Celtic Diary Wednesday July 10: Only The Result Matters

Admit it.

You, I, and thousands of other Celtic fans saw the team sheet and said “Nir fucking Biton ? ” at almost the same time last night.

So did the rest of the team.

A couple of weekends away with Virgil van Dijk does not a centre half make.

Throw a new left back and Kris Ajer at right back into the mix and little wonder the next time Celtic fans shouted it was ” bloody hell, who didn’t see that coming? ”

That was on 29 minutes when Sarajevo took the lead, which was after an earlier scare when Scott Bain stood tall enough to prevent an even earlier opener.

Sarajevo didn’t look like the double winning side we were led to fear, but it seemed Celtic were doing their best to help them.


But there were signs.

Forward passing gradually became the norm..Ryan Christie especially seemed to want to shoot on sight, a tactic picked up on by Mikey Johnston, who scored a goal that probably won’t be remembered for its quality, but certainly should be.

In the second half, the largely anonymous Oddsone Edouard put Celtic in front, and a classic finish from Scott Sinclair put the tie beyond doubt. Although there really shouldn’t have been any issues whatsoever.

We just made it more difficult than it ought to have been.

There’ll be tougher tests than this on the way to the UCL group stages, but hopefully Celtic will also get better.

3-1 it finished, and on the face of it, it’s an away win in europe, and Sarajevo are not going to win by three clear goals at Celtic Park, unless Lennon springs another selection surprise, and puts Karamoke Dembele in goal.

Image result for neil lennon thumbs up


Actually, I wish I’d never mentioned that.

To be fair to Sarajevo, and their support, they did try a bit. The fans unveiled a banner which could well have put the players off..

Image may contain: crowd, stadium and outdoor

To be fair though, the defence especially were more focused on trying to work out who was supposed to be doing what.

Given what the UEFA  champions league app published at half time, there may well have been some confusion throughout the team…

Bolingoli just behind Edouard, and Forrest and Christie as holding midfielders ?  Johnston at left back ?

Is that how it looked to independent observers ?

In the end, though, it was the result that mattered, and it was a good result. We’d all have taken that before kick off, and so we must accept it after the game.


The media, however, or at least one paper, gave us an idea of what we can expect from them this season…

Celtic fans call for Neil Lennon to be sacked after conceding against minnows Sarajevo

CELTIC fans have called for Neil Lennon to be sacked after they conceded in their Champions League first-round qualifier against FK Sarajevo.

It’s the Daily Express, who to be honest, shouldn’t really bother with a football section.

Celtic fans have reacted furiously to the club conceding against FK Sarajevo.

Neil Lennon’s team were in Bosnia for the first leg of their first-round qualifier for the Champions League.

But the two-legged tie started terribly for the Hoops who conceded in the 29th minute from a corner.

 Fans took to Twitter to vent their anger, and called for Celtic boss Lennon to be sacked.
Should I add “he reported gleefully ” ?

…and yet after the match there will genuinely still be folk thinking Neil Lennon is the man to take Celtic to the next level,” said on Celtic fan. “Absolutely shocking appointment.”

“#LennonOut,” said another fan.

“Quick, sack Lennon at half time, it’s not too late!” claimed another.

A fourth responded simply stated: “Lennon out”, while another said “Lennon’s not got a clue.”

Another Celtic fan said: “Fire Lennon before it’s too late.” 

Here…calm down mr Writer Feller..

Image result for south park computer guy

Michael Johnson responded in quick fashion for the Glaswegians, after scoring a stunning goal from outside the box.

Celtic took the lead in the 51st minute, after a goal from Odsonne Edouard.

Former Manchester City forward Scott Sinclair sealed the victory in the 85th minute, to take the score to 3-1.

The second leg of the tie will take place on Wednesday next week (July 17).

Lennon knows how crucial it is for Celtic to qualify for the group stage of Europe’s elite competition. 

Michael Johnson ?

Image result for michael johnson basketball

They kept that quiet. …big name like that.

Those of us watching on Premier Sports would have been agitated at having to watch “rangers ” embark on only their second European campaign, against St Josephs of Gibraltar.

Of course, the mighty Gers overwhelmed the part timers, but they may well have fielded an incorrectly registered player…

How so ?

Alan MacGregor is listed as their only player to have been at the club for three years between the ages of 15-21.

Er, hang on…

Image result for rangers rip

Allan James McGregor (born 31 January 1982) is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Scottish Premiership club Rangers. McGregor has also previously played for St JohnstoneDunfermline Athletic, Turkish team Beşiktaş, English club Hull City, Welsh side Cardiff City and the Scotland national team.

“rangers ” claim he played for them between the ages of 15 and 21, and yet “rangers ” did not exist pre 2012.
Oops…lets hope that no one emails St Josephs to point out that they have been cheated…
Or tweets them…

You might want to check the legitimacy of the “rangers ” goalkeeper having played for the club between the ages of 15 and 21, as has been declared in the squad list, as “rangers ” did not exist as a club pre 2012. 

Fuck ’em.

They cheated us for years, it’s not fair that they should be allowed to cheat everyone else.

which brings me to my next point..

Auldheid thanks each and everyone of you who emailed him to offer support for the new line of attack on the SFA.

Resolution 12 will move forward, and thats because we have a fanbase who will not have their tummy tickled by liars, cheats and charlatans, no matter who they are.

The overwhelming response means it might take a while for him to get back to you, but he will, and there is now a list of shareholders who are demanding that Peter and the Parasites do something about the issue.

And so far, that list is at least three times as long as we’d dared hope for.

Thanks again.

As for the AGM, does anyone know a wholesale supplier of pitchforks ?

Image result for pitchfork protest

Yesterday, we had this..

Image result for celtic training in sarajevo

George Lazenbhoy July 9, 2019 at 11:09 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: celtic warm up ahead of their chairless photo. 


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Stole the ‘golden shower’ photo Richard. I’m sure I will find a use for it on twitter 🙂


I’m surprised you seen anything with those big eyelashes!

Rob O'Keeffe

As the Huns have cheated,could I be the first to congratulate St.Josephs on their 3-0 Victory.Ain’t Ghod and Ralph great?…


Uefa previously confirmed that Sevco the Rangers is a new club ie not Rangers in Liquidation.

Looks like Sevco the Rangers have slipped out by believing their own lies.

UEFA need to look into this.


To sum up, as a consequence of decisions taken in 2012 as well as the administration of the club and the events/measures that followed (including the new club/company being ineligible to apply for a licence to participate in UEFA for three seasons), there is clearly no need for UEFA to investigate this matter any further since the club was not granted a licence to participate in the 2012/2013 UEFA club competitions, the new club/company entered the fourth tier of Scottish football and it was not able to play in UEFA competitions for the next three years in any event. Many… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Damn…..Signed Ghod and Ralph..


Brilliant, essential post, Turkesh, NEVER let that scum forget it……not EVER.
The SMSM will acquiesce with all the BS, as will Peter The Bastard Lawwell, but us supporters will NOT LET the lie become ‘fact’.

George Lazenbhoy

Caption : doggy style takes on a whole new level

Last nights thoughts….a truly awful pitch…I was almost missing plastic pitches it was that awful. Earliest of days I know but heres a tuppennce of nonsense… We looked the exact same as we always look at this point in season..strangers and half fit. New guys looked in headlights and some regulars looked half awake. Liked Ajers running but Bitton chosen over a flat 4 with Ralston implies young Anthony is on the way oot. The most worrying thing for me is Broony. I cant be arsed with him coming to the 20 yard line and taking the ball from the… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

What a moaner……Don’t worry though,Scottish Open starts tomorrow….superb entertainment and great advert for Scotland….fore…play…


In the post match interview Neil Lennon said he told Scott Brown and Callum McGregor to tell the wide men to stop cutting in and to extend the play out wide. Thank God this is something I consistently complained about under the soccer sensei and he who shall not be named that prick.


Bit harsh.


Which part?


Caption : Nope, still can’t see “Rangers” comin’.


Caption: Every dog has his day!

Patrick O Hara

Caption. Male visitor from Alsace introduces himself to lady.


Good result, we should playing friendlies just now not season defining games. I through this one sounded like a potential banana skin before hand. I’m glad in Lenny we now have a manager who is capable of playing different tactics in Europe and has at least a plan B.

On the down side its criminal we haven’t signed a right back yet. Get it done!

Caption… “…Oh no! warm rain! … “


Caption: A beginner’s guide to Scottish Sport’s Journalism page 2: ‘On receipt of a Level 5 statement open your mouth.’

Mike A

I would bet all those “fans” texting in with criticism of NL are fans of another club. Like most Celtic sites over the last few weeks have had lots of posts that seem innocent but stupid. Innocent my arse. A bunch of wee baby hiuns at it. Great result. No Imps here.

Caption: Trump family pet showing Ivanka had Daddy relaxed.

rab wallace

Caption “she is the dogs bollocks”


Caption: “Pis de chien” for that golden tan – splash it all over.”


Peter Lawwell (left) will be chatting to Celtic TV’s Gerry McCulloch (right) on stage from 12noon to 1pm on Saturday (July 27), and fans will be able to take a seat and enjoy the event.


Caption: She’s a hairs breadth from a facial.

Craig Cairns

Caption: just another HUN taking the piss!

Celtic fc played well last night what i like about this celtic team is wgen a olayer gets injured we seem to have a steady flow of youngsters who are reafyband waitkng for thoer chance and by god do they take the,m, from christie to ajer mickey johnston and last night lewis morgan exciting times ahead lads how can it get any better?? Just watch and see the bhoyblift 9iar then 10iar with the scottish cup HH great piece as usual bud


caption ano shees flat chested but thers nae need fur the dug tae treat hur like a lampost


Caption: ” Mr.Lawwell, it appears you have no balls “.


Ah the journos, controlled by Jabba, love them trying to build up their latest signings, ours are shite. But wait the Buffalo, a queue of suitors await in La La Land


Do you like what you see baby?

Barf Barf

Thats what they call a K9 69


Caption: This is bad enough but Morelos is worth £20 million!? Who’s gonny swally that pish!?

Best one so far.



Ha hen, yer lucky a wiz only needin a pish.


The dugs Dave King
The burds Res 12


Dave King will miss the target then, squinty king!

Monti… Good efternoon… Better be careful not to be too friendly in here… Someone might see it as a sign of weakness Cough


Yes indeed, sure aren’t we all soft 🙂


Caption: 1978 and a young lass is spared a terrible fate as Willie Johnston appears with a specimen jar.




Caption: Pish!


Caption: Monti’s dog commenting on a post from Una. PISH!

Uralius… That’s ruff



Christopher Steele


Conclusive documentary proof Donald Trump really is a dirty dog

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: This picture is sponsored by Ralph’s Rohypnol….

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Das ist gut ja?



The hunt for the elusive etims pish stained source comes to an end.


Caption: UK ambassador to Lesbos resigns due to a leak.

Caption here’s yer lipstick hen



F.F.S Tyson you’ve been eating asparagus again ..


It’s good to read that at long last the Celtic supporters that know their football are backing James Forrest. You always get the negative fuckwits that continually talk out their arse. They seemingly take great pleasure in talking down various players that for some small reason they do not like. In Sarajevo it was clear that once again he was doubled up on, it doesn’t matter what league teams play in, they still recognise dangerous players and try to blunt their effectiveness. Its looking like the Huddersfield Town right back that Celtic have been interested in the 6ft.1″ Tommy Smith… Read more »

Half time linfield 0 1 Rosenborg

Full time linfield 0 2 Rosenborg 🙂

Desmond and The Dekkers

Caption: Etims pish stained source revealed



Dug smells another squirrel!


Still no right back purchased?

” world class in “..ach why bother?


I thought that young Kris Ajer had a marvellous game in Sarajevo, his timing in the tackle was wonderful, if I had any criticism it would be that he went to ground too often, instead of standing up for the challenge. But what a wonderful young man he is and a great signing for Celtic, I cannot wait to see him form a partnership with Julien. I had in my team selection Nir Bitton at right back, Mr. Versatile the play any position player, to often we fail to recognise what that kind of player brings to the squad. It… Read more »


I thought Ajer was poor at right back m8.
A good winger would have crucified him.
He went too ground too often but got away with it due to poor opposition. His best position is in midfield. He gets caught out far too often in the wrong position he is a talent but is played wrongly. We got lucky.
I like Ajer didnt say any negatives because of the result but we need a right back quickly


I too think that we desperately need a new right back Jimmy and there is no doubt but that, that isn’t Kris’s ideal position, but like a lot of players they do the best they can for the team, wherever they are put, same with Bitton. We all want the best players that we can get and in there best positions, there is no doubt that he is better in midfield, but for me, I would like to see him play beside Julian, what a partnership that could be. So I agree that a new right back is required but… Read more »


off topic but an emails i’ve just sent to sky after being encouraged to do so by a live chat rep. Hi, I’m just emailing to register a complaint against one of your reporters who works for sky sports news. The guy in question is https://twitter.com/mrandrewdickson Andrew Dickson (@mrandrewdickson) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Andrew Dickson (@mrandrewdickson). Freelance sports journalist and producer with @SkySportsNews and @SkyNews but my own views here. Proud @Beatson_Charity ambassador #BeInspired. Wimbledon via Glasgow twitter.com . I’d like to draw your attention to his tweet in which he cannot hide his hatred for all things… Read more »


He ‘publicly embarrasses and ridicules a Celtic supporter’ – are you aware that if that’s a sacking offence half the posters on here are toast?





A healthy Saturday stroll throughout Scotland, followed by lager tops and Capstan fags. Scotland’s Stain, marching again and again and…


All those new Rambling Rose paths and tracks, built at considerable cost and hardly used where all the ^ should be kettled…

Mike… Surely they should be cattled…


Stunned and despatched and turned into offal, its only fair.


But why pollute the air, coos and sheep need to breath in clean air and fermers could use them as target practice… problem solved.


Has someone left an indicator on Nigel? 🙂


Kettle Produce, designed Veggies to explode through their arse’s and fill the air with methane. The methane is captured to provide heating for all Scotland’s homes.. Two Problem’s solved in one go. 😉

Caption: Big dog hunting cats still can’t find pussy…

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