Celtic Diary Friday May 31: Tightening Our Belts..But Why ?

Celtic Diary Friday May 31: Tightening Our Belts..But Why ?

Disturbing news from the ranch reaches us this morning, concerning a change in the owners fiscal policy that affects the peace of mind of the ranch hands.

Whereas before they were looked after with the best of everything, there has been a marked downturn in the quality of, er, saddles and horseshoes.

If right, and there’s no reason to disbelieve this, we may be in for a season of discontent both off and on the pitch.

Sure, Celtic have cash in the bank, perhaps more than at any time on their history, but it appears that there is a marked reluctance to actually spend any of it.

You’ll note that the last time a manager -O’Neill-attempted to pay top dollar for players, in order to compete at the top level, the next manager-Strachan-had to implement a more cautious policy.

It appears that we are about to see a repeat.


Neil Lennon has been offered the manager’s job on a ful time basis.

Frankly, there is no one better for the position which does require a certain type of personality and strength.

He deserves another shot at it for coming in and keeping the ship on course when Rodgers ran away.

However, we were led to believe that he’d been offered the job weeks ago, but was holding out to ensure a sizable transfer budget.


Could the sudden post Cup final announcement from Peter Lawwell of offering the job to Lennon have been designed to put pressure on the Lurgan man to take the job ?

Without any guarantees ?

Although the cost cutting is not -at this point -majorly significant in itself, the signs are there that its about to be.

Celtic do have a huge wage bill.

Those new contracts handed out would have included significant signing on fees. Although Rodgers was arguably ambitious enough to try to keep and remunerate his top men accordingly, the simple fact is that Celtic cannot pay these sort of wages indefinitely.

The boom and bust cycle is not the best way to run a railroad.

One other claim that Marvin Comperr is the highest paid player at the club is frightening. Add to that the Boyata fiasco, where a £9m fee was turned down for the players services ahead of the final year pf his contract amounts to an awful lot f money that could have been still in the bank this morning.

Thats just two examples of quite a few where someone, perhaps the biggest shareholder, may have issued instructions to wind things down for a while.

We could speculate all day as to why such an instruction could have been made, though we’d no doubt conclude it was all down to shareholders dividends, which of course is the prime remit of any CEO.

If you don’t count institutional cheating from a governing body that cost the club potentially millions of pounds.

Oh, it hasn’t gone away. In fact, we hear of another shareholder who may be about to finance another attempt to gain justice.

Or maybe someone wants to hand over the reins, while the share price is good…which would explain the cost cutting in more simple terms…


But back at the ranch, the mood is quite low, despite a third consecutive domestic clean sweep.

One feels that those who have achieved this little bit of history are not feeling the love from their lords and masters in the boardroom… 


Anyhoo, it’s Friday, and back in the day before my incarceration in Peterborough, a  place named after a chap called Peter to compound my misery…and I think I know which one…we used to always do a thing called the Etims

Knob of the Week 

Well, since we haven;t done one for a while, we’ll name two this week.

not because of what they’ve done, but because of what we hear they are in the process of doing, and because we think that it’s going to be quite damaging in the long run..

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In fact, that can double as a caption competition…