Celtic Diary Tuesday June 18: Lawwell Guilty of Neglect ?

Celtic Diary Tuesday June 18: Lawwell Guilty of Neglect ?

It appears that David Turnbull and/or his agent don;t fancy playing in yorkshire, or any other shire, after all.

In a spectacular backflip it now appears that Turnbull does want to play for Celtic after all, and is expected to sign later this week.

After all, it’s in the Sun..


David Turnbull to join Celtic from Well today as transfer deadlock finally broken.

Apparently the player wanted guarantees over first team football, which Celtic have given him, as long as he’s fit, turns up on time and is better than anyone else in the squad.

Well done that agent for securing that….

Scott Brown, the last player Celtic spent significant money on from another Scottish club, went public to assure his future team mate that life at Celtic ain’t so bad..

It would be a great place for him to come, learn, play in front of 60,000 fans, win trophies and play in the Champions League. 

I think David would be fantastic and it would be the right club to come to given how we develop players.

“Look at myself, James Forrest, Callum McGregor and Kieran Tierney all coming through. We are all Scottish lads.

“We have had fantastic coaches all the way through, learned under great managers and we have now got a great manager [in Lennon].

“I had options to go down to England, and to sign for Rangers. I picked Celtic over them all. They filled me with confidence that they wanted to build a team around me.

“I wanted to win trophies and play in the Champions League. That’s why I’ve stayed and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it.

“David has got that winning mentality. He has been fantastic in some of the games I have seen him play. He got Motherwell Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year and was their top goalscorer. 

“He won everything at Motherwell. You name it he won it. He doesn’t get that from having three or four good games, he gets that from having 30 consistent games. 

I was at that stage myself even though it was a different time and a different situation. But the same club was interested in me. I don’t think there is a better option than to come to Celtic.” 

Will this do, boss ? 

Okay, I added the last line.

But Brown is right. And he must be applauded for offering support to his new team mate.

After all, Brown has been there, done that and has emerged on the other side as the closest thing Celtic have to a 21st century legend.

He also appealed to the fans not to pre judge the lad.. amidst rumours that he has already blotted his copybook. there will be talk in the media that the supporters won’t support him..as there is always the need for a whipping boy…

“I think they would take to anyone who does really well at the club, with the jersey on. 

“Maybe anyone who comes their head is buzzing but you have to remember he’s still only 19 years old, his head and his emotions will be all over the place.

“You have to give him that bit of lee-way. There is still time for him to come here and everyone in that changing room would welcome him to come here because we have a great bunch of lads and I’m sure he’d be a great addition as well.

“I think it is great for Scotland that we have got young players like that coming through. I think the future of the game in this country is looking good for Celtic and Scotland as well. We want everyone to flourish.” 

Can I go now, boss ?  

You can probably tell which bit I added.

Thing is, if the lad is as good as the management think, then we should do what we have to do to bring him in.

Guarantees of first team football are purely down to the player, which suggest that the agent got his arse kicked when Turnbull spoke with him about other options, which included Sheffield Wednesday  and Barnsley on Thursday.

Or Maryhill FC…

Feel the need to clarify something. We have been asked repeatedly if David Turnbull has snubbed Celtic for Maryhill. Yes & no. We are currently in talks with Turnbull, but not the same one. Our DT is a goalie, 42 yrs old, 18 & a half stone and loves rolls n chips & cans of Vimto!


Can we stop the panic over a lack of signings ?

In the real world players will not see Celtic as the place to be.

The money is crap, the weather is awful and the goldfish bowl existence doesn’t suit everyone.

We may have to wait awhile for any “marquee ” signings as , whether we like it or not, we will not be their first choice, and all we can hope is that we will be the one they pick when no one else wants them.

Thats the reality, and thats why it will be easier to entice Scottish players to move, and why we will struggle to get anyone of note in.

To outsiders, we are a stepping stone, as Virgil van /dijk will testify to, and that will be our main selling point to players of similar potential.

Yeah, it hurts that others don;t see us as we see ourselves, and it should not be used as an excuse by the board for at least not trying for quality and proven players.

Speaking of the board..

Did i miss the bit when Peter Lawwell had a go at the SFA for promoting Stephen Brown to the Grade 1 referee list ?

Scottish referee Stephen Brown steps down after sectarian, discriminatory and homophobic social media posts including abuse aimed at Neil Lennon emerge

  • Stephen Brown has stepped down after offensive social media posts emerge
  • The Scottish referee has expressed deep regret over the 2010 Facebook posts
  • Messages seen by Sportsmail were concerning Celtic manager Neil Lennon 

Stepped down ?

He’s only just been promoted .

Given that it was common knowledge-okay, I knew-that this man was still involved in refereeing after his social media antics, why did we have to wait until now before he was exposed ?

And it begs the question, how many more bigots are working in those circles ?

John Fleming should be called to account.

As indeed , should Rod Petrie..

Petrie was involved in the five way agreement, we are told, and as such is a party to the shennanigans surrounding the miraculous rebirth of Rangers, and the granting of a European licence to them back in the days when they needed the money..okay, the last time they needed the money.

With Mike Ashley about to ask them to transfer a substantial amount into his account, one wonders what help they will get this time.

Why isn’t Lawwell all over this ?

Is he happy to see the shareholders get fleeced a second time ?

Why is he not looking after our interests, and by association, the interests of the club he holds office in ?

He has had time enough to show who’s side he is on, and so far we can only deduce that it’s not ours.

We could get UEFA to investigate, but they’re busy right now..

Former UEFA President Michel Platini has been arrested in Paris in connection with a corruption probe into the awarding of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. More follows on


Anyway, its the draw for the Champions League qualifiers today, and it doesn;t look easy..

🌍 have today learned their potential opponents for tomorrow’s First Qualifying Round draw:

🇲🇹 Valletta FC

🇧🇦 FK Sarajevo

🇲🇪 FK Sutjeska

🇦🇱 FK Partizani

🇬🇪 FC Saburtalo

Sarajevo…there’s a place I’ve always wanted to go to.

Of all the cities in europe, this one has the most fascinating history, and arguably is the town that started all the malice.

Image result for gavrilo princip

this man, Gavrillo Princip finsihed his coffee, spotted this guy and his wife in a car..

Image result for archduke franz ferdinand

shot him, and began the descent into a European war that lasted for about fifty years.

If only he’d had a sandwich with his coffee…

Anyhoo, yesterday we had this picture…

Image result for mike ashley

Ralph Malph.. 

I can’t sit down, I’ve got the first instalment from Dave King in my wallet.. 

The editors decision is final.

Today.. what did he say ?