Celtic Diary Monday June 3: Silly Season Turns Sinister

We live in a society where the masses are fed rhetoric posing as facts, opinions posing as information, and adverts posing as advice.

Corporate media sets the agenda, and gradually the market is saturated with what they want us to think.


Right now, they want us to think that the abuse of young boys was exclusive to Celtic Boys club , and because legally that would be difficult to prove, on account of it not being true, the agenda has shifted to claiming Celtic should do what’s morally right…and pay compensation to the victims.

Presumably because in their world, money is all that matters.

The welfare of victims ..the punishment of perpetrators….indeed, even a widespread investigation into how far these people had infiltrated the world of youth organisations is way down on their list.

If that thought has even occurred to them.


Not one outlet, radio, television, newspaper or even in the political corridors of power has asked for a full and fearless investigation into what was undoubtedly an example of organised crime that had crept into the very fabric of society.


The BBC had a go, with Mark Daly producing evidence that may have helped with prosecutions…and he should be commended for that.

But he works for the BBC, and presumably wants to continue working for the BBC.

Any in depth investigation of widespread abuse of minors by employees is likely to be discouraged from that particular institution.

Westminster has the powers to order such an investigation, but in order for it to be full and fearless, certain documents allegedly locked away in a vault by soon to be former Prime minister Theresa May would have to be disclosed.

Again, its unlikely to happen.

The print media ?

Certainly the best bet, as there are some real reporters still out there, but with most “news ” coming from news agencies these days, handily packaged for maximum effect, there’s little interest from editors to pay reporters to, er, report.

It takes too long, and the public won’t remember what the initial fuss was all about.


An example of this can be seen today, with Keith Jackson of the Daily Record.

He thinks , or at least whoever is paying his wage thinks, that…

Celtic must confront the past before they can contemplate the future.

For Celtic, these really are the best of times.

That they are also threatening to become the worst of times is a cruel and rancid legacy of a time gone by. Right now, a club at the very peak of its powers and the top of its game, is being haunted mercilessly by monsters from its past.

At a moment in time when Celtic should be celebrating this period of unsurpassed superiority, an entire clubs finds itself dragged to a crossroads in history. The direction they take at this point is likely to be a defining one.  

At this point, it’s fair to say the media are dragging them there, and trying to choose the route for them.

A couple of years ago, when chief executive Peter Lawwell first uttered the words ‘separate entity’ in relation to the scandalised Celtic Boys’ Club it did seem at the time like a cleverly thought out and strategic piece of legal positioning. A very clear attempt to place as much distance as possible between Celtic’s powerhouse present and its dubious past.

But there comes a point when sound legal advice and solid business practice must give way to a sense of duty and moral obligation. And that moment has surely now arrived. 

Woah there, at which point did the widespread abuse of children become Celtic’s problem ?

And when did it become exclusively Peter Lawwell’s job to fix it ?

Why should he have to shoulder the responsibility of becoming the man who can morally rectify one of society’s greatest problems ?

Whilst there may be an argument for Celtic to look into counselling and compensation for victims at Celtic Boys club  who were abused, and one that most decent people would support, thats not the issue here.

And its certainly being subtly magnified in such a way that Celtic are apparently the cause of this problem, which will suddenly go away if Peter signs a few cheques, questions should be asked how that came to be the narrative.

Celtic do a lot of work quietly to help those less fortunate in society, and there’s no reason to suggest that they would not embark on a similar project here. 

There is even less reason to proclaim the moral high ground by being seen to do something because an agenda driven media wants them to do. 

The media here are deflecting from their own lack of morality and courage in dealing with an example of an organised and endemic crime, one which they are clearly too afraid to confront. 

So they blame Celtic, knowing that there are more than enough who read their nonsense to vehemently aid and abet them. 


Those who are driving this agenda were shocked to see that Celtic have been investigating what happened during those years, and that investigation was hidden from them.

Thats kind of knocked their plans sidieways. Especially those expecting to get paid a handsome commission should any compensation be paid.


Some are driven by money, some by fame and others just want to do the right thing, without shouting from the rooftops that they are doing it.

Celtic have been trying to find out exactly what happened.

Until that investigation is complete, there cannot possibly be any decision made on how to move forward.

Will they do the right thing ?

I would like to think so.

But until they find out exactly what went wrong, how can they be expected to put it right ?




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at which point did the widespread abuse of children become Celtic’s problem ? Celtic have been trying to find out exactly what happened. These two phrases. Ralph, given your optimism when Res12 started out, d’you really still believe anything that Peter Lawwell says regards internal actions being taken? Private secret Internal investigations, give it a rest Pedro. Its another example of how terrible our clubs PR is. They never do the right thing and this is the one point where they needed to get it right from the very onset. The right thing beats the clever thing. A club formed… Read more »


100% correct.

Celtic BC, like Rangers SABC, were the academy teams of the time…we know…because we played against them!

Most of the players were enticed to join CBC as it was the avenue offering many of the best young players a pathway into hopefully a professional career at the club.

Ralph’s article is really good but Desi hits the nail on the head regarding Celtic…what was done in the past had nothing to do with the current custodians but they should have taken ownership of this far sooner rather than hiding behind this different entity rubbish.

‘The evil that men do lives after them’. And more’s the pity for the survivors. Their experiences can’t have done them anything but harm.
Something evil happened to boys at that club. That is the unpalatable truth.
But I do wonder about the motives of those seeking to turn the searchlight on Celtic as opposed to the Boys Club.
Incidentally, insiders have alleged that the BBC protected and all but colluded with its own high profile sex criminals for decades.
Why no investigation into that known known?


That’s probably the sanest, most balanced summation of where we are at that I’ve read, it’s disconcerting that some elements within the media are more intent on hounded Celtic than letting the appropriate process play out. It’s almost as if that was more important than a proper diligent and appropriate response and set of actions at the correct time when all the facts are known.


Thanks 🙂


B Boru

Excellent article Ralph and response to what is clearly an agenda from certain sections. 2 names……Hollie Greig and Melanie Shaw. Feel free to find out the Levels those in power will go to protect the guilty. It is utterly abhorrent and shows the very thin veneer of ‘society’ to be a complete sham and indeed a veil of respectability covering a truly evil, rotten, corrupt, disgusting, perverted and inverted society that we live in. Where is the ‘churnalists’ on these 2 high profile cover-ups and other wider conspiracies of silence at the heart of the British establishment exposing this? Aye…..exactly!… Read more »

John mccloy in Tasmania

In a parallel world jackson’s article could be describing the sfa,the huns and the five way agreement.


AS you know I’m Not a great supporter of Mr P. But I have to salute the way this is being handled. WE are all CELTIC! if something has went wrong then I fully support us as a club to make surer that it is corrected. HAIL HAIL BRROTHRS SISTERS! X


Ralph what you say is indeed correct the ‘powers that be’ have indeed the ways and means to have a thorough and wide-ranging investigation into what happens when some adults in positions of power do and act when they have access to minors. The difficulty is society as a whole wants an easy fix, as you say throw some money at the victims (I’m not suggesting for a second they shouldn’t be compensated) then we can ‘all move on’. In my professional experience over the more than 25 years it is not the church or chapel, or youth or Scout… Read more »


So pedophiles use celtic as a tool for their sick practices… and this is somehow celtics fault?… They promise boys the earth to sexually abuse and this is celtics fault!?… Glasgow celtic is a Plc… Im a shareholder…i would expect celtic to follow legal procedures and nothing more…. You can’t start putting moral duty on anyone… Its a nonsense


I can’t see how anyone could be surprised by the press the reason I haven’t bought a newspaper for nearly a decade is because of their rancid unionist propaganda, then turn to the back pages and it’s like the Sevco news!! Then step forward Adam Tomkins Tory MSP who has stuck his oar in. I wonder if he has written to Sevco regarding Harry Dunn and Gordon Neely, after the Sevco chairman Dave King, when questioned by reporter’s, said you need to contact the liquidators!! Or indeed has Mr Tomkins been in contact with any other sporting institution where child… Read more »


I am literally just off the phone to Tomkins office secretary, i asked a few questions that you raise in your post here.
Let’s just say if my call was a free kick, it was hit by Dariusz Wdowczyk!

B Boru

That’ll be the same Jimmy Saville who was frequently a visitor round to Maggie’s at Number 10 for Christmas dinner with the family and nipped over to the Palace for tea n scones with Betty n Charles and the rest of the inbreds. But of course they didn’t know anything about any of it….Aye ok! Speaking of Prince Charles, he obviously never learned his lesson with Saville and had another ‘misguided’ relationship with a paedophile Bishop. Or what about wee Lord Steel and his ‘proven’ knowledge of Cyril Smith’s ctivities yet it ‘never occurred to him’ to conduct an enquiry… Read more »


If anyone wants Tomkins direct number 0141-946-3335.


We as a support should embrace any investigation that delivers the truth, don’t run from this or hope it quietly goes away, let’s get the answers, the facts & from those conclusions, we then act to compensate victims. Whether i am right or wrong, it has never felt right to say the boys club was not a part of Celtic football club, yes it may have been unofficial or not founded by the football club, for me though there was a connection. I want Celtic to exhaust every legal avenue to get to the truth, what happened to these young… Read more »

Desimond There is a saying that you are as sick as you are secret and signing up to the secret 5 Way Ageement is a sign of sickness. Whilst Res12 had SFA accountability as its aim, that aim can only be achieved if the club itself is accountable to shareholders whose representatives have been led a merry dance in the hope they would tire. Whist the two issues of Res12 and Child Abuse cannot and should not be conflated Res12 being a clear footballing issue where the evidence is in but appears to be untouched by the SFA in the… Read more »

I watched Ralphs enthusiasm and Optimism crash from a grand height during the Res 12 charade from Peter Lawwell.

I was astonished to read his apparent belief in the investigation briefing.

Would never consider comparing Res 12 and Child Abuse of course but the neglect to duties shown in response to both concerns is a model of consistency by the Celtic Board.


I honestly don’t know that this will ever be resolved in anything resembling a satisfactory outcome. Yes CBC had links to the club but how much oversight did they have. Did CBC ever employ anyone directly or was it staffed entirely by volunteers? Were they required to complete any disclosures back in those days? Were they even subject to the same rules of employment as Celtic FC employees? I don’t know. The narrative has now moved from seeking justice for the victims to seeking financial justice (copyright Patrick Maguire, Thompsons ambulance chasers). I thought justice was justice. Personally I’d lock… Read more »


if a beast works for anybig company or has connections to said company and he molests the young apprentices would the company be responsable or the beast


celtic are not responsable but if we donated say hawf a million tae an independant investigation into all child abuse and invited other people who are intrested in the victms to donate as well not as compo but as a way to bring all the perps to justice i would back that but you might get some of the loudest critics of celtic running for cover iff its gonny cost them a few quid


awe this moral responsability is a lotta shite unless you get every big company who ever employed or had connections to a beast to start paying oot compo so it aint gonny happen imo

The Cha

I believe the investigation is being conducted by (or at the instigation of) Celtic’s insurers.

This can only be to ascertain what the financial implications are for them.

For all those deflecting about MSM, politicians, lawyers etc, how about thinking about the victims?

All of them and their families would’ve been similar to most of us but who thought they got lucky, as Tommy Burns said, but ended up in a terrible nightmare.

How do you think they feel when they hear fellow Celtic fans not giving them the total support they’re due but raising other matters that aren’t relevant to their continued suffering.


why do you beleive that aboot the investigation did you read it in the papers and why are you not campaigning for all companys who had connections to beasts to pay the victims compo


The Cha,
I can only speak for myself, the victims in these cases are at the forefront of my thinking.

Stevie D


Steve Naive

My mate is ST at Anfield and was in Madrid. Gerrard could win the treble here and they still wouldn’t touch him. Felt equally uneasy when Broony glad handing all the SFA vampires ( including Mc Crea) on the way up for the cup.


It’s hardly kissing Thatcher the lad’s done his job and done well and there’s nout better than shaking a Billy Hunt by the hand and smiling with a look that says I fecked you and we both know it


Steve Naieve small point first if Brown had not observed the amenities he and Celtic would have been crucified totally unnecessarily. As Monti has said the victims are the most important people here and they should be at the forefront of all our thoughts and prayers. As i have said before the cover up is a bigger issue often that the original problem. Ralph I don’t buy your Celtic at distance line. Intelligent people within Celtic some years ago should have seen where this was going to go and i suspect that is why Lawwell set up his secret inquiry.… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Someone tell Jackson that the police have been running Operation Hydrant for years and have evidence involving abuse at 240 CLUBS( including his favourites) with evidence and cases from 22 other sports!
However,let’s have a go at Celtic! Jackson? Your dad would be proud of you……


Rob… that kinda puts the whole thing into context ..


A great Celt was laid to rest today.
God Bless you Henry Anthony Hood for all the joy you gave to us
Ohhh Harry Harry and Lou Macari and Kevin Barry Ohhh Harry Hood
Harry Harry Harry Hood Harry Harry Hood.


Take me home to Mayo one of my fav ballads. God Bless you Michael and all your brave comrades • Michael Gaughan died on hunger strike in Parkhurst Prison, England, on 3 June 1974 Of the hundreds of republicans imprisoned at this time, the most vulnerable were those in English jails. Among them was a young man from Ballina, County Mayo IN JUNE 1974, Ireland was in turmoil as the Troubles were in their fifth year. In the Six Counties, internment without trial was in force and the British Army was on the rampage throughout nationalist areas. British forces were… Read more »

The Cha

Thanks for this.

There was a radio doc on RTE called “Frank Stagg’s Three Funerals”:

www rte.ie/radio1/doconone/2017/1019/913540-frank-staggs-concrete-plot/


It was estimated 3000 came out into Kilburn for the funeral Cha. A full IRA guard of honour and the parish priest leading the procession.The Brits in Whitehall must have been squirming.
Sadly the pub where the Irish gathered Biddy Mulligans got bombed by the UDA in 1975. Think its now a ladbrokes.

The Cha

Biddy’s was known as the Irish Embassy as it was the first port of call for many as they’d always get a job from all the subbys that hung about.

Knew it in the 80s and 90s but never knew about the bombing.


Kilburn was also known as the 33rd county 🙂
My Uncke worked and stayed there in the 70s said the collection plates on a Fri/Sat night for the boys was full to the brim.


Good good, it all goes to a good cause!


ralph a can well believe you have a counseller at the AA a often times say tae mrs charlie mrs charlie yon mob oan e tims are driving me tae the drink and then go furra pint he he aint life grand

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