Celtic Diary Tuesday June 4: Nailing The Leak

Of course, if you nail a leak, what normally happens is you make another hole and get another leak.

A few “stolen documents ” found their way onto the interweb last night, which appeared to contain a summary of a meeting concerning player purchases and retentions for this summer.

A Scouting report ?

There were shockwaves throughout the land of Timdom.

Celtic have scouts ?

And a scouting policy ?

Image result for shocked face gif

First of all, let’s have a look at what we’re talking about..


The first thing to take note of is the date.

April 2.

Which renders most of the contents irrrelevant.

And LC, presumably Lee Congerton, is no longer at the club. So his input can be disregarded. Like it should have been while he was here, to be honest.

Secondly, there’s not actually anything in it that is “news”

Is it real ?

Mebbes aye, mebbes naw.

Personally, any scouting meeting that does not include someone asking “have we not found a way of getting rid of fucking Comperr yet ” would not be a real scouting meeting.

However, Celtic are furious that someone has leaked these documents, and are threatening police action.

Well, so the Sun’s David Friel reckons..


Celtic launch top-level probe over bombshell transfer dossier leak

CELTIC have launched a top-level probe after an explosive summer transfer dossier was leaked online. 

Explosive ?

The stolen document was circulated on fan forums and social media and appears to list key targets for the Parkhead side. 

It also suggests Celtic would consider selling certain first-team players for the right price. 

Celtic would consider selling all of their first team players for the right price. Hardly something that’s a secret.

SunSport cannot name anyone named in the document for legal reasons, with Celts expected to treat the leak as a criminal matter. 

Raging Hoops chiefs were last night probing its release ahead of a hectic period of transfer activity.

Boss Neil Lennon, who is on holiday, and Parkhead supremo Peter Lawwell were both made aware of the breach last night.

The Hoops manager has already slammed leaks coming from inside Lennoxtown and will be seething at this latest embarrassing episode.

The document is thought to be from a recruitment meeting in April and includes  initials of Celtic staff members in attendance.

It contains details of potential arrivals and departures ahead of Celtic’s busiest transfer window in years.

Lennon has already  led a series of transfer meetings as he looks to rebuild his Hoops squad this summer. 


Over the course of the season, there have been several scoops from online fans who have somehow got hold of the team sheet ahead of games, and put it into the public domain.

For obvious reasons , this is a cause for concern, and so by leaving something of little importance lying around, genuine or not, Celtic could well have caught the offender.

For my part, I reckon it’s probably real. Or probably isn’t.



The content has kind of upset people, as it confirms, or appears to confirm a period of austerity about to set in at the club.

Sure there’s money in the bank, and many are wondering why there is a marked reluctance to spend it.

Have they all forgotten about this ?

Image result for celtic hotel plans


Celtic Football Club has confirmed that planning permission ‘in principle’ has been granted by Glasgow City Council in relation to recent development proposals to create hotel, museum, retail and ticket office facilities at the the club’s Celtic Park home ground.



The application is part of Celtic’s long-standing masterplan for the area, a vision which aims to deliver benefits to the club and their supporters and allow further regeneration of the East End of the city, something to which the Club is totally committed.


A statement on the project on Celtic FC’s website reads:

It is important to emphasise that considerable work and investment over a number of years would be required to bring this project to fruition.


Celtic aims to be a world-class football club in everything it does. We are pleased to have made significant investment in recent years to develop the stadium and public realm area for the benefit of our supporters.


Any further development of this kind would be a hugely positive step for the club, for our supporters and for the local community, but we understand there would be a number of challenges to overcome to complete a development of this scale.


A spokesperson for Celtic FC added:

We are very pleased that initial planning permission has been granted. Clearly, there is still considerable work to be done in bringing such an ambitious project to fruition. However, we will now engage with other relevant parties to assess this potential development.


The club’s plans to regenerate the area around Celtic Park, which were unveiled earlier this year, have now been approved ‘in principal’ by council officials, with the terms meaning the project must be delivered within a 3-year timeframe. Celtic released images of the proposed GBP£18m development earlier this year, created by the architecture firm behind the project, Holmes Miller, who said they “are looking forward to developing this opportunity with Celtic FC”.


The hotel will be based on London Road, outside the main stand of Celtic Park and across from the Emirates Arena. Plans for the hotel building suggest it will be around five-storeys high and will include a restaurant, cafe and bar.


The plans follow on from the earlier regeneration of the East End of Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the development of the nearby Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and Emirates Arena.


In a statement to Glasgow City Council by the club, Celtic FC confirmed the project would create up to 120 jobs, provide an economic boost to the area and reduce congestion around the stadium:

The history of the football club and its worldwide support mean that Celtic Park regularly attracts visitors outwith match days with stadium tours, the club shop and ticket office. Provision of a club museum and improved shop/ticketing facilities as proposed will greatly enhance the visitor experience and will help to sustain jobs and economic activity throughout the year. The provision of a hotel along with the club facilities will increase the attractiveness of the location as a tourist destination with spin off benefits to the entire area.


The proposed development will result in the creation of much-needed new employment opportunities associated with the hotel and museum. The current lack of hotel accommodation in the vicinity means that everyone attending events at the football stadium or the arena requires to travel on the day of the event adding to traffic volumes in the surrounding area. By locating the proposed hotel immediately beside the stadium and arena pressure on the local transport network will be reduced, particularly at times of peak movement.


Thats from SportsVenueBusiness,  probably about a year ago.

Thats where the money is going, or certainly the bulk of it.

Hotels, lights….thats what being a football club is all about.

Image result for celtic hotel plans

Then again, try to have the money in the bank before you hire the builders. Otherwise things can go a bit awry.


Anyway, as far as I’m concerned the club is in good hands..

Image result for one flew over the cuckoo's nest

but..not as good as the hands encompassing another club in Glasgow..

5 Liverpool players Rangers could sign as Steven Gerrard plans raids on European champions

With Mike Ashley about to sell Newcastle United and plough the takings into “rangers “, Steven Gerrard is about to break up the European champions squad and bring at least five players to Ibrox, including Virgil van Dijk , Andrew Robertson and, er, three others.

Van Dijk and Robertson haven’t sold their houses up north yet, and are homesick. Living in Liverpool is okay, but they’re kind of fed up of being arrested every time they put on their tracksuits for work and charged with impersonating the gasman.

Which, according to most old people in Liverpool is what the gas man wears when he pops round to check your meter.

And thats just the start of it…

Which is why Radio Clyde’s newest talk show pundit Ewen Cameron felt he could confidently predict..

“Celtic won’t win a treble again. That’s it, it’s gone.

“The treble Treble is done. It’s not going to happen. They might win a cup but they won’t win the league.

“Rangers will stop them winning nine-in-a-row. I’m making that bold prediction tonight here on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

We’ve an exclusive picture of him saying it..

Image result for one flew over the cuckoo's nest


Tell you what, that beard suits Hugh Keevins.


For Celtic fans, however, there is some comfort.

When the going gets tough, we can always send for help. Real help.

Someone we can rely on.

Image result for efe ambrose

Efe has been released by Derby, according to reports.

We can reveal that’s complete bollocks.

He quit, just minutes after he realised who sponsored the east midland club…

Image result for efe ambrose

So don’t worry.

hotel’s, disco lights..and Efe Ambrose.

If a man can be cannot be excited by that, then he’s already dead.



On a serious note, however, read this, a wonderfully emotional piece from the SentinelCelts site..

What it means


We haven’t done a caption competition in a while, so let’s have something to ponder…



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George Lazenbhoy
1 year ago

Caption – they ran out of carpet so I just skinned some homeless kids and stitched this bad boy up.

Pat Higney
1 year ago

Caption: preparations are underway for Theresa May’s charity sleepout for the homeless, authenticity is paramount!

1 year ago

Caption: Teresa May awaits the arrival of Jurgen Klopp, to explain how you can still come out on top of Europe, even though the final stages look uninteresting.

Matt gallagher
1 year ago

As soon as she steps out, roll her up in it.

The Cha
1 year ago

Caption “Le Tapis Droit repossess their carpet whilst the guarantee is still under EU law”.

1 year ago

Help … off for a new tatt. Should I get 3T or T3 ? Somebody must know.

The Cha
1 year ago

“For my part, I reckon it’s probably real. Or probably isn’t.”

I agree, probably.

Wrt Martyn Shved, I assume any permit issue has been sorted out as he’s already been training with the team, which is work and we ain’t the Huns.

Personally I hope he never plays for us given his progress since he signed for us and I fear his inexorable rise to be the world’s best player may actually be arrested if he plays.

1 year ago

As The Donald is in town then it’s probably fake news

1 year ago

Caption: Philip May rages on hearing a dodgy looking rug is getting laid at 10 Downing Street.

1 year ago

Caption: ” Nope, there’s still a bit of ash on the rug, Dennis, you’re on wife detail “

D'Fhinnein Mick
1 year ago


Thanks for the link to today’s article. It’s very much appreciated,as you know.

My partner in crime is responsible for it,and I think he has done a terrific job. Leaves me in the shade,for sure!

For those who couldn’t download it,here is a link. He doesn’t miss and hit the wall!!!


1 year ago

Maybe you & Mahe could have a ‘ sit down ‘ with Ralph….
Show him how to do a daily blog 🙂

That’s me no winning the caption comp….

D'Fhinnein Mick
1 year ago


Two security officers asking which position Trump wishes Theresa May to adopt on arrival.

1 year ago

Caption : “For the first time in history, a Red Carpet is laid outside #10, in preparation of a dignitary leaving”

Brian (not the messiah)
1 year ago

Caption: get the red carpet out….here we go ten in row!!!

1 year ago

Caption: Buzzbomb & Gringo struggle to nail the carpet tacks down.

1 year ago

Caption : Officials mop up blood bath after Trump massacre in 10 Downing Street. Well it really is slow news time with the ” bombshell” a screenshot of E Tims a few weeks ago would have delivered the same ” news.” I am sure management at the club is livid about about someone being careless with a piece of paper, evert photo copier in every organisation has had something left behind, always assuming it is genuine, who care?

1 year ago

Caption : Red Carpet rolled out for the arrival of Stevie G. After winning the league if it was over 80 minutes a spokesperson for the goverment said.

1 year ago

The BBC have reported this afternoon that they’ve spoken to someone at Celtic about the alleged leaked transfer meeting documents and it appears to suggest they were legit.
It was Monday evening when these documents were leaked online by an unknown source which detailed Celtic’s transfer targets and the current situation regarding their players.

The images which have been doing the rounds looked like a bad joke at first with crumpled up prices of paper with doodles on then shown to Celtic fans online.

Had these documents been false someone at the club would have refuted them by now which means someone at Celtic has let these papers get into the wrong hands.

When the BBC asked Celtic for comment they simply said: “We’re looking into it.”.

The documents contents are of great interest to Celtic fans but it reflects horribly on the club that potential transfer plans have come out.

With the squad being leaked throughout last season under both Brendan Rodgers and Neil Lennon is it time Celtic plug this issue once and for all?
I don’t trust the BBC one bit. Remember the China bid for Morellos who did they speak to at Celtic the tea lady the doorman? Still looks and sounds bollocks to me.

1 year ago


Right get the tape measure out , let’s see how much carpet we need to reach the cliff that Boris is going to take us off when he takes over the brexit negotiations ….

1 year ago

Had a look at the players on the list.
James Justin is now fav to sign for Leicester City. 7.5 million no chance
Tommy Smith and Zanka are both contracted to Huddersfield till next season and would have to take a drop in wages. No chance
Tomoroi is on loan from Chelsea to Derby and was player of the year at Derby. Could be negotiable if champions league is on the table.
Barker is a left winger injury prone but has great speed with Hayes and Sinclair there we dont need.
Maupay Brentford is 20 million asking price.
Mousset Bournemouth 10 million asking price.
No chance.
Arribo and Harper are both free transfers and out of them all look the most likely they also look good enough.
So if the list is right they are good players and maybe Peter should have went in earlier for James Justin now too late.

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  jimmybee

I’ve been treating it as a bit of a laugh.

I know nothing about Smith and Zanka from Huddersfield but as they’ve just been relegated I’d imagine their wages will drop and the UCL maybe more appealing than the EFL.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

The cha the wages are still higher than what we can afford. Champions league will be crucial in any talks I believe.
To be honest when i saw the list of players I thought wtf but they all look decent and shouldn’t be seen as backward by Celtic supporters.
The boy from Luton is well regarded and Villa Leicester and Stoke all in for him we should have made our move on the 2cd April. If the document is genuine of course.

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  jimmybee

They all seem to be from England, which is backward or, at least, not forward thinking given the high fees and wages down there and most of our successes come from elsewhere.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

The Cha, penalized this is forward thinking to BREXIT.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha


The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

@Uralius Of course, how could I forget about that!

Hopefully there will also be some Trumped up signings from the USA in exchange for the NHS. It’s a small price to pay.

1 year ago

Just a thought. MA selling NU, rumours about (Phil MC) DD. Why wouldn’t MA invest in CFC.

Steve Naive
1 year ago

Celts to sign Gareth Bale… another leek.

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Naive

Are you sure its not Max Boyce?

Steve Naive
1 year ago

I know Brown and the club had to be seen to do that but he could have just taken the cup. Of course he doesn’t want to make further enemies for his future but our talk of protest looks stupid in comparison. I totally agree re all victims of historic abuse but fear Celtic will do the wrong thing and compound their nightmares.

1 year ago

wotapile o pisch U ALL TOK ASSWIPES

1 year ago
Reply to  The deesk

Stupid, stupid huns ^

1 year ago
Reply to  The deesk

Pish is a liquid, therfore everything you say cannot be taken seriously as pish cannot be in a pile. Perhaps extending your vocabulary would make you a better tool for Traynor.

1 year ago
Reply to  The deesk


1 year ago

am I missing something ?? or am I the only 1 seeing something ??

OMG….is no one else concerned with what the ambitions of our club is right now ???
our transfer targets….wtf…..not 1 of them is any better than what we have already….and we are willing to sell our best players to found these transfers…..
we have fallen so quickly back to the rest of the pack….does that not concern you…..and don’t even say …oh we just won the trble treble…..I know this …we all know this and it was an amazing achievement ….but look past that and look to the way we have been playing of late….not scoring goals….not playing great football….and as It pains me…our last 2 games at ibrox…where we were beaten with ease and could have easily lost by greater margins..

and no I am not a new age supporter who is too young to remember the past….I remember the 90s all too well….and I think Lennon was bang out of order to critise our fans for only wanting to see our club to continue our winning ways…rather than conceding that these days will end….

we are the only superpower in Scottish football and we should dominate but I fear our board have just made all things even now….im sorry but I think Lennon is a very backward step….let me ask….would Lennon even get a job in the English championship ??…I doubt it yet he is the best for us…..sacked by Bolton….let go by Hibs…yet he is our best option ???

I hope I am wrong with all my heart….but I can see our dominance come to an end and we will only have ourselves to blame

I am only saying this to you my fellow supporters because of my love for our team…..Celtic is my love…my life….and I will always speak out when I think things are going in the wrong direction……back in the 90s the rebel fans were critised by the celtic loyal surporters….and who was right back then ?? …all I ask is open our eyes and see what is coming our way…

hail hail ….celtic now and forever

1 year ago
Reply to  ewanbhoy

Ewanbhoy we all have Celtic at heart. As someone who stood outside whilst ma da went in it was different times then. Ma Da didnt like the Kelly’s Grants or Whites but loved Celtic. I saw the big picture then our club would die if we didn’t get the change we desperately needed.
We argued like we all do on here as we only want whats best for Celtic.
I raised a glass to my da when the treble treble was won. Thanks Da Celtic first Celtic last Celtic overall your sadly missed.
We are thankfully not in that position anymore, we have broken into the top 30 in Europe a unique position given the money on offer here in this country.
The players listed in the document some are worth 20 million how is this a step backwards.
Because they are not household names the players on the list would be great additions whats not to like.
English football is on the up young players from there look well ahead of anything we have.
So let’s just wait and see, let’s put trust in Lennon and his team. Forget about the politics the leaks the media onslaught and remember we support the greatest football club in the world
Celtic F.c First Last and overall. Onwards to 9 in a row. HH

1 year ago

Fuck me Peter get some oil in for the shredders! I am willing to offer my services as a IT, records management and security expert.

1 year ago

Flock me Peter get some oil in for the shredders! I am willing to offer my services as a IT, records management and security expert.

1 year ago

I understand your concerns, but you have to realize that Edouard and Ntcham were brought in to make money.

Bain Europe
Tierney Europe
Wee Mac Europe
Christie Europe
Forrest Europe
Griff Was (hopefully can be again) Europe

This is the spine of Celtic for the next 5 years.

Brown Aging Europe
Lustig Aging World Class
Gordon Aging Europe (doesn’t like Lennon, could start the rot)

Gordon will probably try and get away, his mentality and Lennon’s do not jive. The other two will play until usurped.

Ayer Future World Class (likely to leave in 3-4 years)
Ntcham + Edouard Future stars possible national team squad players flip when value is higher than expected.

Sinclair Lower half of EPL occasionally European quality
Rogic Lower half of EPL standard big game player, frustrating

I love both these guys and truely appreciate what they have done, but Sinclair will probably want away and Rogic could command a decent fee (there has been little to no improvement over 3 years and neither will ever get better).

Simunovic Balsa wood

So a CB, number 11 and number 9(Griff’s situation) are the top of the list priorities. With a high fee Brown replacement needed over the next 2 years and a Lustig replacement needed by end of May 2020 (possibly Ralston). As there are already long term players taking up 7 of the 11 starting slots there are only 4 positions from which the club can buy cheap and sell to Southampton from. That is the recruitment strategy and that is why you see these players with potential on the list and not European quality. Lastly who knows what a hard BREXIT could do to football in Scotland that is why we have to recruit within the UK for this window.

1 year ago

NL and PL knew exactly what they had with LC. So they had a pointless meeting to throw him and Brendan off the scent, knowing full well Lee Congerton was away after he figured out Celtic’s summer targets. This is that document, likely found in Lee Congerton’s house hold goods by one of the paxkers/unpackers.

1 year ago

40 years since Partizan Tirani. We passed their bus on the way to the game and they were all smiles and waves but on the pitch the were hacking bar stewards (as we said in 79).

1 year ago

Morning fellow E-Tims,

Relax bhoys, Boyata is away, life is good!

1 year ago

I see there is some speculation today that we may be interested in Brandon Barker, the Man City winger who was on loan to Hibs a season or so ago.
Now before i rant, i do like the player & he has genuine blistering pace, i liked the cut of his gib when he was at Hibs.
Where my issue is though is in the fact i don’t think he would be a starter at Celtic, is he any better than Shved or Johnston?

Only Celtic could win a treble treble yet why do i have a feeling of trepidation?
I said it before & i’ll say it again, i do not trust this board to impressively, significantly strengthen the team & squad.
All eyes are on you Lawwell.

1 year ago

Right, that’s his tie done, let’s get the carpet out.

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