Celtic Diary Wednesday July 3: Gone Comperr

The transfer window hasn’t opened yet, but Celtic have already started wheeling and dealing.

Marvin Compper was pictured at Edinburgh airport, initialising doubts that his positional sense may not quite be what we’d expect, as he arrived in Scotland to see out his retirement.

German football journalist Raphael Honigstein to BBC Sport: “Marvin Compper is one of those centre-backs you don’t see a lot during the game, he tends to solve problems before they arrive. “He’s not one for thunderous tackles, but smart positioning.” 

So far we’ve seen him about forty miles out of position.. 

At 32, a two and a half year deal puts a smile on his face, but leaves the rest of us with a puzzled frown. He cannot play for Celtic in the Europa League, and has limited international and European experience.

We are fully aware, however, that there will be a dearth of centre halfs at Celtic. As we have said, Boyata doesn’t want to stay, Simunovic feels we’re beneath him and Sviatchenko will be gone as soon as he’s finished packing.

But at thirty two, Compper is hardly one for the future, one to be the mainstay in an entirely new central defence.

So whats the point ?

And how did he find his way on to the radar ?

There doesn’t seem to be a link between anyone at Celtic and the player. There will be, but I can’t find it.

Is it a panic buy ? We need a defender, he’s a defender, give him what he wants ?

I’d like to be proved wrong, but this doesn’t look like the answer, in fact, i’m still trying to work out what the question was. 

I still am.


There were concerns last night that one Celtic player may still be suffering from his horrific headwound sustained against Aberdeen last season…

Image result for ryan christie head injury

Anna is absolutely at it. She’s just patched Jordan and then is fuming at Michael for doing the exact same thing?! Double standards as usual 

The player is apparently referring to reality tv show, -though there’s little real about it, including the “stars ” , -Love Island, where vacuuous individuals compete for attention on a nightly basis.

Which in turn shows that the damage he sustained to his head is far, far worse than it looks.

Back to the action, and Celtic drew 0-0 in their final UCL warm up game with Swiss super league side St Gallen.

Jozo Simunovic was sent off for an over enthusiastic kick to the head of a St Gallen player, Oddsone Edoaurd missed a penalty, and supporters decided that Mayan Shved is a dud after all.

What was that about the winds of change ?

Image result for facepalm

This time next year we’ll have forgotten we ever played them.

Like someone seemed to forget who was available for the game..

Good luck to Neil Lennon in his new job with the catering staff.

The rest of the squad got a run out earlier in the day, and beat the St Gallen under 21s by a convincing 9-1. Karamoke Dembele got his frst senior goal, but he was upstaged by a ravenous Leigh Griffiths, who found the net four times.

Thats six in three for the rejuvenated hitman.

Looks like we were all wrong about him. Well, alright, just me.

The manager was upbeat when he spoke after last nights draw..

“It was a tough test considering the majority of them have only had 45 minutes of football.

”It was a real step up in quality and in the tempo of the game. I’m really pleased we’ve come through it unscathed.

“We had good chances to win the game and we ran out of steam towards the end. That’s completely understandable. We had really good chances with the penalty and Mikey. Marion (Shved) had a really good chance in the first-half. Jonny (Hayes) should have done better with the cut-back for Mikey, so we could have had two or three.

“Overall, there’s still a bit of rust, but Mikey was excellent at times. He’s really knocking on the door for a regular place.”

“We used half the squad for the bounce game earlier and then the other half in the evening to make sure we got enough minutes in the game.

“If we used the whole squad in this game they’d only have got 15 minutes here and 20 minutes there. That’s not enough going into an important week.

“You could see the fatigue kicking in towards the end of the game. They got 90 minutes in their legs which is important and they will benefit from that going into Sarajevo next week.”

Here’s hoping.

Rapid Vienna have given permission to Boli Mbombo to leave their training camp..

Heute nicht mehr in Bad Zell ist Boli – unsere Nummer 5 erhielt gestern die Erlaubnis das Trainingslager zu verlassen. So es weitere News zu ihm gibt, melden wir uns!  

Which, loosely translated, means he’s off to join Celtic. Like we said he would.

This, in turn, puts pressure on the club to break the news that Keiran Tierney is being sold.

Puggy 67 had this to sing…

Goodbye to KT my trusted friend
We’ve known each other since you we were nine or ten
Together we’ve won cups and leagues
Learned to love cuffing the deid
Skinned the Hearts and skinned Hibees
Goodbye KT a fond goodbye
When GB songs soar up into the sky
When Walk On is in the air
and the scarves are everywhere
Think of us and you’ll be there
… We had joy, we had fun
we had seasons in the sun
Before your journey is done
Make sure you find your way back home. 

Image result for crying gif

Neil Lennon denied that there have been any bids for Tom rogic, but he didn;t deny that they’ve fallen out over the Australians plans to get married, in October, in Australia, and he didn’t deny that Rogic is away sulking somewhere because of it.

The John James site, often the subject of prank information may well have got something right, when yesterday he claimed..

My source suffice to say is inordinately close to a number of key figures at Celtic Park and Lennoxtown. Everything he has revealed to date has been accurate. He stated unequivocally that Celtic Plc anticipate selling Kieran Tierney and Callum McGregor in the close season. He asserted that Celtic are pursuing two left full backs, two right backs, and one striker who is currently valued at £15m. He stated incontrovertibly that Celtic anticipate £45m from the sale of both players.

I have no reason to doubt this. However I have not been able to establish that Brendan Rodgers and Callum McGregor are represented by agents Stellar Football Ltd. Kieran Tierney, Scott Sinclair and Nir Bitton are represented by Stellar’s Jonathan and Joshua Barnett and four other agents. From what I can ascertain Rodgers is not represented by any agent, and somewhat surprisingly Callum McGregor is also without representation. My source is probably ahead of the curve on McGregor. With figures of upwards of £17m being bandied about it would be imprudent to sign a life changing contract without representation. 

I asked around and apparently there might be something in it, if it wasn’t for Tierney specifically citing Arsenal as his preferred destination.

But then again, the may both decide it’s better the devil they know…


Whatever the outcome, with a dozen or so players already gone, it’s certain that there will be a few more.

Yesterday, we showed this…

George Lazenbhoy July 2, 2019 at 10:28 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: practice sessions for getting up Dave’s arse.



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Caption: ” I only asked her to ‘ move on ‘?

Luca Connell

McGregor is with McNamaras agency.


Does that make him a candidate for “the leader of the band”?


….to Everton 🙂


Caption: Wisny me, Scott Brown did it.

Bartly Cole

Penalty to Rangers!


Caption “Somebody get me a tank”

D'Fhinnein Mick


Honest,mister-you’re breath’s mingin’!

George Lazenbhoy

Caption : she chosr death over a five way


Caption: Just in time for the General Assembly Hibs launch their self-injecting sex doll.


Sunshine and grief


Caption : Nessun Dorma, Nessun Dorma……..

tony carlin"

Caption “Petrie, I don’t care who I trample on the way to the head of the gravy train!”



‘And for my next trick, watch me bore an elephant to torpor!’

Perhaps if you cared to read his articles you would find that his depth of knowledge, the research and detail in his work have no comparison in the blogging world.

I think complex reasoning is beyond you, so ‘ach yir granny’ will have to suffice.


Have to say that although JJ has a tendency to repeat himself at times, his consistent account of the five way agreement is a constant reminder of the corruption in our game as is his calling out of the referees cabal in place in Scotland. I find his speculation to be more accurate than most. Not qualified to comment on his “safe house” or otherwise status but he has put himself out there on a number of occasions.


Marie Pollak,
Well said!
Thanks for ironing the creases out of his unlearned post.

Caption… “… honestly officer, she tried it on with me…”


That’s the worst George best impersonation I’ve ever encountered

Apologies to Iancelt67…..just read your caption after posting my own.
I remember Best scored against us at Easter Rd…Latchford was the keeper I think…
I recall an interview with Bob Latchford when asked, who he would most like to meet? Anyone recall the answer, cos I do..
Hail Hail


Craig Whyte?


No need for apology m8. I don’t have copyright or care caption comps are puggys domain anyway. He’s got it down I can only salute and enter the odd feeble attempt


Thank you for your kind words Iancelt. I do throw a couple of crap ones in occasionally so that Charlie Saiz gets a chance.


Can’t you see we are building a team here?

Mike A

Caption:Ooops, missed. Sorry.

You mean JJ, making stuff up to puff up his ego and few paying followers may have guessed right?


Caption : In 1970, Rod Petrie managed to sell Peter Marinello to Arsenal for £100,000, despite doubts about his fitness.

Honest hoops

Caption; and thus… I can now explain the offside rule to anyone….


So does Ralph but we log on every day for more of it!



Whits woman’s football?

The comment re Simo is so true, lazy player, his tackle last night was farcical.
The only thing he has ever done was tackle Miller. Hopefully he moves on and avoids any more plastic pitches.


I did enjoy his header at Celtic park to win us the match on the 67th minute though.

caption,Rod Petrie uses Scott Allan to show off the new Leith Heated Driveway Production


Caption: She said she smelled shite and just collapsed in front of me I mean I can’t smell anything.


Caption Petrie:” No need to prostrate yourself Leanne, a humble courtesy will suffice.” I hope JT stays for 10 IAR but if his career dictates he needs to leave this piss poor league
he goes with best wishes and thanks from me. Most coaches and players move on, McStays and King of Kings are the
the exceptions.

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Rohypnol! Don’t leave home without it!….

Rob O'Keeffe

Brilliant to see Super Leigh(best striker at Parkhead) back and doing the business.I know you appreciate the support I gave you during the dark days whilst others took unwarranted digs at you.As you say ‘£6m? That’s too fcukin cheap…..
P.S.That Engerlund game was excellent last night and Celtic’s rhymed with night…

Caption…Petrie reminiscences the day George Best played for Hibs.

The Cha

I thought their players neither Saints nor Gallant and left the boot in quite a few times.

I missed the start, so did something happen to cause them to act like that?

Will Jozo miss the game next week, as I recall reading something that pre-season sendings-off for violent conduct result in a ban?

G`day Cha.
Broony was back to his zimmer frame best in the defensive middle.

There`s still that look in the side CS.If you don`t get Broony involved at all times you don`t belong.

Young Maryan knows the tippy tappy game.He has to because of the service he gets.

Though they say”tits are never borin`?”

Huge decision with Scott Brown this season to be had.


The garden shved? 🙂

Hey Pedro,top shelf all round.Non of that scotch tooth ache shite please.

🙂 Lennny`s gettin` the gang back together.Thank the Lord Kris canny bend doon to reach his tools.

Is there any truth in it that Kris is to be Nick Hammond`s off-sider?

If Calmac is to go, our syrup dessert menu will be bland.
Next to him there`s Broony who shouldn`t be there.

Bugger the transfer window.
“There`s a huge decision to let Scott Brown(Capt.) know that he can still be part of the Celtic FC`s future off the ground.”


Caption: Naw don’t get up yet, a canny seem to get the last bit of dug shite aff ma shoe

Bereavement CONnotation to the man!

Caption…Petrie`s particular position.

£500,000 from their biscuit tin.
penny`s a prisoner.

Rhinestone tourist rattlers`ll take over The Jungle.
Be prepared Da`s.

Pre-season friendlies are NEVER two hands to lips games.
The road to 9…

Right footers just make the numbers up.

I see Stevie G now has a staunch spade.

sevco raspberry ripple FC.

For it`s preheat Football Khids.


Weclome to Celtic FC Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo.

Tears taste the same here in the Southern Hemisphere.

This`s gonna be fun!


Caption : She started that song give us a B give us an O by the time she got Mbombo she was knackered.

Good morning all you Fenian bastards ( I too am one)
Monday, I meant to wish our Canadian Etims a Happy Canada Day and likewise today a Happy 4th of July to our American E-timmers. Both countries were built by the Scots and Irish and I have cousins in both lands. Meanwhile, Scotland trauchles on…I get multiple hard-ons at the prospect of being ruled by Boris Johnson and/or Ruth Davidson!!!!!! LOL
Hey, our Celtic is getting in good shape for the European qualifiers. Cannae wait.


The brits had a habit of stealing lands….


Caption: One for my baby (and one more for the road)

Caption: Tory austerity measure: cut down on speeding by use of re-cyclable ‘speed bumps’.


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