the GB did well by Lustig, we still have no right back and a bunch of clowns here couldn’t wait to see him… Read more »


Caption: Please, please, I have carrots!


Watership Down II the Revenge



I swear it was the freelancer that forgot ur carrots.



Tables have turned now fudd

caption,Right big boy turn round you are about to meet Rodgered the Rabbit,

caption,Chris Jack Exclusive
It was the Rabbit wot dunnit


Caption: ” Fuck you Elmer ya fud”


Caption : I thought you said air rifle Tam
Naw ya dafty i said Run theres a Hare with a rifle.

Patrick O Hara

Caption. Wee harey unhappy that I released our intimate photos on Facebook.



Jabba’s latest squirell (posing as a Hare) ” Right Timmy. Where’s yir Unseen Fenian Hand Noo. Ra Peepull are oan thur wae back. Gaun fur 55″

Monti Fu@k replies ” Nope still canny see the ranjurs comming and Route 55 goes from Fergus Falls tae St Pauls so the big man upstairs says yer oan tae plums an yir Klub’s Deid Mate. Oh, an by the way thats a (H)air Gun”.

Honest hoops

If KT is sold, then the 25m must be used to strengthen the team to get to the CL group stage, there is my pipe dream as we all damn well know that the club is a business and profit comes before investment.

Honest hoops

Caption; it didn’t have to end like this Elmer ,but you are a fudd!!

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

I have chronic o pubis and it will never go away, if he has it to that extreme he is finished, even if it is less severe I would doubt he would pass a medical

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding

Ah Honest Hoops best me to it!


The tables finally turn on Elmer Fudd

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding

Caption 2

“Yeah, you’re not making any sex toy jokes now, are you ya prick?”

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption ‘cunt’


Mind when you broke your ankle and they put you on the right wing, now your pubes are sair and it’s career threatening.



The hare Krishna jokes are not so funny now eh ..



Hare today, gone tomorrow

If KT goes the board have to use all monies in bringing in quality. But I think he would be daft to go onto a non club like the ARSEnal. Look what happened to Charlie Nick


Caption: Dead bunny going for 55.


Caption: Fuck your wee hair the people joke I’m an unrepentant Fenian leporid.


It’s amazing the number of News Agency’s Television company’s and press that fashion onto fairy stories about football. Like iron onto a magnet, they hunt in packs searching out stories to latch onto and print, without any kind of investigation. Leprechauns, goblins and fairies have more relevance than any so called News edition, for after all who hasn’t seen a Leprechaun at the rugby, they do exist after all, don’t they? Why miss Charlotte I do so admire your bosoms, oh Red, Weered do you, Ah think you the most civil of persons, please come and comfort me. Why miss… Read more »


James Forrest, the Celtic team’s new Mr. Play-DoH, being moulded into a new number ten, careful now James, we don’t want you to be moulded into a number Two..



…… honestly, I’m shitting ma’self and no it’s not a tortoise coming out ma arse.


Is it a Hamster, or is it a Hedgehog Ouch! No its a Hare… Long John Baldy…


So what’s the easiest way to get Celtic shares?


Thanks to everyone who contacted me re Res12 (Be Prepared). I think everyone has had a reply by now. Onwards and upwards.


I don’t like cricket, I hate it….


Auldheid, help me oot! I don’t know how to contact you. Can you get my email from here? Did I miss a memo?


Uralius. I take it that you want to purchase Celtic shares to add your voice to those seeking an honest game in Scotland. I am not an expert by any means in share dealing, but The Celtic share dealing Registrar is: Computershare Investor Services plc
Tel. +44 (0) 3707020192 or e-mail webenquiries@computershare.co.uk
Celtic are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) they have the ticker name of CCP. Hargreaves Landsdown have today’s share price listed @
Sell 160pence Buy 170pence. Let me know if you want any more help, remember that shares can go up or down especially if Celtic get beat. 😉



E mail Auldheid046@gmail.com if you are a shareholder.


The cry was ‘Doe Surrender!’

RPG… That bucks the trend 🙂


What are you rabbiting about?


Anybody want some ‘ House of Bruar ‘ overpriced, itchy clothing?
Andybhoy/Weered & Mike, this is your market i believe?

Monti… If I have an itch I will scratch it




Celtic team Wednesday Bain Ralston Jozo Ajer Hayes Brown McGregor Forrest Christie Sinclair Griff Subs Gordon Christophe Dembele Morgan Johnstone Boli Edouard. Not too shabby eh! Right back is a must. Another Centre back and a goal scorer 3 quality signings we need quality not quantity lets get rid of those who don’t want to be around for 9 and 10 now and concentrate and rewarding the guys who do. For all players wanting to come this awaits you. It may not be the pay of the English riches but what do you want to be remembered for from your… Read more »


Jimmybee, well said comrade.
Do you want some house of Bruar itchy socks?


You’ve got some money m8 house of braur
Pradamark for me 🙂


Naw i’ve no 🙂


Why miss Charlotte, Ah honestly think that some folks know fuckall about football. Ah mean who would pick a fud like Griff before the hugely talented Mr. Odsonne? Ah mean really Mr. Jimmy, really. Yaall see being a member of the “Grey Brigade” does have some advantages, because you know better than younger plonkers, who just blow smoke out their lumps-a-wid. See folks, its Vintage fine wine that you get from ancient kegs and wisdom comes with age, after all the great inventors of the world were men of age, so what if they-all wore nappies, its what the brain… Read more »

Jimmybee, spot on with your team selection for Wed night. We still need right back/quality finisher/ another centre back but that will come.


Sounds like you had a few disappointing xmases in your formative years Charlie


Yeah I remember getting a toothbrush never used it though oh and one of those slings they were fucking deadly. Some of the boys used to hunt cats with them. I thought that cruel and stuck to putting old cans on pailings for targets not as exciting as a moving target though.


Eduoard will start not Griffiths that’s for sure hope he puts arzani in the mix ASAP loan or not I’m sure if given the chance he’ll light up the fans and surprise. Boy is talent as good as paddy Roberts bit of a mix of roberts and bobby Petta when he was good. Going to be a good year. Huns have improved I hate to say but if they have it will do us no harm we need decent competition if we’re going anywhere in Europe

Yoker Bhoy

Funny old game innit, just seen that the Estonian minnows Nomme Kalju (aka the Pink Panthers) will be our opponent in the next round of the CL qualifiying should we make no mistake tomorrow. They pulled off an amazing 2-1 away win after a last minute goal to go through against Shkendija on away goals. This’ll also act as a wee warning for us not to take tomorrow night’s game lightly.


I’m sure they’re giants in Estonia. Giants I say …lovely women Estonians probably a good life there. I’d like to end up somewhere like that. Estonia that is. Yeah probably giants.




Yep, been saying this all along. He was a devastating Right Back at Ashod. He also can play Defensive Midfield just….. like….. Efe Ambrose! 🙂 lol


I remember back in the days of the soccer sensei. Celtic or without a left back. Everyone was screaming and crying we need a left back we need a left back, but none came in upsteps Kieran Tierney.


Wonder how weereds coping with thethe orange stuff in norn iron not heard too much about scuffles whatever only some poor woman being spat on. That’s it.

Iancelt67… I just let that lost cause get on with their delusional protestations. I don’t give them a second thought.


I wonder why they don’t all board busses for Nijmegen. They can match for 4 days there and nobody will mind.

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